Private “Chipp” Reid – Bassackwards Phony Marine

| April 28, 2021

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on this Douglas “Chipp” Reid clown.  When he is not wearing that smarmy smirk, he likes to play dress-up as a United States Marine.  When I was sent a photo of him a while back I instantly knew we needed to do some research on him.  Trying to fake being a Marine SNCO is not all that easy and a real one will spot you in an instant.

According to the United States Marine Corps, Private Chipp Reid is not and never has been a United States Marine.    It does not appear that the Army wanted much to do with Private Chipp Reid either.

Reid fancies himself an author and historian focusing on Navy and Marine Corps history. Reid has several books to his writing credit for the Naval Institute Press and also sold on Amazon.  Reid is often sought out for speaking engagements.

In the following clip from C-SPAN, Reid claims that he is both an Army and Marine Corps veteran, implying that he decided to become a man in 1992 after seeing the light.

Reid appeared on the popular TV documentary “The Curse of Oak Island” where Reid was brought in as a Naval historian and was introduced as a retired member of the U.S. Marine Corps.  Rick Lagina, the show’s star, thanked “Chipp” Reid for his service.


In August 2017 the Naval War College in Newport RI detailed the upcoming speakers for the Naval War College Museum’s Eight Bells Lecture Series. On Thursday, October 5th they advertised: “To the Walls of Derne: William Eaton, the Tripoli Coup, and the End of the First Barbary War,” by Chipp Reid. In a short bio that followed, Reid was introduced as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.


At a Pearl Harbor Commemorative Dinner held on December 7, 2020, “Chipp” Reid was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies. The dinner took place at the Hilton in L’Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C. with about 50 people in attendance.

In the Winter 2020 versions of the Naval Order of the United States magazine, a photo and brief article captured the event.  In the photo, Reid can be seen with USMC GySgt (E-7) stripes and a Purple Heart medal with a second award, signifying two Purple Heart awards.


Can’t tell, but if one of the ribbons is not a Combat Action Ribbon – it’s rare to be awarded a Purple Heart but not a Combat Action Ribbon.  Exceptions are the Fort Hood and Chattanooga Tennessee Reserve Center terrorist shootings.  One thing is for sure,  he has the EGA’s bassackwards.

What’s the NPRC have to say about all this…

I guess getting out as an E-1 freed Chipp up to strike gold with the Marine Corps.

But the Marine Corps says “Who?”…


As stated in the FOIA results – the NPRC summary sheet states that Reid’s records show he was in the Army Reserve and got out as a Private (E-1) after 9 years.

The U.S. Marine Corps could not locate a record on him.

There are no Purple Heart awards for his time in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Since there are no records that were located for the US Marine Corps, the Purple Heart awards are a moot point.

It is odd that he only got an Army Service Ribbon for his time in the Army Reserve.  There are possible reasons for that but it is most likely related to his discharge as a Private (E-1) and we’ll leave it at that.

If Reid has used false claims of having a Purple Heart to leverage anything of value – employment, sale of books or other items, paid speaking engagements, etc. he could be in violation of Stolen Valor laws.  It appears he may be claiming to have several awards of the Purple Heart Medal.

I can’t help but wonder if Chipp Reid was discharged by the Army under Other Than Honorable conditions.  I guess there could be some plausible explaination for him be discharged as a Private honorably.  I have my doubts.

In my opinion Private Chipp Reid is little more than a bloviated phony and valor vulture with a septic ego.  I base that opinion on the information we were provided by official sources and years of actually being a Marine SNCO.

Nice try Douglas,

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Fair and honest after-action assessment, MarineDad61. I compliment the work that you put into all of this, as you have done with other cases as well. I would like to point out two important principles at play here. * FORGIVENESS – This case is now out there. As such, nobody controls forgiveness. Certainly not the TAH community because each individual feels differently. The FBI, the Naval Institute and the Annapolis school compound may have a different take on this depending on circumstances they have to consider. Marines are a unique band of brothers. They may feel differently about this than, say, an Air Force or Army veteran – not that there’s anything wrong with that. A combat veteran and/or a Purple Heart recipient may feel differently about this than a non-combat veteran. My point is this – forgiveness is fickle and nobody corners the market on it. You met with him which is honorable, but by nature of this meeting Chipp has no room to say “Vets have forgiven me.” * TIME WILL TELL – An oddity that I’ve noticed is on occasion, people come clean and we become witnesses to a rare streak of honesty and baring of the soul. You may have experienced this from Chipp, it sounds like it. I was not there and did not look in his eyes, but I’ll take your word for it. However, we’ve had people give the most sincere, heartfelt apologies and expressions of remorse. Not often, but it happens. It is far more common that they deny and threaten a lawsuit. In one case, a true Marine embellished and claimed he was a sniper. When exposed here, he wrote a letter of apology, asked for nothing in return, said he deserved all that was coming to him over it and went on to say that the Marine Corps represented one of the most meaningful things in his life and he tarnished the very thing that meant so much to him. He was ashamed and now sees that he will live out his days with that shame. Then, about six months… Read more »


sbalm, Thank you for the long comment. Excellent points. I can clarify further…. I did not forgive Chipp Reid. Chipp Reid knows that I arrived in Annapolis angry and disappointed, and left angry and disappointed. But I kept my calm, and tried to act fairly. I chose the optimism route afterwards (bag o’ gear in hand) because his (current) remorse is real, but as you suggest, it’s due to his current pickle and predicament, and I certainly don’t know (either) how long it lasts. —– Remember, my personal family experience with a Stolen Valor Phony Navy SEAL, outed in 2015, is the reason I am a fan and willing volunteer to this website. (I repeat this story, for relevance to today, as well as another Google Fu “FU” to Steve Z.) Steve Z (Sr.) was a legit 4 year Navy veteran, who (we later learned) lost his 2nd marriage and home, when his Navy SEAL claims, and bedroom wall shrine to himself, were all discovered to be fake and false by the 2nd ex wife. He still didn’t learn, and then tried it again (quite successfully) on a female relative (who asks her name and relationship to be kept off the internet). 4 months of family civil war resulted, because Phony Steve Z doubled down when questioned, piling on with more claims and more fake photos, convincing many that I am wrong and mistaken, and that he is truly a decorated war hero, while popping the engagement ring, and moving into her home. He willingly turned parents, siblings, and in-laws against each other, all to keep his lies and Navy SEAL story intact. Only after 4 months, moved in, and family divided, turd Steve Z had someone else provide me his DD-214. Cellphone image, partial, grayed out areas, “(SEAL)” on the upper left, blacked out “BUDS class number” (Because it’s “Classified”!!!) I asked for his DD-214 4 months before, and what I got (late) was a FAKE DD-214. Yes, he’s gone, because of my actions in 2015. The female relative found a good man, and married in 2019. What is… Read more »

Black Sheep

It appears Chippy works as an editor for the National Archives and Records Administration…the, uh, guardian of America’s government records.

Just like any other agency, it’s best just to go to the public affairs office at Archives to give them a heads-up; go anywhere else and they’ll just tell you to go there. Stick to the facts if you contact them; I’m sure they’ll be just as embarrassed for their agency. Email is I found it on this page:

They also have a Twitter page!

Shame, really; I’m sure the number of Stolen Valor people are greatly outnumbered by the decent, hardworking folks at the Archives. I mean, as decent and hardworking as any usual government employee 🙂


Chipp Reid’s #1 Book of the Fake account,
in the 1st sentence of this article,
just went chain links POOF.
The public apology along with it. Gone. POOF.

Crap, did I predict this one, back on an April 28 comment.
I saved the apology screenshot then, and I just emailed it to the VG admins.

Black Sheep

I know him professionally. It’s too bad I can’t talk to you directly; I have some really good insight you might find interesting.


Black Sheep,
I thought this story would be just about wrapped up by now.
However, if any shenanigans continue,
IMHO Chipp might earn himself a PAGE 2 story.

Perhaps you might want to contact the website admins,
and share with them what we all might find interesting.

Email address and phone number to admins at this link.

Black Sheep

Whoops! It looks like the link to the Archives Twitter page should actually be

Drop em a line about Chippy! They also run the NPRC, ref’d in the MP report. You’d think someone would have thought to check his records before joining the National Archives and *RECORDS* Administration.

Black Sheep

His LinkedIn profile is now down:

He’s trying to crawl under a rock now. This is a chance for him to completely come clean and become a better person. I wish he would take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Keepin' It Real

“Nobody ever loses their reputation in Panama.

 They hang it in the wardrobe for a few months to get its shape back.

 When they put it on again, it’s as good as new.”

— The Tailor of Panama —

A Proud Infidel®™

Chipp Reid fucketh himself to the colliery and back ten times over.


Good morning, everyone.
I have some unanswered questions.
Perhaps you can help.

What would everyone like me to do with…
1 – The uniform, Marine E-7 jacket and blue/red trousers?
2 – The custom phony mini medals rack?

A friend suggested a ceremonial video Hibachi burning of the medals.
But the jacket and trousers are too large for a Hibachi.

Plan B – A rural burn barrel, with a 2×4 to hang the hangar,
and set the whole thing up in flames,
on video of course.

3 – Is there a Stolen Valor museum, or a collector,
who acquires (and displays) phony gear?

4 – Would a local Army/Navy or Military Surplus
be a place to sell the jacket and trousers
(and enable me to DONATE the proceeds to MP)?
Or, is a Marine dress jacket with sewed on E-7 too rare,
and only serve to enable another phony?

If I pull off the burn barrel and 2×4 hangar show,
or even the Hibachi medals BBQ,
I will be sure to let you ALL see the video.

Thanks in advance. 🙂


Well, No#4 would certainly be symbolic as they all would.

Sort of like the USS New York made up of steel from the World Trade Center.

Doubt you could sell the medals unless someone had that unique combination.

Perhaps #4 for the jacket and trousers, and burn the medals? Just my two cents.

Whatever you do, make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands and have someone tempted to falsely wear it – like if it was all sold at a flea market.

Black Sheep

Chipp is a slob, and the uniform is probably infested with lice, but his theft of service claims might need to serve as a reminder of why it is so important to guard against phonies. I say send all the items to the National Archives to be put on display as an effigy dedicated to deterring scoundrels. Maybe they’ll put it on display in the basement cafe at the National Archives Museum in DC, right next to the candy bars.


Black Sheep,
In fairness, upon full inspection, no lice.
Dog hair, yes.
Had Chipp Reid worn this jacket and trousers again,
he most certainly would have been called out for the dog hair.

After tonight, no more dog hair.

Green Thumb

I told you.

Send it to All-Points Logistics.

A Proud Infidel®™

Do it like Uncle Rob and use gasoline!!!


I thought his receding hairline looked a bit off.
Now I know why.


A Proud Infidel*,
Thank you for the suggestions.

I am visiting 2 or 3 suburban / rural veterans org Posts today,
to request the use of their burn barrel / burn pit area.
I am taking along some internet prints and the suit bag.
Because it’s a story to tell.
A story that one of these posts would may enjoy participating in,
or at least approving the use of their burn facility.
And having fun watching.

Stay tuned!


A Proud Infidel@,
Gasoline, check.

I commented here as well,
in case anyone missed out on the comment reference to Uncle Rob.


This appears deceitful.
Chipp Reid’s #1 Book of the Fake did not go POOF.
He RENAMED it. With a new web address URL.
The apology post is gone. Deleted. POOF.

Now, with NO apology visible to his friends and followers,
here is Chipp Reid’s explanation.
Chipp Reid
Yesterday at 3:56 PM

I am no longer going to monitor or update this page.
My next project is at least two years away.
I had hoped to get it ready by the end of 2022,
but the complications of COVID-19 are such that it will take
much, much longer, to properly complete the research.
Even the papers I wanted to have ready by the summer are on hold and far behind schedule as museums and archives remain closed.
Thank you all.

To his readers and followers,
Chipp Reid is now blaming the 2020 VIRUS,
instead of his recent pickle and predicament called STOLEN VALOR.

Again, the apology is gone.
(But it has been saved on the Military Phonies page by Mr. Len Grindstaff.)

New URL to original Chipp Reid FakeBook #1 page:

Reid - Admission of Guilt


If I can put together a Hibachi medals burning video,
or a burn barrel video of the whole uniform going up in a plume,
and I email you the MP4 video file
(that you can edit or modify as you please),
are we getting close to having enough ammo for a follow up Chipp Reid PAGE 2?

Black Sheep

I mean, it sounds good to me; I hope the admins vote yea.

Just be sure to delouse yourself. Seriously, that XXXX gets everywhere. That guy looks fuggin’ filthy.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Hang it soaked in gasoline and ignite it via a bottle rocket with video footage for posterity.

Hack Stone

Gasoline is not environmentally friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint, ignite with Unicorn Farts, you don’t want Greta Thunberg knocking on your door.

Green Thumb

Or Phildo Ass Queefs.


Hack Stone,
I have 4 oz Zippo and 8 oz Ronson lighter fuels.
You know, Zippo for the lighter, and Ronson for the BBQ.
Does 1 make a better looking blue flame over the other?

Perhaps dousing the medals,
and squirting the jacket with the letters SV,
would make for a poignant and pungent statement / effect.

Green Thumb

Did he even have a military “career”?


Shame on ol’ Chipp. He needs to read the definitions of “embellishing” and “career.” Embellishing is when a veteran puts a “V” device on a ribbon/medal, such as a Bronze Star or ARCOM he was actually awarded. It is not fabricating an entire enlistment or period of service with fabricated decorations. How Chipp could think he had a military career is unfathomable, since he never completed even basic training nor was ever trained for any MOS. His questionable service in the Army Reserve could never be called a military career. His characterization is like a fellow with a couple of years of Junior ROTC in high school calling that a “military career.”


Well since he’s no longer following the page, I left him some love and said so.

“I am no longer going to monitor or update this page…”

So I replied, “Great, since you’re no longer going to update this. Stolen. Valor’ PHONY. With your B.S. Attempt to deflect, make excuses and apologize….(and then put the link to this page)

Should I repost it until he deletes it a second time and blocks me??

Black Sheep

His Amazon bio now reads as this:

About the Author
Chipp Reid is an editor and former reporter. He is the author of Intrepid Sailors: The Legacy of Preble’s Boys and the Tripoli Campaign and To the Walls of Derne: William Eaton, The Tripoli Coup, and the End of the First Barbary War.

Mustang Major

“Friend and fans—“ I don’t doubt Chipp has friends, but fans? WTF?


Mustang Major,
I remember a Partridge Family scene
with back and forth argument over songwriting…

(Danny Partridge) – It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.
(Keith Partidge) – Both of which add up to zero.




Keep on dorking the Stolen Valor squeakhole Cow Chipp… dork it nice and hard, assclown.


(1 of 2) Ok, I’m calling out these Phony Enablers.
Their webpage says “Honoring Those Who Serve”

Yeah, right.
Why pick on Michelle and Karen?
Because their business sticker is on the back of
Chipp Reid’s phony medals rack.

They do direct sales at their website, as well as
subcontract with The Marine Shop and others.
Either way, they don’t bother to check or verify anything,
while they sell Navy Crosses, Silver Stars, and Purple Hearts to anyone.

Legal? Yes. Disgraceful? Also yes.
Ka Ching.
They work out of a private home, with a pool, minutes from Camp LeJeune.

Nice goin’, “Marines”. Your company motto is total BS.
You DISHONOR those who serve, and yourselves,
when you knowingly sell your stuff to Stolen Valor PHONIES.
(Website URL withheld, you don’t deserve the free advertising.)

Michelle Holmquist, 1st Sgt., USMC, Retired
(1978 – 1998), Owner
Karen Golden, USMC (1983 – 1991) Operations Officer


I’ll play devil’s advocate here, MarineDad61. Many people order ribbon racks that they wouldn’t have the documentation to support for legitimate reasons. Making one for a family member or a retirement shadowbox are two that immediately come to mind.

None of the custom ribbon/medal rack build companies require a DD-214 (though I do recall at least one did for a service cross and/or a Silver Star). You can walk into Clothing Sales on any military base and buy all the ribbons you want.


I understand. Fully.
Just that Purple Hearts and Silver Stars (and up)
sure end up in the wrong hands. A lot. Even Bronze Stars.
And it’s frustrating.

At least, a lot of these phony knuckleheads
still don’t know that they are riding the rainbow unicorn,
easily spotted, easily verified,
and subject to a likely bull’s horns takedown.


Well since he’s no longer following the page, I left him some love and said so.

“I am no longer going to monitor or update this page…”

So I replied, “Great, since you’re no longer going to update this. Stolen. Valor’ PHONY. With your B.S. Attempt to deflect, make excuses and apologize….(and then put the link to this page)

Should I repost it until he deletes it a second time and blocks me??


Some of us see this now….
[Chipp Reid limited who can comment on this post.]
… and can NOT comment.

I understand he wants to minimize his self-inflicted pickle,
but I am highly disappointed in the poof
disappearance of the apology on his Book of the Fake.


… and pleased
that the admins put the apology graphic on my comment above.
For internet infamy and poop E-2 ity.
Thanks, admins. 🙂

Black Sheep

Chippy’s been at this naval historian game for loooooong while and he had the National Archives fleeced. I wonder if, before he hit the lectern, he was announced as a retired USMC vet…


Black Sheep,
That’s probably too early on.
He did confess that be began with only identifying as a “Veteran”,
for a long time.
But after he tripped and answered “Yes” to being a Marine,
the cat and mouse game was on, and he grew his legend, step by step,
culminating with a big layout to The Marine Shop.
I didn’t ask WHEN he bought the Fake Marine duds and phony bling,
and if it was recent, say 2019 or 2020,
I wouldn’t be surprised.


Sorry, but I’ve gotta go with Black Sheep on this one. I worked with Chip at the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and heard him assault coworkers (and me) with relentless stories about his time in the Corps. His 5/4/2016 prez at the Navy Memorial to talk about Lion in the Bay is only his official (ie, documented) start of the false claims of Marine service. His supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor, and even the OFR director were convinced Chip was a boner-fed Marine.

I heard a nonvet outed him. Kid had a bunch of issues (alcoholic, I think, that’s what his work unit colleagues said) but he stuck to saying Chip is an imposter. The kids probably still an alcoholic but at least he spoke up. Not sure if he’s still alive. He left the office on bad terms.


Thanks for the additional background.

It might be nice if you can locate him (the kid),
and let him know about 2021,
so he gets to see and feel the vindication.

The more I hear, the more I feel justified in
torching Chipp’s phony medals and fake Marine uniform,
on video, for internet infamy and perp E-2 ity.


Chatted him up a bit late last night. He’s been following the story. He says he had a brother who claimed to be a Navy SEAL. The brother didn’t use it to try to earn anything he didn’t deserve, though. Just wanted dad’s respect, yadda yadda yadda. Kid was still shocked and embarrassed though.

Best response after the string of hilarious vulgarities: “I hate being right about people, and I hate that I hate being right about people. This is why I drink: so I stop looking past the mask EVERYONE wears.”


So, just to verify for accuracy here…..

Chipp Reid has been blowing his phony horn for almost a decade,
he was doing so openly exactly 5 years ago,
he was formally questioned about his Marine claims and his actual military service at least 4 years ago,
he somehow got away with this then, and
he directly affected the life and career of at least 1 other?

And it took the 2020 Phony Marine emcee photo
to finally get him out there exposed, in 2021?


Sorry, I’ve gotta stay mum. You can try (cuz they use GPO equipment), but they’ll probably just refer you to NARA public affairs.

Email or call them at 202-357-5300.

You could also file a FOIA request on Douglas “Chipp” Reid at Ref his NARA email and GPO email in the req.

I think they’ll try to smash this ASAP, so go to Washington Post, Washington Times, NPR, DC101, New York Times, anyone you can think of while this story is still hot.

Peace out, y’all.

Black Sheep

Early Marine Corps Fight For Survival? How about Phony Marine’s Historian Cred Won’t Survive?


UPDATE – Excellent news.

I visited 1 VFW Post and 1 American Legion Post today.
The VFW Post has no burn capability, and referred me to the AL Post.

I will attend the nearby American Legion Post’s
Sons of the Legion meeting next Tuesday, May 11
for the request to use their (impressive) brownstone burn pit.

The Sons of the Legions members I spoke to,
as well as several American Legion post officers and canteen patrons,
gave me a warm welcome, and enjoyed (as much as the word enjoy fits here)
hearing the story, and the reasons for my burn pit request.

I hope the comments section on this page stay open long enough to accomodate
burn pit developments and outcome.

I left prints of both the MP and VG DCR pages with the American Legion,
as several there want to visit the websites,
read the details, and understand the burn pit request,
before the Sons of the Legion meeting next Tuesday.

Stay tuned!
And, thanks. 🙂


Perhaps Chip’s phony uniform and accoutrements
should be placed in a glass (safety glass) case and
displayed in the lobby of the National Archives.


Would burnt offerings suffice?

If you (and/or anyone else here) wish to attend the
Phony Purple Heart & Fake Marine Uniform burn pit event,
likely to happen in Pennsylvania in the next 10 days,
we can certainly do a controlled burn,
and make available the metallic medal parts and partially burnt uniform items
to anyone who can put these to educational use.


No shortage of historians, writers, and public talk faces here.
Also mentions criminal penalties in several other countries,
making the USA look really soft on Stolen Valor.

If Chipp can muster a best seller with a future book,
he will be able to congratulate himself on making THIS list.


UPDATE on the Fake Marine uniform and phony medals…

The local American Legion Post’s Sons of the American Legion
has voted down the uniform and medals burning in their burn pit.
They agree with the purpose of the burning,
but fear a backlash from the local Marine Corps League,
and possible American Legion Post backlash,
in the event someone crops the middle 10 seconds of any online video,
and misrepresents it as some type of Anti-Marine thingy.

My videographer friend and I agreed that “Fake Marine Uniform” SUBTITLES
would be placed on the video, along with photo cut-ins,
much like Buds131 does on YouTube, to ensure
there is no ability to misuse or twist an Anti Stolen Valor video.

Oh well, I’ll try again.


I can’t imagine there is a single actual Marine Senior NCO,
E-7 to E9 (due to patch stitching),
who is the same physical build as Chipp Reid,
wanting to buy, or even accept for free, a Marine Mess Dress uniform,
knowing that it has been bought from a civilian company,
and then worn in public by a Military Phony,
and then actually put it on and wear it as an actual Marine uniform.

I’d rather NOT donate these anywhere,
nor sell them to an Army/Navy or Military Surplus store,
under the high probability that the future owner of this Fake Marine uniform
(and the phony medals!) will be ANOTHER PHONY.

Chipp Reid’s “albatross” deserves a fitting end.
IMHO, for others to see.
So, I am (still) open for suggestions.


You are ignoring the fact that there are a great many retired and former Marines in the Marine Corps League that cannot fit into the Dress Blues they wore back in the day. I have a retired Marine NCO/Captain who lives on my street who could never fit into any uniform he wore on AD. Moreover, like my brother in law, he is a member of the Marine Corp League. And after over a year of this ChiCom flu shit, many of us can’t fit into our old uniforms from the days of yore.


I wish to thank you for your excellent suggestion,
which I followed this evening.
I just returned home from a drive up into the mountains.

The blue trousers with red stripes have been DONATED
to a member of the local Marine Corps League detachment.

I also gave him the suit bag.
I showed him everything, and told him the long story.
He will share all this to his detachment mates.
He agreed with me fully,
that the trousers are fit for wear again,
with no customization nor taint,
but the custom ordered Fake Marine E-7 GySgt mess jacket
and the Phony Purple Heart rack of phony medals
have got to go down in flames.

Thank you again, rgr769.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gasoline, bottle rocket and *FOOMF!*.


I can see the point of burning the medals. But I wouldn’t burn a perfectly serviceable set of Marine dress blues. Why not sell the uniform to a military surplus store or donate the uniform to the Marine Corps League to be given to a retired marine in need of a uniform. In the former alternative, you could donate the money from the sale.


It’s not dress blues.
It’s mess dress black jacket, with the blue trousers with red stripe.

Oh, if there was real money in this,
I originally thought to sell, and then donate to MP.
Realistically, I am going to donate (again) to MP anyway. 🙂

Also, check eBay, there are Marine uniform items for sale there,
including these types of items,
some look really good, and some are inexpensive (cheap).


(Back) I just checked the size of the trousers.
40 REG.
Perhaps a reasonable outcome here,
is to donate the slacks directly to a Marine or a Marine org,
and torch the mess black jacket, with phony medals.

I will look up a local Marine org this evening.


I sent a FaceBook PM to my county’s MCL Detachment page.
Good evening.
I have a Marine dress blue trousers with red stripes,
size 40 REG, excellent condition on a hangar,
to donate to a Marine veteran or retiree.
Let me know where I can deliver.
Thanks. (end paste)


Donated and delivered.
Long thank you to rgr769 above,
where he gave me the advice.


Excellent outcome!


This guy works in the same federal office that Jonn Lilyea did. There are still people here that knew Lilyea and admire him. So, this hits close to home. MarineDad61, Chipp fed you some bullshit, he doesn’t have a contrite bone in him. He’s been spewing USMC stories for at least the past 13 years I’ve known him. This wasn’t an accidental slip of the tongue that got out of hand, his stories are integral to his personality. He’s talked about being a “1st Shirt” and molding/disciplining “his” soldiers. (Doesn’t know the diff between 1st Shirt and GySgt, or hoping others don’t??) As for his weight – he’s told many people that he made the decision to get fat after getting out of the MC because he was so sick of working out and being fit all the time (his words). He had bypass surgery soon after his books came out and before his tv appearance (again, he’s made no secret of it, talks about it all the time). He brags he could get Veterans preference points for his fed job (5 points for serving, 10 pts for Purple Heart, a big advantage), but he refused to claim preference because he’s too honorable (I guess he thinks vets that claim preference are not honorable?). No, his excuse that it was a mistake that got out of hand doesn’t fly. Did he then accidentally buy a Purple Heart ribbon? This is especially baffling after he raised such a big stink in the office when President Trump was gifted a PH. Chipp was soooo offended that it wasn’t “earned.” Quite the deluded hypocrite. Notice how he claims even now that he never mentioned USMC in his book or TV bios, yet the MP investigators specifically cite those bios and the use of “USMC vet or retiree.” Even in his so called apologies last week he is lying to people about things that are in black and white, verifiable lies. He has benefited off his stolen valor and is now afraid of the repercussions to his career once they start investigating. Now he’s… Read more »


Thank you for the long reply comment.

Can Chipp Reid possibly find any more new ways,
or use any more old tricks,
to piss off more and more segments of the population?

Isn’t universal scorn from
Gulf War Veterans
Purple Heart recipients
Valor device recipients,
and family and friends of any of the above,
enough of a groundhog hole?

Well, the willingness to apologize for lies with MORE lies,
is a well worn tactic for Stolen Valor phonies over the years.
More egregious when done in person.

As if I wasn’t suspicious upon arrival in Annapolis.
Even being willing to share here what he wanted shared,
and attempt to give him the benefit of the doubt afterwards,
which of course depends on his behavior afterwards as well.

When Chipp Reid deleted his softball “embellishing” apology,
and then changed his FakeBook name (and URL),
neither of these appear to be the actions of someone who is
apologetic or contrite, as least as it appears on the internet.

It’s clear that the court of public opinion,
from others who actually know him,
is snowballing,
as this sad tale becomes worse than any of us website fans had ever imagined.


RE: “Now he’s paying a company to bury the negative google searches – google him now and MP and VG don’t show up.”

I wonder what company that is? Reputation Defender dot com?

Pronouns may be the enemy here. If Douglas Chipp Reid is referenced as a pronoun instead of Chipp Reid, then Chipp Reid may be able to slide down the scale of Google hits for Stolen Valor by someone typing “Chipp Reid” and getting Chipp Reid in a light other than military embellishment.

But Chipp Reid is fighting a losing battle. Instead of Chipp Reid facing the music and dancing to it, Chipp Reid would rather pay the fiddler.

This entire false narrative has sure proven costly for Chipp Reid. First Chipp Reid has to lay out some serious coin for a U.S. Marine Corps dinner jacket and slacks. Chipp Reid then has to cough up some more bank to have people protect Chipp Reid’s reputation by favoring Chipp Reid’s authorship of books over Chipp Reid’s fictitious military service.

Douglas “Chipp” Reid will only be able to fool people for so long. The Lion in the Bay turned out to be the Kitty in the Puddle. Big hat, no cattle.

Proud, pronoun-free and Google friendly.


This is what happens to
uniformed Stolen Valor military phonies
who try to fight back against veterans
who speak and print the truth.

(Listen for the triangle strike.)

J YesImObviouslyThisStupid M

Alright, I’m done playing this game. Chipp, you’re no longer shielded by your enablers. At an absolute minimum, you got me a letter of reprimand in my official personnel for doubling down on your claims when I reported you to OFR officials after your Naval Order buds had your back. I’m the alcoholic, depressed, anxious piece of shit who nutted (or cunted, because let’s be real, women are tougher than men) up and went outside NARA to bring you to account. I sat across from you for years, listening to your lies, your abusive rhetoric, and watched as you fleeced people who trusted you. I faced who I am, issues and all. You are nothing. You will always be nothing. My conscience is now clean. Demand that the official letter of reprimand be removed from my file. Or don’t. I’ll let that stay in my file if I have to; it’ll make a nice conversation piece for why I did the right thing the wrong way. If there’s a hell, I hope your spot is nice and toasty for you after you’ve lived a long, pointless life.


Douglas Chipp Reid always has an out. He can self-identify as a minority female, with or without gender reassignment surgery, and claim that he is a victim of white supremacists. As far as the lying and deceit, he can claim that his whiteness was the root cause of that and he couldn’t recognize his own white privilege eating away at him for years like cancer.

Seems to work.

Oysters Are People Too

(Yes, I get that you’re kidding.) So, you’re suggesting Chipp continue his identity theft by preying on other marginalized groups of human beings for his personal benefit? From my perspective, gender reassignment surgery exists because, at its core, it addresses the need for people who cannot exist in the shell of their soul and desire to reshape that shell. Do you ever wonder why that spicy chicken wing burns your lips and, eventually, your anus? Our lips and our anus have similar cells. When we’re developing from those two pumps and a squirt, we start out as lips and an asshole. You know why we all have nipples? Because nipples form before our sex organs do. Here’s a hard truth: for a while in our mother’s womb, we all existed as a female until some incredibly complex processes either ran with the female thing or the male thing, or maybe both, or some really intriguing combination that I can’t even fathom in my shallow mind. I’m not a gender reassignment surgeon or any medical specialist, but even I know that gender reassignment is not as easy as chopping off the penis, scrotum, and testicles; or chopping off breasts, yanking out ovaries and the uterus and reshaping the vagina and labia. You want more details? Google it. I’ll wait. … … … … … Okay, see? Do you really think Douglas “Chipp” Reid really has the gall to trivialize such a painful process into something as easy as flipping a switch? “Derrr, I’m a chick now. You have to forgive me for everything I did as a man or you’re just an ardent supporter of the white patriarchy that made me this way.” No. As I explained to the moderators when Chipp’s Stolen Valor story broke, I believe his fabricated career is this shiny pearl that so many people saw as the accumulation of blood (Purple Hearts, remember?), sweat, and tears in a wholly valorous career. But do you know what a pearl really is? It’s an oyster’s response to an irritant. A little piece of shit gets in the oyster’s… Read more »


I suggested just one of several viable options of victimhood that plays in today’s society. Race, homophobia, xenophobia, they all play. The reason that they do is if one speaks in opposition to the indoctrination, you must be [take your pick]-ist. Similar to the Salem Witch Hunt that plagued our country years ago – if you opposed the hunt for witches, you must be a witch. That’s the absurd brilliance of how that works.

Chipp is in transition after being dealt a blow. Most people do not see themselves as a villain in their own story. Even the serial killer in the movie “Monster” saw herself as making necessary, largely understandable choices due to being a victim.

Sometimes the narrative becomes difficult, but you can bet your last dollar that, given time and creative energy, Chipp will craft a narrative that projects him as a misunderstood victim and hero. We’ve seen it before. Often, the verification of such claims involves coming back to the person themselves – i.e. only one in their squad to survive the ambush, evidence burned up in a fire, lost in a flood or the ex-wife sold it in a yard sale, list goes on…

Oysters Are People Too

You’re crystal clear on that. I understand what you meant and what you mean.

The best thing about an internal investigation file at the National Archives and Records Administration is that, eventually, it will be digitized and available for everyone to read online. PII will disappear, but the general context of its applicability will be obvious. It will probably take as many years to get digitized and made available online as it will take Chipp to rebuild his reputation and put the onus on anyone but himself, but it will eventually be there. If that scenario appears, there will be documentary evidence to bring him back down to reality again.

His lies hurt so many people across a range of levels of damage. It’s sad. It’s embarrassing. It’s wrong.

I can’t imagine he’ll find an ally in anyone other than himself.


false…all humans are determined by that pesky DNA at conception to be female or male.

Developmental stages are not gender or sexual stages of physical development.

Google it.

Also, most trans people are probably not actually trying to “be themselves”, but be who they believe will be more acceptable to the community they associate with.

Which is likely why they have the highest suicide rate on earth.

Again, google it.

Better yet, there are several great longitudinal studies done by CUNY and Yale published over the past 25 years laying this out in vivid detail.

Want to guess who the second highest suicide rate in the world is? Hint, it is NOT veterans.

While I don’t care if people want to try to change who they are, I am also not going to pretend that it is not a dangerous course of action for them or that it is somehow “biology”.

I spent too many years in STEM now to believe that political crap.

Oysters Are People Too

Meh. I like my story better. The only way to verify whether a fetus is genetically a male or female is to perform an amniocentesis. Aberrations happen.

My tiny dick and curiously lip-like scrotum probably means I’m intersex then. Interesting, interesting.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, but I’ve been staring and poking at my bits for like 20 minutes and the process reminds me of watching the nose gear on an F/A-18 extend and retract.

Poke. Extend.

Poke. Retract.

I think I found my entertainment for this weekend.

What were we talking about?


UPDATE – Confirmed and approved. It’s on.

Stolen Valor Phony Purple Hearts & Fake Marine E-7 Jacket Burn Event.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 @ 7:00pm

Members of our local AmVets Post will be attending.
Members of our county detachment of the
Marine Corps League will be attending.

If anyone here wishes to travel to the Fort Indiantown Gap area of Pennsylvania,
to attend, and bring along your video camera or cellphone…
Reply here,
and I will request approval from the AmVets Post
to show the location here with a link to Google Maps.


Flyer graphic emailed to admins.
(Address redacted)
Looking forward to an enjoyable and memorable evening.

J Dog Woof Woof

MarineDad61, I’ve got to work until 4 on Tuesday in the DC area. I don’t think I can make it to the middle of Pennsylvania by 7 pm. Can I send you my number so you can call me around the time of the event? I want to watch this shit live. I’m not a veteran, but I like that I had a very very very very small part in bringing some honorable people together to unite against a scoundrel. I might cry. So, you know, keep me on silent if I start to cry like a little bitch.


J Dog Woof Woof,
This event will not be livestreamed live.
It will be video recorded, and then edited afterwards,
for brevity, with captions and inserts,
by others, before it sees an appearance on the interwebby, somewhere.
When it pops up in public view,
and others send me the URL link,
I will share the URL link here.

Fair enough?

J Dog Woof Woof

Sounds good to me. Chipp is one evil MFer. Let that shit burn hot; give him a taste of what waits when he finally bites it.


J Dog Woof Woof,
Also, you are correct.
All rush hour routes between D.C and Harrisburg are slow hell.
There is NO shortcut, and NO easy way.
Over the years, I’ve tried them all.
And it’s worse today, especially around the 2 cities.

J Dog Woof Woof

I’ll take my girls out for a nice dinner and ice cream on Tuesday then. I’ll forget that I’ve been trying to expose Chipp for the last two years and focus on the two people who actually matter to me. I’ve not been the greatest husband and father during this process.



Excellent idea.
More than Tuesday.
Put your family first. They deserve it.

Our exposed & outed turd here does not.

I recommend the Jim Dandy
(ice cream sundae bowl), at Friendly’s.

Vanta Black Sheep

Looks like Chippy’s Naval Order pals haven’t yet gotten the word that he’s a Stolen Valor phony. He’s STILL LISTED as the vice commander for Communications!

WTF, mate?!?


Vanta Black Sheep,
Bonus on that NOUS interwebby page…
a link to “Find Us on FakeBook”

Members of this (visible to everyone) Public Group are posting TODAY.
Recent April posts by a webpage listed
Companion to Council & Past Commander (Navy CPT Ret).

Vanta Black Sheep

Pffffffff! Hahahahahaha!


Maybe it’s just not a good idea to alert them publicly. This looks like an honorable organization whose only foible vis-à-vis Chipp Reid is taking him at his word.

I will offer that maybe they did provide Chipp Reid an opportunity to submit official records of his military service. Maybe Chipp Reid provided a fabricated or altered DD214.

This could be a great opportunity for NOUS to explore the importance of a policy of “trust but verify.” There are good reasons for requiring verifying information: so this exact situation could not happen or, at least, not happen as often.

Black Sheep

Well, Chippy is no longer listed as the Vice Commander for Communications here:

However, he’s still in the photo for the National Capital Commandery (he’s the dipshit standing behind and to the left of the officer with the gold cord thingy [I obviously have no idea what it’s called]). So, progress is steadily being made.


Black Sheep,
Good catch. Here’s another, for interwebby posterior.
WayBack Machine hit for 16 Sept 2018:
Vice Commander for Communications: GySgt Chipp Reid, USMC (Ret)

Vanta Black Sheep

That slimy bilge rat’s books are even being sold at the USS Constitution museum website!


Vanta Black Sheep,
Being that Chipp Reid never served 1 day in the Marines,
nor in the Navy,
he is UNqualified for bilge rat.

The Army Reserves equivalent is LQ.
Barracks Latrine Queen.

Vanta Black Sheep

Okay then, how about: “Weeping Pustule on the Whipworm Shat by a Flea Plucked from the Hairy Anus of a Noble Bilge Rat”?

I mean, you’ve gotta admit: it’s an improvement.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That ought to be shown to ChipNASA, I bet he’d add it to his collection!

Vanta Black Sheep

Ground control to ChipNASA! We got a wet one for your pile!


Annnnnddd good thing I’m checking threads.

YAY!!! Consider this now part of the
The Hemisphere of Insults®™


Great call.
Can my 1 word insult “Nit.” find it’s way in there, too?


Just caught this.
Consider it done.
Plenty of room. I won’t bury it.
Page one!


My tiny contribution,
like a badge of honor.
Thank you.


‘Brevity is the soul of wit’




For the Tuesday May 11 burn pile event…
Dollar Tree helped out today with event display accessorizing.

$1 – 47 inch Foam Pool Swim Noodle, to branch out the jacket arms.
$1 – 15 assorted balloons. PINK balloons for hands & a YELLOW balloon head.
$1 – Gross Spray String. Aerosol. YELLOW, like silly string,
not really all that gross, either.

From the under the kitchen sink supplies…
17½ oz. Raid – Ant and Roach Killer 26. Aerosol. Almost empty.

If the video goes well, the added accents of flare up & flame
should provide some additional entertainment.
And education.

A Proud Infidel®™

A lighter and a can of starting fluid would be an entertaining start!


A Proud Infidel@,
Good news, the burn pile manager has gasoline.
He will light the fire.

Not sure we can compete with YouTube’s Uncle Rob,
nor want to, based on the event location.

I will take along a few extra things,
and attempt to set them up.
Hint – A damaged teflon aluminum roast pot
sitting on the ground underneath
can hold a touch of starter gas.

Green Thumb

I have floated a few slower rives with Noodles.

Strap a few together and you have a float.

Honey Badger (Who DOES Give A Shit!)

Jesus, this Douglas Chipp Reid guy is a cancer!

No mention of his Marine Corps association here that I can see. Maybe Chipp Reid had a parasitic twin who took over his personality and decided to take the wheel on his sanity.


It looks like he reached the point when jelly donuts could no longer suffice to fill that growing void inside him, and then decided to gobble up the lives and stories of actual Marines and regurgitate them as his own.

This is beyond psychopathy. This is pure madness.

(Yes, yes, I can hear you all saying, “THIS. IS. SPARTA!)

Green Thumb

That is what All-Points Logistic looks for when recruiting new talent.

Honey Badger (Who DOES Give A Shit!)

Check out this yearbook photo of Chippy as a staffer for “The Dome” at Widener University on page 13 of the PDF here:

Not seeing any insignia on those cammies…

Maybe he has a history of playing dress up?

A Proud Infidel®™️

That tubby pissant of a chihuahua shit sure looks like he enjoys being in a uniform, the kind of joker you’d see wearing camo in a bookstore reading “Soldier of Fortune” with a scowl on his face thinking that makes him look like an intimidating badass!

I’m Exaggerating, Right?

Here’s what it’s like to work with Chippy Cantdo (dramaterisized to show texture):

No one: …

Chippy: “Hey, you know the movie Gladiator?”

Someone: “…Yes?”

Chippy: “Well, you know Russel Crowe’s gladiator character is referred to as ‘the Spaniard’?”

Crazy J: “I’m on the phone.”

Chippy: “Well, it doesn’t make any sense! Spain wasn’t even a country yet during the time of the gladiators! These directors are so stupid they could screw up a handjob!”

Enabler #1: “Chipp!”

Chippy: “A-huh, a-huh, a-huh! Come one! You know what I mean!”

Crazy J: “How do you still have a job here?”

Chippy: “I’m invaluable, I’m getting my PhD, and I’m basically on a first-name basis with (Archivist of the United States) Dave Ferreiro.”

Crazy J: “Will you please stop with this ridiculous charade?”

Chippy: “Enabler #2, Crazy J is using All Caps language again!”

Enabler #2: “Crazy J! Please come to my office. Close the door behind you.”

Crazy J: “Can you please just fire me? I know I’ve been preoccupied previously with avoiding getting fired, but at this point I’m ready to go.”

Enabler #2: “Why? Because you’re the only one who has a problem with Chippy?”

Crazy J: “Yeah, that’s it. Or maybe it’s because he wears a giant dildo as a hat and, apparently, I’m the only person who acknowledges it.”

Enabler #2: “Crazy J, I’m lowering your performance rating. Chippy is a model employee. You should be so lucky to reach Chippy’s performance level.”

Crazy J: “I passed a kidney stone this morning with a higher performance level than Chippy.”

Enabler #2: “Crazy J, you need to ask for a reasonable accommodation.”

Crazy J: “Please kill me. Seriously, just put that document stamp through my eye.”

Enabler #2: “I’m writing a strongly worded letter to security that combines unrelated situations that, together, show how unstable you are. Even though I’m telling you this now, you won’t actually know about it until next year and you tell everyone about it.”

Crazy J: “K.”

Green Thumb

Crazy J:: “Why does Chipp always hang out in the Men’s Room?”

Crazy J

Ah, ah, ah! No witch hunting here! 🙂 Let’s just stick to the facts and informed opinions. I have no opinion on his bathroom habits; I tried to avoid him as much as possible because we were forced to sit near one another. Seating in the Scheduling Unit was mostly from high seniority down, starting at the far end of the work unit so the supervisor could micromanage the newer editors. Since Chipp was much higher on the seniority ladder than I was, the supervisor might not have heard or known about all of his shenanigans just due to lack of proximity. Most editors were just resigned to tolerate him since many are veterans themselves, and they know the value of not “making waves.” I’m not a veteran myself and I hate bullies. Before my exposure to Chipp, I worked as a contract writer-editor for engineering firms, and it seemed like people were getting “fired” left and right for some minor and major missteps: poor wording, engineering design flaws, swearing, ruthless competition between contractors and subcontractors for full time jobs, sexual harassment. I let go of standing up to people who acted heinously out of an abundance of caution for, you know, not being employed. When I started working with Chipp, he was hands down the worst person I had ever worked with. I’d start half-jokingly calling him out when he acted heinous, but he’d just laugh and tell me to get over it. When we were told by our leadership that their doors were always open, I started to take advantage of that and tried to have my concerns addressed. ***Phlarrrrrrrrrrrrrt*** Yeah, that turned into a shit sandwich without the bread real quick. Combined with my reputation as Crazy J* (not my real name) and I was written off until I thought I had something solid to give our leadership pause and discretely use to verify Chippy’s claims. When I had had enough of this guy, I went to my supervisor and told her about my concerns. She wouldn’t even look at the (ALL PUBLICLY AVAILABLE) documents I brought… Read more »


Good morning, Crazy J.
So you know…

Past “phony defenders” laid out here on this website
have included an assortment of otherwise seemingly fairly nice people. That is, until they are faced with a phony, and given the choices on how to react (to being DUPED).

Some chose to (try to) avoid their own embarrassment
(at being DUPED), by putting up the wall of denials,
counter attacks, and worse.

Past “phony deniers” and “phony defenders”
have been called out here, too.
Not only in blog comments, but new webpage commentary
on subsequent Page 2, Page 3, etc…

Especially when these deniers and defenders chose to go public
with their (later foolish sounding) denials and defenses.

IF you can find anything public on these workplace phony defenders,
actively defending Chipp Reid as a
“decorated Marine who spilled blood in Iraq and Afghanistan”
(IRONIC, since his medals rack points to the 1991 Gulf War),
they can also be called out publicly in the event a
PAGE 2 on Chipp Reid comes out.

Based on tonight’s photos and video,
and the growing trail of old shenanigans,
Chipp Reid Page 2 can happen.

Here is a link that reveals Tom Wulf, who became Les Brown’s 1st phony defender to get embarrassed publicly for his open defense of the indefensible.
You won’t see Tom Wulf running for office,
or standing in front in any veterans orgs,
and if you sniff around,
the POW*MIA chapter in Elko, Nevada appears to be defunct.
They have only themselves to blame.
Mostly, Tom Wulf.

[Les Brown’s DD-214
Steve Balm | July 23, 2019]

Crazy J

MarineDad61: I left the agency after I believed my continued employment would be wholly unacceptable to a reasonable person. I’m not going to specifically name any of the enablers because not all of them had the (almost) full story on Douglas Chipp Reid until the story broke on MP and VG. To play devil’s advocate for my own story, many people had different perceptions of Chipp, so I had to do a lot of digging just to verify that my own crazy couldn’t be strongly used against me when I tried to discretely out Chipp for his Stolen Valor. I was cautioned against requesting Chipp’s official military records through the FOIA process because, even though I would have requested such records outside my normal tour of duty, I was warned by colleagues that NARA could discretely find out who ask for such records. When I left the agency, I had no such qualms, but because I had already received an official letter of reprimand, I was unsure what I could do. To be clear, the crux of all these issues is that Chipp lied about his Stolen Valor for years, but because he had so many influential people fooled, my crazy was absolutely used as the reason to fail to use those same discrete actions on Chipp and instead use them on me–until, you know, those actions were no longer discrete and I found out about them. The beauty of an EEO investigation is that responsible management officials are named as witnesses–not the perpetrators of things like discrimination and retaliation. So, the responsibility for the discrimination and retaliation falls on the agency. Still, though, the responsible management officials want to maintain a steady job and not admit to wrongdoing. There’s no point in identifying the enablers by name here. Pseudonyms, sure, to protect a semblance of their anonymity outside of OFR and NARA. Chipp Reid is the bad guy here. I’m not the good guy at all; I was just tired of watching Chipp stomp all over people because he knew that he could. This situation has been blown entirely… Read more »


Crazy J,
Understood. Thanks.
Deja Vu,
we were both typing up morning comments simultaneously.

Crazy J

I really, really, really need to reiterate that Chipp is the bad guy in this situation. If I look at this from the enablers’ perspectives, there’s a good friend whom you respect for his service and sacrifices, and for the added positive visibility that friend gives the agency for his work after retiring from service. Then you have this guy who only talks about what a piece of shit he thinks he is, and it’s pretty obvious that he also has a problem with your friend. “How dare they!” you declare, and then proceed to stomp all over the piece of shit until they give up trying to tell you anything anymore. Well, it turns out that stomped on piece of shit was right. Everyone bets on the wrong horse at least once in their life. My issue with Chipp Reid is that he put on a horse costume and fancied himself the thoroughest bred of the bunch. By some sheer stroke of dumb luck, he convinced some really important people that he was just the horse for them. Yeah, some people in the cheap seats on race day start raising a ruckus about that dopey shit trotting far behind the pack, but the ladies and gentlemen in fancy hats and expensive garb drown them out with their nonsensical support. Then, finally, as Chipp the horse rounds the bend into the final stretch, he trips, falls, and the costume inexplicably goes up in flames. The ladies in the fancy hats jump onto the track, cover Chipp in fine attire, and shield him from the cacophony of boos and hisses. “Be nice!” they yell. “If he says he’s a horse, then he’s a horse! Who are you to say that he isn’t?” The crowd goes silent. Clank. Clank. Clank. A little boy jumps up from the dirt, climbs on the metal railing and says, “Biology, you fucking moron.” Then, the boy pulls down the back of his pants and says, “My mam calls me ‘Butter Ball’ but you don’t no feathers here, do ya?” We just made those people look like… Read more »

Crazy J

From the gospel according to an Office of the Federal Register supervisor in response to the events of June 17, 2019, and those of the days that followed: “On June 17, 2019, [CRAZY J AND I] spoke about a contentious discussion he had with a fellow coworker. After the conclusion of our production related communication, he informed me that he performed a background check on an employee in the unit and that this employee should not be promoted. I explained that I was uncomfortable with this discussion and that I would need to discuss his admission with my superiors because it may be illegal and I thought it was inappropriate. My shock at his admission agitated him and I ended the conversation as soon as I could.” “On June 18, 2019, [CRAZY J] filed a false police report with the Government Publishing Office (GPO) Police Department. Ultimately, the GPO Police determined that [CRAZY J’S] working environment was safe. Because of [CRAZY J’S] escalating behavior, I became afraid of my wellbeing and the safety of the entire Office of the Federal Register (OFR). The GPO police suggested he telework when he left the GPO and I agreed.” Note: In the redacted GPO police report dated June 18, 2019, it reads in part as follows: “REID was asked if he had made comments about sneaking a firearm and ammunition into GPO after the last Active Shooter Training conducted in March, which he confirmed that he did make the comments previously mentioned, however the context was not meant to be malicious or a description of his intentions.” “On Thursday June 20, 2020, [CRAZY J] sent an inappropriate email to the [OFR PUBLICATION] liaisons…We decided that [CRAZY J] was no longer trusted to communicate with Executive agency liaisons and we assigned him a new OFR project that was singular in nature while waiting for NARA HR to facilitate a more permanent solution. After this crisis, [CRAZY J] took the next week off because he was under the care of his doctor. In July of 2019, [CRAZY J] was detailed to ensure the safety and… Read more »


Oh oh, the UK Embassy in D.C. honored a WALT.
I suppose this begins a subset…
from the Meridian (of Hemispheres)….

The British Isle of Insults.
1. Nit

Martin Connell
Delighted to present USMC veteran Chipp Reid with the RM Historic Society Literary Award this evening at @UKinUSA Embassy.
Appropriate that our bugler for ceremonial sunset was also a US Marine #SemperFi

11:30 PM · Jun 13, 2018·Twitter for iPhone
(end paste)


Tweet posted by a current Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy.


Event Update –
High winds today.
Possible postponement of the burn pile being lit,
which may affect the 7pm burn pile event.

I have a Plan B.
It involves the use of a boom cymbal stand.
Much like
Elvis Presley’s Coat on SNL.

More soon….


Due to 20mph winds, this evening’s burn event has been postponed.
Winds decreasingly daily,
in half by Thursday.
Working on rescheduling now.
Sorry folks… Safety 1st.
More soon…


UPDATE – Of course it’s still on.
Stolen Valor Phony Purple Hearts & Fake Marine E-7 Jacket Burn Event.
Thursday, May 13, 2021 @ 7:00pm
Same Bat Time. Same Bat Station.


All systems go for today. Countdown. 6 hours to ignition.

Irony – VA hospital visit in 2 hours,
where I can again scout the lobby for incredible tales of derring (didn’t) do.


The 7pm burn event this evening was a success.
I just received the link to this 1:30 teaser video on YouTube.

Feedback appreciated.
I sent the videographer the link to this page.


I submitted the description for this YouTube video.

“Burn event on May 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm.
This is an educational video, to remind everyone
NOT to pretend to be something you’re not,
NOT to wear a fake military uniform for a branch you never served, and
NOT to wear rank, badges, combat patches, ribbons, nor medals you never earned.
As a fan and reader of several websites that retrieve official FOIA redacted military records,
and expose military phonies and stolen valor,
I was upset to see 2 Purple Hearts,
a Commendation Medal with V for Valor,
and a Gulf War / Liberation of Kuwait Medal,
all on a Fake E-7 GySgt Marine uniform,
worn by someone who never served 1 day as a US Marine.
This time, I decided to do something about it.
I wish to express thanks and kudos to the websites shown in this video,
for their diligence in helping to stop this awful behavior by military phonies.”

Crazy J

Here, here!

I wish I had taken the opportunity to lie to get my USN leadership scholarship to pay for my last two years of college. I wanted to be a Navy pilot, but my mental state and my Irish Catholic upbringing made that impossible.

When I manned up and faced who I am, I started seeing the world as it is.

I’ll always revere the military service of honorable men and women. And I’ll now keep an eye out for the men and women who prey on that reverence.


Standing Ovation! Too bad the lying, embellishing POS “Buffalo Chipps” Reid was not wearing that uniform when the torch was lit.

All Hail MarineDad61 ALL HAIL!


Thank you.
My answer to attendee sentiment in the long video, prior to lighting:
“It’s not an effigy, per se.”
308 views in 18 hours 🙂


Add once more.
*Golf Clap*


351 views in the 1st 23 hours.
Someone’s lookin’. Got a “kickass!” comment, too.

Since CR’s name is not spelled out anywhere (not searchable),
it’s likely the OTHER keywords, including ANNAPOLIS,
are drawing the attention.

A Proud Infidel®™

MY FINEST Standing Ovation and Salute to you MarineDad61! you did a fine job and I would have doused the faker’s Uniform with Charcoal lighter Fluid from an off-camera spot just for effect but that’s just me, I have already toasted and drank a beer or three in your honor for doing what you did, SIR!


A Proud Infidel@,
Thank you.

Oh, I did.
So, here is teaser video #2.
Ronson Johnson.


Ronson Johnson 2.0.
Further cropped.
I deleted the video above.


Does anyone’s Google Fu show you anything new, or interesting?
Looking for good signs here, and not seeing any.
Some changes have been previously reported by observant commenters.
NOUS, for example.


Here’s 1 just found this evening… TWITTER.
His namesake Twitter account URL went POOF. But NOT POOF.
More common by shifty users on Twitter than on FakeBook,
Chipp Reid changed his Twitter URL.
It’s now here.

Chipp Reid
2,201 Tweets
Chipp Reid
As seen on TV; Official feed of maritime and military historian, author, subject-matter expert, providing daily doses of history.
Annapolis, Maryland
Joined September 2009


Here’s a bit of NOUS back and forth, visible to all, from December 2014.
Yes, that’s over 6 years ago.

[Chipp Reid
Hello George and Gilbert — hopefully my little preservation project is one the Naval Order will think worthy of helping

— myself and another retired Marine

are digitizing the holdings at the National Archives of all the old Marine Corps correspondence and other records and putting them into an online database that any researcher can access. Of as now, we have photographed, indexed and put online more than 700 records, all of them letters back and forth between the commandants and Marine Corps offices. They shed a lot of light on life in both the early days of the Corps and the Navy and are a treasure trove for anyone interested in the Federal Period. What we need desperately are people willing to help index the more than 1200 letters still to go. it is very easy, sometimes interesting, sometimes tedious work and the more people we can get willing to help, obviously the better. I don’t know whether this is something the Naval Order would endorse or with which it would help — if it is, feel free to contact me for more information.

Thanks and Semper Fi.]
(end paste)

Would anyone know the identity of this “other” retired Marine?

Black Sheep


Please send this find and the link to this site to the National Archives and Records Administration Office of Inspector General (OIG) through the Hotline for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse. That link is

Chipp has been defrauding people for a long time, but I’m not sure how many people besides me have been reporting his actions to the National Archives. If I’m the only one who has reported Chipp to the OIG, having additional sources with similar information could help strengthen the case against him.


Black Sheep,
Historically, my involvement here as a fan and follower is really an after the fact factfinder for blog comments here, and then as a messenger, a FakeBook messenger, plopping the URL links and pertinent comments in the front yards and community squares of the phonies on local area FakeBook public groups and pages.
For me, no Twatter, no Instascram, no email, only FakeBook.
I’ve never sent email to inform anyone, and more often than not,
someone local to the phony picks up the ball from my plopped comments with MP and VG page links on FakeBook,
and takes the football across the goal line to the appropriate orgs or agencies.

Others spread the truth on other platforms.
And others also make direct contact, such as a police chief, a sheriff, a newspaper, a VFW, etc.
I’ve left truth bombs on ALL of the above, but only on their public FakeBook.
Surely, there must be several in that DC/MD fishbowl who can do this.
Good luck.

Black Shweep


Going forward, when you are scoping out Stolen Valor phonies, be sure to save the url using The Wayback Machine so a copy of the site can be saved in a web archive. This way, we can see a snapshot of the webpage even if the Stolen Valor phony tries to make the pages go “poof.” The site is

You have the option to save the url so The Wayback Machine keeps a copy. I tried searching Chipp’s Twitter and Facebook pages after he deleted them but, alas, they’re not there.

Black Sheep


This is also fairly important to report to the NARA OIG because the “little preservation project” might be the research I personally witnessed him perform while he was on duty at the Office of the Federal Register. He’d often look at digitized records of handwritten documents for eventual publication in his academic or professional papers, books, and even talking points for speaking engagements. He’d also interrupt his coworkers at the Office of the Federal Register to have them read and edit speeches and talking points for him while they were also doing their own job-related duties.

As for the other “retired Marine,” I can’t imagine it was someone who worked with Chipp directly at the Office of the Federal Register. It’s probably not worth trying to determine if that person also committed Stolen Valor, but it would be worth trying to determine what they knew about Chipp based on their interactions while getting their research project done.

Daisy Cutter

What ever happened to the “Mr. Bob” guy at Chadds Ford?

Did the Chadds Ford Junxion ever do a follow-up article about him?


Daisy Cutter,
Good question.
I don’t live close enough to pick up the mags. And,
LT Silver Star Triple Rambo Bob’s cover photo
is still on the magazine’s interwebby Recent Issues page.

Daisy Cutter

My cynical nature tells me the editor conveniently forgot about it.

If I recall, he claimed he had to get some things together but was going out of town but assured everyone he would get to it. *sigh*


Needs 3 clicks and views to push it over 500.