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Well, the Supremes are in hot water with the anti-gun left. SUPREMES MAKE VEGAS-STYLE BUMP STOCKS LEGAL!!! etc.  Well, no, that’s not actually what they said.

President Trump ordered the ban in 2017 after a single gunman at a Las Vegas concert used multiple guns modified by bump stock devices to kill 60 people and injure 400—all in the space of 11 minutes.  NPR

(Might remember that the next time Trump tells you how pro-gun he is – he did more to  hep anti-gunners than Obama did.)

Back to the decision – BATFE has defined a machine gun as one that intentionally fires multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger. Bump stocks use the recoil of the gun to pull the trigger REPEATEDLY for rapid fire. Ergo, not a machine gun by their rules. But the Trump ATF unilaterally declared a bump stock makes an ordinary rifle a machine gun.  Nope, a) it doesn’t and b) Congress has to do that, not the BATFE. All the Supremes did was say “BATFE overstepped their authority – they can’t DO that”. But oh, the streets are about to be running with blood – and hyperbole. Like the abortion ruling, what they actually said and what is being said they did are two different things.

And in more bad news for the anti-gun crowd, Gavin Newsom is having a bad week.

On NBC’s “Today” show last June, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a proposal that seemed politically impossible from the start: Convincing two-thirds of state legislatures in America to officially call for a constitutional convention to adopt national gun safety laws.

One year later, no other state has joined Newsom’s fight.

The inability to advance the gun safety proposal beyond California, even in other Democratic-controlled states, suggests that — so far at least — Newsom’s plan was more flash than substance.  LA Times

For once, he was constitutionally correct – can’t just contravene the 2nd Amendment with non-conforming laws – there are a multitude of decisions in the last 20 years which have shown just that. But an amendment to kill the 2nd? That’s legal – for a quick example, look at the rise (18th Amendment) and fall (21st Amendment) of Prohibition. Seems that popular support for ‘get rid of the 2nd’ is somewhat lacking.

Might recall Bryan Malinowski, the airport executive who was gunned down by BATFE agents in his home in March while they served a non-knock search and warrant on him. Well, the DA has (surprise, surprise) found the ATF agents’ actions aboveboard and is requesting no charges be filed.

In his letter, Jones said the agents had properly identified themselves with police running lights and sirens outdoors before they entered and announced their presence at the front door. Jones wrote that during the raid one of the agents saw another agent fall to the ground, heard a gunshot and saw Malinowski holding a gun.

Malinowski may have been skirting the law on being a dealer (about a transaction a week at gun shows within a three year period) and one could argue that in a raid seeing another agent fall and a supposed gunshot could lead to the wrong conclusion. But why the raid in the first place? Malinowski had no idea he was being investigated, worked inside an airport (isn’t that a gun free zone?) – why not just visit him at his office? Why not wear BATFE-mandated body cams? Why tape over his doorbell camera?

In his letter, Jones said the agents had properly identified themselves with police running lights and sirens outdoors before they entered and announced their presence at the front door.

Bud Cummins, the family’s attorney, on Friday said questions about the raid were “far from over” despite Jones’ decision. Cummins noted that, according to Jones’ letter, ATF agents only waited 28 seconds after knocking on the Malinowski’s door before they began to ram it.AP

Depending on where the bedroom, lights in the street may not mean much. Neighbors dispute that “siren” bit, too. 28 whole seconds before breaking in the door?  Be honest…how many people wake, pull on some kind of clothes, and can even GET to their door in 28 seconds? This one is a full-Janet-Reno level procedural screw-up and there needs to be a public investigation.

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Jus’ sayin’…

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And let’s not forget this word of advice…

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed you are correct good sir.


George knew…

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George Washington NEVER said that.
In fact, it’s the FAKE part that is circled.


Last edited 24 days ago by MarineDad61

George’s exact quote is as follows…just to make the meme knotzies happy…Again…I don’t generate/produce the memes I post, I steal them from others…and, no, I don’t fact check them. And, again…a meme is 33% humor, 33% truth, and 33% to make people go hmmm. The remaining 1% is YMMV

According to the National Archives site Founder’s Online, during his Jan. 8, 1790, speech to Congress, Washington said: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”

My guess is that the Good Ol’ Boys that placed this marker paraphrased George so that people who didn’t speak the “King’s English” could more understand/relate to it.


That correct quote is listed on my USAToday link, which also provides your link to the National Anchovies.

This is why everyone should be fact checking the quotes they spread.

Lincoln says it best.
Or does he?


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National Anchovies??? I’m out.. Furry fish are nasty…

Proofreading on the other hand…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

There will never be an investigation to hold the BATFEces accountable.
“We have investigated ourselves, and find ourselves not guilty.”
What needs to be done is to ID and doxx everyone involved, from the supervisor in his office who signed off on this clusterf**k, to the agents who participated in the raid.
Then let the chips fall where they may.


At 6 AM.

And gave the dude a whole 28 seconds to open the door before they battered it down.

“In his letter, Jones said the agents had properly identified themselves with police running lights and sirens outdoors before they entered and announced their presence at the front door.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And I got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell ya real cheap.

No repairs needed either. It’s a turn key bridge, good to go.


My ~110 lb German Shepherd responds to knocks on the door providing additional time to answer the door.

Its my understanding that BATFE has required use of body cams what disciplinary action has been taken against the agents involved for failure to follow policy and bringing disrepute on the agency and to encourage others to follow internal rules in the future.


what action? None at all, of course. They were there to send a message, and mission accomplished…

As for your German Sheppard, history has shown that the jack-booted thugs at the BATFE have no problem at all shooting dogs… (or pregnant women holding children for that matter).. they are the epitome of the deep state, and should be the first agency dismantled in a return to our Constitutional roots.


Ruby Ridge enters the chat…

“Malinowski had no idea he was being investigated, worked inside an airport (isn’t that a gun free zone?) – why not just visit him at his office? Why not wear BATFE-mandated body cams? Why tape over his doorbell camera?”


Because a simple, quiet arrest isn’t nearly as effective at sending a message…. and I’ll see your Ruby Ridge and raise you a Waco…




Guns or no guns…
Fuck Gavin Newsome!


The guy was running guns, by all legal definitions, and might have thought one of those gang bangers could be coming back to ask for a refund.
Stopping by at work in suits and ties would have gone a whole lot easier for all of them!


Maybe he was going to be a whistle blower about ? …


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BlueCord Dad

I particularly like the chainsaw bayonet option😎

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Long time since we had the chainsaw bayonet on the site. Am going to copy and paste it to someone I know with an FFL License

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Yeah killing Malinowski was a deliberate act by an ATF looking to send a message.

Everyone here knows goddamn well if their door is kicked in during the early morning hours there’s a good chance it’s some sort of home invasion and we will respond accordingly…the ATF knew this as well…they knew where he worked, they knew they could handle this in the light of day without incident and they chose this path deliberately.

They also chose to deliberately not wear body cams. Every agent and their supervisory team should be dismissed for cause and never allowed to serve in law enforcement again…policy is policy for a reason.

Anyone thinking we the people don’t have a right to determine how we allow our government to police us is a person who doesn’t understand the concept of a government of the people and by the people. The consent of the governed matters under US constitutional principles and I believe we’ve long since passed a moment where our government believes it needs to adhere to those concepts.

This was a murder of a man against whom they should easily have won a legal prosecution if the evidence was there, if the evidence wasn’t really there this was instead a murder to remove someone they felt they couldn’t achieve a victory over in court.

If anyone believes otherwise they are either naive or too stupid to have a say in our government and its actions.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Dismissed for cause”?
Nah. Out and out fired.
From a trebuchet.
Guaranteed one and done.


“how many people wake, pull on some kind of clothes, and can even GET to their door in 28 seconds?”

Takes me at least that long to untangle from the cpap mask.
By then I’m swearing in four languages as I trip over the dog.


Yup. I do all that and still haven’t made it out of the bedroom.


Clothes are pretty low priority. In fact if you’re going to mix it up physically, you’re better off not not having anything on other than a light coat of baby oil.

If anybody is breaking down my door, at 30 seconds I will be wearing body armor and carrying a rifle. I know for a fact I haven’t committed any crimes, so anybody coming in is looking for me for other reasons.

I’m not going to care if they’re shouting “ministry of Truth!” or “Men in Black!’

Last edited 24 days ago by 5JC

Old tanker

Actually it was congress that defined a machine gun as a firearm firing more than one bullet per trigger action. The aft tried to define the bump stock as a MG and do not have the authority to do the job of congress, ie make law.

Personally, I think bump stocks are pretty stupid. I don’t have one and never will but I really don’t care if someone else wants one.


There’s a work around for bump stocks. You hook your thumb on your belt loop and put your finger on the trigger and pull the weapon forward. The weapon rocks back and forth firing continuously. A bit slower than an automatic action. But a continuous fire. You can also use a rubber band hooked on your jacket and achieve the same result. It’s called a poor man’s bump stock. No reason to by a bump stock.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Similar to this idea….


Have to try that on the 10/22


Unless they were conducting a traffic stop on the house, running lights and sirens for three seconds outside means fuckall.

Your story leaves out a huge detail.

The agent that shot Malinowski, was shot first by Malinowski. Malinowski was trying to shoot the leading agent, who went prone and rolled away to cover. Malinowski kept shooting at the first agent as he fell and hit the second agent in the foot with his Colt Defender 45. This was likely a missed shot from a ricochet. Bullets tend to travel along flat surfaces when they hit them at an angle. After he was hit, the agent then shot Malinowski multiple times.

While the shooting may have been justified, the agents in charge were f****** morons. There’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have detained him safely at work and sent a team to make the search. Instead they made the choice to put their agents at risk for no reason. There a million other ways they could have done it better too but they chose the hard stupid ways.


The police/FBI/etc. are pretty heavy handed when serving search warrants. I believe this to be a lack of training. They are not taught to use only the force necessary to serve warrants. They use maximum/deadly force at the first encounter of a home owner. It does not matter if the owner is compliant. They absolutely need training to serve warrants to cause the lowest chance of an escalated encounter. Pickup suspects in situations that have less chance of an encounter that can turn bad. They need training on protecting citizens. After all, suspects are innocent until convicted in a court of law. Law enforcement encounters with citizens should reflect that.

Army-Air Force Guy

Federal Marshals do it the right way: Make sure their detainee is isolated from anybody else, get in and get cuffs on them, get them out.


If you want to ban bump stocks, pass law and don’t make an unconstitutional “rule” or executive order– all SCOTUS said.

Of course, Democrats love arbitrary “rule”-making and don’t like the Constitution because it restrains them.

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Last edited 24 days ago by Anonymous

IIRC, they showed up at his house well before dawn, when he and his wife were likely still sound asleep. So, how would they hear the storm troopers arrived with lights and sirens running. Bet they were hoping for a shootout, just like their colleagues at Waco.