Holiday Open Thread

| March 31, 2024 | 42 Comments

Happy Easter! Easter came early this year, after the first full moon occurring after the spring equinox. Easter is 50 days long, starting on Easter Sunday and concluding on Pentecost Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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To say…Have a Joyous Resurrection Day! And if you don’t believe in a Supreme Being…you best start believing.

Dinner on the grounds of Firebase Magnolia will be @1300 hours today.


Doesn’t first only count on the weekend open thread? Or do we take our victories when we can.


Christ Is Risen!


He is risen indeed!


He is risen indeed!


He has risen! Happy Easter!

And no sick twisted evil celebration of anything else today.

Green Thumb

Happy Easter!


The Easter Song…

For our very own Graybeard, his Family and his Brother…

And to our TAH Brothers and Sisters…Y’All Have A Blessed Easter…

He Has Risen, Hallelujah!

“Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing
That we can be born again
Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing
Christ is risen from the dead
The angel up on the tombstone
Said He has risen, just as He said
Quickly now, go tell His disciples
That Jesus Christ is no longer dead..”

“Joy to the world…
He has risen, Hallelujah!
He’s risen, Hallelujah!
He’s risen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”

“Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing
That you can be healed right now
Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing
Christ, He will reveal it now
The angels, they all surround us
And they are ministering Jesus’s power
Quickly now, reach out and receive it
For this could be your glorious hour!”

“Joy to the world…
He has risen, Hallelujah!
He’s risen, Hallelujah!
He’s risen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”


Thank you ninja!
I’ve always loved that song.


From a lapsed Catholic to the whole veteran community and their families, I wish you all a Happy Easter.


To all of the TAH community –
No matter what you believe, I wish you feel the joy the day represents to those who do believe on this Easter Sunday.


Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again

If you don’t believe, too bad for you.

A Proud Infidel®™

Happy Easter, everyone!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Happy Easter to all the TAH commenters/posters


Was in a store in Houston last week and overheard “$3.99 for a damn Cadbury egg! What the hell is that?”


See how good the economy’s doing:


comment image


Kindly take note of Jesus’ choice in sidearms…


Correct. He is packing the pinnacle St. John Moses Browning’s many fine weapons designs.


Happy Easter folks. God bless and keep each of you and your loved ones. Christ our Savior has risen.


(Or is it?)

Remember the Elko Daily Free Press?
That bastion of journalism
that accidentally exposed, then actively defended,
Phony Les Brown and his Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass?

In late 2023, the very same Elko Daily Free Press
ran THIS video story, about the POW*MIA table.

Here’s where it gets good.

Not only is there NO SIGN of the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass,
the video isn’t even at the Elko Court House. Or in Nevada.

It’s an American Legion post
performing a POW*MIA ceremony… in NORMAL, ILLINOIS.

  • Video: What does the POW/MIA Soldier’s Table represent?


Makes one wonder, what Wulf, Adams, Foster,
and a whole bunch of aging Harleys are doing in 2024.

Especially after spending the 1st half of 2021
pushing the infamous phony memorial service (see VG link),
and also running this phony raffle.

Les Brown – The Lie Continues Even in Death
Steve Balm | June 14, 2021

Last edited 16 days ago by MarineDad61

.. and sporting these vests in 2022.

Green Thumb

A handful of ball-working dudes, if you ask me.


Green Thumb,
With a hands on long history.
Even the legit Vietnam Veteran of the bunch
couldn’t refrain from phonying a CIB,
and his 11 years magically becoming a
“25 years veteran of the Army” phony brag.

Ron DaRonche – Another Elko NV Phony CIB
IAS | August 26, 2019

Last edited 16 days ago by MarineDad61
Green Thumb

Ron DaDouche.

I forgot about that loser.

He is probably currently looking for balls (er…I mean eggs) with Phil Monkress right now at All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Florida.


A well-dressed circle jerk.


Bad year for this eagles nest.
A new couple, with a selfish male,
who apparently sucks and fishing and hunting,
bringing back scant food and keeping it for himself,
causing the female to fly off and fend for herself for food and water.

Trouble is, last weekend,
the 2 eggs were left uncovered for 7 hours on a 35F night,
and will likely never hatch.

So, they’ll spend the next month, likely into May,
before they figure out they are wasting their time
sitting on these 2 eggs.

See it unfold here LIVE 24/7,
including monochrome night vision when dark.

Hanover Eagles Live Cam


Easter Thread!

Those old Gregorians got some of their music right. Even for those us who aren’t Catholic.


For those who don’t speak Greek, the Kyrie says:
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.

Kyrie, a transliteration of Greek Κύριε, vocative case of Κύριος (Kyrios), is a common name of an important prayer of Christian liturgy, also called the Kyrie eleison (/ˈkɪəri.eɪ ɪˈleɪ.ɪsɒn, -sən/ KEER-ee-ay il-AY-iss-on, -⁠ən; Ancient Greek: Κύριε, ἐλέησον, romanizedKýrie, eléēson, lit. ’Lord, have mercy’).”


Happy Easter from the Texas panhandle! Sitting in the front seat of an engine, waiting for a dispatch wasn’t my plan for today, but I guess it was his… Y’all have a blessed day!


Even if my head were in the sand, I’d know what day it is. The local stores have king cakes for sale, and most around here have shorter hours than normal. Even back in VA, I’d be hard pressed to ignore all the chocolatey and marshmallow sweetness on display. This time tomorrow, what’s left will be marked down, so it might behoove those of you with a sweet tooth or grandchildren to spoil (even if only to ensure their parents have a good ride home) to pick up some Peeps, Reese’s Eggs, or chocolate bunnies.

I up at 0100 to prep the Easter baskets for my three teenagers. The traditional candies were largely replaced by Rice Krispies Treats, fruit snacks, and energy drinks this year. Each bucket was loaded, sealed in a bag, and hidden. The 17-year-old got the best hiding spot–in the trashcan covered with a fresh bag and some clean trash. The giant Peep plush for the 15-year-old provided the clues on a paper signed “E. Bunny”. I took a nap before work, and everything had been found by the time I got back up.

The wife called a few hours ago. The 17-y.o. hid the Easter egg dye and the 15-y.o. got moody. The 13-y.o. wanted nothing to do with the tradition. As I told her, it might be time to stop doing what she’s done with the kids for over 20 years now. Maybe grandkids one day, but everyone eventually ages out of the childhood traditions.

Which leads me to this: I know that Easter means much more to many than just a fictional bunny running around with chocolate eggs. While we didn’t adhere so much to the religious traditions, my family always looked at today as a time for gathering and simply appreciating what we have. The kid stuff was an excuse to gather earlier in the day, and it would culminate in a family meal including even those we didn’t regularly see. Happy Easter to all of you!


The old guidelines for a preacher, when I was first starting out, was “Three points and a poem. Alliteration helps.”
An outline for today’s Sunday School lesson – John 20:1-18


Here is an examination of the historical reliability of the Empty Tomb not being a case of Jesus’ body being stolen or moved, but of the Resurrection being a fact:


Happy Easter one and all.