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| November 17, 2023 | 69 Comments

Hire more border patrol agents rather than 87,000 more IRS agents? This would mean focusing on securing America’s borders rather than enhancing the government’s ability to scrutinize the people. What’s even more amusing is that there are people out there, who are voters, who think that the government will make things better. Enjoy your weekend! 

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


A re-pete of a re-pete. One (1) second difference ‘twixt FIRST and Turd…er…er…er Third. Had to be fractions of a second twixt FIRST and The Lady’s Room Trophy. Methinks there may some shenanigans a-foot. May a Kongolese Rat be upon our Tox. BCE would be proud of the two-fer! The Gun Bunny, CW, and the other usual suspects?…not so much.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Just remember the sports axiom, “on any given day….”

And as usual I’m 2 1/2 hours late.
At least you don’t have to worry about KOB stinky butt chair

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

All Hail! I will continue to rule in a benevolent manner as befits the scepter and crown of the TAH WoT Book of Firsts.
Top shelf imbibles are on the top shelf.
Home made delectables are on the banquet table.
So feast and enjoy, my subject Dillweeds and -Weedettes.

Cong Rats Tox!




Commissioner Wretched



Top 5

Commissioner Wretched

Damn if it didn’t happen again! Tox and King get in milliseconds apart and I slog in a second behind them!!! What are the odds? What, indeed, are the odds??

So in deference to Tox and King, I offer tribute of trivia. Enjoy, fellow DWs!

Who was the featured speaker when Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address?
By Commissioner Wretched

I’d like to take a moment here to tell you what I like the most – and the least – about this month’s holiday, Thanksgiving.

The thing I like the most is being with family and friends, sharing a wonderful meal and some great time together. It’s what makes the day great, and I get to see people I don’t often spend time with.

The thing I like the least? Cranberry sauce.

Look, if you like that stuff, then God bless you and more power to you. I can’t stand it. I’d rather scarf down deviled eggs by the dozen than deal with that wobbly purple mess.

I’m not sure why I don’t like it, since I do enjoy cranberries and cranberry juice. It’s just when it becomes that gelatinous glob that it turns my stomach.

Oh, well, you didn’t come here to read my gripes. You came here to read some trivia, and I have your heaping helping right here.

Did you know …

… the safety razor took eight years to invent and perfect? Developed by King C. Gillette (1855-1932) beginning in the early 1890s, Gillette’s razor was an improvement on the original razor that used forged blades. The improvement was the creation of a double-edged blade which, theoretically, could be used twice as long. The hardest part was engineering the disposable blades, as the kind of steel he needed – thin and cheap – was difficult to work and sharpen. The first of Gillette’s safety razors went on sale in 1901. (And generations of people are glad for it, too.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the gothic cathedral of Milan, Italy, took more than 400 years to complete? Work on the cathedral was started in 1386, but the structure was not finished until 1805. (I’ve heard of overtime, but this is ridiculous.)

… the world’s oldest known baseball field is not in the United States? In the city of London, Ontario, Canada, you will find Labatt Memorial Park, home of the oldest known baseball field. It was first laid out in 1877. (With the World Series having recently concluded, I thought a baseball note would be fitting right here.)

… the collective word for a group of tigers is an ambush? Another word that can be used is a streak. (The collective word for a group of humans who find an ambush of tigers is “dinner.”)

… a cult leader once gave 600 acres of land to God? The land was located in Pennsylvania, and it was properly deeded over to the Almighty. However, the state of Pennsylvania later took possession of it and sold it. The reason? God apparently did not pay His taxes on the land. (Delivering the tax bill must have been a real headache.)

… Abraham Lincoln was not the featured speaker when he delivered his famous Gettysburg Address? On November 19, 1863, dedication ceremonies were held for the Soldiers’ National Cemetery on the site of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. President Lincoln (1809-1865) delivered his famous three-minute address, which has gone down in history. But the featured speaker at the event was actually Edward Everett (1794-1865), who served as Secretary of State under President Millard Fillmore (1800-1874). Everett delivered a critically-acclaimed speech that clocked in at just over two hours, but you won’t find anyone who can recite a single word of it today. (Everett was who Lincoln was talking about: “The world will little note or long remember what we say here today …” He was right.)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“….the gothic cathedral of Milan, Italy, took more than 400 years to complete….”
How does that compare to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris? I understand that took a few centuries to complete as well.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

A Group of Baboons is called a Congress. Happenstance? Coincidence?


Gotta be coincidence. A group of owls is a Parliament, about the only political body that makes ours look wise by comparison.


For those true lovers of history, the world still takes note:

Commissioner Wretched

… chili peppers evolved to deter mammals from eating them? The spicy little vegetables developed their heat over time, so mammals would avoid consuming them, but birds are not affected by the heat. Birds are essential to the spread of the chilis, in fact, as they are eaten by the birds, digested, and then the seeds are … uh … well, the seeds get around. (I’ll let you figure out how.)

… about 75% of your brain is made of water? (So what’s the rest? Chicken liver?)

… one species of bird has an insect as a mortal enemy? The hummingbird is so small it can actually end up as the dinner for a praying mantis. (“Tastes like chicken,” the mantis says.)

… a tree owns itself? Located in Athens, Georgia, “The Tree That Owns Itself” was made such by Colonel William Henry Jackson (1786-1875). Some time between 1820 and 1832, the colonel deeded a portion of his land to the tree growing on it, as a way of showing his affection for the white oak itself. Also known as the Jackson Oak, the tree fell in 1942, but an acorn from it was planted on the site and currently grows there today. If you want to visit it, The Tree That Owns Itself is at the corner of South Finley and Dearing Streets in Athens. (I bet it doesn’t pay its taxes either!)

… you can use a vegetable to keep your shoes smelling fresh? Just put a quarter of a potato inside each shoe at night. The potato will keep the leather soft and the shoes smelling clean. (Remember to take the potato out when you get dressed in the morning, of course.)

… the first microprocessor was created in 1971? Made by Intel, it was called the 4004 and contained a total of 2,300 transistors. (They’ve since figured out a way to make them much, much smaller.)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I remember the 4004……then the 8008, the 8080….

Man, we’re old Tox.


I did actually see a praying mantis with a death grip on a hummingbird. I didn’t think anybody would believe me.


Surprise your tree rats with cayenne in the bird seed. Fun for the whole family!

Dennis - not chevy

About the peppers: this would explain why my old basset hound left the kitchen garden alone. He used to love to graze upon what was growing until one day when his nose lit up like a 4-bit pistol. In his defense, how was he to know jalapeño sprouts were so hot? He never grazed again.

Commissioner Wretched

… an ancient warrior may have had an “in” with the gods? When he was a child, Alexander the Great (356 BC-323 BC) was chided by his tutor for wasting a great deal of incense during sacrifices to his gods. After Alexander conquered Gaza as an adult, he sent back 18 tons of incense spice to his tutor. Accompanying the spice was a note telling him not to be stingy with the gods. (Good advice!)

Now … you know!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I, (as WoT King of Firsts again), appreciate your diligent continuing of the Trivia section. Thank you
But I have to ask….this cranberry sauce that you don’t like….is it the canned blob stuff? Have you tried a good home made sauce, with cranberries (natch), apple chunks, orange peel (I think), and other added delectables? A whole different world then the canned Blob.

It sounds like he’s talking about the canned blob – which is technically “cranberry jelly” and a different dish than “cranberry sauce;” think of mint jelly vs. mint sauce, one is gelled and one is runny, but both are delicious on savory meats.

If one doesn’t like the canned stuff, I don’t blame them (but nothing speaks to America’s living tradition like an ultra-processed factory product becoming a staple of one of our foundational feasts) – but many love it.

As an alternative, I recommend a homemade version that’s slightly less sweet but makes an incredible accompaniment for dark turkey meat. It sounds convoluted, but most of it is either crushing fruit (cathartic) or waiting while it cooks down or chills:

*Test first with about half a cup of stock, as everyone’s is different – but use a real stock, not some broth; the collagen is pivotal to make the jelly.

– Take your go-to white (no tomato paste or roasting the bones) stock at the point after you’ve separated the solids and skimmed the tallow but before reducing it any further. If you’ve already bagged a few birds this fall, turkey stock is apropos but any gelatinous stock will work – I’ve done this with venison stock and amazed myself with the result.

– Press enough crabapples to make enough juice to match half the volume of stock. If you don’t have crabapples in your area, or your wife is too lazy to follow your instructions, you can use regular apple cider.

– Purée enough fresh/frozen cranberries to match half the volume of stock, as well. You can substitute real cranberry juice. You want ~ a 1:2:2 parts ratio of stock, cider, cranberry.

– Combine the three liquids and simmer, reduce the mix by half (try to avoid a rolling boil). Taste, preferably by dipping a chunk of roasted turkey. If it’s not sweet enough, I recommend adding honey but any sweetener will do. Season to taste.

Filter through cheesecloth and chill until ready to serve. Will take about 4-12 hours to set.

Commissioner Wretched

The canned gunk. I’ve never tried the homemade version, since the canned glob pretty much ruined any possible appreciation. I will give the homemade stuff a go should I be fortunate to be offered some this year.


I’ll apologize in advance. My inner child cannot be contained sometimes.

A Proud Infidel®™


Commissioner Wretched

Now THAT was funny!!!!!


Canned cranberry sauce is evil.
1 bag bog berries.
1 cup sugar.
pinch salt.
1 cup orange juice.
Throw in a sauce pot.
Bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer for 15minutes.


Got that recipe from up at NAS Brunswick?


Me sainted Mother. She’d hand squeeze the OJ and zest the orange peels. I don’t love anyone that much.


If the Adorable Deplorables of TAH could watch him make and then sample the victuals that The Gun Bunny will lay out for The Feast, they would propose on the spot. Yes, I’m that good. Oh, and damn cranberry jelly.

Shave and a haircut still 6 bits?

Must took a lot of passing the love offering plate.

Fields of broken dreams?

Got ambushed by a cougar a time or 2. GOOD TIMES!

The Lord giveth and the grubermint taketh away.

Ask the Sioux Nation how “honest” Ol Abe was.

Whole new meaning to the term “pass the pepper”.

Fermented/distilled water will affect your brain makeup.

Mantis say a blessing before dinner?

Seen Col Jack’s tree in Athens. Also seen the double barrel cannon.

Tater can keep an eye on your shoes so they don’t walk off.

Thus was the foundations of SkyNet.

The tutor was incensed over Alex’s behavior.

Another fine j.o.b on the trivia, CW. It is muchly appreciated.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Whaddya know, top twenty and I award myself Honorary First once again.


Epstein did not kill himself.
We still haven’t seen Epstein’s list.
UP YOURS to the “Feebs” monitoring us.


Anyone with updates or interesting observations from Tennessee?

You know, the VA, the parade,
the “Grand Marshal” who went on radio talking “Tet” and “POW”?

Backtrack link to November 11 Veterans Day Holiday Open Thread


Yes. The sponsors were notified and are reviewing their vetting process.
I’ll call this one a win.

Thanks to our own ninja for doing that ninja stuff, Mav.

Last edited 21 days ago by AW1Ed

Any chance, when Spurlock’s worlds collide,
the VA releases a public statement,
and/or VG gets at least a basic FOIA,
that this Phony POW gets his very own special article on VG?

WGNS Radio is itching to put out an update “correction” story.
After all, they got double duped, by Spurlock AND the TN VA.

Here’s a POW plaque internet photo,
if and when a VG article gets the go signal,
and the fact that the VA handed him a plaque after the parade
is part of the story.

Last edited 21 days ago by MarineDad61

Great find. New view.
Well, if that isn’t Leo Bozell
(Leo Brent Bozell IV),
son of “media transparency” pundit Brent Bozell (III),
making his appearance at 1:30.

In the 1st minute, out of view here,
but widely seen elsewhere,
Leo Bozell took a tool to the center double doors,
and spider webbed the door glass that isn’t visible here.

Sentencing January 2024,
unless his old man pays off more lawyers to string it along further.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


John J

No, hiring more BP does nothing, its the system itself that is broken. Primarily asylum. Actually hiring more BP would mean they catch more, and those people can claim asylum once caught and et legal entry into the country and then later adjust status through marriage, anchor baby, or any number of things. The entire system needs to be fixed first….it would slow down drug trafficking, but the number is negligible.


Gotta take away the incentive to cross. Joe opened the doors set out a feast. Making the border a free-fire zone would be effective but frowned upon. My county now has law enforcement assistance from neighboring counties to reduce trafficking. It’s only gonna get worse.


Solved the Bernasty mystery?


Larson has some of the best humor.


I’ve got a question for the Navy and Marine folks on here…

What are the chances a navy enlisted guy could receive a CAR for “drug interdiction” operations in South or Central America?

Dude claims to have been awarded one, but the “paperwork got lost”.

I’m certain he’s full of shit, but I like to be thorough.


Mention he can request replacement records anytime. Offer to walk him through the process.

Request Military Service Records | National Archives


Did he “lose” his DD-214?

It’d be helpful to know his claimed enlisted rate, the timeframe that he claims to have been in “combat”, and whether he claims to have been ashore or afloat when he received his CAR. If ashore, what unit/operation? If afloat, what ship was he on, during what operation?


Ain’t it about time for the McRib to come back?


You mean the bud lite of fast food sammiches? Yeah, there was a blurb on a news feed about it the other day. Didn’t click on it. You get ready for a REAL BBQ Sammich, Blaster, come see me. I’ll hook a Brother up. Put some South in yore mouth! Ya can’t swing a dead cat ’round heah without hitting a BBQ Joint. Or we can just step out into the back yard and watch it smoke…while we have a refreshing beverage…or 12.


KoB, let’s go for number 2!


The McRib is an abomination- it’s faux Q, which is the correct reply when offered one.


Nice way to say it without saying it. You know, polite company and all.


Polite company, here?


Is that even allowed?


The polite company office is located next to the Complaint Department and run by the same Manager, Helen Waite. So, if you want to see polite company go to Helen Waite


Stayin’ alive.
Y’all be good.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thank you Graybeard for honoring us with your presence.
Have a great weekend.
And see you again soon.


Not to bring the room down and be a buzz kill, but Ace of spades hq has a story with a link that hamm ass posted. It’s under the quick hits banner/story.

I’ll leave it to you to go look at, not posting the link.


Currently posting from Sweet Home Alabama, Where The Skies Are Blue.

On our way to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Chattanooga game, kickoff 11:00 AM CST.

If the cameras zoom in on us, we will give a special RTR wave to KoB and API and other Bama fans!

Next week, the Iron Bowl. Alabama/Auburn game on War Eagle turf! We will be watching the game from home, munching on turkey sandwiches and other Thanksgiving leftovers.

2 more weeks until the Army/Navy Game! Our beloved AW1Ed knows the Drill!


Y’All have a great rest of your weekend!



Welcome South (The REAL South, VA don’t count no more) Sister. I’ll have to give a RTR Wave when I watch that game on ewetube tomorrow. When the game kicks off today, we’ll be kicking off a Memorial Service paying Honors to those, on both sides, that fell in Battle near here in Nov of ’64. We will say their names…we will be their witness. This afternoon and evening will be a Regimental Dining In and social function. I’ll have to catch the Dawgs on a ewetube channel the same way tomorrow. I’ll be off the net right shortly until Sunday. Maybe the kids will play nice…or maybe not.

Baby Sister driving me to the Gun Shine State to do Thanksgiving with Baby Girl and The Grands on Monday. Don’t forget The Ten Commandments and drive safely. gabn/rtr/hbtd


Are you with SCV or a reenactment group? Had a friend that was the local SCV leader until his passing. He was a local historian and always had great conversations.


Both. SCV & Geo Rgmt & Penn Rgmt reenactment. RTR/HBTD


Also in BAMA (NW corner), RTR!!!!


On station.

Hack Stone

Top 75. Hack would have checked in sooner, but he was busy all weekend standing on the River Road exit of the Capital Beltway trying to get drivers at the traffic light to buy some Red Hat Software. Sales are holding steady at $0.