Best stock market climb since Coolidge

| May 7, 2007

According to the Wall Street Journal, if today’s Dow Jones Industrials close higher than Friday, it’ll be the longest winning streak for the market since Calvin Coolidge;

The Dow has closed higher 23 of the past 26 sessions, a feat not accomplished since 1944. If it finishes in the black Monday, it would tie the longest streak of its kind in the index’s history, achieved in 1927.

Isn’t that just the opposite of what the Left meant in the 2004 election when they said that this economy is the worst since Hoover and when John Kerry said we had the biggest job loss since the Depression? I guess this is why Lawrence O’Donnell is the worst stock-picking guest on Kudlow’s show. The left wouldn’t know a good stock market if it hit them in their collective stupid face. 

If we can’t trust them to judge the economy, how can we trust them to tell us that the Iraq War will be a failure?

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They have to keep up with the gloom and doom talk though otherwise people might start blaming things that are actually wrong on the party that dominates the Senate and Congress. Distract and conquer!