David Brewer – Valor Vulture – Phony Purple Heart

| April 17, 2023

According to his official records, David Brewer was never wounded and awarded the Purple Heart Medal. He was never in combat and never awarded the Combat infantry badge. He should not have been issued a Purple Heart License plate.

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on David William Brewer who comes to us from Naples, Florida. At the time of this writing, April 2023, Brewer is 49 years old.

Brewer makes a living as a real estate agent in the Marco Island/Naples area of Florida. In his real estate profile, there are claims of being a combat veteran and an 18B Special Forces Medic.

A claim of “Medic / Special Opts Devision” [sic] is also made reinforced on Brewer’s LinkedIn profile.

. . . . .


A 3rd party came to us about this individual. Several documents and photos were submitted in an effort to provide evidence.

Although the 3rd party submitted these photos with the premise that the displays, certificates, and DD-214 came from David Brewer – we can only safely say that if it wasn’t David Brewer, somebody went through an awful lot of trouble to create these items. That said, the following photos were submitted to MilitaryPhony as proof of Brewer’s claims. Click to enlarge them for better detail.

Maybe some legit Soldiers can go through the group of wood burnt insignias in the bottom picture and sort them all out for us in the comment section. 

This is an enlarged glossy photograph of the Purple Heart citation along with a DD-214. Notice the misspellings…

. . . . .

  • There was a claim that there was an alteration of the official DD-214. The above photo was submitted as evidence of this. Military Phony redacted some information (black areas) but otherwise it was unaltered.
  • Another claim is that Brewer is driving around with Purple Heart license plates. The below photo was submitted as evidence of a claim of Purple Heart, suggesting the vehicle belongs to David Brewer.

The license plates are registered to a ‘David Brewer’ with an address that coincides with the current address we have listed for him.

. . . . .

Recently, Brewer was featured in the news, it was not a good thing.

Naples man creates fake deeds on multiple properties under guise of phony non-profit

Naples man arrested for fraud & grand theft

We were working on this case with help from the Guardians of the Green Beret when that most recent news story broke.  What they had to say about David Brewer after reviewing the case translates into civilian lingo something like, “He is a very, very, naughty boy”… or words to that effect.  (sarc)

. . . . .



FOIA Result – HRC – David Brewer – DD-214

FOIA Result – HRC – David Brewer – Assignments

FOIA Result – HRC – David Brewer – Awards

FOIA Result – HRC – David Brewer – Military Schools

Here is the entire FOIA result from the U.S. Army should you care to read more.

. . . . .

We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for David William Brewer.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – David Brewer

This database was also searched for any other active duty to the present day. It did not show any other service dates, but sometimes the database is unreliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with all of Brewer’s FOIA responses, however.

. . . . .


There is so much to unpack for this case. We are primarily going to focus on four areas:

      1. Service Dates and Rank
      2. DD-214 and any signs of alteration
      3. CIB and claims of combat
      4. Purple Heart claim
      5. Purple Heart license plate

There are discrepancies between Brewer’s claim of being in the Army in September 2002, the date on the Purple Heart certificate, and when it shows that he was discharged – February 2002 – on both the official DD-214 from the US Army and DoD Manpower database results.

What’s even more bizarre is the date on the DD-214 that we obtained from a 3rd party and may have been altered also shows a February 2002 discharge date.

We’ve placed these two DD-214s side by side so it is easier to compare.

Comparison of the two DD-214

Hand-notes – You can tell by the handwritten annotations, it is the same document, or was at one time. Only blocks 11, 13 and 14 are changed.

Mispellings – CAMPAIN, RIFEL, PISTAL AIRBORN, and ASSULT. Could have been an admin clerk that was challenged with spelling, but seems unlikely.

Fonts – The title in Block 14 – i.e. 14. MILITARY EDUCATION (+ description) – is written in Courier font, but in the DD-214 from the US Army is written in Ariel, Helvetica.

Foreign and Sea Service – These were consistent across both documents and were unchanged. However, in light of the claims, it seems like these would be candidates for change to be consistent with the claims. If he were in Afghanistan as claimed, these totals would not be zero.

It clearly looks like this DD-214 was altered.

Brewer was discharged from the Army as a SSG (E-6) vs. the SFC (E-7) claimed. Recall the following display…

The length of time for Ranger training was listed on the DD-214 obtained from a 3rd party as being only four (4) weeks. This is an incorrect length for Ranger training.

His records do not support the claims that Brewer served in combat. He would have had to serve in combat to be a recipient of the Purple Heart. This distinction is not in any of the FOIA results we obtained.

Brewer’s records show no award of the Purple Heart. There are no records showing the award of the CIB, let alone two. Recall the following display…

If David William Brewer has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act. We suggest LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT contact the The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and check the documentation that Brewer submitted for the Purple Heart plates.

. . . . .

David Brewer seems to have had a military career that anyone should have been proud of.  Never try to brew up your own version of a DD214, it will end up bitter and leaves a stain. 

It seems to me that the Florida Stolen Valor law should apply in this case as well as the Federal Stolen valor Act.  We will leave sorting all of that out to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida. 
Since David Brewer is interested in real estate, maybe they can find him something in a small shared space with a metal toilet and a somewhat restricted view.  

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David Brewer, phony war veteran who did not receive the combat/war related rewards that he is alleged to claim he “received,” got out when those of us on active duty had already known that we were at war and that a war deployment was strong in our future.

David William Brewer Most interesting Man I do not alway steal valor, but when I do I steal all of it.jpg

How is one a “war veteran” when one never left CONUS? That inverted SF patch is a blatant tell.

Green Thumb

In this dude’s case, probably from the amount and violence of action in his asshole.


What a dope. Upside down SF patch, CIB 3rd award which is an impossibility, and he lists SF medic as 18B? Son that’s a SF weapons SGT, 18D is SF medic. Oh, and a Combat Medics badge 2nd award? Also an impossibility. Oh, and SF medics ARE eligible for CIB or CMB, but not both for a given award period. The current award period started on 9/11 and as far as I know, has not ended, the previous award period from Vietnam ran until 95, right after he came into the Army.


Well, it’s impossible for anyone who isn’t in their 90’s….


Don’t forget the Fort Huachuca clothing and sales has 10 plus 3 CIB awards for sale as of 4 weeks ago
the new manager told me they know no one alive in Arizona rates it but they are required to carry it..
he said they have sold 4-5 of them over the last year
and unlike some awards are not required to verify ones 214 to sale it


Miller’s Surplus in Tucson likely has CIB x4 or more badges.


They also have space shuttle door gunner
Patches too LMAO


Pairs nicely with this:


One of the many reasons that MCCS is a poorly managed concern. Try to find some common item and they are out of stock but a three star CIB, avialble all day long….


My last “Exchange” visit for ribbons
(to replace my ribbons with failing whites)
out of stock on Army Achievement Medal ribbon,
and Air Force short and long overseas tour ribbons.

But plenty of SILVER STAR ribbons
at the top o’ the Exchange rack.

I did find my ribbons, all of them, the next day,
at a nearby Army / Navy surplus store.

For sale.. at the Exchange.. ONLINE..


Last edited 10 months ago by MarineDad61

When I was an E4 I could never find rank but yep, GO rank as far as the eye could see…..


Tisk, tisk, tisk…
The fact you serve when most people never even thought of should give you enough personal satisfaction. He, or someone, has a nice collection of Army/SF/Ranger memorabilia, but that don’t mean shit. Nobody where I work gives a shit that I was REMF with just a Sea Servicer (1 star) & Good Conduct. My work speaks for itself, period. Most of the people at this Space/Gov’t agency contractor were former/family of military members, so his bullshit wouldn’t “fly” here. 


Yes, but you aren’t trying to buy credibility to run real estate scams.

Daisy Cutter

Could I interest you in a low-maintenance efficiency? Right this way. Now, I need to prepare you – it’s small, but has personality. It’s got the Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison motif happening with it. Full meals, free medical, supervised recreational activity. Armed security on premises. Gated community.

Last edited 10 months ago by Daisy Cutter

Friendly neighbors.

Hack Stone

You left out all the sex you could possibly want, and more.

Daisy Cutter

Some of the finest vintage pruno on earth. Made right on the premises.

Last edited 10 months ago by Daisy Cutter

Would remind him of The Villages….


Bite-proof pillow



Naw man,

Daisy Cutter

And ‘GERNADE.’ Must be the French spellings. 😉

I’m guessing that he went down to the DMV and applied for Purple Heart plates and they asked him, to his surprise, to provide documentation. He may have then hurried home and cranked out that DD-214 and brought it back the same day. I’m only speculating and could be wrong, but who else would be that sloppy with a document that is being turned in for something official?

Last edited 10 months ago by Daisy Cutter

“Gernade” is a redneck term, mainly the southern dialect. Example:

“Old man Johnson wuz strugglin to clear the carp outta his pond, so Bubba pitched in a gernade his pappy brought back from the war and cleant all them orange sumbitches out”..

Last edited 10 months ago by SFC D
Green Thumb

Turd is the word!


David William Brewer, phony war veteran who did not earn the Purple Heart or any other combat/war related service decoration/award for GWOT other than the National Defense Service Medal, included a “Combat Service Medal” in the mix. One of the websites that I saw listed it as a commemorative medal not authorized for wear on the military uniform.

He apparently “earned” the Iraq Campaign Medal (he spelled it “Iraq Campain Medal”) before the War on Terror Expeditionary/Service medals were authorized… He did not edit his separation date, these inconsistencies, plus what you and the others have pointed out, reflects a tendency for David Brewer to not think about what he is doing before rushing to do it, as well as his tendency to engage in a series of poor judgment calls.

His work history shows an overlap between his special forces stint and one of his work locations.

David Brewer Linkedin overlap between Arm and Marketing.jpg
Daisy Cutter

There was a lot of “PAIN” in that campaign.

Badda bing, badda boom. (Somebody stop me.)


I copy, David William Brewer is in fact a lying liar of a turd. Also David William Brewer never earned the “Iraq Campain Medal”.

I can’t believe David Brewer would fake the funk and claim to be Special Forces qualified.

Kinda makes me wonder if David William Brewer of Naples Florida is suffering from Chronic traumatic encephalopathy from all the balls bouncing off of his chin…

And I agree with your assessment there is “a tendency for David Brewer to not think”.


It’s not just that. If he had an “Iraq Campain Medal” or “Iraq Campain Medal Army Commendation Medal”. He either left out the // or invented a new medal. I think he ran out of room in Block 13 and didn’t know where the rest of it was supposed to go and started to abbreviate.

I am impressed he was able to ETS. I can’t recall what Stop Losses were in effect then but quite a few people were officially turned into serfs.

I don’t know if he actually made it to E6 in the Reserves or not but if he did that is even more sad because that is tough to do in six years. I guess he fell into poor life choices later in life. I am guessing the usual course of drugs and stupid that goes with it.


Not to mention the dates for the Iraq Campaign Medal starts March 19, 2003, a full year after this fuckstick got out. Must have served “virtually there”.


I don’t know about the 1990’s, but in my SF Group in the 1970’s, we didn’t have a slot for a Cardiac Specialist, 91B.


Seems like he had a good career. A couple of ARCOMs, a couple of AAMs, two good cookies, and made E-6 in one enlistment. That altered 214 is hilarious, especially when you look at 1996. He allegedly completed Ranger School in 4 weeks (which is not the correct course length as has already been pointed out), but he ALSO completed the Q course (36 weeks, is that the correct course length?), Gastroenterology course (13 weeks), and Electrocardiogram course (6 weeks). Anyone else see the problem here? The math trips these clowns up every time.


Minor point -believe he had to re-up for 7 years active. But yes, he made E-6 in minimum time.


David and MustangCPT,
However, it appears that he got out
(at odd years and months of active duty service)
during the same time period that
OTHERS were pulling the conscientious objector card
and inventing other excuses
for REFUSING to deploy overseas
(BTW, to Afghanistan, NOT Iraq,
as the USA was still not engaging Iraq in 2002).


1996 was a year with 55 weeks. Don’t you remember that?


It would’ve needed to be 59 weeks since Ranger school is 8 weeks instead of 4, correct?

Daisy Cutter

It must have been rough, if not impossible, to cram all that training into one year. They had to butt up with one another and involve some weekends to get your days in.

Hack Stone

Well, 1996 was a Leap Year, so he had an additional 24 hours to complete training.

Forest Bondurant

I showed this to my younger daughter, who is working on her second degree in nursing, and she said courses for EKG (or combination with dysrhythmia monitoring) training shouldn’t take 6 weeks, but then again – unsure what the Army teaches.

Last edited 10 months ago by USMCE8Ret

The Army teaches “The Test”.

Peter the Bubblehead

I served during roughly the same period (entered service roughly 2 weeks later, EAOS in Nov 2004) and one thing that stuck out to me – on both the original DD-214 (assumed his real one) and the falsified 214 – is the listing of only one National Defense Service Medal.
The NDSM was awarded to anyone serving active duty from Desert Storm until March 1995. It was awarded again following 9/11/2001. The 214 should list National Defense – 2nd Award. I served with a lot of people who wore a star on their NDSM ribbon.
Did the Army clerk make a mistake? Did Brewer perhaps choose not to accept the earlier award?


Peter the Bubblehead:

The reason he only has 1 NDSM on his DD214 is because he was discharged 5 February 2002…and the announcement for the NDSM covering the period following 9/11 was not made until May 2002, after he got out.

He may have submitted a request for a DD215 to update his records to reflect 2 NDSMs.

It is the Soldier’s respinsibilty to do that.

Hope this info helps

Daisy Cutter

He took no respinsibilty for doing that. 😉

(Just bustin’ on ya)



We Nub U 2!!!



Somehow, with all that fake bling, I don’t think he was concerned about getting a star on the vaunted NDSM by correcting his record legitimately.


Released from active duty on 5 Feb 2002…
Purple Heart certificate indicates the award is for wounds received in action on 23 Sep 2002…
He can add that to the DD215 update.

Peter the Bubblehead

That makes sense in retrospect. Not that it makes him any less of a turd. It was just something that stood out to me.

Green Thumb

This poor excuse for a human is what happens when bad ass sex goes awry between a Two-Hole Warrior and a Fartbox Hero.

On a positive note, with his medical training, I imagine he will soon be running the aid station at All-Points Logistics.

Phildo cannot let this talent fall by the wayside.

Hack Stone

Phil personally supervised the hernia checks for male employees.

A Proud Infidel®™

I heard rumor that he DEMANDED to be the one performing said checks.


He is certainly qualified to be the on-site medical staff at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in Rear).

Or the permanent fluffer of cell block “D”.


David William Brewer, aka, CAPOS (Cocksucking Asinine Piece Of Shit), welcome to your new found GOOOOOGLE Fame. You are purely despicable in that you stood on the bodies and in the blood of true Warriors by being a lying, embellishing, thieving, forging, CAPOS! You had, what seemed to be, perfectly Honorable Service, that you could have been proud of, but NOOOOOOO…had to go take a great big steaming dump upon. We will offer up a prayer that your nefarious activities will lead to a conviction, sending you to some new Real Estate, with neighbors that will ensure that you EARN a Purple Taint Award.

David William Brewer is a prime candidate for the Deployment of the Vaunted TAH As(s)teroid of Insults, motion hereby made.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Second on bestowing upon David (Butt Light) Brewer the TAH As(s)teroid of Insults.

Aye! In the name of all that is holy and sacred, AYE!


Missed this one but I’m on it…!! Return (sh) whoret(ly)…





OK SO I got this one last evening and apologies for the delay, I think we’re up date with everyone on the blog now and if not, poke me in the threads.









There’s a reason (as of 2019)
that Florida has over 6000 “At Large” members of the VFW,
who can join at the VFW National website
with a credit card and NO eligibility verification,
as VFW National delegates eligibility and post membership approval
to the local posts.

Many try and fail to join (“transfer to”) a local post,
and run when it’s time to pony up the DD-214.
But they can continue to drink and gamble behind closed doors,
moving from post to post,
at any posts that let the “At Large” members
keep coming after 3 visits.

Just check the boxes of “I attest” and “I understand” here,
and anyone in the USA is IN.



Florida leads the way

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That’s what caught my eye: the two star CIB (!!??) and the “18B Medic” (I thought it would have been 18M, but not being anything 18 series, I’m willing to take the hit for being wrong).
Aaaaaand, as has been said here, many many times, something about stolen valor…..rancid cherry…..shit sundae.
So not surprised about all the other criminal activities he’s being accused of.
Poor boy, he looks SOOOOO tired, he deserves a LOOOONG rest in the PMITA Gray Bar Hotel.

I also just noticed that he has a blue disc on his drill hat, only drills with a 11 series MOS would have that.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Went back and looked again, he also has blue rings on his “US” and Infantry crossed rifles Class A collar insignias (as shown behind the pistol in its case)……but….I’ll have to go back and look again…….no blue rope?
Went & looked. Nope. No blue rope..
This boy is ALL kinds of ate up, ain’t he?

Last edited 10 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande
Daisy Cutter

Ate up… like a soup sandwich.

Benjamin Tech

Nick Androsky says hello.


He’s dead, Jim! Soup-Sandwich, that is (aka Androski).


but Master Sgt Soup Sandwich lives on in every fakers messed up uniform




Not only a Valor thief…..
but ALSO a Florida property thief.
And… a Florida DOT Phony PH license plate fraud.

Let MP, VG, and Florida DOT evidence show up at property theft trial.

News video here….


Florida needs to get rid of Quit Claim Deeds. People have been using this scam for decades to rip people off that there likely more fake Quit Claim Deeds now than real ones. If I were running a title company I wouldn’t take one.


There has got to be a motorcycle and a leather vest covered in POSer bling involved in this steaming hot mess somewhere.

There’s just gotta be…


It’s in one of those storage units waiting for all this misunderstanding to blow over.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Just leave the poor dog out of this hot mess.


Plenty of room in the Medical Corps for valor.
No need to toss your brothers under the bus.

Milo Mindbender

Two stars on the CIB indicate 3 awards of it, that is a very short list.


With few, if any, triple recipients still living. You’d have to be at least 95 now and have survived all three wars.


This is interesting…


CIB (Combat Infantry Badge), 3rd award, US Army
aka Triple CIB
29 memorials”

A Proud Infidel®™

But yet AAFES Military Clothing Sales among other outlets keep that decoration in stock.


Why is one eyebrow much higher than the other?
Is that the reason for the Purple Heart?
Original one was taken off by a claymore as eveidenced by the
burned look on his face. The VA gave him a new brow but did
a bad job at it. Or maybe it’s just electrical tape.


He looks like he was beaten with a Purple Heart. Maybe some disabled vet find out about his shenanigans and let his feelings known.

Hack Stone

Maybe had his eyebrows blown off, and they were reattached crooked.


Mike B

That’s Florida for you. They pick and choose what to enforce and not.

To get my Disabled Veterans tag, property tax exemption, free drivers license and free hunting and fishing license, I had to provide proof of military disability.

One of the following is required according to Florida statutes, DD-214 showing 100% disabled, retirement orders showing 100% disabled, or VA letter showing 100% disabled.

Had the first two, but not the last, and they refused to accept the first two. So I had to do the VA process to get a rating and their letter.

Florida makes it a pain to get certain things, and too damn easy to get other.

I’m not a member of any of the local Veteran Clubs, but as a guest I’ve ran into several Veterans that claim CIA status during Vietnam. At another club it was predominantly bikers (Patriot Riders or something) and a lot of wife swapping and back stabbing.

Florida seems to have its fair share of posers and idiots aka Florida Man.


Remember Alan Merkleine (aka “Eight Ball”)

He was US Army and was wearing a CAR… upside down.

Merkleine was down in Florida and his entire Veteran post came under scrutiny when he was outed. It was an active hive.

Mike B

Damn that was read and a half. But wow was it entertaining to say the least.

I think that came out before I found this site.


That special someone has gone active again…. He is all spec oped out with ball cap and vest and claiming to be a Vietnam Vet again.




I don’t feel like clicking…is it Shitgenfeld?


Did you see Merklein’s recent post, March 29 (2023)?
It’s about National Vietnam War Veterans Day..
and Alan Merklein typed “Been there done that”.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m a member of the AL, but my urge to join the VFW was quashed after a few trips to the post where some GOF (Grumpy Old Fart) told me that we didn’t do SHIT in the ME while HE was the baddest Mo-Fo to ever set foot in SE Asia.

Mike B

I get introduced to a lot of those types around here in Panama City too.

I’ve gotten to the point that I find that I have no desire or need to be around people like that. I enjoy my retirement working on my guns and looking for the next one to add my growing collection.


The signature on the PH certificate, “William Wordon Kelley, SFCTA or SPCTA”??

We can’t find that person…🤔🙄


Middle name is unique and supposedly would be easy to find, but it isn’t.

Last edited 10 months ago by tshe



We tried alot of variations on that name and came up with Zero.

17004 (1).jpeg

Neither CPT Jonathan S. Tuttle or PVT Charles Lamb were available for comment.


There WAS a PFC Charles Lamb, WWII POW courtesy of the Germans…





RIP Mort Walker.



Never Forget.

Hack Stone

It’s just over four hours from Naples Florida to Merritt Island. Will Phildo be paying his mileage, or can he telecommute?

Green Thumb

I am sure.

Phildo will probably send Jeremy Dewitte to escort him on his drive over.


May Daniel Bernath watch up at them during their journey with upskirt views from his final reward.

Hack Stone

The first Weekend At Bernath’s was a 1980’s comedy classic, but the franchise lost some of its momentum in Weekend At Bernath’s II when Dallas Wittgenfeld and Joe Cryer spent the entire movie sifting through bags of fertilizer from Bi-Mart looking for Bernath’s fortune.


That could be a series on the History Channel like the Treasure of Oak Island: “The Search for Bernasty’s Gold”

Daisy Cutter

They are starting the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch soon.


Green Thumb

He probably deposited some ion Phildo’s ass.



“The Curse of Oak Island”?

Funny you should mention that show.

About 2 years ago, Chip Reid was exposed on TAH as a Marine Corps and PH Phony, when in reality, he served some time with the US Army and got out an an E1.

“Chippy” was featured on “The Curse of Oak Island” (story and video in the link).


Our very own beloved MarineDad61 had a One on One, Come To Jesus meeting with OleChippy, obtain a piece of Chippy’s Marine Corps uniform and had a bonfire with that article of clothing…😂🤣😅😆

Never Mess With A Dad Of A Marine…😉😎


Green Thumb

I remember this loser.

A Proud Infidel®™

Isn’t the uniform jacket he’s wearing in that pic the one that someone graciously incinerated?

Last edited 10 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Hell, if you don’t have a third award of the CIB, you just ain’t trying hard enough. Clown.


go big or go home

Army-Air Force Huy

I know it’s probably been asked on this site a million times, but I’ve got to wonder how many of these guys (and some gals) believe their own lies? Do they create a Walter Mitty-esqe military career in their own minds and just roll with it?


“…how many of these guys (and some gals) believe their own lies?”

Well, Ole Joey Boy Biden is a start, i.e. he has been believing his own lies for YEARS..


Y’All Remember Frank Visconi, AKA Forging Frank?


He STILL believed he received a BSM and a PH…

He was so much fun to mess with… 😄  😅  😆  😉  😎 


Army-Air Force Guy

I’ve come to expect it from Brandon, of course. 😄





And to show our equal rights, ‘lest we forget, Ol’ Saggy Maggie of push ups fame. STILL rocking her lies.

Green Thumb

Forgin’ Frank.

I forgot about this infection.

Took his BS to the 6th Court of Appeals (I think).

They told him to pound sand.

What a loser, but in a class of his own……


That was a LONG Time ago
I remember that turd
I had just recently discovered this place
after being retired from the Army
holy shit time flys

A Proud Infidel®™

Like The Hair®™ Himself once said in a TV News Interview : “Most of these guys will take their lies with them all the way to the grave.”, and we’ve seen time and time again just how dead right he was when he said that!


“Airborn” “assult” “pistal” “gernade” “campain” = It’s pretty clear that the one class Brewer never passed was 6th grade spelling.



Daisy Cutter

Don’t forget “rifel”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is he related to Teresa Brewer. WOW another Phony at the Monday TAH starting gate


Did Y’All See This???

“This week in Bahrain the Navy told sailors that they talk to their children at age 12 about gender identity, sex, STD’s, pregnancy, etc. without notifying parents.”

“When asked if “the Navy’s policy circumvents a parents right to know?” the
@USNavy official answered “Yes”.




And This?

“This clip is one of the more infuriating parts of this. Navy Nurse Practitioner Nichole Benson seems to be saying that parents not being accepting of the trans agenda is the reason for suicides. This is the emotional manipulation used to get parents on board with transitions. She then admits that the @USNavy circumvents parental rights. This is beyond unacceptable. We demand answers and a policy change ASAP from the Navy. The government is actively engaged in grooming the children of our service members into Marxist ideologies.”



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Geeee……I wonder what would happen if “something” happened to nurse Nichole in the dead of night…..and it was made public that she was a pedo groomer…..ya think that might make other PTB think about what they’re doing?


And likely grooming them to be accepting of sexual overtures from adult deviants and teachers.


I’m sick of this shit
‘leave my fucking kids alone

Daisy Cutter

The Push to 100 (comments) – like the children’s choo-choo train story “Gotta make it, gotta make it…”

Who will be the lucky poster to hit 100? There’s no prize other than a firm virtual handshake and satisfaction of service to one’s country.

Last edited 10 months ago by Daisy Cutter

It’s done


In my not-so humble opinion, Fuckface Brewer here deserves 200 at least. I’m wishing for a sock puppet.

Maybe David Brewer of the Marco Island or Naples area of Florida has some ‘friends’ to come to bat for him.

Perhaps Dave Brewer of Naples Florida has a real estate partner who is equally devoid of good character.


Word ^^^^


The NA stamp on the fake 214 has a date of 1985
that’s before he even entered service or the date of the 214 has his discharge


I wouldn’t be surprised he was bounced out of the service for sneaking used patient bedpans out of the hospital for “snacks”.


From the second article linked above:

“Detectives said Brewer created false deeds on four vacant lands owned by the two victims and then changed the ownership to himself and the non-profit organization that he once ran called Reinitiating Hope Inc.

Both victims told detectives they never signed the deeds nor gave Brewer their permission to take ownership of the properties.”

Anyone wanna bet that the two victims were most likely two middle-aged/lonely/vulnerable/gullible females who were conned by this assclown into believing that he was the “war hero” of their dreams?


The Quit Claim scam works by finding a vacant property and then finding out who owns it. All you have to do is forge a Quit Claim Deed and you can transfer it into your name. Then quickly turn around and flip it before the owner gets notice it has been sold. People have actually built houses on property that was scammed that way, that later had to be torn down.


Except, the transfer of title is void. A thief can never transfer good title to anything that is stolen. The house in your example could be torn down because the purported owner was not the real owner.


Legit service for 7+ years and he had to go start being a chicken fucker.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO he done gone and fucked the chickens, ducks, sheep and a mule with his shit!


Ensure the judge at his trial is aware of these facts! In case he tries to use his service as an excuse!

Benjamin Tech

I’ve seen several real DD-214s, and each one listed awards in order of precedence, and schooling in order of attendance. That’s always the first alarm bell for me when I see “PURPLE HEART” buried in the middle.

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That sphincter sniffer is claiming everything but Master Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the Rear), he looks like he masturbates while drinking Bud Light.

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And watching Dylan Mulvaney videos.


David Brewer, AKA – Rump Rider Six. Special Feces Medic at Brucies Bath House (Entrance in the Rear), taking care of the losers during “Fisting Friday’s”.

Enjoy the ‘web fame, Assclown…


Fonts. In the biz we call them Sans Serif and Serif fonts


Then, of course, Courier is a monospaced slab serif typeface.


Douchebag got an ADA Master Gunner… at a garage sale!