California Reparations Task Force: The police should not have to enforce urination bans

| July 5, 2023

Meme generated in 2020, poking fun at leftist double standards.

The reparations task force that California stood up proposed lot of actions needed that they feel would make things fairer. One of the things that this task force is proposing is to ban police officers from enforcing public urination laws. This proposal is part of the task force’s argument that police officers are being utilized against low level, nonviolent offenses. Instead of the police officers doing this, the task force suggests that a group without arrest or prosecution powers should be tasked to address these issues.

From Fox News:

The call to end police enforcement of laws, including those that prohibit public urination, is among the official policy recommendations listed in the final report, which contains 40 chapters and runs well over 1,000 pages.

“A signification [sic] proportion of law enforcement contact with the public relates to low-level, non-violent offenses. Thus, for example, law enforcement is frequently tasked with enforcing public disorder offenses, such as illegal camping, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, minor trespass, and public urination. Although the subjects of these contacts are often experiencing homelessness, a mental health crisis, or both, the responding officers typically possess neither training nor expertise in working with these vulnerable populations,” the report charges.

“This disconnect often results in the use of excessive and sometimes fatal force that falls disproportionately on Black individuals. Given the devastating impacts of this kind of over-policing, the Task Force recommends that the Legislature prohibit law enforcement from criminally enforcing public disorder infractions and other low-level crimes,” the report continues.

“Instead, a public health and safety institution, without criminal arrest or prosecution powers, would enforce prohibitions such as sleeping on the sidewalk, fare evasion, and similar transit-related or other public disorder violations that criminalize poverty. People arrested or criminally prosecuted for these administrative violations should be granted a private right of action to sue for damages or should automatically receive a damages payout.”

The report stops short of giving an exact dollar amount it wants for descendants of slaves who live in the state, though it makes clear the task force thinks the dollar amount should be significant. It also includes dozens of policy recommendations, including the ban on prosecution of “public disorder offenses.”

Fox News has additional information here. Thanks to Anonymous for this story tip.

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I’m in favor. Whenever I go to California I always have the urge to pee on things. Would be nice to know that you can do that without getting in any trouble.

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RGR 4-78

Where is Hanoi Jane to be buried anyway?


and WHEN?


Has her cancer come back yet?


But use the wrong pronoun and it’ll be five years’ hard time.


Especially in Michigan. HB4474 will do just that, criminalize free speech if you mis-gender Twinkerbell.
The dems have already said it’ll pass the state Senate and that Gov Whitler will sign it.

Commissioner Wretched

And I predict that the first time it’s actually used to prosecute someone, it’ll be tossed as a First Amendment violation. Classic case of First Amendment violation, at that.


“So sue me!” requires lots of money and years of aggravation now.


The word they use, “enforce.” It doesn’t mean what they think it means.


Guilani proved that “Broken window” policing works. Therefore it must be done away with.


Is plan, comrade!
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This will definitely come in handy when Jane Fonda dies.


I am for this!!! I pee freely in the streets outside of my dacha!!! The Commissariat is all for this!!!


What else is there to do in Oakland, especially when you can’t afford to leave?

Commissary Pooper's Narcissism

I finally was able to drop normal logs. Instead of the shifart lumps that shoot out when I forget that I have fart problems, I finally was dropping poop like normal. A couple of tourists walked near and interrupted me. They told me to be good quality. I scolded them by asking them if they minded. After I lectured them about interrupting a pooping in progress, I told them to walk over to the other sidewalk because I was obviously busy. Intrusive tourists are enough to deal with. I do not need the police interrupting me too. You guys are just jealous that California keeps getting it right! I still have shifart problems. Someone needs to remind me to not trust my farts.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Here I sit broken hearted, came to shit but only farted. As the 1950’s beat generation used to say “Man, that was a gas”


Donovan’s new song, Yellow is the Color…of all my new friends peeing freely…

Ya it’s mid to late 60’s but Rock On!


Belsen was a gas
– Sid Vicious

Old tanker

I do think that some social worker intervention can help. My old department had a group of volunteers called Victim Witness Program starting back in the 80’s. Their primary duty was to start counseling a victim of a crime and help with the trauma. It did pretty good. What I see with the snowflakes today is going to end up looking a lot like this meme.


Perhaps it should be pointed out that there is a difference between counseling a victim and counseling the perpetrator.


The victim don’t need therapy (reform of their behavior) the perp does and (not being “hard” enough) it won’t change his behavior anyway. Sorta misguided.
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Failed. Shithole. State.

That is all.


I live in this shithole state…we live in a tiny RV Resort where 98% of us live fulltime. Homeless shit and piss in plain view of a busy road behind a locked bathroom. Deputies arrive too late to do shit…


“…behind a locked bathroom.”

Uh, I may have a solution.


But do you have a KEY?


It took five years for management to install key codes for OUR community after homeless, drunks, hookers and addicts used it as their personal spa. After a man/she pulled back the curtain to the shower and told my then 14 yr old grandchild to hurry the fuck up we had to threaten legal action to get key codes…
The bathroom I’m refering to is next to the market but the homeless shits won’t get the key….


The Yellow Sunset will from this day forward have a new meaning!
Soo glad I escaped in 95!!!


Can you still buy drug free pee?


The pure insanity not only continues, but is getting worse.



I watched a short video containing the closing speech from the so-called task force, in which the speaker argued that America has a responsibility to support Blacks due to their being forcibly shipped here, following up with a plea to end child support payment requirements. I guess that what happened to our ancestors generations ago should mandate that the State pay us now, while what we do with our own bodies should have zero requirement for us to support our own immediate descendants. The logic is flawed, the methodology is flawed, and anyone that thinks that I–the taxpayer–should be responsible for the welfare of you–the generations-removed result of alleged slavery–is an entitled and pandering money whore.

I’ve shared my family history before…both sides arrived in Virginia from England in the 1600s. As White landowners, my ancestors may have owned slaves. We Jamestowne Society types (haven’t joined but think it would be funny to bring some redneck to that organization) are a minority now, after centuries of immigration from every nation on earth. The same probably holds true for “POCs” including Blacks. How many are actual descendants of slaves versus late-19th and 20th Century migrants? How can it effectively be proven that I, by way of my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandpappy twice removed, am responsible for you, by way of your (you get the drift) grandpappy twice removed? Because someone I didn’t know and likely would barely understand had some fun, made a kid, and that kid led to kid led to kid?

I’m one who is susceptible to dwelling in the past, but I try not to. Can’t bring those days back. If I could, I’d gladly own the island and other land my family did in Virginia in the 1600s, but that’s long gone and I’m down to my acre in Louisiana. I also don’t like living in the moment. We all have a future, and reparations, student loan forgiveness, and other handouts aren’t it.

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It is a wealth redistribution scheme, but only for black people.


Bing, Bing, Bing….you win the prize!!! That is exactly what it is. Wealth redistribution.
Don’t even get me started on the mental health issues that are not being addressed! I recently met someon who was diagnosed with bi-polar mania and all of this sounds exactly like what she was spewing. It made sense as long as you take no responsibility for your own action and only want what makes you feel good…everyone else is the problem!

Prior Service

The only thing right here is that police shouldn’t have to enforce urination bans (but only because people should rarely piss in public). Caveat: I have benefitted greatly by the European laxity in public urination….


Can you just break off and float off into the Pacific Ocean already like they’ve been telling us for the last 60 years.

Happy 5th. I still have all my working parts.🥹💥

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dear Reparations Group,
Are you prepared to replace the light poles and other public utility poles that fall down from piss acid rot?
It’s already happening.
Or do you prefer living with no electricity, no comms, and dark streets?

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A Proud Infidel®™

Q: What did libtards use for lighting before candles?

A: Electric lights.


And “diversity” in uniform– not being BIPOC (albeit in NYC, not CA) means no backup:

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A Proud Infidel®™

Uhhhhmyeah, stop enforcement? Isn’t that what’s turned the likes of San Fuckedup and Oakland into third world shitholes? OH, and Claifornis was a Free State from its founding, so they truly owe NO reparations. Chinese people were the ones treated like hell and discriminated against back in the day in CA.
Ban public urination enforcement, yeah, why not make every street reek of stale piss? Come to think of it, the moonbat libtard pols who come up with shit like that live in gated communities with Armed Guards to keep everyone else out, thus they don’t have to deal with the consequences of what they inflict on everyone else.

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for anyone wondering, since the copyright was cropped off, the comic is by this guy


Can’t wait for the reparations to go into effect and the Black population of California suddenly explodes overnight.


Piss on California.


…homeless druggies already sh*t on it.


Oh ffs. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


They also proposed that all delinquent debt for child support be cancelled and all future requirements as well… ’cause…you know