Les Brown – The Lie Continues Even in Death

| June 14, 2021

As many of you know, Les Brown passed away last year.  Brown holds the distinction of having one of the highest most comments across various posts here on TAH, with that distinction going to a notable two individuals.

Even though we called Les Brown out, some town folks in Elko NV circled the wagons around him as enablers and perpetuated his lies.  Now, Les’ ashes were brought back to Elko and they gave him a send off.   We asked Brown several times to stop making the claims.  Nevertheless, he persisted.

The ceremony persisted in the lie that Les was a MSgt after 20 years.

The ceremony was captured on the Elko NV POW*MIA Awareness Facebook page who continue, in the absence of Les’ leadership and tutelage, to carry on its mission of “awareness.”


All of those schoolchildren must have shed a tear, knowing that Les influenced their lives with his fake Army rank and bling.

There is no finer example of a man taking the lies with him to the grave, and persisting afterward.


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Mustang Major

For fuck sake…stolen valor poster child.


Mustang Major,
this whole chapter of Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
has been a f— stick, all along.

I’m not sure they appreciate what they have just done to themselves.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of them were posers and didn’t want to call another one out for fear of being outed themselves.


Just got done reading the re-reading the original article:


How can anyone not get this?


I’d like to give the ashes of Lester the Fester(ing) Boil a proper send off. It would involve an indoor plumbing device with a drain line going to a septic tank. That way he would mix with the perpetual sh^t, that is constantly stirring with fresh infusions, typical of the sh^t storm he made of his lies. Elko has really made an ASS of themselves by rocking his lies. And to have the National Organization aid and abet these lies, just adds to the Brown (stain) this organization is. Sgt Grumpy? How about Sgt Lumpy, cause Lester Brown is a real Piece of Sh^t.


This has already found its way back to Elko.
At the source of the new lies, the Elko Daily Free Press.


I must say this now.

For the record (again),
NEVER a Master Sergeant.
NEVER 20 years.
NEVER Retired.
NEVER a Gulf War Veteran (Les Brown served backfill in GERMANY).

I’d like to believe the whole POW*MIA organization and effort
is a worthwhile cause and purpose,
for many veterans around the USA.

1st with LES BROWN in 2019,
then with TOM WULF and LAURA ADAMS,
and now with KEN ADAMS in 2021….

The lies, shenanigans, false claims, the tricking and conning of others,
and then the phony denying, phony defending,
and (worse) the counterattacking of local veterans in Elko, Nevada
as well as various websites and national media sources of truth….

The Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.
makes ALL these June 12 ceremony volunteers
from several POW*MIA chapters
look like FOOLS,
for being conned, misled, and now paraded around like idiots…
all to hail the glorious but eternally lying and phony Les Brown.

Shame on the ENTIRE Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.,
and anyone and everyone around them
who chose to believe the LIES and push the SUCK,
rather than admit to being fooled by Les Brown and the Elko org,
and who refused to relegate Les, Ron,
and other Elko phonies to their true place in history.

Thankfully, much of Elko County, Nevada
knows this gang of lying fools for what they are.


NEVER a CIB (Combat Infantryman Badge),
the Stolen Valor kicker.


Here are the new KEN ADAMS lies of 2021.
[“He was an Army master sergeant,” Adams said.
“He just had a grump attitude.”

Brown spent 20 years in the Army. He retired from service in 1998.]

As Ken Adams now takes over the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.,
we may likely see the proverbial
running of the organization into the ground.
Not cremated.
Buried 6 feet down.

Perhaps Ken Adams can now come clean,
either for being fooled and conned by (deceased) Les Brown,
or for willingly playing phony denier and phony defender.
The choice is Ken Adams’.
And Tom Wulf’s.
And Laura Adams’.



Anyone notice NEW Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass. leader
KEN ADAMS sporting the rank of E-7 SFC
on his phony badass black leather vest?

What is the military service history of Ken Adams?


Elko’s American Legion Post 7 is complicit, participated.

Les Brown was AL eligible.
But NOT VFW eligible. Ever.
That’s not what we’ve seen from the VFW Department of Nevada,
where Les Brown infiltrated the VFW for the better part of 10 years.


That phony patch at the top of this article….?
Yes, the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
is SELLING this patch…. for $15.00

Scroll down the FakeBook link in the article.

[Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association
June 2 at 2:08 PM

This patch can be pre purchased
at the Celebration of Life on June 12th.
Each patch is $15.00.
Your money will be placed in a self addressed envelope and the patches will be sent to as soon as they are done.]


Elko… when I was learning ham radio, back when Morse Code was required, you had to be able to copy some number of words correctly–20 words per minute for Extra Class.

I have hearing problems but I can hear CW tone and used to have a great memory. I heard the code for Elko and had already memorized the rest of that phrase and many others.

For that one reason, there is a warm spot in my heart for Elko, Nevada.

Les Brown and his shitty little shrine are a disgrace to Nevada.

Green Thumb


No more, no Les.

But he still keeps stinking it up and shaming honorable men and his family from beyond the grave.

I wonder of Alaska Bob attended the funeral?


Think his rock is gonna have his DD-214 on it?


I would not be surprised if had “KIA” on it.


As appropriate:

Keepin' It Real

I’ll go out on a limb here and address the elephant in the room…

… is the Annual Elko POW*MIA Awareness Chili Feed still happenin’?

Rumor has it that Les Brown’s gay lovers are gonna sprinkle his ashes on their chili so he can tear dat A$$ up one more time.


Over the top and completely appropriate.
Well done!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Will his grave have a headstone with his fake MSG rank on it? Asking for a friend.


If it’s embellished with a CIB….
Road trip, sledge and a tank of hate in the pit of my stomach.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Some steel putty epoxy slapped over it would also suffice,

Daisy Cutter

From a previous post by “ninja” in 2019, on the newly minted head of the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association: “Ken Adams, AKA Kenneth Leroy Adams, Jr. of Carlin/Spring Creek/Elko, Nevada, husband of Laura Adams. Ken Adams is responsible for Merchandise for the POW/MIA Elko Awareness Association Biker Club. Laura Adams, his wife, is the Secretary. PUBLIC INFORMATION. * On 24 November 1996, Ken Adams was arrested by a Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper at 8:35am at Mountain City Highway and Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada, on charges of possession of a controlled substance (a roach clip with residue), driving without proof of insurance and failure to use a seatbelt. His Bail was $3,235. * Around 14 April 1994, Ken Adams was arrested by a Sheriff Deputy at 10:00PM in an alley next to the Elko County Courthouse. He was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug equipment. His Bail was $8,1000. * About 12 November 1992, Ken Adams was arrested by the Elko, Nevada City Police at Fifth and Silver Street and charged with Drunken Driving, Failure to Maintain the Travel Lane and Failure to stop at a Stop Sign. His Bail was $670. * Around 25 April 1997, Ken Adams was sentenced to 15 days in the Elko County Jail and placed on two years of probation for his conviction of conspiracy to possess marijuana in connection to his November 24 1996 arrest. * In March 1997, Ken Adams pleaded Guilty to conspiracy of possessing marijuana. He was arrested on 24 November 1996 in Elko, Nevada, when he was stopped by a Nevada State Trooper for driving with a cracked windshield and for not wearing a seatbelt. The Nevada Highway State Trooper found a portion of a burnt marijuana cigarette in the ashtray of his car. * In September 1997, Ken Adams had his two year probation revoked by Elko Nevada District Judge Jack Ames for violating his controlled substances and laws and conduct condition and was sentenced to 10 Months in the Elko County Jail with credit for 54 days previously served for… Read more »


Daisy Cutter,
Great catch.
Holy Crap.

Does KEN ADAMS have a corresponding documented
military service history, to support
KEN ADAMS sporting the rank of E-7 Sgt. 1st Class
on his phony badass black leather vest?

Daisy Cutter

On a quick sweep, they could find nothing that supports military service for him nor his wife.

However, FOIAs were filed then the pandemic hit and never got back results.

Me suspects that ol’ Ken here is using the hollowed out shell of Les Brown’s image and claims as a canary in the coal mine. That way, he can say Les set the precedence and said it was fine to wear unearned rank and patches. Recall that Les actually said that.

Local head of POW/MIA under fire

“They talk about things we wear on our vests that we didn’t earn. Well, we all wear something on our vests that we didn’t earn.”

Brown pointed to a vest his granddaughter wore that has Marine Corps stripes on it to represent a program the group started for children.

Recall that when Les was under fire, he called an immediate emergency meeting and summoned his granddaughter and stressed the importance of them wearing their vests, then pointed to his granddaughter as if to say “an attack on me is an attack on children” similar to Dr. Fauci saying an attack on him is an attack on science. Les Brown was sleezy to use children in this way. It was completely dishonorable and gives you some insight into Brown’s character.

Ken will defer to Les as the experienced military member.

Les Brown showed a blueprint on how to scam others with fake military service. I wonder if that school ever had him back to talk to the children again in that fake Army uniform? I wonder if the parents let him hug their kids and tell them “war” stories? I wonder if Les was ever invited back to be the Grand Marshall of the town’s Veterans Day parade?

It’s like that feeling I had when I passed the tabloid section at my grocery store checkout and saw the headline of “Elvis’ Ghost Came Back and Killed Nicole Brown” — it’s all so clear to me now.


Daisy Cutter,
And… Nope to the questions.
The town and school took action.
This June 2021 event (for themselves) was likely the
LAST memorial function they’ll ever do.

Yet….. Phony hat swag is not phony vest swag.
And, both Tom Wulf and Ron DaRonche had previously sported the
silver leaf of O-5 Lt.Col on their hats.

Since the 2021 Chili Feed for 2021 was cancelled,
let’s see how they do with 2022,
with attendance, gate receipts, and donation check to National.
We have the previous numbers,
which FELL for the 1st time ever in 2020,
due to the controversy and poor behaviors of
Les Brown AND and his POW*MIA chapter of renown.

I’ll take a guess here, that going forward, the
Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
will look (much) worse than post-mortem
Bill Haley’s Comets,
Buddy Holly’s Crickets, or the 70s Doors trio.

Green Thumb

With this many posers floating around, I am surprised All-Points Logistics has not opened a branch in Elko.


And now we know why Ken Adams’ official title within the Elko POW/MIA Assn is “Sgt Shifty.”/s

A Proud Infidel®™️

It sounds like Ken Adams is an outstanding pillar of his Elko NV ASSociation.


Sounds like Ken Adams has a serious case of Reefer Madness and like to be passed around in the local county lockup.

Keepin' It Real

Take a Grumpy

The Grunt


apparently they couldn’t find a pic of him with his phony rank while in uniform. This pic shows him as a Corporal with the MP unit flag behind him.

Hack Stone

You would think that someone retiring after twenty years would get at least a photo with the Battalion Commander on his last day. They must do things different in The Army.


I’m from Nevada
I’m stunned that Elko is well
So fucking brainwashed
WTF is wrong with that open pit up there


Actually, most of Elko city and county, including most veterans, are long onto him, and them.
That’s how the Les Brown s—baggery got the attention of the internet.
Local veterans tired of being harassed and bullied by
Les Brown and his “legion” of POW*MIA types.

But the vested followers and believers persist,
even with clear facts in front of their noses,
because believing the myth of ol’ Les is easier than admitting they were conned and lied to, all along.

We’ll see the proof, at the 2022 Chili Feed.

Next time I pass through on I-80, which may be this year,
I’ll stay at a motel in the “Hell” of neighboring Battle Mountain.
And cruise Elko.
And laugh and laugh.


“But the vested followers and believers persist…”

Well one thing they HAVE accomplished: they’ve given the term “vested” new meaning.


this f*cking sh*tbag again…

Bad troopers are the gift that keeps giving and stolen valor is the rancid cherry on the shit sundae.

And a CIB? For a frigging MP?

Frog on a pole that’s some BS.


Yes, every retired master sergeant has as their most recent Class A photo one when they were a corporal. Seems legit.


As a motorcycle rider I can’t help but be exposed to the whole “collecting money for veteran’s awareness” or similar crap. Every gathering of motorcycles in the US – pretty much without exception – features some group or individual collecting money to “raise awareness” or to find the POW’s that Vietnam is apparently still hiding somewhere in the jungles of Southeast Asia (because I guess 75 year old slave labor is valuable or something?)

I never give them a dime and it’s because they are all fraudulent, blood-sucking ghoul organizations like this “Elko NV POW MIA” group.

Scam artists, liars, con-men and criminals.

Might as well say you’re collecting money for poor little sad-faced puppies or the victims of the Titanic or the poor widders n’ orphans flung out onto the streets by the mean old bankers or some shit.

Unfortunately the “veteran-biker” has become such a hardened stereotype in American culture that these “charities” are like cockroaches, as soon as one scurries under the cupboards, another one pops up across the room.

FUCK these money grubbing liars and their moronic enablers.


This local PA “Riding Club” has turned up recently.
Tons of custom patches.
Of course, on their black leather vests,
they stick the POW*MIA patch up front and high.

But political troubles are already brewing in 2021.
The “founder” wears a Bronze Star,
while pushing rightwingnut rants and conspiracy theories.
(Far beyond traditional GOP or conservative topics.)
His brother is January 6 FBI Suspect No. 275 Samuel Lazar #FacepaintBlowhard.
(Google the hashtags. Brother Sam maced DC cops, and brags about it.)
And, his favorite local political candidate,
PA State Senator Doug Mastriano, who now wants to be Governor,
is no longer his favorite,
since Mastriano told him, his family, and his little rc group,
to stay away from future Mastriano political events.
(Since Mastriano has been repeatedly nailed in photos,
with #275 and their sister #MagaGalDiceClay,
before AND after January 6.)

Of course, Capt. Bronze Star founder ranted, pulled a 180,
and now supports an opposing candidate,
which would be former Congressman and 2018 Senate candidate Lou Barletta.

Ahh, a dissed motorcycle gang. Who’d of thought?

[America First RC, PA Chapter 1-1]

Green Thumb

There is always a certain North Florida MC who take posers.

Phildo, the “Big Turd” Keith Riley Keeton and a slew of others.


I’m deeply skeptical of anybody who flies the black POW flag.

At BEST, they are naïve fools.

And at worst they are liars and con artists trying raise money (for what? To bring the now 70+ year old POWs back from Vietnam, even though there is ZERO evidence of any prisoners being held there?)

Oh, no, I forgot it’s to ‘raise awareness.’

OK, “awareness” of what?

That war is a thing?
That veterans are a thing?
That POWs are a thing?

Imaginary conversation:

POW Organization Spokesman (POS for short): Hey, did you know there is this thing called “war” where people from different countries fight against each other?

Average Stupid Someone (ASS): Wow! I did not know that.

POS: Yes, and also did you know that there are people who fight in wars and then come home afterwards? They are called “veterans.”

ASS: Get outta town! That’s news to me!

POS: Yes, and sometimes those soldiers, sailors airmen or marines get captured by the enemy and held as Prisoners of War, or POWs!

ASS: Wow! You are blowing my mind, man! I SO did not know that!

I mean, we’ve been at war since 2001, but I had no idea war, or veterans, or POWs were a “thing.” Thanks for making me aware!


POS: “Mission Accomplished!”



Someone said it best when they posted and highlighted non-profit orgs that do not have to report earnings under 50K.

Basically, they set up “boutique” orgs that allow them to skim money off the top or channel money outright into their hobbies, which in this case seems to be to ride around in a ‘look-at-me’ fashion.

Veteran-themed orgs may fare better than say… Save-The-Turtles. I’m sure there was a focus group to help them decide this.


Just to let you all know, I’ll be starting a new charity to “raise awareness” of the people who have been duped by these fake “awareness raising” charities.

I mean, I can’t raise much awareness on my 20 year old Triumph, right? I really need a new Electra Glide if I’m going to raise anybody’s awareness, don’t I?

I’ll post my Venmo link. Y’all can donate the money secure in the knowledge that the money I collect will be used for me to TIRELESSLY “raise awareness” about the fakes, frauds and liars who collect money under the guise of “awareness raising.”

I will raise SO MUCH Awareness you won’t even believe it. To paraphrase that great philosopher Vanilla Ice, “If awareness was a drug I’d sell it by the gram.”


Is it possible for an individual reach an awareness saturation point?

Or are there infinite possibilities for awareness?


For the benefit of our more recent viewers, let me enumerate the many Stolen Valor lies of Les Brown. The following lies are particularly offensive to me because I have earned and been awarded the following decorations, awards and insignia rocked by Lyin Les (except for the SCUBA badge and MSG, as I have never been to Key West or been an NCO): 1. Retired after 2O years service with the rank of Master Sergeant. False, He was a SP4 (E-4) when he left active duty as an Ammo Storage Clerk after about 5.6 years. He did serve in the reserve components for several years as an MP. 2. Was a combat veteran and awarded the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) for combat service in the first Gulf War. False; Lyin Les was called to active duty to replace MP’s sent to the Gulf for Desert Storm; he was sent to Germany, with all that hardship of German beer, bratwurst, jaegerschnitzel, and comely frauleins. 3. Was awarded the RANGER Tab as a graduate of the Army Ranger School. False; his DA Form 20 shows he never even attended Ranger School. As a PFC, the Army sent him to its Ammunition Storage course, after which he was sent to Johnston Island, in the middle of the Pacific, as it had a massive ammo storage facility. 4. Served in a 75th Ranger unit in combat, thus allowing him to wear a 75th Ranger scroll on his right uniform sleeve. False; Brown never served in any Ranger unit, as he was dirty leg for his entire service, both active and reserve, and thus he could never serve in any airborne (paratroop) unit. 5. Was a fully qualified Special Forces NCO. False; Lying Les never attended any Special Forces training or school; he could not have done so because he never attended nor graduated Airborne School, thus he was not parachute qualified. His personnel file shows he only attended basic, AIT, and that ammo storage course. Lying Les never served in any Special Forces or other Airborne unit. 6. Lying Les was an Army trained… Read more »



THANK YOU for the summary.


Also, big Thank You to MarineDad61 for providing us updates and information.

For the life of me, I truly can’t understand the guillabilty or ignorance of some of the Elko and Idaho folks who were willing to drink the Kool-Aid without questioning the FACTS that were brought to their attention reference Brown’s military service.

Ole Les really did a snowball job on them. But now that I think about it, Ole Adolph did the same thing…and so did Jim Jones.

How ironic that Ole Les passed away from ALS (if in fact, that is what he had..our own Jonn, Rest In Peace, had the disease).

Just thought it was strange that suddenly, after Ole Les was exposed in July 2019, that he passed away 17 months later from ALS.

Our very own Jonn lived longer than that when he was diagnosed with ALS!

Something just does not smell right.

Am curious as well as to what his Headstone will display, that is, IF his family chooses or can afford to have his cremated remains buried in a cemetery.


Add VFW Post 2350 / Elko
and VFW Department of Nevada / Carson City
to the list of those snowballed… or complicit.

I will guess VFW Post 2350 was complicit.
They were the folks charged with verifying Les Brown’s eligibility.

Add American Legion Post 7 / Elko to those complicit.
They deleted comments of truth on the Book of Fake,
blocked commenters, refused to answer basic questions,
and refused to hold the forum for anyone to ask Les Brown questions directly, or review Les Brown’s bring along records.

Good members of both veteran organization posts
got stained by the actions of their dirty members.

Green Thumb

No chili feed this year.


All that bullshit backed up in his systems and finally caused a massive brain aneurism, or some other toxic fatal event. Anyway, that is my speculation.


A couple of comments on this: For the life of me, I truly can’t understand the gullibilty or ignorance of some of the Elko and Idaho folks who were willing to drink the Kool-Aid without questioning the FACTS that were brought to their attention reference Brown’s military service. You can’t? I can understand it just fine. For the friends and family of Les Brown to admit that TaH and others are right is to admit that they got fooled. That they got duped. That they got taken. Who wants to admit that? Who wants to admit that they were fooled by a faker? Nobody, that’s who. Much easier to say “oh those guys are just a bunch of disgruntled old timers. I knew Les and he was a great guy.” Also, to address this: Just thought it was strange that suddenly, after Ole Les was exposed in July 2019, that he passed away 17 months later from ALS. Our very own Jonn lived longer than that when he was diagnosed with ALS! ALS is an insidious and awful disease. My father was diagnosed with ALS in late August of 2019 (after having a lot of suspicious health problems that went back at least a year before that.) By March of 2020, just before the whole COVID lockdowns started, he was dead. So yes, ALS can act that quickly. It really all depends on when it is diagnosed. By the time dad passed away, he could barely walk, barely stand up. Yet, we had gone hunting together as recently as October of 2018, just a year before he was diagnosed. Incidentally, if you know anyone who has been diagnosed with ALS who served in Vietnam, file a VA claim ASAP. ALS has been linked to Agent Orange exposure. My dad served 4 tours in Vietnam, one in the Army and three shorter tours as a DA civilian historian and his ALS was determined to have been caused by Agent Orange. Any veteran with ALS should contact the Paralyzed Veterans of America. PVA did an outstanding job taking care of my dad… Read more »


The same holds true for prostate cancer and Agent Orange. If you can prove you served in Vietnam, your service connected disability is presumed.

Although, the VA wheels do grind slowly. Ol’ Poe submitted his claim back in November and still has heard nothing.


Saw the picture of Tom Wulf presenting the folded US Flag to Brown’s widow, Grace.

In the picture, Grace is holding her Smartphone, taking a picture…am guessing she was taking a picture of Wulf with that flag and not a selfie?

Just thought it was a very odd photo to post.

The other thing that was odd is that I did not see Brown’s son, KC Brown, son from Marriage #2, sitting with the others in that picture.

Wonder if he was at his Dad’s funeral.

KC Brown did at one time serve with the US Army. His Facebook account (which looks as if he is taking a break from posting..he is listed as “KC Brown, Mr. Friendly) lists one of his jobs as an 11B, Infantryman. It looks as if he may have been stationed at Fort Richardson, AK. He lists his current residence as Wolfforth, Texas.

In June 2002, Ole Les was presented a Blue Star Banner by the American Legion Reid Gregory Post 7. Joe Shine was the Commander and his wife, Cheryl, was the President of the Ladies Auxillary.


Another STOLEN VALOR Thief taking his lies to his Grave.


Well at least Elko County gets some things right:



For those that need a brief, four minute recap of the Les Brown fiasco.



Classic. Hilarious.
I’ve (finally) saved the URL link.


I want to know who was the asshat who put a CPO cover on the table at his memorial? Jackass!!


It was probably Tom Wulf. He was active duty regular Navy before switching over to Army National Guard.

I think he made it up to PO1 before leaving the Navy.


No changes here, in 9 months now.
And, Tom Wulf is STILL sporting the O-5 LTC silver leaf
on his black beret, which we all know, is NOT a VEST.


More than the CPO cover,
I’d like to know who all (plural)
among the f— stick phony defenders
stuck “Master Sergeant” and “20 years”
into multiple speeches.

Any of us can assume it was Ken Adams, Laura Adams, the widow,
and/or others.

We already know who put it into print,
and onto a patch the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
is now selling, for $15.00.

That lands square on the quince head of NEW commander KEN ADAMS.


Has anyone else seen this?
1 – Vietnam Veteran embroidered black shirt.
2 – US Navy SEAL Team (with trident) black and yellow cap.

Based on his appearance, my red flags are up on this guy.

Photo on the Pocatello POW*MIA Book of Fake page.