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| April 17, 2023

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Fake deliveryman pulls out gun and tries to break into Connecticut home, video shows

Julia Marnin
A man pretending to deliver a package pulled out a handgun and tried pushing his way into a Connecticut home, a Ring doorbell video shows.

Now police are searching for the fake deliveryman after the incident in East Haven the morning of April 14, according to a news release from the East Haven Police Department.

The man, who’s wearing a black shirt and orange vest, walks up to the home’s porch holding what appears to be a brown paper package and knocks on the door, video of the event shows.

When the homeowner opens the door, the man says “this is for you” before pulling out a gun and trying to enter the house, according to the video.

The homeowner immediately pushes the man, causing him to stumble backward and flee toward a white truck parked in front of the residence.

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At least 4 shot during attempted robbery at SE Houston gas station, police say
Authorities said several people were hurt during a shootout between an attempted robber and a customer.

Author: Cory McCord (KHOU), Jaime E. Galvan
HOUSTON — Several people were shot Thursday in southeast Houston, according to police.

Authorities said they got the call just before 8 p.m. that at least four people were shot during an attempted robbery at a Valero gas station near the intersection of the South Loop and Broadway.

Police said four men with guns, wearing masks entered the store and held up customers at gunpoint. Then one of the customers, who also had a gun, opened fire on the robbers, hitting three of the men.

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Gas station gunfight and KHOU is there. Not that one can tell from the reporting.

Witnesses subdue man who allegedly attacked couple on Cherry Street in downtown Macon

Story by Anthony Montalto
A man is in jail and another is in the hospital after a fight in downtown Macon Friday night.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says it happened on Cherry Street. Several people who saw it happen say it started at Little India Restaurant, and moved down Cherry Street where the alleged attacker hit cars and people before witnesses tackled him to the ground.

“It kind of puts a little black cloud over you and you’re like, ‘Wow, wonder why, in the daylight?'” said longtime Maconite Debra Robinson.

She says she’s seen a lot, but never this.

“We saw someone coming down the street and hit the window at Little India, and then he proceeded to come down the street and hit my car,” said Charles Davis.

He couldn’t help but watch as someone hit his car with a set of keys.

“Voice rose up. Maybe a couple ‘sentence enhancers,'” he recalled.

Then, Davis says things took a turn. He says the man hit other people, knocking them to the ground.

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Heh. “…sentence enhancers.” Now that’s community activism.

Connecticut man fights off 4 suspects in attempted carjacking in harrowing video

Timothy Nerozzi
A man in Connecticut traded blows with multiple people who were attempting a brazen broad-daylight carjacking on April 10.

Police are searching for the four suspects captured on camera attempting to steal a car parked in a residential driveway in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

The homeowner’s Ring video surveillance system captured the entire incident, and police released the video as they seek to identify the suspects.

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Thanks again, Gun Bunny.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
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Houston’s getting bad.
This past Friday the Bandido’s (motorcycle gang which claims Texas as it’s turf) were attacked by another gang on I-45 across two counties. The other gang shot 3 in one county, 3 in another – two dead one wounded in each case.
(A Bandido’s HQ is in Galveston.)

Kinda tied up the freeway on a Friday for a few hours.


“Houston’s getting bad.” Getting?…Hell way yonder past “done got”, Graybeard. You probably see more of it than I do, what with some of the nefarious activities not making the news headlines. I saw this article the other day and debated snagging it, but there is so much crime crime stories that we usually bypass those for true self defense type articles. Macon has gotten just as bad, if not even worse. My former home town has turned into the place that if Georgia needed an enema, Macon would be where the nozzle is inserted. Much of the crime goes un or under reported for…reasons. I have Compatriots on the LEO Force there and some young folks that I have mentored over the years that are with the news media. Both groups tell me that the stories have been suppressed. It’s one reason why I do so much escort duty. My Lady Friends have Dr. appointments, shopping, or other needs that can’t be done in our little Village and they are not safe going there alone. The DA there is a Soros funded type, the population is heavy toward a certain demographic, and over half the politicos are career trough feeders. So very good to see stories where citizens are fighting back, bringing any and every weapon to bear. My FIRST (ht2…MOI) thought on the CT story was someone tried to jack our -Dog, then I realized if it had of been him, we’d have a score of 4 DRTs. “This oldtimer is the father of pretty much every single modern pistol…” TESTIFY!!! It is also so very good to get as far away from fugly abomination gun pr0n and see an example of the designs of HMS JMB (HBHN). Glad that our Beloved AW1 Ed has put fugly abominations on ice, man. I am still lusting after that Henry Big Boy Revolver. Escort duty today will take me back to Macon and may check with one of my Buds up there to see if he has one in stock or if it was stolen in the break in last week when… Read more »


Naw, East Haven is a couple and a few mikes down yonder way. Good on that homeowner getting the drop before that pistola got skinned.

Rumor has it those idiots got picked up and surprise surprise! There is a drug factory at one of them’s house and he’s singing like a bird on his homies.

And Reb, come on now! You know if one of these human wastes shows up here they’ll be picking him up with a sponge and a bucket!

Last edited 10 months ago by Roh-Dog

Oops, looks like I missed that Rocky Hill story completely!
Now I get the 4 DRT reference.

I’ll read the whole damn thing next time.

I have a buddy lives around the corner, interesting notes about the car incident… The way he tells it the neighborhood is full of cops and firefighters that have cameras pointed everydangwhere. Those thug morons had been casing that road and surrounding streets for a bit and the good guys have the proof. In addition to the cameras, they’ve guns to back that up.

A many of them moved out the ‘hood, a couple prior military, all of them tired of the ick escaping Hartford and dribbling down into their area. I have no doubt that they’ll do what should be done to protect their kids.

I really hope the good citizens don’t organize to stomp a mud hole in the punks’ asses. /s

But I believe it’s only a matter of time before these criminal douche nozzles get ballistically perforated.

Fucks given?

Way less than zero.


When I was stationed in East Texas I routinely had to go to Houston for meetings. Policy was no firearms in government vehicles. I didn’t follow said policy.

Greater 5th Ward is it’s own little universe. It has changed quite a lot as Hispanics have moved in as the dominant group, raising the media income by about 500% in the last 22 years. They have a completely different set of family values, work ethic and desire to improve their lot in life that the natives were lacking. Still isn’t a good place to visit but the criminals are getting a lot more push back.


When I was growing up in Houston 5th Ward was a place where my demographic was decidedly unwelcome – and matters could get really bad after dark.
I concur on the totin’ thought. Better to be fired, tried by 12, whatever, than to be dead because some suit somewhere is rectally retentive.


Houston… synonymous w/ “sh*thole”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Been reading that CT attempted car theft story on-and-off last week.
Either the perps had a Universal Fob to unlock the car, or the dude left his car unlocked – always a bad thing.
Scott Adams is right.
The whole debacle might have been avoided if the car had been locked.
That, and if the car owner had come out swinging something other than his fists. As Gun Bunny sez, “bring every weapon to bear”, the dude came out barely armed.

Last edited 10 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande
RGR 4-78

Looks like they are trying to legalize underage prostitution.


FAF!! Certain to be an internet classic forever. The best part is he doesn’t even set down the pepperoni and cheese goodness.

RGR 4-78

He went Cocco’s crazy crust on the suspect.