Congratulations, France

| May 7, 2007

I’m glad France has decided to live in the community of nations again and in the 21st century (as opposed to living in the mid-19th century). But, as of nearly 11:00 am, only European and African news services are being halfway honest and reporting the anti-Sarkozi riots there. Neither Reuters nor AP are saying a word. A Yahoo search of news “France+riots” turned up this.

367 evil cars were burned by “youths” in Paris according to the Daily Mail. So, I guess we should admire their restraint since nearly everything is a reason to burn the evil parked cars in Paris these days. I hope they begin cleaning up France by deporting the youths they catch burning private property.

From USAToday;

French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy plans to waste no time making France a friendlier place for business — and a less inviting place for criminals and would-be immigrants….

And I hope they let their wealthy people live in the country again and provide job opportunities to deserving workers. 

In related news, the newly conservative government of Germany rejected clemency for Red Army Faction leader Christian Klar according to the AP;

The office of President Horst Koehler did not say why he had rejected Klar’s bid for early release. Mr. Koehler, who met with Klar last week, considered the positions of courts, prosecutors and others, and had held talks with relatives of the victims, his office said.
    The request from Klar, 54, had met with fierce opposition from many German conservatives, who argued that a former terrorist who had shown no public remorse did not deserve mercy.
    Their stance hardened after he sent a message to a left-wing conference earlier this year that seemed to indicate he had not lost his revolutionary fervor. Klar talked of “completing the defeat” of capitalism “and opening the door for a different future.”

Funny how conservatives don’t like terrorists very much.

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