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| November 18, 2023

Concealed Carry

Port Orange homeowner fatally shoots intruder trying to force way into home, police say
Police said they are continuing to investigate the fatal shooting.

Frank Fernandez
A Port Orange homeowner fatally shot an intruder trying to force their way into a residence early Thursday morning, according to police.

Port Orange Police stated officers responded at 12:05 a.m. Thursday to the 5900 block of Pelham Drive in reference to a burglary to an occupied dwelling, the release stated.

“During this incident, the homeowner fatally shot the intruder, as that person was forcibly attempting to enter the residence,” police stated.

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Daytona News Journal

Another wrong house.

Calif. man has carry permit suspended after successfully defending his family from armed intruders

Vivek Saxena
A Los Angeles homeowner who was forced to open fire on would-be robbers has had his concealed carry permit stripped from him.

“After successfully defending my home and my family and my 5-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment [rights],” homeowner Vince Ricci said in a video for the National Rifle Association that was shared with Fox News.

Speaking directly with the network, Ricci said that the local sheriff’s office called him Thursday to let him know that his permit had been “revoked” because he’d allegedly yelled at the officers who’d showed up to investigate the attempted robbery.

“Ricci previously railed that the LAPD – the department investigating the case – carried out ‘sloppy police’ work, including allegedly not picking up the casings scattered near his home as evidence,” Fox News notes.

The “gunfight,” as Fox News describes it, erupted Nov. 4th when, upon returning home from the gym and trying to unlock his front door, Ricci saw two armed thugs jump his fence and try to force their way inside.

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Thanks again, Gun Bunny. The gun pR0n theme this week has been firearms one might want to reconsider for carry. I fell for a Bond Arms derringer, a really well-made little hand cannon. I thought it’d be fun to shoot and perhaps carry as a BUG. Yeah, no to both. .410 Mag rounds made one glad there were only two barrels.

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Ummm…the photo?


just saying!


My house…my rules! If you are not invited to walk in, you WILL be toted out.

Commiefornia Home Owner should be given a reward for his actions instead of having his rights and ability to defend himself and family taken away. I guess Adam-12 was just a TeeVee Show. Inspector Callahan…weeps.

Nobody picked up, in the comments, on this past week’s veiled gun pr0n theme.

One has to look no further than today’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Ms Thang for the proof that our Beloved AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. Bring me that one…the sultry one…the one with fire in her eyes…and legs to her neck. This Old Dog would be her little lap puppy. (ps…fix the linky, Boss)

Old tanker

The LA home owner had his permit suspended at first but after he was critical of the investigation the Sheriff got all pissy and flat revoked it. The original video of the shooting was available online. I saw it on a couple sites including the report of the revocation on Colin Noir’s you tube channel. Darn pity he didn’t hit either one of the robbers. Unfortunately it’s not like he can appeal to the governor with newsome there.


Unfortunately, with the 4-year-old nephew staying here, I’ve been forced to relocate the usual 3-4 pistols I keep stowed away throughout the house to the bedroom. That, and due to sleep schedules and arrangements I’m on the futon in the living room with the backdoor unlocked 24/7. Hopefully, those rifle fighting techniques aren’t too rusty. I keep my Carcano M38 next to me. Never had ammo or even the clips for it, so there’s zero chance of it firing unless someone breaks in and happens to have some 6.5 Carcano pre-loaded.

As for carry guns, a smart thing one of our younger gun line guys recommends to customers looking for their first carry gun is to go down the road to rent a few different ones at the local range. Everyone is different. I’ve been carrying for over 25 years and am comfortable with nearly anything. I am definitely not one to fear as I have far more than one gun. Sometimes I carry a revolver (.357 or .38; .44 if in the woods), sometimes a full-sized Glock or the trusty old Beretta (safety off), sometimes a compact 9mm or .380, but always a backup.

It has more height and is longer, but something like the SIG Sauer P365 XMACRO TACOPS comes with night sights, four 17-rd mags, and the width and empty weight difference is marginal. Or, for not much more than a Bond Arms, you can get a Glock 43X, with factory 10-rd mags and aftermarket 15-rounders available: Bond Arms Grizzly vs Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO TACOPS vs Glock G43X size comparison | Handgun Hero.


I want something that’s ready to run out of the box, which is why Glock finally won me over. Ruger seems to have slid downhill a bit since the days of its P-series. I frequently carry the LCP Max, and the purple EC9s gets carried very infrequently, but the Security-9 has slide lock issues. It might fix itself after a few hundred more rounds, or I might just send it back to Ruger for repair. We’ve had a few EC9s and LC9 pistols get sent off. One brand I won’t buy, despite them having a solid reputation among many, is Kimber. Too pricey for my wants/needs, and too unreliable out of the box. I contacted them a while back for an RMA after a customer wanted his repaired. He’d only put a few mags through it, but with different brands and types of ammo it kept having failures to feed. The Kimber rep sent me the RMA and shipping label, but only after telling me that they recommend about 500 rounds be put through their pistols for proper break-in. I, for one, am not going to spend upwards of $1k on a gun to have to put another few $100s worth of ammo through it so I can trust it to work when I need it.


Your problem with Kimber was much like mine with Walther plus poor customer service.
The Sigs I have had have all been out-of-the-box reliable. The Ruger .22 I got to teach the grands does well except when feeding it Aguila, CCI has been reliable.
I don’t buy this “Well, you have to burn another $300 in ammo for it to work” mindset.


Acquired a Bersa in a trade once…thousands of rounds later, dead reliable, and with a fixed barrel, pretty accurate. Only flaw I find is that the slide lock is soft metal and if you drop a locked slide Browning style with your thumb it will wear quickly. Drop it by pulling back a bit on the slide and releasing, and you’re good to go. Have NEVER heard of a Bersa blowing up unless loaded to silly levels – and who reloads .380? Me, I would substitute the mini-380s lke the LCP or P3AT. Not because they are bad guns, but because their recoil is pretty snappy and people don’t practice with them. For gun guys they work great, but for folks who buy them, fire half a box and decide they have enjoyed enough forever…


I like my Bersa. I made a little holster for it ….


THAT is some fine leatherwork rgr!

I make my own holsters, but mine tend toward plain utilitarian without the molding.
My complements!


Looks like FAFO – Home Edition.



Dear Santa:

Given the porous nature of the border, I’m requesting the following, in order to form a more perfect Cantina and provide for the common good:

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That is a very pretty lady carrying either a Sig 938 or 238 in a garter holster.
That woman has Very good taste in guns.
I wonder how she feels about middle aged anesthesiologists?


I’d like to try my gun in her holster.