Reservist Returns to Find Squatter in Her Home.

| May 19, 2023

The concept of squatters’ rights dates back to the Roman Empire. There if someone maintained possession of an item or property without legal title, they could become the lawful owner if the original owner did not show up to take possession within a certain period of time. Napoleonic law then carried this practice through Europe.

American colonists brought British law with them, to include the concept of squatters’ rights.

Squatting is now seen as a civil issue. Laws on this topic can be confusing, as the phrase ‘squatters’ rights’ does not refer to a list of rights given to an individual. Squatting is a colloquial term for occupying a property without the owner’s permission. The preferred term now is “adverse possession.”

Army Reservist LTC Dahlia Daure returned from active duty overseas to her Chicago home only to find it unavailable. Seems it was adversely possessed by a squatter. Welcome back.

Army officer away on active duty speaks out after squatter moved into Georgia home: ‘Quite alarming’

Lt. Col. Dahlia Daure turned to the media to get help

By Ashley Carnahan | Fox News

An Army officer is speaking out after a squatter moved into her Georgia home while she was away on active duty.

Lt. Col. Dahlia Daure told Atlanta-based ABC affiliate WSB-TV last week that she is part of the U.S. Army Reserves and is stationed in Chicago but was in the process of selling her home when a squatter moved in.

Daure told the outlet that the squatter, Vincent Simon, said he had a lease and paid $19,000 upfront for six months.

“That was quite alarming to find out that someone else had moved into my home,” she said Thursday on “Fox News Tonight.”

WSB-TV reported Simon was served with eviction papers and that Daure would have to wait for the process to play out in order to get him removed from the home.

However, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said its Uniform Unit and the DeKalb Marshals served an intruder affidavit Thursday requiring Simon to “immediately vacate an Ellenwood home in DeKalb County owned by a military officer.”

Fox News

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t be bothered beyond serving an eviction notice. Until the LTC did some due diligence and went public, that is. As the gentleman was escorted off of the property:

…a weapon was found inside the home and drugs were found on the suspect before he left the premises,” read an update from the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page. “Mr. Simon was arrested and charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He was taken into custody and transported to the DeKalb County Jail.”

Sweet Home Chicago.

2010 Georgia Code
Article 1 – Ejectment
Article – 2 Proceedings Against Intruders


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Apparently a deed doesn’t mean squat anymore.


If someone tried this shit with me they’d find themselves in “adverse possession” of the 3S’s.


mind stomp.jpeg

They’d be having a very short discussion with my representative, Mr. Maverick. No, that that one. The one that works for the Mossberg firm.


It’s always been a blast to work with the Mossberg firm.
Never fail to pump me up!

(Note: the below weapon is not a shotgun, it is an AOW that uses shotgun ammunition of 12 gauges and requires the ‘usual’ NFA background check on Form 4 with a $5 tax stamp)

Moss AOW.jpeg

Ooooh I’m gonna need two of those at the Cantina. Why, you may ask? Because if I bring one home, MRS D will lay claim to it and I’ll have to go get another. Same thing happened the first time she fired my 1911. I had to get her one in order to get mine back. Her response? “Thanks honey, now I have two!” Wasn’t exactly how that was supposed to work.


SHit really?? I haden’t remembered how Wife Maths works cause I haven’t had one in a while but Daughter Maths is very similar….MY P-10C and MY FN 502….Thanks Da =Da  💘  😘 

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Pretty little thang!


There’s a lot of feral hogs in the AO that need feeding, IYKWIM.




Her home is in Georgia, not Chicago.



Hot-lanta is about the same anyway.

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Underground Atlanta USED to be the place to go to have fun for outsiders.

Not Anymore…

We still root for the Braves, the Falcons and of course, The Dawgs (when they are not playing Bama).

And the better not take down The Stone Mountain Monument, cuz we really will be ticked off…

KoB knows…😉😎


Rest In Peace, Jefferson Davis, Bobby Lee and Stonewall Jackson, all graduates of West Point, AKA as The United States Military Academy.

Yep…They Were Ring Knockers and Ossifers…😉😎


You can’t really appreciate its size until you are right there. According to my grandmother (b. 1912), one of her relatives worked on the construction of the monument arround 1925~28.

Still have a 1925 silver half-dollar passed down.


We are still in the fight to save the Carving, ninja. Sadly, it will probably be one that we lose, eventually. A carbonated drink company, that was founded by a Confederate Veteran, has offered to blast the carving from the face of the mountain. The same company offered a huge canvas sheet to cover the carving during the ’96 “games”. No one in the state hierarchy paid attention to the hordes of foreign tourists that came to see “Tara” or other “Gone With The Wind” characters that quit coming when the museums and Southern History displays were shut down to make way from a knock off of a poorly run theme park with carnival rides and such. Crime rates in the City of Stone Mountain skyrocketed, along with the crime in Atlanta itself, when prosecuting petty crimes was deemed to be “raaaycist”. Where is “Cump” when we need his torches?

The original plan for the carving was to be much more detailed and larger than what it is now. Up to 1000 figures, including marching, horse borne, and artillery troops.

I doubt if I would be very “civil” if I came home to an adverse occupancy. They would face a squat projectile.


One upon a long time ago, my neighbor was trying to renovate a shitted up house where the “renters” had gone feral and converted to squatting.

To frame this, they also quit paying for trash pickup. So they filled their barrel, duct taped it sealed, and stashed it in the back room. Then as needed stole neighbors’ bins, filled-sealed-stashed.

About 35 in all. They also quit paying power, so rather ripe in 90 degree Florida heat. Like godzilla-repellant ripe.

Owner had contractors in to gut the ruin and remodel. She managed to buy off all ferals but the head loon. He wouldn’t budge, and some doo-gooders kept him fed and beered.

Eventually, contactor X decided he stank too much, and gave an ultimatum: bathe in fixed shower. Don provided duds. Get in pickup. Get delivered to non-local place of choice. Or. Get duct taped to chair. Get put in back of pickup. Get dumped at least 500 miles away on random interstate. Getting out of chair your problem.

He bathed and was deposited in another city at a shelter.

Contractor got recommendations to various associates. He may have also received gratuity from neighbors.

You cannot possibly imagine the stench. It ruined all drywall in house. Landfills are less odorous.


AW1Ed wrote:

“Army Reservist LTC Dahlia Daure returned from active duty overseas to her Chicago home only to find it unavailable. Seems it was adversely possessed by a squatter. Welcome back.”

We don’t think LTC Daure was overseas.

Her home is NOT in Chicago.

LTC Daure was an Active Guard Reserve Officer and serves in the Army Medical Corps as a Registered Nurse.

She is or was currently stationed with the 801st Combat Support Hospital at Fort Sheridan, Illinois which is located in the Chicago, Illinois area.

While at Fort Sheridan, LTC Daure was renting her home in Ellenwood, Georgia, but decided to sale it.

She found out about the Squatter after her real estate agent was making final preparations for the sale of her Holly Hill Parkway home.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

There was another squatter story this past week on my homepage and you had to scroll down to read the whole deal. I couldn’t get the whole story because every time I hit a certain point on the screen, it froze up and after 4 or five tries, I gave up. The Active Mil. guy had help from bikers and had the deed in the deed office and thats as far as I got but according to the headline on the story, the Active Mil got his home back. Cops didn’t want to do anything about it untill the media got involved. Anyone else read the story a few days ago???


Jeff, are you talking about this incident?

It occurred in 2014:

“Florida Bikers Chase Off Convicts Squatting in Soldier’s Home”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thanks Ninja, I saw this on my home page the other day. I wonder why they would mention it in 2023 when it took place in 2014. Like I mentioned above, I couldn’t get the scrolling to work when I hit a certain point preventing me to get the whole kit and kaboodle story.I had to keep re booting the PC to go back online.



Really appreciate you sharing that story about the Vet and the Bikers with us so we can read it!

We completedly understand computer problems!

Technology…Gotta Love It!



Read a story last month…I think the son traveled to Oregon from Montana with his dog and weapons to remove squatters from mom’s home…waited until squatters left to raid the local Walmart (just saying), changed the locks, moved their shit out and said remove your belongings or it gets hauled away…he said if they can squat, so can I…great son..

The Joker

Criminals and drugs go together like chocolate and peanut butter.


The laws of adverse possession exist in every state. They were not created to protect squatters. In many states, the adverse possessor must also have paid the taxes on the subject properly.

Green Thumb

Dude needs a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup.


That takes me back…🤣

How about an ice cream sandwich as well?


That’s when I go back into my house that I own with my two friends Mr Smith and Mr Wesson and start removing said squatters crap on the street.

If I feel threatened and in fear for my life by said individual in my own home while accomplishing said task, me and my two friends will respond accordingly within the lines of Castle law.


Squatters don’t deserve rights — especially if it’s someone else’s private property/home.