The insanity of the liberal mind

| April 25, 2023

Have seen a couple of articles recently which illustrate those thought processes… and it ain’t pretty.

Let’s start with Nithya Raman, who blames the car manufacturers for making catalytic convertors so easy to steal that folks just nat’r’lly cain’t resist it. When LA tried to enact an ordinance on criminal possession of stolen convertors, she voted against, to wit:

“In this case, I think one of the things that infuriates me, is that we have a company — whatever, Toyota — who makes the Prius, that essentially has a device on their cars which is super easy to remove. It’s basically the value of a MacBook, right?” the Democratic lawmaker said.

Dunno about Toyotas, but I suspect if you ever suggested this woman slide under any parked car and try to remove one of the hottest parts of the exhaust after only a few months of driving, she’d find out that welded on or clamped on, there isn’t much difference.

“That is put in a place that is incredibly easy to access in your car and the thefts related to this issue have essentially — all of the costs of that — are given to us to bear instead of them [Toyota] having to manufacture a car that actually is not so easy to be stolen,” the Harvard-educated Raman added.  National Review

So suddenly it’s the entire car getting stolen?  We’ve made some comments about what a Hah-vahd education is worth nowadays – think a good high-school shop class would have done her more good.  Let HER find out how much room there is under most passenger vehicles nowadays.  In any case, it’s obviously not the criminal’s fault, it’s the inanimate objects’ fault. Where have we seen this thought process recently again (ahem GUNS cough cough.)

Now we get to a national level. The attorneys general of SEVENTEEN STATES – yep, 17 – have called for a recall on certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles that are “easy to steal”.  Want ’em off the road. This follows a months-old “TikTok challenge” in which some idiot shows how easy it is to steal a car without an engine immobilizer.

In a joint letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the attorneys called for the cars to be pulled from US roads due to their vulnerable ignition switches and absence of engine immobilizers, which make them attractive to thieves.

“Due to this vulnerability in their starting systems, the vehicles can be hotwired and stolen in a matter of minutes, presenting a serious safety issue nationwide,” the letter reads.

Now, I happen to have a couple of these cars (feel free to try and steal one if you feel ’10 feet tall and bullet-proof’ as the man says.)  They are not luxury rides – far from it. Basic transportation aimed squarely at the lower end of the market – meaning the only folks affected by pulling them off the road are lower income folks. Where is the thought of maybe enhancing sentencing for stealing cars? No, it’s the CARS’ fault.

The letter, signed by attorneys general from Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia, noted that at least eight people have already died as a result of car thefts involving Kia and Hyundai.


 I do note the list of states – seems there is something in common about their governments. Wait – it’ll come to me…

Believe I read where most of those killed were drivers or passengers in those stolen cars,  which makes it more of a self-solving problem. And both manufacturers already have campaigns to fix the issue, free.In any case: blame the inanimate object, not a criminal who uses it. Seems like it should be simple, unless you think like a five-year old who broke the cookie jar and blames it all on the jar.

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He upset the real Godfather’s of “news media”, the Big Pharma advertisers, but he’ll be fine.


Things seem’tav run smoother when we publicly hung horse thieves.

Sheeeet, same era one could get dynamite and cocaine elixir from the general store!


Judge Roy Bean approves this message.

Too bad we can’t buy serious putty as easily as we can buy silly putty.

“Mommy, Grandma says she used to get twice as much work done as you do.” “Honey, Grandma’s soda pops were laced with a natural powder.”

Another candidate for the SPoTW Thread. “Raman”? She’s off her noodle.


Toyota… essentially has a device on their cars which is super easy to remove.

Naw man, Raman is done boiled, limp. Clearly not familiar with the man Moses that’d come down with some set-in-stone Rules few years back.

SPot(Year, at a minimum) simply for failure to outlaw the rampant outlawin’, getting more of what she tolerates.

Last edited 7 months ago by Roh-Dog

I don’t know about “easy” as for stealing catalytic converters. A number of people have been killed every year stealing the dumb things. A shame on the car makers for making it so easy for those people to get killed stealing stuff off the car. I don’t know why they don’t put instructions on the side of the car as far as the easiest and safest way to remove the catalytic converter? It might be that the thieves are too stupid to read, so maybe a video tutorial on TikTok?

Last edited 7 months ago by 5JC

‘Let he who has not accidentally stolen a catalytic converter cast the first saws-all.’

The part that’s really unnerving, states with emissions testing (like CT, which is more of a check the ‘check engine light’ test) require you to pass the test to keep your car registered. No cat, no pass, no drive car.

No amount of insurance can get you a cat that don’t exist due to supply issues and the raft of thefts.

AND, because this is considered a ‘minor property crime’, the cops can’t chase these assholes so they’ve no incentive to stop.

Also, they’ve been threatening folks that catch them with guns and even shot at homeowners and passers-by.

What a wonderful time to be alive!


Yet, for some odd reason, if I booby trap my catalytic converter and someone tries to steal it… I’m the guilty one.

I’m still sorting out the wire work in a way where it won’t accidentally initiate just from driving.


Harvard, Yale, UCB… you pay for the name on the piece of paper — the education itself is worth dick.

This is just more proof… dolts.

Old tanker

The situation regarding kia and hyundai isn’t so much blaming the car but the manufacturer for not correcting an issue they were made aware of years ago. It’s driven (pun intended) by the insurance companies who were and are losing a lot of money having to make good the claims of the theft. The manufacturers refused to correct the issue because they were not forced to do so. Not being able to insure the cars, remember there is no law forcing insurance companies to write a policy, means the lower income folks buying them are in the lurch about risking driving without insurance or only being able to get the minimum coverage that does not include theft.


“Fox News Fires The Only Reason People Watch Fox News”

“After months of controversy, Fox News has decided to part ways with the only reason anyone watches Fox News.”

“Yes, we realize he delivered the most successful cable news program of all time, but we felt embarrassed by him at our Manhattan cocktail parties,” said Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott. “When we tried to get invited to fancy, sophisticated gatherings, people said: ‘Ewwww, aren’t you the Tucker Carlson people?’ and that made us feel sad. Curse you, Tucker, for making us feel sad!”

“When reached for a reaction, Tucker simply stared dumbfoundedly at our reporter for for several minutes.

“Industry experts believe there are other factors that contributed to the alleged firing, including the fact that the company is too broke to pay him after settling a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.”

“Progressives are reportedly overjoyed by the move, although many are saying Fox didn’t go far enough by not killing Carlson in addition to firing him. “You mean he’s still alive?” said Congresswoman AOC. “Tucker being alive is fascism!”

“At publishing time, producers were seen looking through files for another hot blonde to replace him with.”


Oddly, right after he kicked the phama/jabs anthill, and gave a speech about good versus evil.


I call bullshit on those claims, which were leaked to that vile rag “The Rolling Stone.”


Should go in Not The Bee instead.


Cars should be equipped with a toggle switch and a push button. No key needed. Thieves should not be tolerated.


No right to property, so no such thing as property crime. You will own nothing, and like it.

Yes, those lunatics mean it.


Exhibit A in how deranged are regime Progs is Jeniffer Grandholm. She just stated the regime should work toward a firm goal of making all military vehicles all electric by 2030.