Ron DaRonche – Another Elko NV Phony CIB

| August 26, 2019

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Ronald “Vito” DaRonche, who is another POW*MIA Elko Awareness Association partner of Les Brown.

In fact, DaRonche was listed as the Senior Vice Commander under Les Brown when the organization was first formed and created a website.

DaRonche claims he is a twenty-five (25) year Army veteran…

Like Les Brown, Ron DaRonche wears a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB)…

Here are the photos placed side-by-side for comparison…

Ron also has some postings around the internet that suggest he was in Vietnam and with the 511th Military Intelligence Company.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was made for DaRonche’s records…

We also came across this when searching for his records…


DaRonche got out as a Sgt (E-5) but there were no rank claims in question.

DaRonche served in Vietnam but that claim was also not in question.

DaRonche served his country in Vietnam and that is saying a lot. Many people avoided service in Vietnam so to answer the call is worthy of anyone’s respect.


The years listed in DaRonche’s official military records add up to just shy of eleven (11) years. They don’t add up to the twenty-five (25) year Army veteran that DaRonche claimed in the newspaper article.

DaRonche does not have the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) listed under his awards and he does not have the medals or assignments that would support his claim of being in infantry.

DaRonche does not have awards or medals suggesting that he was mobilized for Operation Desert Shield/Storm that possibly would have earned him the CIB. He was in Military Intelligence as an Ariel (sic) Photographer and later in the National Guard/Reserve in an Engineering unit as a vehicle driver.

These are all extremely noble duties in the military but the point is they were not infantry and therefore would not put DaRonche in line to have been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB).

Members of the POW*MIA Elko Awareness Association have suggested that they somehow wear these military awards to honor those that have served vs. an accurate depiction of their own service.

“They talk about things we wear on our vests that we didn’t earn. Well, we all wear something on our vests that we didn’t earn.”

— Les Brown —


If Ron DaRonche used these claims to gain anything of value he could be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

Due to the shenanigans of Les Brown, combined with Brown’s refusal to come clean about his unearned CIB, DaRonche has Brown to thank for bringing sunshine to his situation as well. Not only that, but we wonder about people in that entire organization since they don’t seem to place much emphasis on accurate representation of their military service.

Stated another way – gross, incompetent and intentional misrepresentation.

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Mustang Major

Elko, NV, tourism board should look into establishing a National Military Phony Hall of Fame as a tourist destination. It seems like everyone in Elko tolerates phonies or is one, so getting a phony hall of fame would be a cinch.

Some of the exhibits:
Phony SEALs in social media
NCO DD-214’s with 30 days of total service or less
Vests that say “I am the real deal.”
Sock puppets through time
and the list displays go on…

The hall of fame shop would sell vests along with other phony necessities like a guide on gaining membership in the VFW and other organizations. Public speaking guides could be offered also.

Of course there would also be tattoo shop on location.

The annual fund raiser would be the Military Phony Ball. Dress uniforms mandatory. A reporter from the Elko Daily News would emcee the event. Phony of the Year would be announced at the event.

All parking at the hall of fame would be designated for handicapped or for Purple Heart recipients- and they would be all taken.

I think this is what Elko deserves.

Daisy Cutter

Great ideas.

I think the real money would be in Phony Starter Kits.


With 100 miles of highway billboards,
just like other oasis town tourist traps,
such as
The Thing
Wall Drug
South of the Border.

“Get your own authentic phony
Elko West Leather Vest.
Only 65 miles to Exit 298.”

Whatever it takes,
to make the cars (and motorcycles) stop,
and the wallets (with chains) open.


I’ve actually seen “The THING?”


I saw the original THING?, in 2016,
just before it was dismantled
and rebuilt as a new tourist trap.
Now $5. (Was $1 and a door buzzer.)


I saw it in 1991. On the way to the Chiricahua Mountains with a very hot chick. (That was a fun camping trip.) As I recall, it was $1 back then.


The “Hitler Car” of the last 50 years….
is NOW a “Winston Churchill” car.

What does that say about The (new) Thing?


Burma Shave

Morgan Blake

Tom Wulf (PhoeniX) still has not explained his wearing of the 82nd Airborne “AA” pin.


Wulf is a one-trick pony. He dances a metaphorical jig with a game of “Gotcha” every time someone refers to an NPRC summary sheet as a DD-214. He’ll act like he doesn’t know what they’re talking about, stringing it out long enough that he can lay down his card of it not being a DD-214.

That’s what happens when you corner someone – they refuse to address the FACTS and instead, they try and shoot holes in the PROCESS.

Tom Wulf – what’s the story with your falsely claimed 82nd Airborne “AA” pin? How close were you to actually being in the 82nd Airborne?



Elko needs a bypass route around the city.
With no exits.


THE POLITICS OF ELKO Something that may have been missed is the following… At the infamous “Vest Meeting” that Les Brown put on due to the scrutiny he was under, former Elko County Commissioner Charlie Meyers and Assemblyman John Ellison attended. From the Elko Daily Free Press: “The local POW*MIA association does host fundraisers, but both Assemblyman John Ellison and former county commissioner Charlie Meyers [sic], who work frequently with Brown, attested to the fact that money never transfers through his hands.” In addition, a photo of Charlie Meyers [sic] (should be “Myers”) is shown in the article with the caption: “Veteran and former Elko County Commissioner Charlie Meyers [sic], right, advises the Elko POW-MIA Association to contact their attorney regarding claims being made against their commander.” It should be pointed out that advising someone to get an attorney does not reflect on their guilt or innocence and is prudent advice no matter what, but we read that as Mr. Myers speaking on behalf of Brown. Brown would not pursue a defamation or libel lawsuit because the discovery process would not be favorable to him. Meaning, all documents would have to be included – NPRC records and records Les has in his possession including the fake retired military ID card. Instead, everyone praised Les Brown for “taking the high road” when in fact Les knew he had a bad hand of poker. Currently, Charlie Myers has a local radio show in Elko but for years was an Elko County Commissioner. With all of this said – Charlie Myers is supposedly a retired Army Command Sergeant Major with 25 years active duty. This is stated in several, once again, articles in the Elko Daily Free Press. He appeared to be at the Vest meeting to support Les with a statement about the Awareness Association’s fundraising as well as advice on securing an attorney. Assemblyman John Ellison was not mentioned as taking part in advising Brown to get an attorney, but his attendance and positions pointed to him supporting Les Brown. Ellison enlisted in the US Marine Corps out of Elko High… Read more »

Mustang Major

Looks like more Special Form 180s are on the way to the National Archives and Records Administration.

Keep up the good work.


Yep. SF-180’s already shipped off on both of them.

We confirmed that Myers did have almost 25 years (shy one month) in the US Army. It is reasonable to assume that he made E-9.

Ellison has been open about his military service in several news articles.

However, I would think a senior enlisted Army man of 25 years would uphold the honor of a CIB and call out other embellishments – but he clearly must have other priorities. I think this is shameful and disgusting behavior. He of all people should strive to display a higher degree of integrity.

These grown men can posture and shift all they want, but… What about the kids?

Mustang Major

Are you getting charged for these requests? I requested one on a suspected phony and said so in the letter, and there was no charge. When I requested my father’s CCC, USMC and Army records, I was charged. Same with my mother’s USMC records.

I assume you get phony records for free, but is it costs money, let me know and I will help.


They charge for research and duplication fees when the records are over 62 years old.

More current records are not charged for if there is a well-stated purpose — public awareness.


We confirmed that Myers did have almost 25 years (shy one month) in the US Army. It is reasonable to assume that he made E-9.

While it’s entirely possible he made E-9 before he retired, with just under 25 years that’s no slam dunk. Enlisted retention control points (RCPs) – e.g., the total amount of time a person is allowed to remain on active duty at a particular rank – have varied over the years with the Army’s personnel needs. Today the RCP for E-7 is 24 years – and the RCP for E-8 is 26 years.

Depending on when he retired, the RCPs for those grades could have been roughly the same as today. It’s thus entirely possible he retired as an E7 or E8 vice as an E9 – or he may well have retired as an E9. Until the FOIA reply comes in, we don’t know what his grade at time of discharge/retirement actually was.

It will be interesting to see if this individual is telling the truth about his service or not. So far, it seems as if some in the Elko area have a problem with being truthful along those lines.


Check out his picture from “back in the day”. Seems legit (no sarc).


Wait, What? I keep looking and looking at his picture and the name on the nametag looks different. Maybe it’s the angle or lighting, but to my eyes the nametag doesn’t have enough letters in it to spell out “Myers”, it looks more like “Coon” to me.

Is he living under an AKA to “protect the innocent?”? Did he have a name change? Was he sheep-dipped by the CIA for sekret sqwirrel missions and is currently under the care of the Witness Protection Program?

Inquiring minds want to know./s



He was known as Charles Lester Coon.


You can’t make this stuff up.

He sure spent alot of time at Bliss. Home of “First To Fire”.

And in 1968, he had an APO New York Zip Code.

APO NY 09023.

Am sure there may be some folks out there who knows the location of that Zip Code.

Sprenchen Sie Deutsche?



Nay, Nay on the Sprenchen Sie./s But Ya, Ya, as that APO NY number also covered Thule AB on the Ice Cube back in the day.

Kinda figured he was an ADA or FA type, as the red ribbon hiding under the dress blues sure looks like the hanger for the Order of Saint Barbara.

Thanks for the info.



APO NY Zip Code is 09206, not 09023.

My Bad.

Still, anyone who ever served in Europe, especially in the 1960s will recognize that APO NY Zip Code.

If one served in Vietnam in 1968, their Zip Code would be APO SF 9….instead of APO NY 0…

Charles Lester Coon, AKA as Charlie Myers, may have indeed served in Vietnam as Air Defense.

We shall see.

Wonder why his name is now Myers and not Coon?


APO NY 09206 – One of my (and Jonn’s RIP) favorite places:

Camp Wildflecken








Just found this…..
The Carlin Police Department
Race Rook rage (a Scooby Doo-ism)
has been given a direct tagged request for followup,
along with new comments placing the blame(s) (for DaRonche).

(Tagged comment) Carlin Police Department –
Is there any followup on all this, 1 month later?
It’s only growing, and getting worse, for Les Brown and the entire Elko POW*MIA, who saw fit to re-elect themselves (with no changes) a few days ago.

Everyone in Elko County can blame LES BROWN,
Carlin PD officer JOHN ROWE, Tom Wulf, Laura Adams, and the entire Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association for this.
They all had OVER 1 MONTH to come clean, and tell the whole truth about Les Brown, to get Les Brown to admit his many lies, and to make apologies around Elko and Carlin. (DaRonche link to here.)

Les Brown failed. John Rowe failed. The entire Elko POW*MIA failed. The Elko Daily Free Press has failed. And, the citizens who should (but won’t) step forward with the truth have failed.
(More or Les Putting Elko NV on the Map link)

Link to Carlin PD page Pinned Post.


Charlie Myers’ radio station
KRJC (95.3 FM, “Pure Country”)

Perhaps someone here could call in…
(775) 738-5752
… and end up on live radio?

The FB page.
No comments or questions on Les Brown (yet).


Some posts about this matter already. Ellison said he is open to talking to anybody that calls his office but he is waiting for all the facts to come in.


Like… Facts that come in from NPRC?

Or, alternative facts?


I have found that it is a politically safe position to give or advocate for the continuous benefit of the doubt.

You never, ever have to make a decision nor ever be wrong for coming down on one side vs. the other.

It is politically “smart” but not very brave.


Charlie Myers’ radio station KRJC responds…

[[Krjc Crew] – Mr L**** this is the FB page of KRJC Radio. There will be no staff interaction concerning this issue. Please take it to a page where you will reach the desired audience you seek.]

It is apparent that “Radio Silence”
has been ordered by the (retired) Sergeant Major.
…In support of Operation Elko Desert Sand Storm
(without a Desert Sand Shield).

Add 1 to the list of
Elko Desert Sand Storm Times veterans.

Terry Sheehan

Translation – Charlie Coon (Myers) chooses to stick his head in the sand after already making public statements in support of his friend Les Brown. After 25 years in the Army, he is choosing to defend someone that has committed Stolen Valor vs. uphold the honor and integrity of the men and women that have fought on the front line and earned the CIB. In my opinion, ex-Vice-Mayor of Elko and ex-City Councilman Charlie Coon (Myers) is a coward for not willing to do more to protect the school children of his community, choosing instead to defend an obvious Stolen Valor thief. The school children deserve better. Charlie should be ashamed of himself. Charlie – There is a good reason that Les Brown won’t get an attorney and pursue a lawsuit for libel and defamation after you advised him to. It is because he knows that he would have to turn over any and all documents during a discovery process. His official records from the NPRC, which have already been posted by the good folks at TAH and MP, would be part of that process. Brown would be throwing good money toward a futile pursuit. You may know the truth now and have had a change of heart, but that does not dismiss the fact that you publicly supported Brown when this all broke. It is awfully convenient that you want to now take a “not my circus, not any of my business” approach once you realize that Les Brown is lying. You can posture and avoid and say red is blue or green isn’t green. These are adult games… I keep asking — What about the kids? Don’t you think they deserve better? Just pull out that photo of Les Brown hugging the kids while wearing that CIB and telling them what it was like to serve in Desert Storm — then ponder your role in all of this Charlie Coon (Myers). Don’t you think the kids deserve better? Admit it – you were duped along with many with the Les Brown lies. Understandable, but what is revolting is… Read more »


(Surprising) Answer below.
He’s bailing ship.


New development…. Only 2 days ago,
Charlie Myers announced on Faque Booque
that he is RELOCATING… to Tennessee (!?!).

Coincidental timing, for a longtime Nevada resident who is/was more than vested in his Elko community.

Let the heat / kitchen humor and cracks begin.

Comm Center Rat

You’d think a retired E-9 could afford a double wide trailer! I guess his ex-wives still get paid for the time they spent with Charlie.


Les Brown is losing his friends in Elko, fast.

He lost NV Assemblyman John Ellison
at least a week ago (Fact).
Now he’s losing Charlie Myers, too.

There’s no one left from “the meeting”
but the other black leather vests.

It’s slowly but surely happening in Elko…
as it should.


I’m actively talking to a bunch of people in Elko.

I don’t want to say anything to derail any effort afoot, but in general I can say…

The momentum is shifting away from support for Les Brown.

Right now, I’d characterize the stance as most folks having a “I better not endorse him – hands off and see what happens – I’m not commenting anymore” approach, but soon it will be like rats abandoning a sinking ship. While I understand this attitude, this is disgusting behavior to those who have openly endorsed Les Brown – i.e. Tom Wulf, Charlie Myers, Elko Daily Free Press, etc.

Considering the fact that they jumped both feet into the matter with no hesitation, I feel it’s inappropriate to stick their head in the sand now. It behooves them to make a counter statement to neutralize what they said before, even if it it lukewarm such as “I’ve seen other evidence and had testimony that has now caused me pause.” In my opinion, it is cowardice to realize you may have been wrong, say “Whoops” to yourself and then adopt a “stick my head in the sand” approach. You OWE a public statement to correct the record, otherwise your support of Les Brown stands.

Please do the honorable thing.

Les could have put a stop to all this early on but choose instead to cling to his lies. By doing so, he took advantage of friends that offered him loyalty and the benefit of the doubt. The senior military in Les Brown’s old unit recognized his character early on because Les had to report to a higher authority, but in Elko, he had no accountability. That’s why this entire process got so messy. But it was necessary to get to the painful and uncomfortable truth about Les Brown.


Well stated. Thank you.

Except for Les Brown himself,
a general public statement by each of the other public participants and defenders….
About disappointment in those put in positions of trust and authority, or even universally condemning Stolen Valor in anyone, would almost suffice.

Most would understand it’s really about you know who, how, and why.

Organizationally and politically expedient, yet understood and accepted by many, when done so publicly.

Feeling (and being) betrayed by Les Brown may still feel like a shock to some in Elko County, but it’s hardly a surprise at this point.

And it’s all on LES BROWN.



Funny how the ex-wives NEVER remarry,
but the tapped out ex-husbands often do.

(Wal*Mart greeter retirement)-
“Welcome to Wal*Mart!”
How many miles from rural Tennessee
to the nearest Wal*Mart?


I noticed a Dollar General less
than half a mile down the road.


There are two in Clarksville, TN – which is < 10 miles away from his new abode.


Hey, guess who else is in that general vicinity? Clarksville, TN to be exact.

John Wesley Byer, the child pron possessing, no pants wearing, phony SEAL, phony Navy Commander.

His offender registry info:

Green Thumb

A couple of losers if I ever saw some.

Just because you are a vet does not mean you are a good guy.


This one just keeps on giving. A virtual game of whack a mole. Better yet, whack an A hole. Can’t wait to see the next turn.


I still want to know how many of these clowns are receiving VA bennies for their BS claims?


Back in the original post someone stated
“we may have stumbled upon a hive”
It was a funny comment at the time
but man did it ever turn out to be the truth.

This sundae is deep and wide….


How many more turds are there in the Elko punch bowl? Probably a whole lot more will be found before this is over…


This is for both of you. (Speaking of deep and wide sundaes)
I used to work at the place in Bethesda MD when I was in High School in the 1980s.
I present to you the Farrells Zoo….(” 30-scoop sundae multiple flavors of ice crean and 3 flavors of sorbet, that weighs 5 ½ pounds, with toppings ranging from pineapple, fudge and caramel sauces to nuts, cherries and animal crackers, four delicious toppings, whipped cream, cherries, & bananas.”)

So, kinda like Elko County, NV, but they are more like a giant flaming bowl of shot with sprinkles on top.


“shot” = SHIT

Got-damn fat fingers and not proofreading


I remember the Farrell’s Zoo… loved to go to Farrell’s as a kid.

Are they still around?


Sadly the last one in Brea California closed 2 months ago.
Oh well. The came back in 2009, but looks like they didn’t last 10 years.


It was called the PIG TROUGH…
MY kid sister ate it all. Farrell waiters and waitresses surrounded her wearing pig Noses and oinked at her while someone rang a bell..
Miss you Shorty


Pig Trough was another of their large sundaes. The Zoo was the biggest it said for 2 to 25 people.


You are correct. The Zoo was for my son’s 5th birthday..Just read the back of the photo


Charlie Myers of Elko,Nevada.

AKA as Charles Lester Coon.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Notice the Middle Name?

Why the change in the last name? Even his 2nd wife who is about 11/12 years younger than him was formally known as “Coon”.

The State of Texas is still looking for her to pay her 1999 speeding ticket.

Don’t Mess With Ninjas

RGR 4-78

Ninja, you keep talking about how something may have happened to Lester K. Brown while he was at Ft. Lewis with his first wife.
I wonder if his 1st wife decided to go Rangerette while he was stationed there and he has held it against 2/75 ever since?




Still waiting for Lester Kent Brown to tell us his RANGER Class Number and show us his RANGER class picture.

And show us his Airborne Picture.

How does well tell the Children of Elko, Nevada that someone lied to them?


RGR 4-78


Terry Sheehan

May need to consult with Les Brown’s ex-wives.

They may be more than willing to fill in some of the puzzle pieces of Brown Stain’s past.

Mustang Major

The former wives are not likely to recount that disappointing period of their lives.


Depends. If they’re still torqued at Les, they may well be willing to share any and all dirt they’ve got.

Mustang Major

It’s a glass half full or half empty situation for the ex wives. To come clean about their ex husband, Les Brown, would also be admitting that they were associated with him. The shame of it all.

You really need to hear from one of Les Brown’s former mother in-laws. Now that would be good.

It would be helpful to hear the experience of the wife Les was married to during his Ft. Lewis days.

Terry Sheehan

I think the way to approach this is to make them aware of Les Brown’s fiasco in Elko and see if they are aware, then see if they volunteer info.


Scroll Up for an interesting Charlie Myers update.
Or text search Tennessee.
Or Trailer.


Radio “stage names” are nothing new,
like Hollywood film and TV stage names.

A local radio DJ shortened his last name to “Bach”,
after he was arrested and charged with
plying teenagers with alcohol.

Yes, he kept his radio DJ job. Ugh.


THE ‘LOOK AT ME’ CULTURE IN ELKO, NV It is becoming more and more apparent to me that in regard to veterans in Elko NV, there is more of a “Look at Me” culture masking itself behind veteran causes. To make my point, I will cite three examples: LES BROWN & HIS MERRY BAND OF MISFITS – The more that our ninjas are looking into it, the more there are criminal charges of possession of a controlled substance, marijuana use, DUIs, embezzlement, etc. This is in addition to what has already been put out. There is much more to come. They ride around in motorcycles with unearned badges, rank and medals in an obvious “Look at Me” mentality. To gain some veteran ‘street cred,’ all they have to do is a major fundraiser or two each year for a cause they have ASSOCIATED themselves with. If I was a family member of a veteran KIA I would be outraged with having Les Brown stand over my loved one’s grave. If I was a parent of a school child I would demand to know when Les Brown is scheduled to appear in front of the class and I would hold my child back from school that day. Apparently, protesting about it must do no good. If Les Brown truly believed in his cause of the POW-MIA he would not cling to it and drag it down with him. He would recognize that his Stolen Valor is a distraction and do the right thing by resigning. Instead, he hopes that attaching himself to a greater cause will save him. Hence, the “Look at Me” philosophy is evident. CHARLIE COON (aka CHARLIE MYERS) – Ex-Elko City Councilman and ex-Vice Mayor of Elko Charlie Myers showed up at a private Elko POW-MIA Awareness Association meeting to lend his support and advise Les Brown to retain an attorney. If this meeting was public, there would be minutes that would be available to the general public. No, this was clearly a huddle to plan how best to defend Les Brown and his organization, which included folding… Read more »


Whether it is mortgages for anyone, steroids in sports, or stolen valor, behind every great fraud we find the willing consent and active aid of politicians and the press.

The press’ role in such institutional fraud at both the local and national level is particularly vile. We expect politicians, pundits, and carnival barkers to be without ethics and moral development, but our expectation of the “free press” is much higher.

This story isn’t going away because the problem isn’t going away.

Follow the dollars. The real story is in where the dollars come from, and where they go. Money is the common interest that unites charlatans and liars.


“where the dollars come from”

The mine?


Lee Enterprise (Owner ADAMS) has to be the same company that owned PHOTOCOMM Solar Power in Scottsdale AZ.
Worked for them via Southern California designing and installing Solar Powered home units, irrigation, billbords etc.
Received Lee Enterprises stock options, bonuses, travel hotel expenses, attended meetings and Christmas parties at CEO’s house in Scottsdale AZ.
I was hurt after fall from catwalk installing a solar unit on billboard on Hwy15 near Vegas…
Fuckers lied said I was a office worker and doctored the files.
Thank God I kept everything to prove my case including photo’s of me on the billboard ..I WON
They went belly up four years later.

Steve Balm

The Elko Daily Free Press is a subsidiary of Lee Publications which is in turn a subsidiary of Lee Enterprises.


Your case would get the solar company officials prosecuted for workers’ compensation premium fraud in many jurisdictions. Calling employees in high risk jobs “office workers” is a common scam used by employers to fraudulently lower their workers compensation premiums.

Mustang Major

The thought of Les Brown standing over the grave of a military service member killed in action is sickening.

The thought of a school’s administration not doing any form of due diligence on Les Brown and letting him speak to children is reprehensible.

The Elko Daily Free Press is a rag that covers stories like the above between the space reserved for hamburger joint and tire store ads. And everyone seems fine with this behavior.

Elko, are you better than this?

Steve Balm

They should make two orders:

1) Les Brown cannot get within 50 yards of a school zone

2) Les Brown cannot get within 50 yards of a veteran’s cemetery


“Les Brown cannot get within 50 yards of a veteran’s cemetery”

I would not disallow him the burial
benefit he earned. VA rules not


I would allow him to be buried in a VA cemetery only with the provision that a piss tube be installed.



That gives me an idea…


Anyone else notice…..?

Tomorrow (Friday, September 20, 2019) is
National POW/MIA Recognition Day in the USA,

and the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association isn’t doing shit.
NADA. Silence.
Not even a Facebook post about this special day.

Disgraceful, self serving quasi-charity in Elko.. for what?

5th/77th FA

Had wondered about that myself earlier this week when I lurked thru their sites. Nothing! Not skilled enough to go thru their history to see if they have EVER done anything on that date. It is a date not a day, ie every year on 20 Sep for awhile, IIRC. Seems to me that an ASSociation that wants people to Be Aware (of Les Brown [stain]) might want to do something special on that day/weekend, you know like maybe a Chilli Cookoff?


Hell, this year it’s on a Friday.
They had their Elko City Park Member’s BBQ just last weekend.

Citizens of Elko, are you noticing this, too?
It’s obvious out here across the USA.
The Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association
is doing NOTHING on National POW*MIA Recognition Day!



National POW*MIA Recognition Day is always recognized on the 3rd Friday of September.

Next year, it will be recognized on 18 September.

Yes, it will be interesting to see if that Elko, Nevada Self-Glorified Biker Group will do anything tomorrow or if the Elko, Nevada newspaper will run an article on that date.

Or if Charlie Coon mentions it on his radio show.

Thank You for persavering on Lester Kent Brown and his Band ofMerry Misfits.

Am still scratching my head on Tom Wulf wearing the 82nd on his Army Blues versus his Nevada National Guard unit pin.


(Elko today) —
“Oh, shit, those websites figured us out.
They’re onto us.
Quick, throw something together for tomorrow.”

5th/77th FA

Tanks for the clarification on the Day/Date thingie ninja. The glo plug on some of my memory cylinders burned out a little while back.

I’m still scratching my head over the whole Elko ASSociation and the townspeople as a whole.


No problem, 5th!

*Still chuckling on your comment about scratching your head*



Exactly as predicted.

The Elko POW*MIA got called out here,
caught flat footed, busted.
Only minutes ago, now they post
[Join us in Carlin for the Chili Cookoff Saterday (sic).
We will be taking the stage at 5:00pm for a National Recognition Day ceremony.]

Saturday, NOT Friday.
They’ve been so whipped up for a
6am-6pm chili blast,
they FORGOT about tomorrow, until now.
So now they added something, last minute,
like it’s an afterthought.
After getting busted, of course.



What a way to honor our POWs, MIAs.

A Chili Cookoff.

As shared before, that Self-Glorified Bikers Group does not care for our POWs or MIAs. All they care about is the attention (Look At Me!), the $$$ and the Glory.


Their impromptu “ceremony” is being held
on a stage in a DIVE BAR,
the location of the Chili Cookoff.

Cee Gee’s Saloon
1015 Chestnut Street
Carlin, Nevada 89822 (Google that!)

The Chili Cookoff flyers have been out
since before September 8.
Chili Entry $100. Salsa $50.

Link to the Chili Cookoff flyer,
and the POW/MIA afterthought post.
MF unbelievable.


Charging folks to enter their Chili or Salsa Recipe?

Pitiful. Just pitiful.

But then again, it’s Nevada. Gambling against the odds of winning.

And with that Self-Glorfied “Look At Me!” Biker Group-they are not winners.

What a bunch of Losers.

5th/77th FA

Son.of.a.Bitch(es). Googled fooed that place md61 and yep, a shore ’nuff honky tonk dive bar/cocktail lounge. Bet they play both kinds of music there, Country AND Western. (not that there is anything wrong with that). Couldn’t find a picture of the stage to see if there was chicken wire across the front. Yelp, yp, and all the other sites gave me the opportunity to be the FIRST to write a review. That’s a sad state pf affairs in itself that in this age of the whole social media, cell phones galore, NOT ONE SINGLE review.

This ASSociation has really become a boil on the town of Elko that needs to be lanced. What a pus filled sore it is.

Green Thumb

I bet there ain’t no chicken wire across his two-hole.

Fucking assclowns.

I am sure the “Welcome Wagon” loves these felchers.

Green Thumb


Short, swift, descriptive and succinct.


A Proud Infidel®™

I have more respect for cockroaches than I do for that Band of BUMS.


How can these assholes care about POW/MIA persons
when they don’t even respect their own true service?

They don’t give damn about the issue and just use it to
justify their phony make believe club.
Holed up in a desert town of enablers (I’m looking at you
you Elko), they hide behind IRS laws without scrutiny of
the real purpose.

Perhaps a few “individual” audits are in order.
Somebody gonna drop a dime. It is very common and the
IRS appreciates such efforts by individuals.


There’s more. Agent Orange?
Les Brown has Agent Orange?
Ron DaRonche, unknown, possible, even understandable.
But Les Brown?

An angry female member of the Elko POW*MIA (who also saw his ID)
let that juicy tidbit fly a few days ago.
Apparently, the entire Elko POW*MIA believes
Les Brown has Agent Orange.

A fan of MP/TAH continues to prod Elko on Fakebook,
caught this little revelation as flak,
and is now pressing them on who started claims of Agent Orange.

Riveting drama. A Deputy Sheriff even chimed in.
All here, in the FakeBook group
Elko NV Community Info and Free Items.