A year starts with contrasts: LCPL Dural vs. dirtbags

| January 1, 2024

We lost a good kid December 19th, it seems. The Marines are being closemouthed, saying LCPL Nicholas Dural died “on duty” as an embassy guard in The Republic of Congo. Other than that, no details have been released and even his father would not provide more specifics.

Nicholas Dural adored his two sisters, and they adored him, his parents said. At family gatherings, his cousins would flock to him, the way “little ducks follow a mama duck,” according to Kimberly Dural.

Nicholas Dural was a squad leader in boot camp, and at graduation drill instructors and new Marines alike came up to his parents to praise him for his leadership, according to Kimberly Dural.

In April, after completing the nine-week embassy security guard training at Quantico, Virginia, Dural was lunching at a Virginia Chick-fil-A with Cpl. John Darby and Cpl. Bradley Feldkamp when some teens there got into a brawl.

As the three Marines tried to defuse the situation, Dural saw one of the teens whip out a knife, he told reporters in an April interview.

His instincts kicked in. He grabbed and twisted the wrist of the teenager who was holding the knife, applying so much pressure to the top of the blade that the knife snapped in two.

Then Dural went to get a haircut — and didn’t tell his barber what had just happened.  Marine Times

Read the article. This sounds like a squared away young man with a ton of potential.

Now let us compare and contrast:

Claudine Gay, the President at Harvard, was allowed to keep her position after anti-semitic statements, effectively giving a free pass to anti-Israel supporters, and a history of plagiarism dating back into the 1990s according to some articles I have read.  She enjoys the “full confidence” of the Harvard Corporation, who allowed her to correct and back-date citations to plagiarized papers. Here is what a student member of the Harvard Honor council says:

“When my peers are found responsible for multiple instances of inadequate citation, they are often suspended for an academic year. When the president of their university is found responsible for the same types of infractions, the fellows of the Corporation ‘unanimously stand in support of’ her,” the student wrote.

“There is one standard for me and my peers and another, much lower standard for our University’s president. The Corporation should resolve the double standard by demanding her resignation,” the student concluded.  Fox News

Or remember Sam Brinton?  The mustachioed bald dress-wearing non-binary former honcho of our NUCLEAR WASTE disposal policy? Sure you do… no one could forget his picture, full make-up and dressed in designer clothes.  He got busted for stealing suitcases, while traveling on official business. And we are not talking cheap random bags – one bag he stole was worth over $3500, another was packed with custom designer clothing (which the owner identified him wearing.) Steal thousands in luggage, YOU will go to jail. Sam? Got himself lawyered up and hasn’t even gone to trial on some charges – although one theft got him three days of community service, and he did get fined over $500 and 180 days in another theft – suspended with no time served – and told by the judge to “stay out of trouble.”  Oh, and DOE won’t even comment whether they even investigated him.   Fox News II

I won’t even mention Hunter. Let’s just say LCPL Dural was worth any 500 of these scumbags.

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The Chik-Fil-A incident took place right up the road from where I lived (in 2022, before the incident), at the Garrisonville exit (Rte. 610). The back gate to Quantico (closest way to get to the Embassy Guard School) is just down the road. LCpl Dural seems like he was a good young Marine, who had tons of potential. RIP…

The Harvard pResident is doubly protected, so she knew she didn’t have much to worry about. Kamala would probably say something along the lines of, “As a Black Woman of Color, you might say that she’s a woman, and Black, and being a Black woman, she can expect the non-preferential treatment that any woman of color, especially a Black woman, should receive.”

As for Brinton, is he truly a Clinton? Did he take a cue from Lewinsky and non-binarily bonk Bill’s boner? Brain bleach initiate! Let any of us forget to scan a $20 pack of socks at Walmart, and we’ll be sentenced to 365 days, serving at least 30 days in jail, fined, and banned for life from all Walmart stores. Brinton should be placed on a no-fly list, banned from any government job at any level, and ordered to pay full retail price, plus 50% markup (for restitution) on everything he stole.


We all know that nothing will come of this. Hell, nobody’s going to talk after what happened to Epstein.


True. Unfortunately, … oh look, a squirrel.


That one’s for the stew pot. What else ya got?🤣


Nothing for now. Sometimes hunting takes the better part of the day. Maybe I should hunt something more appealing than a tree rat.

Green Thumb

Or a poser.


Long pig might be the only large option, in a few presidential terms.


I was hoping Brinton would do us all a favor and join the over 50% in his lifestyle who decide to permanently exit stage left.


First shopping trip for the year, tax free NH bound.


Bidenomics was spotted.


Rest In Peace, Good Sir. It is young folks like you that gave us some hope for the future of our Republic.

As for the other two (2) examples of parasitic wastes of oxygen….I have this request…The condition I’m in is terminal…

comment image


So, if we were to make comments about Claudine Gray the way she makes comments about Jews, would we be labeled hate mongers, or do we get a pass too.


This is a dumb question. >sarc


Not just hate mongers. Racist, sexist, misogynistic hate mongers. Go big.


As Dan Bongino likes to say ‘The leftoids don’t give a shit about hypocrisy – to them it’s about hierarchy.’


A young man, from all accounts, a fine Marine and citizen…
And the Corps circling the wagons?

I’m sorry for your loss and I hope the truth lights the way towards justice so as peace may come as well.

RIP, Lance Corporal Dural.


The only news I found around December 19th in the Congo, was an election starting the next day. No local news otherwise. Would the American Embassy have been interfering in an election?



Our beloved government would never stoop so low as to interfere with an election, regardless of where in the world they are held > sarc

Hack Stone

Quite often Hack Stone’s name was provided to investigators conducting clearance adjudication cases. Normal stuff about the subjects history, to include alcohol and drug use, financial stability, and any interaction with the criminal justice system. And concluding every interview, Hack was asked “Is there any reason this person should not be granted a clearance?” Obviously Sam Brinton has some mental disorder where he is constantly craving the attention of others. Why else would he think that it would be appropriate to dress like he does as a senior employee of the Department of Energy? I guess when you are heralded as the first non-binary gender fluid appointee to a Government agency, you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And the job he wants is Queen of The Ball.

Green Thumb

I imagine Sam Brinton is hanging with The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).

Maybe Phildo and the clowns down there at All-Points Logistics can use her/ him/ they or whatever to sell Phil Monkress’ new line of hair plugs!

Amateur Historian

“Let’s just say LCPL Dural was worth any 500 of these scumbags.”

I’d personally say the Lance Corporal is irreplaceable, based on what I heard of him. The scumbags mentioned in this article have value equal to that of the piece of gum currently stuck to my shoe, IMHO.

Prior Service

That picture of Brimstin makes me want to yak. The very symbol of all that is wrong right now.


A shame to have the name of this fine young man and this Biden Admin POS I’m the same thread!

LCPL Nicholas Dural: God bless him and his family!

As for the dude in the dress, FO! And keep F’ing off till you get to the end of the earth, dream the dream and keep going!


After much soul-searching, Claudine Gay fell on her literary sword and resigned. That’s all imaginary, except her resignation. No soul, no searching.
She likely did it after the Board of Regents told her that she was too toxic and she had to go. Integrity is every thing to institutions of “higher learning”, until it affects the flow of money coming in.


Supposedly they just lost 1 billion dollars in contributions to their 50 billion slush fund.