| February 5, 2020

48-52- not guilty. Every Dem plus one Rino voting guilty. Can we now please put this foolishness in our wake and get on with the Nation’s business?

Who am I kidding?

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Actually 53-47. Romney voted ‘Not Guilty”.


…or technically 47-53. Acquitted.

A Proud Infidel®™️

IMHO Mittens Romney is a 24K swamp donkey RINO.


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Sorry AW1Ed, my bad. I only caught the closing of the votes, and forgot there were two articles voted on.

Hack Stone

Hack hopes that Nancy Pelosi Saved the receipt for those impeachment pens, they don’t seem to work.

MSG Eric

But she billed her “administrative” account 4500 dollars per pen for shipping and handling.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That makes me wonder if they were made by some outfit that she owns or is owned by one of her campaign donors!


Cheap– never fired, dropped once?


Those are pens, not ARVN rifles. 😜

SSG Kane

You know, I’ve stood by Senator Romney for quite a while. His biggest sin was losing to President Obama and didn’t deserve the abuse he’s taken since then.

But this? Fuck it. His vote is a temper tantrum write large. It’s a “You shouldn’t have been so mean to me!!1111!!!”

The Stranger

Actually he deserved every bit of the shit he got for losing to Obama. He ran a lackluster campaign and wouldn’t stand up for himself or take it to Obama during the debates. He’s spent far more energy going after Trump than he ever did going after the Democrats. If he would have put half the effort going after Obama that he has going after Trump, he would have won in 2012.


“He’s spent far more energy going after Trump than he ever did going after the Democrats”

That’s my problem with all Never-Trumpers (by the way News flash, “Never” went out the window on 11/8/2016).

Are there problems on our side? Yes. Should you address them? Absolutely. But don’t beat on your side like the Democrats do. Two unforgivable sins:
1) Slamming your side with the bullshit arguments of the left (like “Republicans” who were complaining about Trump putting kids in cages)
2) When you bitch more about your side then you ever do about the opposition
We have the press slandering our side aplenty. I don’t need my “friends” doing it.

Not sure who is running against Romney next primary, but I believe I’m going to make my first political contribution.


Mitt is the Senate’s spiritual successor for McCain. All too willing to be that (R) that speaks ill of his party and his side to get himself on TV and rake in accolades from the left and media. Here’s hoping Utah doesn’t forget in four years and sends him packing back to Massachusetts.


And McCain…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

We don’t want this fucker back they can keep him…


” Can we now please put this foolishness in our wake and get on with the Nation’s business?

Who am I kidding?”

Well, you got the second part right.
I mean, come on bitch, it’s only Wednesday.

I’ll bet $5 that something else comes up by Friday evening.

If you don’t want to take that bet, how about something BOMBSHELL, by next Friday, Valentines Day??

Here’s my shocked face….



You don’t want Bolton subpoenaed? The earlier complaints about all the testimony under oath was that was all second-hand. Now you’ve got a guy who was there — I think that’s worth hearing.


Then the Democrats should have done it the first time around. If they weren’t so hell bent on getting him impeached before Christmas, they could have actually done their jobs and actually done a full investigation.

This whole, well it didn’t work this time, so we’re going to keep trying again and again is contemptible. If it were a criminal trial it’d be abundantly clear double jeopardy.


So if my colleague screws around at work and doesn’t do his job, I should screw around too?

No, the Senate is there to do a job – you can’t just point fingers and say, “Well, those guys didn’t do theirs, so we’re not gonna do ours either!”

We don’t accept that mentality from kids in school or colleagues in jobs, we certainly shouldn’t accept it from the US Senate.


schiftty crapimous for 3 years.. I have overwhelming evidence. At the end of the House farce, we have proven our case against this corrupt president. A month later when drunken diaper Nancy finally sent forth the articles…… we need more witnesses. Really? Get a fucking life.


But it’s not the Senate’s job. The Senate is essentially the jury. The House is the one laying the charges, doing the investigation, and presenting the case. They failed miserably in doing their job, solely because they wanted to get it done fast. In the process they threw any semblance of fairness out the window and engaged in some extremely shady shit (like subpoenaing phone records of members of the House!).

The Democrats are pushing this line that the Republican Senate didn’t do their job. They did. This is a weak, half-hearted attempt to shift the blame to the Republicans and the Senate for them not doing what they were supposed to do. Apparently it’s working if you’re buying into this line of BS.


If your friend screws around at work, and your work depends on the quality and validity of his work, then your work will be, by extension, equal to the poor work he did. The house cocked up their investigations, so you end up with a pointless trial in the senate.

5th/77th FA

Imma wid you Chipster. It wasn’t (OVER) when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and it ain’t over now! The vote is no surprise at all, nor is the acquittal. I personally would rather have seen a real trial and drag all the dirty witnesses in. Let’s meet the whistleblower and bring out all the ones he has ties to. Let’s get all of the chill’ren that work for the gas company on the stand, including Huffing Hunter and Mitten’s baby boy.

Round three of this sh^t show will drop in

The Stranger

*Starts building a bunker*
This is gonna get ugly!:)

The Stranger

Oh, I know! You gotta rattle the cannon cocker from time to time. 🤣

5th/77th FA

(Grabs another Yuengling and throws folding money on the table) I ain’t skeered and it ain’t (OVER). That evil bitch, scrunt, mouth whore, spawn of Satan himself is not gonna rest at all. Unless Trump or someone in Justice (yeah right) does something to shut her drunk azz up we will see right shortly some other pile of steaming crap pulled out of her ass. And the phuque stick pi$$ poor excuse of a human Mittens can go straight to hell too. These mofos on both sides have drug this crap out because they are both filthy dirty and are concerned that the whole ball of wax is gonna blow up in their faces. I’m telling you straight up, the effing politicians are doing the same sh^t that they did in the 1860s. They want a war. At the very least Pukelosi is guilty of destruction of an official document and should be prosecuted. After all, didn’t she say, “No one is against the law”? They want the public distracted by their bull sh^t and they want to get rid of Trump to save their phony baloney jobs.

These effing people are looters and pillagers. They are the worst enemies our Republic has ever seen. THEY ARE the domestic enemies that we swore an oath to defend against. They will not give up until Trump is removed or they are dead.

Ante up! (NOT OVER)

5th/77th FA

wingnut was an effing idiot too. Unlike him and John Bell Hood I’m not gonna bet with nary a pair in my hand. When Granny Pukelosi tore the speech up I drew the Ace that completed my Royal Flush. And just like Mick is NEVAH gonna go see a certain motion picture about Naval Aviation, Granny is NOT gonna quit flogging this expired equine. She and Shitzfull are already plotting their next checker move of nefarious BS, knowing that they will get re-elected from their respective areas and knowing which areas of the country they have to gin up some more dead voters. To them, the short time between now and November is short and their handlers have plenty of money.

I ain’t saying the demonrats are gonna win, Imma just saying it ain’t (OVER). I’ve switched to Crown, need a shot? I gots to get (OVER) to the FGS; something (OVER) there caught my eye and it is proof that a certain Aerial Designated Squidly Swabbie lubs me and wants me to be happy.

A Proud Infidel®™

Speakin’ of wingnut the chihuahua turd, I’m convinced that your deleting his turd nuggets pisses him off. keep deleting him!

Jerky Dave

The demoncRATS got this all wrong. There was Quid-pro-quo and it was very obvious. Trump said that he would make things better if he was voted into office. The reverse of that would be if we did not vote him in, he would not Make America Great Again. In fact, that borderlines on extortion! /s


since when is politics anything BUT quid pro quo?


To all the sane among us, that is obvious. What the professional pols wish for us to believe is that only they, and those they select, should be allowed to do it. And call it something else when they do.

Or something. It’s pretty much impossible to break their code on such things. They do make it clear that most of us are not welcome in their club. We are just supposed to pay for their lunacy.

Cameron Kingsley

In celebration, (stolen from the Daily Wire):

Number 1:
There once was Nan from San Fran
She vowed to get ‘That Man’.
Though she bumped him and thumped him
She could not Trump him
And now poor Fran has no plan.

Number 2:
A disgruntled woman called Nancy
Was visibly miffed, mad and antsy.
She hates Donald Trump
And thinks he’s a chump.
His speech didn’t tickle her fancy.

But Donald regards it as winning
As he has said from the beginning.
The Democrats’ fears
And liberal tears
Keep POTUS delighted and grinning.


If you like your [President] you can keep your [President]. -B. Obama
Chicken-necked, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Dims.
God Bless These United States!
Ladies Liberty and Justice still watch over these lands!
From the CiC:


Nancy’s liver

MSG Eric

I think her liver and the rest of her died like 6 years ago, she’s being kept alive by plastic surgery and botox.

HT3 '83-'87

The whole thing was an exercise in futility…the outcomes where known well before the conclusion. I’m waiting for E.C. (aka “the whistle blowers) relation with Schiff & Co to be exposed when Republicans retake the house and release the ICIG’s report that didn’t “leak” out of Schiff’s stank basement hearings.


Trump blocked witnesses. GOP added a rule rider preventing hearsay evidence. Senators blocked all first hand testimony.

This was not an acquittal it was a coverup.

The truth will come out. When it does most of you will be glad your online support of a Trump was anonymous.

Until then go ahead and celebrate the end of political accountability. A Hobbesian ruler has always been the true conservative vision of government.

Trump is a return to true conservatism values.


The truth will indeed come out. Like all your predictions, you will be wrong. We’ll remind you of it. You’ll ignore us. The sun will still rise the next morning. And in that morning you’ll still be an arrogant, smug, self-righteous, perpetually wrong, painfully ignorant, shit-excuse for a patriot.

Instead of trying to destroy this country, just go to one that your policies have already turned to shit. It’ll save you a lot of effort and us a lot of misery.


If it was that important, why didn’t the House call the witnesses? Your buddies had complete control there. I guess that was a cover up as well, Lars.

Re: Being Anonymous
Let me guess, because when the democrats take power, you plan to crack down on Trump supporters? I get that your Antifa buddies hate us, but I’d bet on the MAGA crowd in a fight.


Like Sheriff Higgins said, “I’m easy to find”.


Can’t cover up non-crimes:
-The aid was released
-The investigation didn’t happen (even tho warranted!)
-Zelensky said he wasn’t pressured
-The House NEVER sought legal recourse to the assertion of Executive Privilege

‘First hand knowledge’ is hearsay when there is no evidence, but keep beating that drum.

You want to talk about real crime? How about the illegal protections of the ‘whistleblower’ and the improper handling of the same by Schiff’s office?!
How about the illegal wiretapping of then-candidate Donald J. Trump?
How about the release of classified documents by the House Judiciary committee?
And my favorite, the American people are SICK AND F*CKING TIRED OF THE SOCIALIST, ANTI-AMERICAN LEFT?!
See you in November, you Clinton jock sniffing, Bernie knob-buffing clown of a human.


Have another heaping helping of Crow. Have another nothingburger while you are at it.

The Other Whitey

Your ilk started shrieking “impeachment” without a shred of evidence or even a single charge to file within seconds of the 2016 election results being made official, Lars. After that, do you really expect anyone to buy your bullshit? You and yours have zero credibility. Fuck off.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Trump blocked witnesses. GOP added a rule rider preventing hearsay evidence. Senators blocked all first hand testimony.”

Once again you are 110% full of shit, Lars! The House Impeachment Hearings were held BEHIND CLOSED DOORS with only D-rats present.
The D-rats presented not even a single credible witness.
The vote was 100% along Party lines with the exceptions of Duckworth voting “Present” in the House and the DC Swamp Donkey Mittens Romney voting to convict on one of the charges like the slimy RINO that he is.

HT3 '83-'87

When ICIG’s report is released and it details the coordinated efforts of Eric C. and the Schiff team, Dems will cut that guy adrift and leave him in their wake like Avenatti (how’d he do in Iowa as a 2020 front runner from the Fall of 2018), Mueller, and Baby Voice Ford. This is their second failed coup attempt…they just don’t learn.

PS Hearsay isn’t allowed except for very certain exceptions…being butt-hurt about the 2016 elections is not an acceptable exception. Would the Dems want to allow hearsay on The Biden’s corruption? Trump could say he heard about it at the water cooler just like Eric C. Go pound sand pinko.


The house investigation was not an investigation…. It was the start of a kangaroo court. Since when is hearsay from an unknown and hidden witness that cannot be cross examined or even seen evidence. Screw you Lars. In your world I could get my daughter to call you a rapist, just make sure you were some where near her on her claim and refuse to let you know who she is or where she was. And then claim she told someone about it at some time.


It was all an orchestrated soft coup of a scam. A CIA operative, Eric Ciaramello, was planted in the NSC. He was fired from the White House NSC staff for suspected leaking about two or three months before the July 25 call between Trump and Zelensky. Then after the Traitor Twins, the Vindmans, heard the call or some of its content, which was classified, they contacted the CIA rat and he contacted the Shiffhole and his staff. It is no coincidence that the Shiffhole shortly thereafter hired two NSC staffers from the White House. They all orchestrated the CIA guy’s complaint with the assistance of Lawer Zaid, who is an avowed expert on federal whistleblower law. You see, neither of the brave Vindman twins wanted to be the complainant because they couldn’t take the heat for their treasonous conduct. They both knew that it would be unlikely either of them would ever get promoted again if they stepped up. So the whole house impeachment was a carefully crafted fraud. And morons like our commie cuttlefish and LC bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

Anyone here really think a bunch of D-rat congressmen and their staffs gave a shit about military aid to the Ukraine when their hero, 0bama sent nothing but blankets and MRE’s in aid, and most of them voted against the lethal military aid Trump sent?

Cameron Kingsley

Don’t forget that Steeleyl character. I haven’t seen him for awhile, I wonder if he gave up and went somewhere else.


Lars you have more hit wind than a sack full of farts!


All butt hurt over the outcome, Lars? Deal with it… get the sand out of your mangina, get a job, wash your ass and just deal with it.

The Stranger

Here’s the great Red Foxx with some relevant advice…


Speaking of coverups, why hasn’t Schiff released the testimony of the 18th witness? It seems like you are fine with coverups as long as it is your side doing it.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The House could have done exactly what was done in the Nixon hearings have the SCOTUS rule on any subpoena. The fact the house chose not to have a SCOTUS ruling suggests the quality of the subpoenas they intended to try and utilize.

Nixon tried to block all manner of subpoenaed information to no avail. SCOTUS ruled against him, largely because of the quality evidence the House Special Prosecutor had at the time.

There was little quality to any component of this indictment process. It was a political impeachment without value and was treated as such in the Senate. It won’t be forgotten by the Republicans though, these things never are forgotten.

It will be interesting to watch the Democrats defense of their guy next time this pops up in the House.


I hope I live to see the Day a Republican controlled House goes after a newly elected Democrat president on day one. Scratch that, I never want to see another Democrat President.


Hey Lars… Trump left you a message.

“How does my AZZ taste?”

Carlton G Long

Piss off, Lars, and stop doubling down on your bullshit.


Off Topic, legendary actor Kirk Douglas has died at age 103. He was a U.S. Navy officer during WW2.

From Wiki: He joined the United States Navy in 1941, shortly after the United States entered World War II, where he served as a communications officer in anti-submarine warfare aboard USS PC-1137.[1] He was medically discharged in 1944 for war injuries sustained from the accidental dropping of a depth charge.[24]


A true legend. You know a guy who passes 100 has got to die someday, but some just give off the impression that they’re immortal. He was one of those.

He will always be Spartacus.

The Other Whitey

Imagine what could be fixed if dems and RINOs had put even 1/4 of the effort they dedicated to this shitshow towards doing their actual jobs.

RGR 4-78

That is the truth.
Improving the condition of highways and bridges, would have made a big difference to Americas middle class.


Like the when the Republicans had the House and Senate, and while they vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare, thy never once proposed an alternate plan. All 535 of them are useless turds.


Off topic, but here goes:

RIP Kirk Douglas

He was one of the great men of the silver screen. -He- was Spartacus.


And I missed an above post. Oops.


Cory Booker ain’t Spartacus? Well blow me down. 😃

RGR 4-78

Since he quit the Democrat 2020 Presidential race, he has been known as Departicus.

Cameron Kingsley

You get a 45 Peach Mint! You get a 45 Peach Mint! Everybody gets a 45 Peach Mint!


Todays word is MAGA……
See how many ways you can use it in a sentence.

Hebert J Messkit

Great , can we now get some Clinton foundation, Obama administration, and deep state indictments before statute of limitations. Or do we charge them with treason which should have no limits