Reparations should be $3 million per person

| May 19, 2023

A Tampa City resident presents his case for a 3 million per person reparations. (Tampa City Council)

This is an argument that a Tampa City resident told the Tampa City Council. He argued that reparations should be paid out at $3 million per person. This resident pointed out that the other issues that a segment of the African-Americans care about was not important. Instead, he argued they wanted reparations. At the federal level, some of the squad members and others argued that total reparations should amount to $14 trillion dollars. They believe that this is the “gap” between Blacks and Whites.

From Fox News:

“All this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage you all talk about. Police violence and all this stuff — don’t nobody care about that,” the man said.

“We care about our reparations. And we have to put White people on notice that we want our reparations. Our foreparents and us didn’t work for free and [get] underpaid and all this nonsense and the White folks get away with it,” the man added,” while “they talk about the great city they’re building.”

“No. We want our reparations. $3 million per person. $3 million per person right here in this city. That’s the only [thing] Black people have to care about. All this other little nonsense… we do not care about.”

The clip trended Friday morning on Twitter.

Beyond local government, left-wing lawmakers are pushing for reparations on a national level.

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., held a press conference on Wednesday unveiling her Reparations Now resolution, which declares “that the United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its massive harm on the lives of millions.”

She suggested the total amount would be at least $14 trillion, which she described as the gap in wealth between Black and Whites.

Fox News has the rest of the story here.

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When pigs fly….


Careful now, with the experiments of MRNA gene therapy in pigs, if they live, in a generation or two the pigs might be flying or worse, Zombie Pigs.


Zombie Pig“?!

My ex-wife is here?!?!!!!


Probably with my ex…

The Joker

It needs to be $1 billion dollars each that way they will all be billionaires.


I lived in the Tampa area for 25 years, I think I’ve seen that guy before. He’s the kind of nut that comes to every meeting with a “crazy idea”. I recall being a meeting to discuss the improvement of a riverfront/downtown park. His idea was to build an arena so Tampa could have a pro basketball team. He didn’t think Amalie Arena, 1.8 miles away where 3-time NHL champion Lightning played was good enough. Just another crackpot.

Are we surprised that a segment of society that has existed on handouts wants more handouts? The most ridiculous notion is that even if you paid the reparations, you still wouldn’t square the account. They would expect the same handouts and other compensation to continue INCLUDING a HUGE PAYOUT.


Weren’t a slew of Indians marched from Florida to Oklahoma?

Perhaps if some of the 21st century blacks in Florida
can prove lineage to 19th century Florida slavery,
they have a good argument….
to get in line behind the Indians.


Do it.

I dare you.

Chappelle codex will resolve true.

(Video: NSWF, overt “racism”, stereotypes, and obviously humor, which some have an aversion to)


You can’t expect the present generation to foot the bill for every wrong done through out our history. None of us were alive most of our families weren’t even in the country. Many black families have done very well through hard work and good decisions, they raise their children with discipline and a work ethic, and they will also do well. I’m not paying for anything I didn’t do.


Problem is it would never end. One group would blow through it like a wood chipper on stupid shit and their kids would say “hey, no fair they spent it all I want mine too!” And on and on and on and down the slippery slope we go.

They just want free shit. These idiots don’t give a rats ass what their ancestors went through. Not one bit.

But we all knew that… not to mention the fact that this act of robbery in the name of righting wrongs none of us alive today are to blame for would bring race relations to an all new low — and detonate a powder keg already close to blowing as it is.


We all want free shit, it’s human nature to want free shit. There’s only one problem with free shit.

There ain’t no free shit. Somebody else paid for your free shit. And you’re paying for somebody else’s free shit.




Correctamundo, SFC. Somebody always gets the bill. Someone had to pay for the bread and salami in that “free” lunch.


And are we to presume it ain’t the plan?


It ain’t free, it’s the bait in a trap.


comment image


Cori Bush graduated in 1994 from the Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School.

Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is a private, Roman Catholic High School in St Louis, Missouri and is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

We guess public schools did not exist in her neighborhood when she was going to school from 9th-12th grade.



The fact that she graduated from anywhere is a complete repudiation of the “education” offered at said institution.. She is nothing but a racist with a room temp IQ

A Proud Infidel®️™️

More like an outdoor winter temp in Minnesota!

Hack Stone

Gunny Driveway, AKA Ronald Mailahn, graduated from a Catholic High School in South Jersey. Judging by hi Linked In profile, his parents should see about getting their tuition back. The guy drives “paint” to their medical appointments. Like Joe Biden, Hack Stone is not joking.


The guy who wants $3 Million Dollars per person?

His name is Tony Daniels.

Check out the information about him:

“Daniels has a long history of speaking up at Tampa Council meetings, including one instance in the 1990s when he chained himself to a seat during a meeting, according to the Tampa Bay Times.”

“He has also been arrested on multiple occasions for his behavior during Council meetings.”


Sounds like a poster child for the free shit army, and all that’s wrong with our school systems..

This reparations shit needs to be killed now. It should be as dead as an infant at “Dr.” Gosnells clinic..

The ONLY way any of these fools should get reparations is if it includes them moving to Africa and renouncing their citizenship… Of course one major problem with that is that Africa doesn’t want their lazy asses..


Blacks in Africa frequently have very negative attitudes toward American Blacks.


We had a Liberian officer, Lt. Johnson, in our Infantry Officer Basic Course in 1980 … he asked me why black Americans act so crudely, like gangsters. Something like, “They couldn’t get away with that in my country.”


He also thought it was funny that some would grab their junk and walk with an exagerated bounce.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

That’s putting it mildly.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I say give each of them a one way ticket to Monrovia, Liberia where they agree to renounce their IS Citizenship in front of US Consulate Personnel upon arrival and after that they’re on their own!


Ironically, Tony Daniels is what Liberals call those who don’t agree with them.


Dude Has Some Serious Mental Issues..

Check This Out…😉😎

“Targeting Tony Daniel? Tampa Begins To Tighten Public Comment Rules”

“Tony Daniel has a long, unhappy history at City Hall.”

“Dating back to the mid 1990s, Daniel, 60, has regularly used his three minutes of public comment at council meetings to hurl profane and racially provocative invective at council members.”

“Once he chained himself to his seat during a council meeting. He’s been removed and arrested multiple times for his behavior during public comment.”

“More recently, Daniel made news for driving his pickup truck though the city with a large sign described in a Tampa Bay Times story last year as emblazoned with a “Confederate flag, a Nazi flag, a photo of a lynching, Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s photo, references to Home Depot and multiple uses of the word “n—–.”

“Respectful and businesslike hasn’t always been Daniel’s modus operandi.”

“In the 1990s, he was arrested multiple times for his conduct. In 1994, after calling then-Mayor Sandy Freedman a “Jew dog” and council member Perry Harvey Jr. “Negro scum,” the board took a vote on whether to permanently ban him. It failed.”

“That same year, he was jailed for spray-painting graffiti criticizing the police and the Tampa Housing Authority.”

“Daniel, who is black and has been affiliated with the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, was ejected from several meetings in 2003 and 2005.”


“Tampa Provocateur Claims Stand Your Ground In July Megaphone Beating”

“Tony Daniel, the Tampa provocateur known for his racist roadside displays, is claiming self-defense under Florida’s stand your ground law in a case where he’s accused of beating two women with an electronic megaphone.”

18437 (1).jpeg

“Racist Slurs On Tampa Truck Shock, Confuse And Mislead Onlookers”

“It’s hard to miss Tony Daniel when he heads out for a drive.”

“His pickup truck cruises through Tampa with a large sign showing a Confederate flag, a Nazi flag, a photo of a lynching, Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s photo, references to Home Depot and multiple uses of the word “n—-“


“With N-word sign, Florida Man Could Damage Tampa Mayor’s Gubernatorial Hopes — But There’s A Twist”

“Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn hasn’t announced his bid for governor yet, but a City Hall gadfly is driving around a large truck bearing an oversize sign with racist imagery and language that could damage the Democrat’s chances if he announces.”

“Bob Buckhorn for Florida Governor,” the sign — replete with pictures of Buckhorn and lynched black men as well as a rebel flag and Nazi swastika — reads. “Every N[BEEP] Vote Counts.”

“But it gets weirder.:

“The man who owns the truck and sign, Anthony Daniel, is African-American. And the 64-year-old isn’t just trolling Buckhorn; he’s targeting Home Depot as well. His truck sign, using the store’s logo and trademark orange-stencil font, says “Home Depot or N[BEEP] Depot.”

“Buckhorn said he suspects Daniel, a City Hall fixture for almost 30 years, put his picture on the truck sign a few weeks ago in retaliation for the city slapping liens — now totaling $1.6 million — on a property on which he illegally built a house.”

“Once he had code enforcement issues, he added my name to the truck a few weeks ago,” Buckhorn said.”


Thank You so much, thebesig, for doing the editing!

Appreciate it very much!



“For Race-Baiter Tony Daniel, Speech Is Free But A Lawyer Won’t Be”

“Daniel, 61, is widely known in Tampa for his roadside demonstrations, which target African Americans with slurs and racist images. Onlookers are often perplexed when they notice Daniel is black. His antics have been a persistent annoyance for city officials.”

“On July 13, he was arrested and accused of beating two women with a bullhorn when they took offense to one of his displays.”


He definitedly has some victim/anger issues!!!

One of the articles mentions he is part of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement:

“Founded in 1991 by the African People’s Socialist Party, InPDUM is the leading organization in the struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power in the 21st Century.”

“Since its creation, InPDUM has fought courageously for the African community. We have fought for community control of education while protesting the budget cuts and school closures in our communities.”

“We have fought for justice for African victims of police brutality such as Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Oury Jalloh who was burned to death in a police precinct in Germany. We have defended the right for African people to resist colonial oppression, as we did when Lovelle Mixon killed four cops in Oakland, CA in 2009”

“It was InPDUM who led the defense of the heroic African youth in London, UK after they set the city ablaze in response to the police murder of Mark Duggan there.”

“Now located in three continents around the world, INPDUM has always demanded reparations, state power and self government for African people worldwide! InPDUM knows that the politicians in city hall and the white house will never fight for Black Power to the African community. InPDUM knows that it takes revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, wherever we may be, whoever we may be.”

18441 (1).png

Send every member of this “movement” (like a bowel movement?) back to Africa, and let them have their “power” there..

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I say give them a one way trip to say, Sudan!


Awaiting approval for our other post…😉😉


Thank You!



Menace 2 Sobriety





A Proud Infidel®️™️

It sounds like he’s a really outstanding pillar of his community!


The only way to pay for this stupidity would be to print so much money that it’s worthless, as would be all our savings and assets. If the goal is equity and redistribution that would do it. All of us would be poor. This is just more communist bullshit brought to you by our commie democrats. When the government doesn’t follow through on what is now being perceived as a promise the social unrest, riots, etc will start. It’s win win either way for the leftists. Remember the democrats have been open about fundamental change for quite some time, believe them they mean it.


Idiocracy was ahead of the curve:


I’m an average white American of Irish descent, from family that owned no slaves, never were slaves (at least in this country), and played no role in the American Civil War. If I’m expected to pay reparations to people who were never slaves, who likely as not are not descended from slaves (I’m looking at you, Kamala), my response is as follows:

You can all just fuck right off.


Same here, except my Scotts-Irish ancestors arrived in Virginia in the mid 1700’s. None of them owned any slaves, according to pre1865 census records in VA. Slaves along with livestock are listed in those records.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

There is a big gap in wealth between black and Whites.
obama, the vp, all of your black singers, actors/actresses business peeps are multi millionaires and this White guy (Jeff LPH 3) made less than 50 grand while employed.(grand=thousand) so who the fuck should be getting 3 Million.
Jeff the punster . Ain’t 3 Million worth the puns I use???


Some days, we’d pay ya $3m to stop!

Before anyone talks reparations, need to offset all that has been spent on the Great Society, affirmative action, etc. and the Civil War (adjusted for modern costs.) I would like to see the results.


We all know LBJ’s motivation for his “civil rights” plan.




In addition to that famous quote… (see video with caveats)

Now I despise the rest of LBJ’s logic here (and his use of the hard-R word) but he’s got a point about the limited scope of Federal power.

Note: NSFW, use of a vile word that is evenly distributed amongst a whole demographic and not selectively, so basic Demonrat stuff.


Three of my ancestors died in or because of the Civil war, thus they already paid for slavery.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about a $3m TAH go fund me to fund me for stopping the puns This way their would be no fun d in me doing any punny puns. good idea, bad idea????

Benjamin Tech

What I want to know is, if we pay each person that “suffered”, let’s say, $5 million each (lump payment, not taxed) for say 150 million people (so $750 million total), in exchange that they sign a contract stating they, their descendants, or anyone acting under their auspices can never again post, state, complain, etc of ANY perceived injustice, upon penalty of $10 million dollars to be paid immediately, would that make them happy? Solve the problem? And the answer sadly is no, because they just want to bitch instead of anything productive.

Benjamin Tech

Apologies for the math error, but my theory is still valid. No amount will ever sate them.



18446 (1).jpeg

Gimme muh Free Sh*t!
comment image


They want reparations? Fine, give it to them.

Then deduct the years of public housing, public schools, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, social security, food stamps, Obama phones, and other freebies they have received…..

In the end, they’ll be owing us money.

Green Thumb

Show me the money!!!



Wonder Why…


“Black Lives Matter Donations Drastically Plummeted By Nearly $70 Million”

“The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the movement’s marquee nonprofit, appears to be in a financial freefall.”

“BLM Global Network reported just $9.3 million in contributions for its fiscal year ending in June 2022. The amount identified in the state filings is a $67 million decrease from the $77 million the nonprofit pulled in during its previous fiscal year.”


This is just the beginning, a steady drumbeat of reparations rhetoric will continue and eventually something will be done to appease all be it temporarily the loudest voices. This will never end and democrats will stir the pot and make promises to buy votes and every disappointment will be blamed on the racist white republicans. This is win win for the democrats and if it gets violent even better to grab power and stifle personal freedoms. Republicans and all conservatives need to stop being pussies and actually take a stand at some point. Bottom line is that democrats are better at this game and far more committed to what they believe in. Donald Trump was the first republican to play the game to win and the first one with a set of balls in decades, that’s why they hate him so passionately.


my own back of the envelope math is that since 1865 more than 55 TRILLION dollars inflation adjusted dollars has been spent on programs to benefit blacks and advance their interests. The taxpayers of this nation owe modern people NOTHING.


Has he attempted to auction himself and find out what market may bear?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I have Revolutionary War Ancestry, none of which owned slaves, and all of my Ancestors who fought in the Civil War were Union, thus I owe nothing to them. Now how about them giving ME some reparations for when I got passed over for a job because of some EO quota being filled, vandalism from a number of those “Victims of Society” as well as the tax dollars paying their welfare and public housing for multiple generations?


Yeah, nah.

Hack Stone

So once they all receive their $3,000,000 (or whatever sum they settle on), can we declare the War On Poverty over and stop with the welfare, SNAP benefits, subsidized housing, and racial set aside quotas for scholarships?

Also curious if any of these reparations will go to satisfy outstanding child support payments.

Old tanker

Would they still demand reparations if some monetary award came with the requirement to denounce your citizenship and a one way trip to Africa with a total ban to return for themselves or their progeny?

Are they going to demand reparations from the tribe that sold their ancestors INTO slavery?

USMC Steve

Sure. Great. And then every single black in America can pay their “fair share” of all costs of the Civil War, updated to modern dollar values. If they lack the funds, their property will be seized and auctioned to defray as much of their fair share as possible. After all, according to most blacks, they were the entire sole reason the Civil War was fought, so they were the only ones to benefit from it.


Reparations are well deserved for those who can prove that they were involuntarily enslaved for the benefit of government. Alternatively, if anyone can prove that someone personally profited off of them without compensation, that person should be held financially liable for services rendered.

We have a slavery problem in this country now, and it “ain’t” race-based. Look at the numbers of illegals disappearing as they cross our borders. Often these are minors and they are put in the sweat shops or worse. Look at the numbers of native-born Americans who sell themselves for their addictions. By “sell” I mean they are sold by others for profit, given their substance of choice in barter for their freedom and personal dignity.

Reparations are enticing for those who feel that they deserve them because, FREE MONEY!!! Never mind who will pay the cost of government-sanctioned reparations (taxpayers) or even of privately funded ones (consumers as the price for goods inevitably rises). I’m a broke disabled vet but come from a family that were Virginia landowners in the 1600s. Should I somehow cough up money to pay people who may or may not (hedging my bets on the latter) have descended from people my ancestors once owned?

On a much more realistic front, let’s consider how many American families even lived in this country before 1865, divide that by the slave population before emancipation, consider average income for the average wage earner at the time adjusted to today’s dollar, and figure out exactly how much would be owed to someone who spent 40-50 years in slavery. Then we take that amount, depreciate it by the number of years since supposed ancestors were last bound by the shackles of slavery (some 158 years by my math), and subtract that from the annual wages of people whose ancestors allegedly owned slaves. Three million dollars my ass, make it about $3 in worthless Confederate dollars.

Last edited 1 year ago by fm2176

Oh Hell No!