Alan Merkleine; phony Vietnam Veteran

| January 15, 2016

Alan Merkleine1

Scotty and the boys were teasing us with this fellow on Facebook last night. His name is Alan James Merkleine and of course, he’s from Florida and yes, he rides a motorcycle. The only reason to have a vest;

Alan Merkleine vest

Alan Merkleine Motorcycle boy

Alan Merkleine

If you look closely, you’ll notice his Combat Infantry Badge has a star (he’s claiming two awards), and his service medals don’t support that – he would have had to be in Vietnam and Korea. But that’s the least of his problems.

According to the National Personnel Records Center, he was a body and fender metal worker in Germany. Never set foot in Vietnam. His only award was a National Defense Service Medal.

Alan Merkleine FOIA

No Ranger, no Special Forces, no Purple Heart, no Bronze Star. Actually, none of that shit, just a filthy liar with more money than brains.

My two

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  1. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy because we share some things that we falsely claim – Ranger tab, Special Forces tab, combat experience, and good looks.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  2. IDC SARC says:

    Looks like a circus lost one of its clowns.

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    Ahh, the famous

    “ɹɐɔ uʍop ǝpısdn”

    I am starting to wonder if the Navy/Marine CAR worn upside down in the Army stands for RAC, Ranger Acting Commendation.

    Thank the Gods the little dwarf wears an extra small vest or this would have been much worse.

    • OSC(SW) Retired says:

      His Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, right below his upside down CAR is also upside down.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        LOL, he displays the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal in some pictures. I guess his memory comes and goes.

        • Club Manager says:

          He is wearing an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award on the right side rack when us Army types who earned this award (e.g., prior service) wear it on the left side with other unit award of which this dirt bag is wearing many. Not to mention ribbon sequence which for sure any bona-fide Ranger would get right even under the influence of an adult beverage because RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!

          • Friend S. Wilkins says:

            Yeah, I was wondering about that Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, too. The dumb ass probably thought it was the Distinguished Flying Cross.

      • Peter the Bubblehead says:

        Have you considered he’s got his entire rack upside down but you can’t tell because the other ribbons are all symmetrical? So he can see them right side up when he looks down at his chest and thinks, “I wish I really earned these.”

    • Old Nam Doc says:

      I always look for the upside down CAR.
      AT the Temple Texas VA hospital they have a large display in the lobby that shows a full figure for each service in full uniform behind glass. The CAR on the Marine is upside down.

    • RGR 4-78 says:

      Retarded Acting Comedian

    • Old Nam Doc says:

      Wait a minute, this asshole is claiming Army, he doesn’t even rate the CAR!!!!!!

  4. ChipNASA says:

    You know what’s easier to identify?
    The shit he’s NOT wearing.

  5. IDC SARC says:

    He’s already doing damage control on FB…guess he’s not smart enough to just delete his shit and fade away.

  6. sj says:

    A brother of SHorTBUssQueFFeR? Does he have an Infantry Air Medal?

    • Climb to Glory says:

      Possibly. He looks like a dirtbag just like DullAss “The Trail ASSassin” Wittgenfeld. For some reason Merritt Island comes to mind.

    • Claw says:

      sj, for him it would have been an Ordnance Air Medal. Maybe the upside down CAR is an acceptable substitute?

      Just another 44B with a oxy-acetylene kit and a endless supply of 55 gallon barrels.

      The real good 44B’s could make a whole jeep out of just four barrels. I doubt that this dipstick falls into that category.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Another “Special Feces” Warrior that knows Lon Duc Dong and slurped himself down some Cream of Sum Yung Guy soup… got to love that “we kill for peace” patch on the vest… real fucking classy!

  8. Animal says:

    One of his FB posts is in reference to the 9th Circuit ruling this week. He has a pic with two purple hearts in his hand with the caption, “I’ve got my two.” At least he was honest? He’s got his two fake purple hearts.

  9. MrBill says:

    You know, it would be refreshing to see a biker’s vest with just Specialist rank and a NDSM. Likelihood of that happening?

    • Animal says:

      Apparently he testified at a crash trial. I wonder what he said in court for the court room to become quiet enough to hear a pin drop and to make the bailiff thank him for his service. I bet it wasn’t that he was a mechanic in Germany.

      “Dumb lady contested running the stop sign. Doesn’t matter she still hit him. Now we have to go back on Feb. 3. With all witnesses, Al and the police officer. Stupid and a waste of time. Al got to talk and he was awesome. You could hear a pin drop in the court room. His speech was very moving. Afterwards bailiff thanked him for his service. So the saga continues. Will keep you all posted.”

      • 3E9 says:

        Yeah I saw his “Accident Scene Management” patch on the vest. I would venture a guess he has a police car bought at auction and probably a badge or two hidden somewhere. Guy wants to be the shit for everything. People like that stick out to LEO as much as fake military do to all of us.

      • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

        He gave a “moving” speech about how he served his country and fought a war and gave so much and no one appreciated the Vietnam Veteran. How he had already suffered and been wounded. How she took so much from him because he wanted to be able to give back to his fellow veterans and now his life would be changed forever. Blah Blah Blah!!! Boo Hoo Woe is me. Make her look as bad as possible and never a thought to the lying POS he is and all the harm he has caused. Friends he betrayed. And his wife is either a complete idiot or totally in on the scam. How could she not know? Karma is a bitch sometimes.

  10. Combat Historian says:

    If the fucktard had the gumption to sign up for Nam, he probably would have had a nice little combat tour that would have not been THAT much different from Germany: Working out of a maintenance depot in Long Binh or Camh Ranh Bay, slurping up the 33 beer and messing with the drinky girls, and only having to pull the occasional perimeter guard and dodging a rocket or mortar shell now and then. But the fucker did not go to Nam and now lie about it to everyone…he deserves everything he is about to receive…

  11. NR Pax says:

    Dear Poser,

    By the time your name is posted on this site, it’s usually too late to get rid of your pictures. Just a friendly hint from someone who holds you in contempt.

  12. IDC SARC says:

    standing with Abe Lincoln…and another NAMVET SF PH type….if he’s legit I wonder what he’ll have to say to Alan?

  13. Marine_7002 says:

    WTF is that hanging around his neck?

  14. IDC SARC says:

    Guys standing there is Harry James

  15. IDC SARC says:

    “September 15, 1966 just leaving advanced infantry training heading for jump school 101st airborne then on to Ranger school.”

  16. Jarhead says:

    For this type and his clones..This IS hell. Coulda just stopped at the bus station and asked, “Where can I get a ticket to hell?” Ticket sales person should have said, “You’re wearing it!”

  17. IDC SARC says:

    “Sorry guy,s I am taking the pix bottom row Jessy aka Dirt Diver KIA/ Carol. aka Slim / Top Left Jim~bo. aka Raido~man. KIA / Dave aka Gator /Squad Leader
    Paul aka Head Hunter.”

    lol…the old “I’m taking the pic” defense?

    • Animal says:

      Somebody could make a lot of money making a “So You’ve been outed by TAH, GoV, or Don Shipley” book on what to do when you’ve been burned. Bernasty probably isn’t a good project leader.

    • Tony180a says:

      IDC SARC if you can stomach scrolling thru the pictures of this scumbag there is a really nice pair of boobs (The Key West Pic)Thankfully just like the units he claims he’s not in it.

    • 20thEB67 says:

      I thought for a minute that I didn`t like this guy.

      Then I came to my senses.

      I honestly hate this pencil-necked, little phoney fucker.

  18. Jarhead says:

    Click on the link above…Scotty and the boys

    Scroll down through the pictures and see one of him and his wife on a bike. NOTHING says BADASS like wearing a Michael Jackson glove!

  19. IDC SARC says:

    If you look through his pics…that vest seems to be every evolving in the depth and breadth of phony claims.

  20. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another rat turd with a vest full of fake bling, what a surprise – NOT!

  21. Scotty says:

    The AMVETs group that he belongs to.

    • IDC SARC says:

      They are deleting posts. What a surprise.

      • IDC SARC says:

        AMVETS did send me a message:

        “Respectfully, we are unaware of any truth in these posts. Furthermore, we will not allow the bashing of any member on a social media website as it is against the Amvets National Bylaws. Any post or comment pertaining to the conduct of any member will be deleted. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.”

        I will give them credit for at least responding.

        • EODJay says:

          In other words, they’re circling the wagons.

          I’d really like to know how that clown has gotten away with his charade for so long around other vets. Makes you wonder about the entire organization.

          • IDC SARC says:

            Well…like I said, he pictured with Honest Abe and another vietnam SF PH recipient…and the pics also include a vietnam combat coastie…dunno how legitimate his friends are if they hang around with him and didn’t know he was dishonest.
            Seems to me other airborne, ranger, SF types would spot a guy making false claims about being all three.

            • IDC SARC says:

              Seriously…just get a jumpmaster to run through some quick JMPI dialogue with him and the truth should come out in seconds.

              • Tony180a says:

                left cable loop type canopy release assembly not properly assembled lol

                That’s my contribution to this LSOS ! OK 8Ball take it from here.

            • Tony180a says:

              I have my suspicions about the Vietnam Era SF PH recipient standing next to him too. There is so much bullshit emanating from this turd that how could he possibly pass the smell test? If he was really in SF in Vietnam they would know some of the same people,
              more importantly speak the same lingo. Since we know he wasn’t in Vietnam let alone SF there is no way he’d be able to do that. Its a very small community. Maybe I’m wrong but I think those are two apples that fell off the same limb into a wet chunky cow turd. Each one secretly wondering to himself why hasn’t this guy outed me yet??

            • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

              Actually it’s the Coastie that contacted Scott Hughes.He knew for a long time that Alan was a poser. He knew it as soon as he asked him if he knew Green Beret Sgt. Rivers and Col. Collins. Of course big mouth said yes. But couldn’t answer any questions. He told several of the others that the guy was a phony.He used to hang around the PGR at our Missions acting like an ass. But no one would call him out except the Coastie.He reported him to Amvets and they found nothing wrong with his forged dd214. He reported him to PGR State Captain. I called him a poser to his face. We became social outcasts. You can’t believe the number of idiots who believed him. It took the actin out and public TV and News comments that he was a Special Ops Vietnam Vet and Purple Heart recipient to get any real action going against him. The Vietnam Brotherhood knew about him but did nothing either. It has taken a year to out this guy. The Coastie was not his friend and he knew and he was taking action. Scott Hughes can verify that. So can I because I made some of the inquires too.

            • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

              The Coastie is 100 % legitimate.68-69 in country. Sattahip Loran Station South EastAsis. Don’t go there. Asshole attached himself to him and some of the others. Coastie, my husband knew right away.He is the one that reported him to Scott Hughes. But not much was going on then. No one seemed too interested,The Vietnam Brotherhood knew he had a forged dd214 and did nothing. Coastie told Amvets it was forged and they found it fine. NO ONE CARED!!!! It wasn’t until Alan started telling TV, NEWS and other social media he was Special Ops , Vietnam, Vet, and Purple Heart recipient that people got interested. He would have gone on forever if his big mouth and ego hadn’t got the best of him.Coastie knew from the get go but he was a one man army. That’s why it went on for so long.Ask Scott. He can go a long way back in his messages.By the way, this is Coasties wife and he is an honorable Vietnam Veteran. We moved away to NC and watched and reported from afar. He was outed because of Coastie. Remember that. Just because they belonged to the same group at one time doesn;t connect them in any manner. NY husband is a man of valor and integrity. Alan Merklein is a POS POSER!! Sharon lee

        • IDC SARC says:

          This was my reply:
          Thanks for the reply Heather. I appreciate it. Speaking plainly, the man looks like a clown. He’s wearing awards he could not possible have earned given his periods of service and length of time on active duty. He is also wearing awards incorrectly. His claims, his appearance and his FOIA information indicate he is perpetrating fraudulent claims. That is insulting to every veteran and I hope your Post will investigate this situation. Thanks again.

          • IDC SARC says:

            Her last reply:

            “I will forward this information on to our commander. I am sure he will look into it. Hope you have a wonderful day.”

            • Old98Z says:

              No mention of social media in
              Link to amvets national bylaws

              maybe there are newer bylaws, these are dated 2011. (?)

              Article V, section ! (a) says that this guy should be pants’ed in front of the chapter.
              Honest right there in their bylaws.
              Of course chapter 301 is in Florida so it may be special.
              There should be some posers nearby that would love to pants him. and now we have another candidate for bag o’ dicks.

            • Old98Z says:

              If what you say is correct, then, yeah, I can feel empathy for a guy that lost part of a leg is a bike wreck.
              Still he has been lying to his friends and crapping on his chapter. Also, what was the point of the post about the 2 PH in conjunction of the post on stolen valor at the top of this article?

            • undercover says:

              He is the Commander of that post.

        • Silentium Est Aureum says:

          Bashing a member who is a lying phony fraud is a bad thing?

          Yeah, here’s another group that can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

    • MrBill says:

      He’s the president of the group. Here’s a post from December 9 –

      Please be especially prayerful for Alan Merklein, FL 301 President and his family. Doctors are now thinking they will need to amputate his lower leg due to severe damage from the motorcycle accident. Alan, we are all praying for you in this very difficult time. May God give you strength. -Heather Stretar, RNCHAP

      This came from the “Florida AMVETS Riders” Facebook page.

    • Bobo says:

      Funny, my brother is a Vietnam era coastie vet, bike rider, and lives near that AmVets post. I’ll give him the heads up.

      • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

        Hey BoBo, is your brothers name Mike? If so he is my husbands friend. Our friend. We rode together. The only two Coasties in the area we knew of.

    • Jarhead says:

      Click on his AMvet facebook link Scotty has shown above. It shows that this phony was involved in a bike accident this past Dec. 4th. After his name, they refer to him by his nick name, “8 Ball”. What a shocker! His new name after today should be Don’thavea Clueball.

  22. RM3(SS) says:

    Given the 2 year active duty, I’d bet he was a draftee. I’m sure at the time he considered himself very lucky to score a non combat gig and Germany. Then, many years later when it became cool to be a Vietnam vet, time to go shopping at the surplus store!

    • When did become “cool” to be a ‘Nam vet?

      Semi-serious question there.

      • Claw says:

        Zero, I think that started after our troops came home from Desert Storm and the country went ga-ga with parades, yellow ribbons, and a renewed burst of patriotism etc.

        That’s when a whole bunch of Vietnam wannabes came out of the woodwork to get their pat on the back.

        But YMMV.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      RM……..back in the day, as most of you know I was drafted. 11b oh shit!; Door gunner! More oh shit! I would have loved to go to Germany instead of Vietnam. During that time I would have traded places with this guy in a heartbeat!

      Fast forward to present time, our phony wants to be a war hero who served in Vietnam.

      He’s prob. Been rocking the lie for decades! Ever since it became cool to be a Vietnam vet.

      • RM3(SS) says:

        Yep 3/17. I literally had the draft notice in the mail when I joined the Navy. Too immature and stupid to keep a college deferment and saw several friends from high school who got drafted and didn’t come back.
        I’d say it became cool to be a Vietnam vet around the 90’s Desert Storm time. I know a lot of us veterans of the Vietnam Era hated the way we were treated and made it a point to make sure veterans of DS were not treated the same. In my day junior enlisted had to wear our uniforms while traveling and even though I was just a simple submarine squid, I caught my share of the abuse from the general public.

        • Airdale (AW) USN says:

          There’s nothing simple about being a submarine squid!!! You were underwater!! Thank you for your service!!!

  23. OWB says:

    This would likely be one of the guys who did less actual active duty during his time in than I did during my first enlistment of 3 years in the Air Guard. Between the schools, the week-ends and all the rest of the day here and a week there stuff, the comment was made at the time that I had surpassed what most draftees had done. All while holding down a full-time job which also required a lot of study and training.

    This guy? Pffffffft.

  24. MrBill says:

    In doing some Facebook searching I believe I’ve found the reason that AMVETS appears to be covering for him – Merklein appears to be the president of the local chapter! Who knows, he may be deleting the posts himself.

    I also saw some posts to the effect that he was involved in a motorcycle accident in early December and lost part of his left leg. Several photos seem to bear that out; it appears he’s missing a foot and a bit of his lower leg. So I might be feeling a bit of sympathy for him now. But only a bit.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Maybe the FL Department needs to get involved???

      There’s an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded with locations, but I’m not sure of how current it is. FL 301 has Stacy Rhodes listed as the POC.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Sympathy for him (and other Stolen Valor asswipes) can be found in the dictionary.

      Between shit and syphilis. 😀

      • Hondo says:

        Now, Marine_7002 – you know that that old, coarse phrase is so . . . “non-PC”. We’re a more polite and civil society today.

        The preferred phrase today is “between manure and venereal disease”. You only break out the older phrase if they show they need “tighter” search boundaries. (smile)

        • Marine_7002 says:

          Mea culpa. Please forgive me and my un-PC ways. I’ve tried to reform myself so many times, and it’s been a totally fruitless effort, especially since I started reading this blog and I fell into the trap of reading Dave Hardin’s posts.

          He’s a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad influence, I tell ya. 😉

    • IDC SARC says:

      If he’s the Prez…The organization likely stinks from the head down.

      • Tony180a says:

        This organizations vetting process must be exhaustive to let this shitbag in. I raise the BULLSHIT FLAG on other members who are legitimate vets (if there are any….) that don’t chin check this turd and his obvious Bullshit!

        How long before he has a friend who posts here telling us we’ve got it all wrong and he’s legit??

  25. charles w says:

    The only thing missing is his Death From Above tattoo.

    • Tony180a says:

      I’d bet my last dollar that somewhere on his rancid crypt keeper looking ass there is that holy grail of poser ink!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      OR the “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR” tat carved into his arm by a fellow poser using a piece of coathanger or copper wire.

  26. Skippy says:

    We’ll Another Turd Hits the Water…

    NEXT !!!!!!!

  27. Jarhead says:

    And people ask US why we are not joiners!

  28. Dennis - not chevy says:

    Each time I see someone wearing SSgt stripes on their his/her/their hats that has not earned the rank I get angry. I think of two old buddies of mine, one Marine, one Army, that were discharged after being passed over for SSgt. They both good men and true but couldn’t make the rank.
    If it was taken away by NJP, courts martial, or the rare voluntary demotion, don’t wear it.

  29. Tony180a says:

    Could they be long lost brothers??

    -Uncanny Resemblance
    -Florida Residents
    -Motorcycle Vest Bedazzled with BULLSHIT
    -Both full of SHIT!
    Just Saying…

  30. Stacy Rhodes says:

    As I read some of these comments, it’s evident that some people feel that if it’s online it’s got to be true. It goes against my policy to respond to such garbage, but I feel the need to set the record straight. I am Stacy Rhodes, Past Commander of AMVETS POST 301. The AMVETS are 2nd largest Veterans Organization in the Country full of dedicated Veterans committed to the care of our Nation’s Veterans. Stop badmouthing the whole organization due to actions of one individual.

    • EODJay says:

      Stacy, You must understand that it is very hard for us to see this organization in a good light after it let such an egregious liar become, and stay, president.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Maybe they could refer him to Phildo’s and the “Big Turd” Keith Keeton’s old MC.

        Also, this turd looks a lot like the fake COL Jasper Holland.

      • Stacy Rhodes says:

        Once again I will try to cut through the erroneous BS. The Amvets Organization requires a DD214 for every Veteran. We do not place restrictions on WHEN or WHERE the service took place, just that you received an Honorable Discharge. No “wink wink” involved…as for Alan, he is president of a sub-ordinate organization… And I will state, while I AM NOT a friend of Alan, until this all proves true, this country was founded on innocent until proven guilty. please give the AMVETS organization a chance to investigate this…. every organization has a bad apple. if this holds true, it will be dealt with accordingly.

        • Green Thumb says:

          You need to lay off the booze. Or start.

          One way or another, this guy is a clown. Just look at him. It seems these days that IF YOU DO NOT wear a tricked out biker’s vest, then you are not a real Vet.

          The longer you “defend” him based on some sort of moralistic code of honor; the more you sink your reputation and that of your organization.

          Or is there another reason?

    • OWB says:

      Don’t take anyone’s word for it – just file your own FOIA request to get the truth about this lying POS. We in this community know each other and accept those who we know have an honorable and honest history. Your AMVETS CC is not one of them.

      So, check it out yourself. That’s what folks in this community did. We expect nothing less from you, Stacy. You need to divest yourself from this clown. Unless lying about military service is OK with you and your post. It’s not OK with your parent organization.

    • Hondo says:

      Mr. Rhodes, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      When an organization has a charlatan in their midst in a leadership position; has that fact brought to their attention; and apparently chooses to “circle the wagons” and defend the charlatan vice taking corrective action – a reasonable person can conclude that the organization bears some guilt as well. At first glance, that’s what appears to be happening here.

      What will be telling is how the AMVETS chooses to deal with the situation over the next few weeks. If the Chapter in question still continues to act in “circle the wagons” mode, well . . . .

    • Dave Hardin says:

      If it goes against your policy then shut the fuck up. I have talked to several people involved with this guy who are with AMVETS. They, unlike you seem to take an honest interest in the matter.

      I am Dave Hardin, Current Poster on TAH, the largest collection of people sick and tired of fake and embellishing shit stains who piss all over the Valor of others.

      If you want to be committed to our Nations Veterans, pull your head out of your ass and clean up your own house.

      I don’t bad mouth the whole organization, you just added one more to the growing number that I do.

      Piss off shit stain.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:


        Mr. Rhodes, who vetted Merkleine and how did they do it. Did your post request a 214, or did he provide it? Or was is the old “wink, wink…’He’s a good guy'” vetting? Also, you need to go to the Stolen Valor link at the top of the page and take a good hard look at the other invidious that have been found out that were or still in positions in many of the veteran’s organizations, including your own!

        One last thing – if his membership was during your term as president of the local chapter, them there is this thing called ACCONTABILITY that you need to take. You’re probably not the first, and certainly not the last that got screwed over by a fraud…

        • Airdale (AW) USN says:


        • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

          He knew because he was told by Coastie. The post was notifies about the forged 214. They posted “We have examined the questionable document and find it to be in order”! Haaaaaaa! What a load of shit. The Vietnam Brother saw clearly it was forged. Why couldn’t Amvets? It was the “old wink wink, he’s okay” They were desperate for members. If it was breathing they took it. There was no vetting. Believe me, Stacy Rhodes does not want to go to the top of the page and take a look at himself nor does he want anyone else to do so either. You call yourself a Marine Stacy yet no one has ever even seen a military picture of you. Did you even complete Boot training? Coastie asked you about a Kbar and you said what it that! Haaaaaaaa! Shut up Stacy Rhodes.

    • IDC SARC says:

      Stacy, I have several questions

      1. Did you look at the FOIA document?
      2. Have you seen the variance and evolution of his vest and the awards/qualifications?
      3. Do you have any idea regarding the amount of time and effort it takes somebody to earn those qualifications and awards?
      4. Can you say honestly, that Alan served during the time periods necessary and for the length of time that it would take someone to achieve such accomplishments?

      If not, then why are you speaking to us, honorable veterans that have served our country in every clime and place and berating us rather than considering that Alan might actually be perpetrating a fraud?

    • IDC SARC says:

      I’m not the most intelligent guy here Stacey, but after reading your post I did notice something. You said you needed to set the record straight. You then proceeded to post several sentences based on logical fallacies.

      Stacey Rhoades is a past post commander
      AMVETS is the 2nd largest veteran’s organization
      You equated questioning Alan was badmouthing
      …..false equivalence
      You ordered us to stop.
      ….You have no such authority

      Just wondering why you would endeavor to set the record straight and proceed to type so many words that never even addressed the issue, let alone offered substantive proof that any of Alan’s claims are true or that anyone’s observations at TAH were erroneous?

      • CA_SGT says:

        Amvets post 301 states their investigating and i think they will find in our favor. Most if Alan’s friends that have seen this post are seemingly on our side, at least their disappointment and anger seem to indicate they feel that way. For those that may not know, I sent a ton of messages with a link to this site. As far as AMVETS go, lets give them time to investigate, Im sure they’ll come to the right decision. We’ve all seen friends here jump to defense of a phony only to admit they were wrong later. They’ve been lied to for years, let them vent a bit.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      Apparently you are under the mistaken assumption that this blog does nothing more than post up half-ass accusations about stolen valor about genuine Veterans.
      Did gopher-balls give Amvets a valid DD-214 when he joined your organization?
      Or did you let him just fill out a form and take his word on it?
      If so you need to STFU, man up and realize there is a flaw in vetting your members.
      This blog is the biggest ally a service organization can have if they are serious about ensuring members are truthful about their service.
      If you want to come in here flapping your cock-holster with your ass in the air we can put the proverbial boot in it.

    • Stacy Rhodes, if this guy had joined a sewing and knitting club, it might be understood how he can pull off his lies. But, AMVET RIDERS Aren’t y’all proud military veterans? To maintain that pride, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you can see the light with these guys, and to double check anyone’s claims?
      This is precisely why I left American Legion Post 48, Riverview Florida. There were known posers there that were supported by the commander and both vice chairs, as well as the Sgt at Arms. I am a committed “non-joiner” for that reason.
      That Merkleine has been allowed to stay and even to take a position of leadership within the chapter speaks loudly of just what y’all are.
      If you support this thinking, you are nothing.

    • Jarhead says:

      Mr. Rhodes…Would you please answer just one more question? This will answer many others one way or another. By any chance, are you kin to Stuart Rhodes of Oathkeepers?

    • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

      You are full full shit Stacy Rhodes. When you were commander you KNEW about the questionable dd214. You let it slide. You told The Amvet Chaplin to get fucked in public and she was a woman. You you were forced to leave a restaurant under threat of the police being called. You turned your back on many wrong doings. You are no longer even a part of them so shut up. You didn’t even complete you tour. You left the Marines and never went back too finish. You didn’t even know what a Kbar was. Shut up and stop defending this asshole poser and the people who allowed him to go on and on and on disgracing our Veterans.Nobody wants to hear from you drop out.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

        Sharon – shout out to you for having the “big brass ones” to help call out not only Merkleine but Stacy Rhodes.

        If you have time check out the SV part of the blog and look at how many other DAV/AMVET/VFW/MC League/AL posts have allowed people like Merkleine in based on forged or altered docs. IMHO, if the posts want members to join, they need to start policing their roles and punishing or kicking out those that have joined under false pretenses AND hold those accountable that did the “vetting”.

        • Sharon lee Ruckle says:

          HMCS(FMF)Thank you Sir,I consider your comment as to “having big brass ones” a compliment. The little toy soldier crawled out of his playpen and tried to play with the big boys. He didn’t realize how tough it would be.

  31. Green Thumb says:

    I am curious as to if the wife defends him.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      She already jumped in, claiming she has the proof through VA records. An MRI that shows shrapnel in his neck and another that proves the Bronze Star. When asked to see these, she changed her tune to one of not having to prove anything to anyone.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I bet that MRI was fun with metal in the body…..

        • Tony180a says:

          LMAO!! Nice.

        • Skippy says:

          I was about to say that Lol…
          Metal + MRI = serious amount of Pain ouch

          • Skippy says:

            in fact my doc at the VA and civi doc had a bracelet ordered for me with medical info on top of the cards I have to Carry around because of extra hardware in me.
            so I don’t fly anymore because it’s a F;)$&@ pain in the ass at air ports

      • Green Thumb says:

        Actually, my best guess is that it was a little Bondo….

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        How does an MRI prove someone recieved a Bronze Star?
        Did they shove the citation up his ass?
        I got a few nifty scars on my body and MRIs that show brain injury.
        Can I get a Purple Heart and claim TBI for that?
        Only if I was a lying asshole.

  32. Daisy Cutter says:

    How much flair should one wear?

  33. Jarhead says:

    If I was a psychic, here’s what I would be selling these days. The future for Merkleine is as follows: area where either leg or foot was before the accident, will cause him to move as soon as it has healed. Next membership where ever he moves..SUPER SUPRISE!!!!!!!!
    The missing leg or foot was either from combat action, or more plausible..The doctors had to remove it as a result from shrapnel finally causing gangrene. He CAN and WILL use the wreck to shore up his combat history. Any takers on that? Surely somebody can create a better story than that! Nope, don’t even try the old “got the gongereena and it worked its way down!”

    • Sandman says:

      Jarhead I do believe you are fortune teller, I think you are just about spot on with this.

    • Bill M says:

      That was my first thought when I read about the accident and the loss of part of his leg. That will evolve into a combat-related loss (and he’ll probably award himself another phony PH).

  34. Pat says:

    What the American Legion and VFW did when they discovered a phoney was (apparently) remove him from leadership positions. As I recall they didn’t take away membership, since he was qualified based on the non-embellished service. AMVETs should do the same. For reference:

    Side note, once discovered, Strafer became inactive and I believe went off to different VFW/TAL posts, and he still has the website for his charity online:

    I was wondering why Merklein joined AMVETs, which I think are generally Cold War veterans, but then remembered he doesn’t qualify for VFW. Not sure why he didn’t join the American Legion.

  35. sj says:

    214 or not, the bullshit detector of anyone that has ever worn a uniform should have gone off when they saw this guy in that get up he wears.

  36. Dennis - not chevy says:

    I just looked at the vest again; and, I would like to know why he was awarded the USAF small arms expert marksmanship ribbon (SAEMR). By the way, it’s in the wrong place.
    Even more curious, why didn’t he award himself the bronze service star device on the SAEMR to denote expertise on both the rifle and the pistol? If you are going to award your own ribbons, why do it halfway?

  37. Dustoff says:

    No one ever, ever, ever. In the history of badass, black ops, CIA contract death squad, ex sniper SEAL. Force Recon UDT skydiving motorcycle club Vietnam Veteran death dealer has ever claimed to be a clerk, cook, unit supply guy, or a wire dog in commo. I mean, why can’t combat service support get equal time? I writing my congressman a strongly worded letter.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I once tried to forge a DD214 to see how these guys do it. It was an utter failure, but I was pretending to be a veterinary dietitian. Does that help?

    • Skippy says:

      Dustoff… that is the million dollar question, when I was in Germany with 2cr our 88Ms male and female were routinely beating up on a few of the 11Bs at area night clubs, hell the first Sargent of the S&T Sq. who was albeit a former 11B had a nasty reputation for fighting, BAWHAHAHA ,,,,
      now on to turds..
      I can’t remember the name of the turd
      but SV had one about three or so years ago with a drivers badge LMAO !!!!!
      but he was not claiming to be a 88M he was as always a
      SF/SEAL/DELTA/MARSOC/Ghost Opps high Drag Turd
      it’s the closest I’ve ever seen one try to be like one of us….

      • Skippy says:

        and I’ll have or will shit my pants if one ever claims to be a 19D its my first MOS scout,
        not the 19K tanker…
        and I mean I’ll piss and shit my pants LMFAO !!!!!!!

  38. TheCloser says:

    Dustoff- Here’s a phony Electronics Technician First Class (ET1), who also claims CIA and wearing a Navy Cross.
    I seem to recall at least one other phony ET in the past.

  39. I just read, at the AMVETS Riders Chapter 301, facebook page:
    :Amvets Riders Chapter 301: No need for further involvement in this matter by the Chapter. We received Alan Merkleins written resignation as President shortly before the start of last nights meeting.

    The matter(s) at hand will be resolved by an AMVET investigation and disciplinary action.

    This is now out of our swim lane. Since he has not renewed membership in the Riders for 2016; we are no longer associated with 8-ball.”

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Splash. Out.

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        Glad the roach scurried out. That being said AMVETS 301 need to do a good job cleaning up this mess, otherwise there is still a huge brown skidmark on the crapper, even if they did flush that turd.
        Figure out how he weaseled it, admit they fucked up and put proceedures in place to stop the same shit from happening.

    • 20thEB67 says:

      Well, Scumbag..looks like like you done fucked up and got yourself busted.

      You are hereby demoted from “8-Ball” to “1-Ball”, which is appropriately yellow in color.

  40. Jarhead says:

    Finally someone has done the right thing. By RIGHT THING, I mean investigate. Let me guess, he resigned because he can no longer ride.

    • Green Thumb says:

      He can always ride with Phildo and “Big Turd” Keith Keeton at that Florida veterans MC.

    • Skippy says:

      Good Guess

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      I wonder if one Stacy Rhodes will come back and make any further comments?

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        I wouldn’t blame Stacy if he didn’t. He got bitch-slapped pretty hard and it would probably take someone with some humility to come on and admit they are wrong and eat crow.
        He is probabaly just as pissed at TAH for exposing the assbag and how AMVETS fucked up as he is at Merkawienie.

      • Daisy Cutter says:

        And the wife as well. I wonder if she will be back. She was pretty feisty claiming she had the documents to back up his service.

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    People like Merleine are a good enough reason to avoid these vets’ organizations. They won’t exist without cash, and every new member represents cash.

    If one of their VIP members is a phony that worms his way upward in the group, and gets exposed for lying, of course they’re going to be defensive about it.

    The problem with this denial trip is that it drives away anyone who would consider joining them. There goes the cash.

  42. OEF GRUNT says:

    AMVETS 301 has been ran by people that do horrible things to horrible people. They run off the good ones and let the “good ole boys club” stay. That has changed recently though. More young vets are stepping up to take over. It’s not in a lot of the old timers favor but hey, they served. Nextly, it is being brought to the attention of AMVETS to validate ALL existing members to find any more phonies. Stacy Rhodes was not in command when 8 ball joined, Dave Wilson was. he probably should have verified the POSer but it was passed up. There was tons of BULLSHIT going on at the club at that time. And at that point Alan was still in the shadows. It wasn’t until the last year that he became so active and in the news. He also hardy came to the canteen except on select nights and at that point didn’t wear that vest. A lot of vets have entrusted him. Made him one of their brothers and they all feel like idiots now. Just as the club begins to heal this POSer starts up. Furthermore as far as being verified, the paper work clearly states he was lying. You can have your membership revoked if you joined with false papers. Alan is a vet so he is able to join, the deciding factor will be what real or phony paperwork he used to join. The AMVETS are handling it. As they recieve several calls a day, some hate and some just Wanting information. Bad ratings on FB for trying to keep the drama down. The members know. But the members also don’t need reminded by someone who isn’t in the club every time they want to see who is playing Friday or what dinner is served. That’s not what the page is for and it is only hurting the organization when people choose to not look due to those post. Alan is one huge problem at that post, but several other issues still stand more important. Making a safe place for the real vets, assisting the real vets with needs, and representing the AMVETS name in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Bottom line, this issue has been shared with the entire organization. The manatee veteran council is investigating, Alan is hiding because he knows he’s Caught. Thank you for making this issue aware to all, now let’s move forward in following through. It’s more than just the AMVETS responsibility.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      It’s nice to see that they are trying to “clean house”, especially with the history of problems. Hopefully the existing members are able to get things back in order and help support vets in their AO.

    • OEF Grunt:
      Thanks for coming here and letting the rest of the readers know that Y’all are on this. As I said in our phone conversation, He has been found out, and now we will take him to the public square, put him in stocks, and let the public shaming begin. He won’t answer his phone, but he has a couple of ear burning messages from me. I see his damned vest, and think of those that I knew who wore those patches honorably, who were awarded those medals, who truly earned them, and he makes me think of a thorough nut punt on his crotch.

    • OWB says:

      Thanks for the update, and all best to you and the others who are cleaning out the trash.

      Fraternal organizations are important to veterans, just like they are for civilians in their world. Each one must police their own membership to remain relevant in their communities. Those who ignore or encourage posers are destroying themselves. Too bad so many seem unable to observe what is obvious to the rest of us.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      OEF Grunt,
      Good deal on the Chapter making the changes. I think that while it may be painful for a lot of the Veteran’s Organizations to go through this, There is simply no way for a chapter to let posers slide.
      There is simply too much going on with social media and access to information, as well as Veterans who have had it with fakes to let this go on.
      Technology has caught up with the posers who have been rocking the lies for years.
      I think that the only way to go with vetting members now adays is for the applicant to request a copy of their DD214 care of the organizations address Once it arrives the Applicant can open it at the post, make a copy of it in front of the Officers and Black out the PPI and hand the copy to them.

  43. 5chevin5 says:

    My father was a two tour Vietnam Vet, then a 12 year tour of duty in the NYPD, but thats a different type of service. Of course when I was young I asked him every stupid question I could about war, he said, “I was no hero, I just went and did my job, hoped everyone around me did their job and kept my head down”

    I asked hime once when I got older why I never saw any of the “bling” that some of these guys wear on him? The medals, stickers, t-shirts etc? His answer was simple…”Son, most of those guys weren’t even there” … I was shocked, the first time I was exposed to the idea that someone would steal valor. I have been following Don Shipley for awhile, it just drives me crazy the lies.

    This guy is like Mr.T with bling, and should be ashamed.

    My old man is my hero, and I will defend and honor any person that has worn the uniform and served regardless of their MOS on the team. But these phonies….they are a special kind of turd.


    • Green Thumb says:

      Mr. T was the man.

      This turd is all about polishing ballsacks.

      I hope the wife is happy she married a “real man”.


  44. Midnightguy says:

    I know the recent announcement of his resigning was good news, but his picture is still on the AMVETS Riders Chapter 301 Facebook cover photo for all to see. He is on the right wearing that Fucked up vest of his. Come on AMVETS, time for a new cover photo.. that or do what the Russians used to do and remove his image from the photo like he never was there.

    • Sharon says:

      I’m really beginning to think Amvets is in major denial. Members still have posts on public sites with him in photos and when you remind them it may not be a good ides you get told to “stay off my fucking posts”!! On a public board they are every ones to view and comment on.It was an Amvet Rider Member that reacted so violently. they are mad and embarrassed some in total denial. Some are still supporting him in spite of all the evidence and they are really dragging their feet on the matter. Some are still keeping contact secretly. I found one who offered to help clear the guy if he could produce certain papers and numbers.Why would anyone want to support a POSer?

      • I am NOT an AMBVETS Member, but am in daily contact with them. They know full well that this turd is a phony, but the chapter is acting according to their charter, waiting for National to act, and dotting the “i”s, and crossing the “t”s. He has been booted/ not allowed to renew his membership which has run out for the year.
        They will act.
        I posted on one member’s page,(knowing that his wife would read it), that all he had to do was come up with a Ranger Class number, and the period of time that he was in the Ranger Regiment, and if it checked out, we would be behind him, knowing that he is full of shit.

    • AskaMarine says:

      I noticed the same as well. Thanks, Midnightguy for addressing this.

    • The wheels of an organization turn slow. I am in daily contact with this AMVETS Chapter, and they are fully aware that he is a phony, but are waiting for reply from Nat’l. When they get it the banner will be replaced with one similar but with recognition that he is a phony. I personally modified their banner, and unless they come up with a better one, plan to run my modification. I will have the reply on his Ranger Tab Check sometime today, and will forward that to them.

    • GW says:


  45. Ranger School tab check came back as we thought it would= No record of Alan Merklein or any similar name in the 60s, 70s or 80s. His wife/woman, is unfriending their AMVETS Chapter friends, He will not return messages left on his phone, I offered to help him unfuck himself if he would just give me his Ranger Class Number, but he hasn’t returned my calls either.
    Heezaturd, for sure.

  46. After talking to several members over the past few weeks, I can see that AMVETS and AMVETS RIDERS MC does in fact, endorse and support those who would embellish their military service. Even those who would stand in the blood, and on the caskets of better men than they, so long as they once received an Honorable Discharge. To claim a Purple Heart Medal when in reality a motor pool worker who never saw combat= Good to Go. To wear a 2nd Award Combat Infantryman’s Badge, when never in combat in even the 1st war= Good to Go. To claim to have been an Army Airborne Ranger, when actually a leg in the motor pool= Good to Go. To be as phony as you want to be, to stand and lie to your club brothers, is all Good to Go with AMVETS and AMVETS RIDERS MC.
    How in hell could a man who believes in supporting his fallen and wounded brothers be able to stand a low life liar, or a Club that tolerates and endorses this conduct. Is it any wonder why most Riding Vets won’t have anything to do with these turds?

    • 20thEB67 says:

      No wonder at all, Frankie Cee. That is precisely the reason why so many of us are not “joiners”.

      Well, fuck them and Merklein. There`s more exposure to come for them.

      Thanks for staying on this..Good work.

      • In the Know says:

        Good to know. This is a shit hole operation of a bunch of drunks who only care about their next party. This is not a Veterans organizations who cares for veterans. It is a drinkers club. They have been covering up some pretty bad things for years and losing great members. It is a clique and you are in or out. It is a good old boys drinking club.

        • lee says:

          As one who is also “In the know” you are absolutely right! Never saw so many drunks in one place in my life. It is a shit hole and the only work they do is planning the next party or ride.