Covid “Declaration of Military Accountability” Letter

| January 1, 2024

The DOD was forced to repeal the coronavirus mandate by a requirement added to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law by Biden in December.

More than 17,000 service members had balked at taking the shots, roughly half have been discharged. Most of these received a general discharge awarded for conduct unworthy of an honorable such as failure to meet standards, misconduct or similar minor offences. Others did receive an honorable and no explanation as to why the discharges differ for the same behavior has been forthcoming.

Big Army did extend a letter to “Former Service Members” offering helpful advice on a discharge appeal process and directed the addressees to the nearest Army, Reserve or Guard recruiter as posted here.

This effort does not seem to be sufficient.

Over 200 Vets, Active Duty Forces Vow to Hold Military Leaders Accountable for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


More than 200 military veterans, active-duty members, former officials, and military spouses released an open letter on January 1 in which they vowed to do everything in their power to hold senior military leaders responsible for forcing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on troops.

While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion. Service members and families were significantly harmed by these actions. Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically.

The signatories — which include candidates for U.S. Congress and other political offices — said there were “thousands” within their network who plan to run for Congress and seek appointments to executive branch offices.

They pledged that those who win office would remove retirement pay for military leaders “who were criminally complicit” and that those who gain the authority to do so would recall military leaders from retirement and convene courts-martial for “the crimes they committed.”


All well and good, but first get elected.

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My, My, My

What I would also like to see it literal Proof that these so called leaders took the vaccine the pushed on those serving. Meaning blood test if possible. I do not believe them. Start with FJB and Milley.


It was always about control of We, The People. It was never about control of a deliberate biological attack upon then world.

“…but first get elected.” Let me know how that works out.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m convinced the first part of it was a biowarfare experiment done by the CCP followed by a massive Psychological Experiment to see just how far they could stir everyone they could into a panic.


Hey! How DARE you! Only 45% of demonrats wanted covAIDS death camps.

btws, that was a scant 24 months ago.

Never Forgive.

I’m use what’r happens next will be just fine. /huge s


And here we are…

comment image


Clowns all the way down, bud.

Correction: “I’m sure what’v’r happens next will be just fine.”

In my typo defense, the missus had just tabled some Bar Harbor clam chowder with garlic texas toast for us and a fresh Harpoon Ale for me.

You see, I had to run.


A slab of corn pone, some pulled pork BBQ, and a Frosty Yuengling had called my name.

300K+ more invaders in the month of December. And that’s just the ones they will admit to.

Yeah…we just got to vote harder to get out of this mess.


And the feds want to sue Texas for doing the feds job the feds don’t want to do.


I have this conversation everyday…and not just with the kids…or the d’weeds of TAH. I think that even my eff bee eye dood is on my side…

comment image?resize=533%2C380&ssl=1


A few years back, Arizona passed SB1070, immigration law to do what the feds weren’t. Court blocked 90%, said border security was exclusively federal jurisdiction. I see the same thing happening in Texas. Dammit.



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Start with every flag-rank officer that signed an order requiring the “immunization”. Put them under oath in front of Congress. Milley first. Make them tell the American people just why this was done. Follow up with field and company grades. Have them explain why they happily followed illegal orders or failed to defy them. Maybe, just maybe, we can re-establish a wee bit of trust in our military leadership.


The result would be sufficient bullshit to make the Mohave into a rose garden.


“Oh shit, the plebeians are starting to grumble” –The Well-Feathered Nesters and their brought-to-heel Lords.

“[R]emove retirement pay”? naw man. The forced experimentation on humans calls for hanging.

And no, that’s not hyperbole or a threat. It’s a promise so long as the Law prevail and Lady Justice truly adjudicates blindly.

And if these traitors are given their due, I say we inter them in the Oceans’ deep.

I don’t want this land littered with the irredeemables.

Again, I’m not kidding. And this isn’t an actionable threat. I want to see you cry on national TV during your trials.


While dressed up in their “ladies finery” if applicable. Or their dog mask(s).

Humiliate them before they swing in the breeze.

Green Thumb

I would ask them for seven free ball shaves and four two-hole cleans before I would try.

Make it part of the deal.

Amateur Historian


Old tanker

remove retirement pay? Yeah I don’t think that’s a good idea. It sets a trend to make the military even more political than it already is. Haven’t we had enough of that crap this administration with smiley miley et al.


Most of these received a general discharge awarded for conduct unworthy of an honorable such as failure to meet standards, misconduct or similar minor offences. Others did receive an honorable and no explanation as to why the discharges differ for the same behavior has been forthcoming.

Well, the answer is clear for those who will take the time to read the applicable regulation (AR 635-200, in the case of the Army).

A characterization of service is based on the entire service record of the soldier as of the date of discharge.

PVT Joe Tentpeg refuses the shot, is required by regulation to be discharged, has an otherwise good record of service (attended schools, no discipline, performed well in tests and examinations, kept himself physically fit). Result = Honorable Discharge.

PVT Dirtbag was always late for formations, couldn’t shoot straight, his barracks room was a pig sty, and he had an Article 15 for a DUI. Dirtbag also refused the shot. His characterization of service? General Discharge.

Both soldiers receive all Veterans benefits, but the General Discharge does not include a certificate suitable for framing.

Now, were the fine details and differentiations of the regulation actually followed in practice?

Well, based on my 28 years, 15 of them as a Judge Advocate, I’d say no.