Wednesday Shorts: Soros, Supremes, Cards

| July 5, 2023

Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss

Seems George Soros’ Open Society Foundations is slashing its workforce by up to 40% after announcing “significant changes” Friday.

It comes after Alexander Soros, George Soros’s fourth child, was named chair of the organization’s board of directors in December, and just one month after he inherited complete control of the foundation from his father.

The move handed 37-year-old Alexander Soros huge financial responsibility: Open Society controls most of the assets under the management of Soros’s multibillion-dollar family office. In 2021, it allocated more than $400 million to organizations in the U.S. alone.

Alexander Soros, a graduate of New York University and the University of California, Berkeley, told the Wall Street Journal last month that he is “more political” than his father, a native Hungarian whose Jewish family disguised its identity under Nazi occupation and who has given away more than $32 billion of his personal fortune.Yahoo Finance

“More political” from a Berkeley grad..sigh. Just what we need. “Disguised its identity under Nazi occupation” – I always heard that as “collaborated”. Maybe I misheard.

Failing to grasp the concept

Seems the liberal pundits’ heads are blowing up with the revelation that the “gay couple” at the heard of the recent Supreme Court decision which said a website designer COULD religiously object to doing work she though glorified something she didn’t believe in – doesn’t exist.

A Colorado web designer who the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today could refuse to make wedding websites for gay couples cited a request from a man who says he never asked to work with her. Star Advertiser

The guy cited is straight and married for 15 years, so said talking heads think the whole case should be thrown out. Apparently they miss that a) he was not the reason the original case was filed, but came up later as a cite during the appeals process, and b) the Supremes are involved due to a principle of law being at stake, not whether one was-he-or-wasn’t he husband was quoted.

Cards Get it Right

This one got me. A thirteen year old baseball star committed suicide March 6 due to bullying from his classmates. He was a lifelong Cardinals fan whose dearest wish was to play for St. Louis, and seemed to have the stuff to do it:

Terry was a baseball phenom. There had been talk in Covington about moving Terry up to the varsity team this spring as a seventh grader, said his grandpa, the eldest Terry Badger. He was a third baseman and pitcher who could throw 71 miles an hour and who batted .400 last season, including a home run that sailed more than 300 feet.

Terry had 27 home runs in his career. He signed and saved every one of those balls. He had too many championship trophies to count, too many to fit on the shelves in his bedroom. Terry was looking forward to the upcoming season playing for Indiana Nitro Gold, the top travel team in the Westfield organization’s 13U age division.

But on March 6, in the final moments before he died, Terry believed his life wasn’t worth living. He was tired of the bullying. There were kids at Covington Middle School, the family alleges, who bullied Terry every day, asking if he shopped at Goodwill, calling him a “fatass,” making fun of his shoes, laughing at his haircut, telling him he was worthless.

“I get picked on every (single) day and I hate my life,” Terry said in the video he recorded after school on March 6, before he took his life. “You can thank (Terry listed his bullies’ names) for this.” Then Terry turned off the video and put his phone down.

At Sunday’s game against the New York Yankees, the Cardinals honored Terry in a pregame ceremony. The team presented his family with a custom-made jersey with Terry’s name and number on the back.

His Dad threw out the first pitch to a standing ovation from 40,000 fans.  Oh, and the Cards beat the Yankees 5-1.  Read the article. It’s a good one.





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A goulish face if ever there was one.
I see a composite of Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Lenin, Mao and a
few other historical figures that escape my memory
The man is a pathogen.


Ironic if we’re saved from his evil machinations due to Millennial/Gen Z dumbassery at gettin’ sh*t done.
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Last edited 11 months ago by Anonymous



Off-top, but… Women love a man in uniform in Ukraine once again:


Alex jones was wright.

Skivvy Stacker

If the Earth were flat, cats would have knocked everything off of it by now.


Substitute website for cake…and log in for eat it…

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Substitute “commies” for Soros & Co.

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Maybe Dad shoulda taught this lad to fight back at an early age…Mine did and the bullying stopped, tho each year at the start of school, I would have to kick a bigger kid in the nutz. Worked.every.damn.time!


Yes, indeed.

To forbid fighting because “all violence is wrong” and then do nothing when a kid gets beat-on by somebody else tends to end badly for some reason.


A high school buddy got suspended for beating the snot out of an asshole who went looking for an easy mark.


When his oh-so-very Kraut papa arrived, the principle started lecturing.

“Shut up. I just vant to know, did my son vin?”

(Sputtering rage, resume lecture)

“Shut up I said. Son, did you vin?”

“Yes, father.”

“Ist Goot! Come along. ”



Had 4 fights my freshman year. Bullying stopped. Never had another fight. Bullies get real meek after they get a taste of their own blood. Violence shouldn’t be the first answer, but more often than not, it’s the correct and final answer.


Why militaries exist:
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Last edited 11 months ago by Anonymous

Another advantage of growing up in the 60s/70s… bullies weren’t a protected class. In Colorado Springs, for at least the past 25 years, standing up to a bully at school will result in police involvement and a juvenile record for the kid trying to do the right thing. Eliminating bullies, would, by extension, eliminate one of the cherished victim classes the left nurtures.
To quote one of the laments of the left, ‘if we only had more laws’ (heaven forbid current laws be enforced, that would be rasis)


The there’s how Pinochet handled the matter:
comment image


Cocaine found in West Wing of White House while President Biden was away: What we know (

Hunter Biden was quoting as saying; “That isn’t mine.” Although no one asked him about it.


I watched Salty Cracker’s reaction to this. Funny how I wasn’t bombarded with the news like I usually am when Trump gets caught with a piece of toilet paper on his shoe.

The article you link to states, “Tour members are typically not permitted to visit the West Wing…”, while Politico and other sources I read this morning state the opposite, “…found in a cubby area for storing electronics within the West Exec basement entryway into the West Wing, where many people have authorized access, including staff or visitors coming in for West Wing tours.” Interesting…does the public have access or not? And how exactly do they get screened? I was NCOIC for the setup detail on the South Lawn when the Queen visited in ’07. My detail and I, in BDUs and ACUs, were screened for weapons and I remember dogs being present. Drug detection dogs or otherwise, I don’t know, but one would think that the Secret Service would have K9 officers available to sniff for anything potentially harmful.

The White House has a new meaning now. I think we all suspect the culprit, but the media will deflect, and the Feds will decide to minimize the investigation–unless, of course, it can be “proven” that some MAGA tourist left it there.


Leave it to a Biden to blow it.

Hack Stone

Tune in next week for another whacky episode of That’s Our Hunter! I’m next week’s episode, hijinks are on the menu when Hunter invites not one, but two Russian Prostitutes to the State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India. It’s a laugh out loud riot when Hunter convinced his clueless father that the girl was sucking snake venom from his penis.

Skivvy Stacker

“Blow it” heheheheeehhheeeeeeee.


At what level do the government employes stop taking drug tests?


The Coke is Joe’s, not Hunter’s.

If you think about it, Cocaine explains quite a bit about Biden.

And the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all.

Skivvy Stacker

“He was a third baseman and pitcher who could throw 71 miles an hour and who batted .400 last season, including a home run that sailed more than 300 feet.”

When I was 13 years old I could push a pencil onto a piece of paper, and still not get the right answer in a math test.

This kid…My God; what a loss.


This is exactly why I don’t support blaming bullies for suicide. It becomes an accusation in which the accused cannot face his accuser.

I’m not unsympathetic to the one who took his own life (I refuse to call a suicider a “victim” of suicide), but the moment we accept suicide as anything but wrong we both justify suicide and turn it into a weapon by which a coward may turn honest men against each other rather than facing the fact that life sometimes isn’t fair and it’s only through standing back up that one rights the ship (I wasn’t navy and have no idea how one actually rights a ship – I assume it involves copious amounts of spinach).

Before any seagulls squawk about seppuku or failed Roman generals, short of calling fire on one’s position or diving on a grenade, we have no equivalent to honorable suicide. Off yourself; I feel your pain… but we…. I don’t really know how to finish this thought but… why didn’t you call me? You’re not just hurting yourself but you’re being a fucking coward and there’s nothing worse than a coward. If you want to be a pussy, do it on your own time. Clean up your own vomit.

Fuck’s sake, at least have the decency to divorce, first. I can bring myself to bang your ex, not your widow.

Slow Joe