General Mark Milley stripped of Military Awards?

| April 25, 2023

Something like this happens every time I think I have seen it all when it comes to strange behavior with medals and ribbons and badges… oh my.

So there I was, working on an upcoming valor vulture blog of shame when I suddenly noticed something while watching an unrelated video.  I could use some help on this from our Army veterans.

It seems that the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairperson has been suddenly and without explanation stripped of at least 4 military awards. Up until a few weeks ago all of his pictures appear to look like this:

Actual Link to Picture Here


Would EwePeaPole please take a look at all the pictures of him since around 2019  when he became the Chair Person and compare them to this new, covertly released one:


Link to that picture Here

Watching a recent video it caught my eye that something was amiss.

Link to Video:

So I started snooping around, as I do when things like that jump out at me, and it appears that he is suddenly missing 3 awards of a ribbon and 1 award of a Medal.

Is he selflessly giving back a bunch of awards or has he actually been “out of uniform” for years?  Why all the hush hush about it?

I am betting money that there is a PAO locked in a Pentagon closet, conjuring up some press release as we speak.  “One of my assistants had been dressing me wrong for that past few years,  sorry about that.”  Or, “After a careful review of the Generals official records it was determined that some administrative errors were made and he has now corrected his uniform to reflect those changes.”  Could be, “Due to supply chain issues, the Oak Leaf Clusters now made in China are in short supply so I gave mine to a needy soldier.”

All of this kinda made me start looking into the rest of his salad.  Should we give the good General a pass on the issue and let him hide behind the skirts of a few assistants?  One would hope that the senior military leader of the Free World would have grown a pair by now.

In any event, before I send a formal inquiry to Mark about this ribbon salad, would some of you good folks please prove me wrong.

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He did not earn them NDSM’s.


The two links in the article:

Actual Link to Picture Here
Here in 2020

Appear to be the exact same link.

Daisy Cutter

So there I was, working on an upcoming valor vulture blog of shame – knee deep in BS and forged paperwork – when I suddenly …

There, fixed it for you.

Daisy Cutter

The ARCOM, from Wikipedia…


…or just happened to be closer to and rub knobs better than any other Soldier?

Somehow I got 2, and trust me there was no distinguishing or merit worth noting, but have zero AAMs.

Awards often are arbitrary or political.


Daisy Cutter and Roh-Dog,
Find that 10 year old COL Milley photo out there somewhere, and …..


Quick deployment of the FU of Google,
I found 1 COL pic on Page 1.
comment image




Don’t understand why you are focusing in him when he was a Full Bird?

What does being an O6 have to do with the ARCOMs and the MUCs?



General Milley being Commissioned as a 2LT in 1980.


Major Mark Milley.


College Student Mark Milley.


Mark and Lloyd, 2013.


Well look at em slapping each other’s dicks just like they do today. That pic is what 2 pieces of shit look like in the wild.


Not the same Mark and Lloyd we served and worked with and jumped outta planes with.

Don’t know what happened.

Have to admit though…Mark was a bit more arrogant/smug than Lloyd was.

We have worked with worse Officers than those two.

Thank Goodness we have our DD214s…and DD215s….



To verify when he was slapping them on,
as a COL, or as a GEN.

ARCOMs NOT authorized for Generals.
Awarded to O-6 and below.


There it is!

Window closed when he picked up the star.



Yes, we know all about the ROE for ARCOMs since we both were in positions to not only recommend that award to those Junior to us, but to also be approving authority.

We doubt very seriously General Milley was “slapping” them on as a General Officer.

General Milley has been on active duty for 43 years. ARCOMs traditionally in the 80s/90s/2000, etc etc have been awarded to Junior Officers, i.e. LT to CPT.

By the time one gets up to O4 and above, the norm is MSMs.

General Milley was in Leadership positions. We are not surprised he has 3 or 4 ARCOMs.


Yes. Exactly.
And that proves the point.
If Milley was slapping on extra ARCOMs,
at say O-3 to O-6,
or as you suggest,
back in the O-1 to O-3 days…

Why did it take many years,
from O-7 to O-10,
to figure it out, and take them off again?

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How do you know he was “slapping” on extra ARCOMs???

Please show us a picture of Milley in uniform from LT to Colonel.


He has been serving for 43 years. He is NOT that stupid.

Dont get me started about GO Aide’s being responsible for a GO’s uniform.


We know. One of us was a GO Aide.

Milley probably had alot of Aides.

The Aide and the GO Inspect each other when in formal uniforms before a function. The Aide is NOT responsible for a GO Ribbon Rack.

Please Give It A Rest.



This is NOT a case of “Stolen Valor”.

Again, Milley has served for 43 years and has been in NUMEROUS LEADERSHIP Positions as well as MAJOR Deployments.

Good Lord…He has 2 CIBs for crying out loud!

By the time we get to Field Grade, we completely forgot our AAMs and ARCOMs and even MSMs. This is NOT our Dad’s Army (WWII, Korea, Vietnam) where an ARCOM was considered a “High”award.

To say that a General Officer would award himself an extra ARCOM is a bit far fetched.

What we think that may happened is this:

On the MUCs where it went from 3 MUCs to 1 MUCs…Perhaps he was authorized to wear a MUC, but was assigned to a unit that was awarded 2 MUCs.

Wouldnt he be allowed to wear 3 MUCs while with that unit?

To go from “5” ARCOMs to “4” ARCOMS..

Perhaps he has 4 ARCOMs…and someone bought the ribbon with 4 stars for him to pin on. Ignorance.



Daisy Cutter

For the record – I didn’t read this as General Milley was being accused of Stolen Valor. Folks seemed to be just wondering as to the reason for the inconsistencies in medals across the various photos, but then again, I can only speak for myself. Legitimate questions.


Daisy Cutter (and ninja),
I never mentioned SV, or even made that stretch.

Why ninja is freaking above, I have no clue.

But it seems to me,
whether someone has 8, 14, 22, or 38 medals and ribbons…..
IF something is amiss or awry with the rack,
EVERY serviceman and veteran should be able to spot it in a heartbeat.

And FIX IT. Fast.


Ninja’s reasoning with the MUC reduction makes sense, as the change seems to have happened when transitioning to a new posting.

As for The ARCOM, my guess is he either miscounted or lost paperwork for one in the past. When updating his uniform to fit the new position, he noticed he only had documentation for four. The rack was then corrected to fit.

Between various moves, transfers, cased guidons, and the awkward transition from paper to digital records, paperwork for at least two AAMs and one ARCOM has been lost or misplaced. I was able to recover the ARCOM by a request through the NPRC shortly before retirement, but those AAMs were much older and are likely lost forever (though the NPRC records showed another AAM I was never even aware of).

USMC Steve

Is that fancy thingie over his lead jump wings supposed to be a combat star? If so, where did he jump into in combat?


No it isn’t. The combat star is a colored star on the risers. Rare, but they are out there.


A star on top of the the jump wings signifies Senior Parachutist. The star with wreath is Master Parachutist.

RGR 4-78
Daisy Cutter

Army MUC..

Army Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon.JPG

This fattyfatfat, war-machine lapdog fuck shoulda been fired a long time’go. And now embarrassing his masters, lying ’bout MUCs & ARCOMs?

‘Coolest guy on the short bus’ moment right here.

fite yo own whar.jpeg

I’m disappointed.
Here I was, thinking that Miley got the Dreyfus treatment


It could be worse at least he didn’t give the entire Army a black beret so that he could wear one too.


You want me on that wall. You NEED me on that wall.


Miley is more of a Raspberry Beret kind of guy


OK, ya got me with that one.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

comment image


I’d think more of a pink beret type of guy.


Remove those stars on his shoulders and that would totally fix his uniform.


Hmm lets pray he ends up on a park bench like Admiral Boorda just kidding – I can see a younger inexperienced military member wearing an award they didn’t earn for many reasons but a guy in his position, under the scrutiny of the critical all seeing eye should be on top of his game.

@Daisy Cutter –Hilarious and I needed a laugh this morning.


Good catch on the ARCOM (Army Commendation Medal), hard to see that fifth award is now back to four (three plus the ribbon).
As for the Four Meritorious Unit Citations down to one, this might be more of a personal thing. If you look at his time just as a General Officer, he should have more. I would expect that you will see those return… of course he is getting ready to retire so maybe he did review his records… and correct the mistake!


TBH, I never kept up with my unit awards.


Shouldn’t have to. The 0ne shop should be all over them blanket awards like stank on hippies, especially while deployed.

But in reality those PX rangers keep banker hours and seemly manage to get even less done, even tho they’re collecting HF/IDP, getting to eat good, sleep good, gym and correspondence course it up.

Once a month I’d have my guys print their ERBs to ensure no oopses befell their awards, jic they decided to stay in.

IIRC, Dept of Heraldry has an easily searchable data base on Unit Awards (obviously with PII scrubbed).

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Ironically, if one is a garrison commando they have more time to knock out a correspondence course or two.


“… stank on Hippies….”

Haven’t heard that in years.

Here’s something for ya:


You’d be surprised how few commands know what their unit awards are. There’s a lot of confusion about temporary versus permanent awards, and it’s not uncommon to see Soldiers wearing their previous or first unit’s temporary awards. For example, my first unit, 3/187 Infantry, sported something like four Presidential Unit Citations (PUC), three Valorous Unit Awards (VUA), a couple of Meritorious Unit Commendations (MUC), and an Army Superior Unit Award (ASUA). I knew better, so when I PCS’ed to The Old Guard (TOG) I wore the PUC we’d earned in Baghdad alongside the MUC w/OLC and ASUA that TOG already had.

While serving there I found the HRC database and learned that 3/187 had also been awarded the MUC for operations in Iraq 2003. I let my Regimental Commander, COL Buche know, as he’d been the 3/187 commander during the latter part of the deployment. Neither he, nor CSM Chris Hardy, the Battalion CSM in late-2003, were aware that the battalion they’d led earned the award.

I wore only my permanent awards after leaving TOG. PUC, MUC w/OLC, and ASUA.


“…it’s not uncommon to see Soldiers wearing their previous or first unit’s temporary awards.”


Have seen it way too many times.

Ignorance on the person wearing those temporary awards AFTER they leave the Army…unless they REALLY know AR 670-1 ROE and just want to be an Attention Seeking Show Off (LOOK AT ME!).

We had to submit corrections via DD215 when we found out our units were PERMANENTLY awarded Unit Awards.

One of these days, we will head to the PX to buy those unit awards to pin on our Class A’s (currently bagged and hanged in a closet for our children/grandchildren.)




Ironically, one member of the ninja family WAS an Aide-De-Camp for a General Officer…

And a ninja family member’s Dad was ALSO an Aide-De-Camp for another General Officer…



AR 670-1 and AR 600-8-22 (Military Awards) are pretty straight forward, but sometimes even senior leadership has comprehension problems. When I was at Fort Stewart, 3/7 Infantry started wearing the Korean PUC after their CSM told them to. I checked the regs and they hadn’t changed. No temporary wear of foreign or sister service unit awards. If it were permitted, I’d have been an E-1 wearing what I wrote above as well as Korean, Phillipine, and Navy PUCs.  😄 


You lost me at “a lot of confusion”. I think I am entitled to 4 unit awards but couldn’t tell you what they were


I think it requires a log in, but HRC has a spreadsheet containing all unit awards for recent conflicts. If you really want to get fancy, you can use the spreadsheet to look up the Department of the Army General Order (DAGO) and print it. I used to frequently help other Soldiers find out what they were authorized to wear.

To be honest, though, the MUC became a participation award from at least 2003 forward. My brigade had been in Afghanistan for a little over a month when the 4th BDE, 3d ID MUC recommendation was being drafted. At the same time, the Bronze Star write-ups were started and the CIB/CAB Streamers for each company guidon. Unless a PUC or VUA was received, you can almost guarantee that a MUC was awarded to your brigade, detachment, or what have you.

Prior Service

Call me crazy, but it looks, just sort of looks, and maybe it’s the just the lighting and angle, but it looks like his oak leaf cluster on MSM changes from bronze to silver between old and new. I would say that silver is probably far more likely since there is no way he didn’t get an MSM for each PCS from company command thru BN command plus another post-BN job or two. I suspect there is nothing nefarious going on, but why not pose the question. Enquiring minds want to know!


He was awarded the MSM with Silver Oak Leaf Cluster.


One Picture is when he is wearing Blues. The other in Pinks and Greens. The girl bait is just worn differently.

Fixed, Trojan.


You can easily go to Wayback Machine / Internet Archive and look at Milley’s bio page for the Joint Staff and see that the old photo was up there in Blues until the turn of this year, still in Blues but with different medals. Here, I plugged it in from the official Joint Chiefs of Staff page.*/


We don’t think he was “stripped” of awards.

Are you addressing the 5 ARCOMS and the 4 MUCs?

Perhaps after he retires, initiate a FOIA if one is curious about the truth on his awards?

Despite his personal beliefs on woke situations which we do not agree with, he is a seasoned Soldier since his Commission in 1980 (43 years).

To be honest, we are more concerned right now about POTUS and who will lead our Country in the Future than what Milley wore on his uniforms.


Published at 0600 Hours EST today:

Biden, Harris Officially Announce Their 2024 Re-Election Campaign”

“President Biden announced that he and Vice President Harris will seek re-election in a video released early Tuesday morning.”

“In the video titled “Freedom,” President Biden echoed his 2020 campaign message of battling for the “soul of our nation,” uniting the country, and supporting the middle class, his campaign said. The video opens with footage of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol protest.”

“Freedom. Personal freedom is fundamental to who we are as Americans. There’s nothing more important. Nothing more sacred,” Biden, 80, said in the video. “That’s been the work of my first term: To fight for our Democracy. This shouldn’t be a red or blue issue.”

“He added: “This is not a time to be complacent. That’s why I’m running for re-election. Because I know America. I know we are good and decent people. And I know we are still a country that believes in honesty and respect, and treating each other with dignity. That we’re a nation where we give hate no safe harbor. And we believe that everyone is equal, and that everyone should be given a fair shot to succeed in this country.”


That jackhole couldn’t find ‘Freedom’ or ‘America’ if you put them in a sundress, wearin’ pigtails, and had ’em walk in to the Oval Office carrying a chocolate chip freakin ice cream cone.

The pair of’m are unadulterated evil.

(see if this image works, click to expand perhaps)


One more from Free Beacon:

edit: found the source. Caveat Viewer-tor!!

i AM the continent.png
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“Ex-White House Doctor Rep Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test Or Drop Out Of 2024 Race”

“We call on you to either resign immediately and renounce your bid for reelection or submit to a clinically validated cognitive screening assessment and make those results available to the public,” Jackson’s letter, which is addressed to Biden, says.”


Bite-me: Two words. Sharp as a bowling ball, Jack!



Other two words:

“Ray Bans”

“Ice Cream”

“Chocolate Chip”

“Big Guy”

” Hunter Biden”

“Beau Biden”


“Cognitive Decline.”







Those Two Are Cowards..And The Folks Behind Them Are Cowards As Well…

Making a Bogus Video and releasing it in the wee mornings instead of making a public announcement?



People frequently fail to update their rack, or use an older rack on alternate uniforms rather than buy another one.

This is particularly true among people that work in environment that requires them to wear dress attire every day and thus own several dress uniforms.

USMC Steve

Yeah, but he doesn’t have to do it. He has a dog robber whose function in life is to ensure such things get done.



US Army General’s Aides do not do their Boss’s uniform.

We know. One of us WAS a General’s Aide.

Marine Corps may be different.


Additionally, General Milley had MORE than one Aide.


I managed to look correct on PFC pay. I bought whatever it took. It was correct. Not difficult. Yes, stuff wears out. That is what the budget is for.

So no excuse for a commissioned officer. You know, “leaders”.

“People” may have neglected, but that is one sorry ass excuse, Major.


I don’t get excited about unit awards. They are confusing. And the unit is not always notified when they are awarded something. I wore an MUC in the 90s for being in a unit that received it in WW2. My unit was awarded a unit award, but nobody knew about it. So, those that PCSd would have an inconsistent rack. Can’t speak for the ARCOM, but awards can be rescinded for various reasons. Not all are negative reasons. Bottom line is I think there are reasonable explanations that don’t involve malfeasance for the discrepancies



Correct me if we are wrong, but you ARE saying that you wore that MUC on your uniform when you were with that unit…and that when you PCSed, you took it off your uniform since that unit award was awarded during WW2…


Am sure alot of us were with units that were awarded Unit Awards BEFORE we got to that unit and wore it on our Class A.

Thank You, Owen.


Yep. It was my first active unit and they told me to wear the MUC with OLC. I asked around and discovered they were from WW2. Action in the Phillipines, I think. I stayed with that unit until ETS. In the Guard, I took it off. 3 years later I found out I was authorized to wear the JMU, permanently. It’s confusing.


Thank You, Owen!



A unit award is only a permanent award to an individual IF said person is in the unit when it was awarded.



Try telling that to folks who wear those unit awards AFTER they left the unit (the unit award was awarded BEFORE they got there…)

Guess some attention seeking folks just love Bling Blings.



Had more than one argument with CSM’s on that subject. If the battalion has 2 unit awards and I have one permanently, that means I wear two OLC’s instead of one. No, CSM math doesn’t work that way. Now, when you add in a Navy PUC I have as a permanent award, shit gets really weird.


I bet that extra authorized OLC really kept your CSM up at night. Why they get upset about little stuff, I don’t know. Must have been nice to be able to tell him to pound sand.


I did it in a very polite, tactful manner, and referenced the proper reg. However… my internal monologue was a little Irish a little western and a lot profane. Petty little cocksucker


I have witnessed that sort of conversation a few times in other places. It’s always entertaining to onserve.


That was the most common thing. Newly arrived Joes would get squared away when they arrived by their roommate or squad leader. Some didn’t take off their old one. That didn’t last long. But what a weird flex. Unit awards? Unless it’s the PUC, who cares?





That was my understanding.

Maine Highlander

At least the General’s Army Service Ribbon is free of any hint of embellishment.


Well, well, well…Who knew…

General Milley has a MFO Medal.

I have a “2” on my MFO Medal.

Yes…Some of us had to work in the Sinai Penisula longer than 6 months (14 months) taking care of the Queens Of Battle in both North and South Camp…



Check out the uniform that Indonesian Armed Forces Chief Gen. Andika Perkasa is wearing.

To Each His/Her/They/It Own.



Excessive patches and fashion faux pas aside, dude looks in better shape than any 4-star I’ve ever seen. Might just be an obstacle illusion from standing next to a Mr. Potato Head doll.


General Mark Milley at 2022 West Point Graduation, May 2022, almost a year ago.

Note the MUC and the ARCOMs.


In case anyone is interested in buying a cardboard cutout of General Milley.



MRS D is getting a new puppy on saturday. Could be a handy housebreaking aid.

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Any bobble-head dolls?


SFC D and bmorgan:

You both are killing us…Hilarious!!!


Congrats to Mrs D on the new puppy!


I looked for bobbled heads, no-go.
But there is a waifu body pillow available, cheap too!

milley waifu.jpg
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Okay this is pants-shitting hilarious.


Call Mike Lindell and use promo code ‘GOMILLEY’



Code “MYDEBILITATINGWHITERAGE” on AAFES is a better deal if you get the egyptian cotton pillow cover and sheet set without the UCP duvet cover.

Image included: best. camo. ever.


Thank Goodness we can all crack up and laugh and joke…

This Milley thing was getting outta hand…

Again, we care more about our Nation and about the Puppet Joey Boy than “before” and “after” pictures of Milley with ARCOMs and/or MUCs..

Please Pray For Our Country.


We have shared this portion of this thread with alot of folks…They All LOVE IT…!

Everyone did well with the jokes and laughter. We need more of that these days. Especially these days.

Thank You To All. We are trying to bring more readers to TAH.

Please do not forget to Thank our hardworking Admins…also, please do not forget to donate!



I called and asked for a “Dove-Et” and they snickered. Hey, I never pretended to know French.


Well, all I know is that I see a picture of eight General Officers, of which three are Master Aviators, but when it’s all said and done, as a little Old Dog-Faced Soldier, I’ve got more Air Medals than all of them combined. / s

Last edited 1 year ago by Claw

William Joseph Gainey, born 27 May 1956,
entered basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky on June 17, 1975.

Wore 3 NDSM.

By Regulation, only entitled to 2 NDSM.

He thought that since he enlisted via DEP in 1974, that he was entitled to the Vietnam Era time period.

However, he was not on active duty in 1974 and did not go active duty until after he graduated from High School in 1975.

“The National Defense Service Medal is awarded to anyone who has served on active duty, or as an active reservist, in the United States Armed Forces during any of four specified time periods.”


“Fighting Joe”, the 1st SEAC

My all-time favorite nemesis from the Killer Killam thread, especially when he claimed on his bio (from that one vet advisory board he was a member of) to have also received two Purple Hearts.

As well as the 3rd SEAC who was wearing three NDSM’s despite not coming onto active duty until 1982.

Last edited 1 year ago by Claw

We think we know what happened with Troxell wearing 3 NDSM.

He is entitled to 2. Wonder if he thought one puts 2 stars on the NDSM.

Our head is starting to hurt…two Senior NCOs not up to date on AR 670-1 when they were on active duty????

We found other pictures where it looks he corrected the mistake and is wearing the NDSM with one star.

Probably similiar situation with General Milley.


“Baby Killer Michael Duane Killam” from Tarrant, Texas.

Phony Vietnam POW.


“Killer” never apologized for lying to the public about being a Vietnam POW.

In reality, he was a Military Prisoner courtesy of the US Army.

Another Scumbug who will go to his grave with his lies.


A blast from the past. From the Good (BAD) Old Days of multiple phonies, 100s of comments, and…wait for it…SOCK PUPPETS! We haven’t had a good Sock Puppet Chew Toy in a long time. I miss having Sock Puppets…but not as much as I miss many of the commenters that we no longer hear from. I wonder what happened to them.

Seven (7) years of crickets from WJG, unless I missed him coming back well after your linked posts time frame. That was back in my “lurking when I had a chance” days.

You are correct. Most of these POSes will carry their lies to the grave just as surely as (GO) Army gonna (BEAT) Navy this December upcoming.



We miss those Sock Puppet days as well…😉😎


Yes, we miss the other commentators as well.

Sometimes we wonder if that REALLY WAS Joe Gainey writing…or was it that Dirtbag Michael Killam.

Check out this 2016 story published about “Killer” Killiam. DISGUSTING.



Oh Good Grief! The baby thing wasn’t included in his last patch of lies. “moral injury”? Somebody needs to re-read that Original Text that was downloaded on a Tablet from the Cloud.

gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd (120 some odd days)


Before we know it, Fall and College Football WILL be here..and we can start harrassing our beloved AW1Ed and Mick with GABN!

Looking forward and hoping the Dawgs and TIDE will compete with one another again for the NATIONAL Championship.

Thank Goodness College Football has NOT gone Wokey-Pooh!


Roger all of the above!

“…start….”? Who stopped? Last time I checked my name was engraved on the DA Form 6 for that detail. 😜





This was taken in December 2018 when it was announced that Milley would be the next Chairman JCS. 5 ARCOMs. Click to enlarge photo.

dec 2018.jpg

For those of us who have been permantly awarded Unit Awards and have been in units that were awarded unit awards before we got to our unit (we wore those awards on our Class A’s when we were with our units and took then off when we left our units).

On the MUCs where it went from 3 MUCs to 1 MUCs…

Perhaps he was authorized to wear a MUC because when he was with that MUC unit, it was awarded the MUC.

Perhaps that unit was also previously awarded 2 other MUCs.

Think about it. That means he may have been authorized to wear 3 MUCs at one time.

When he left, he went back to one MUC.

Doesnt that seem logical to anyone besides us?



I knew we would get dragged through the MUC to sort this out.


We’ve run a MUC.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I don’t see any lip stick on his lips

Green Thumb



Milley also had an ENLISTED Aide besides an Aide-De-Camp

It is also possible he had more than one set of ribbon racks since he had the Blues, the Whites, the Greens, etc etc.

This is all Mouse Turds. Time to let go and move on to more important issues than how many ARCOMs has worn.


Highly recommend TAH not contact him about those ARCOMs. That would be wasting tax payers dollars, because trust us, most likely, he will never see that inquiry. Too many layers.

Our assessment and our assessment only.



Trust us about not contacting him formally.

One of us used to work for The Secretary Of The Army (Think Caldera during the Clinton Years).

If you all only knew what had to be screened before moving up the Food Chain.

Please do not waste US Tax Dollars on “how many ARCOMs does Milley have”.

Please be more focused that recruiting for the Military is LOW, LOW, LOW…and that our Country has been compromised with China because of Joey Boy.

We know what we are talking about. We both have worked at the Pentagon with both Army and Joint Staff.

Let’s keep laughing (see the cardboard cutout of Milley comments).

Laughter Is Good For The Soul.

So Is God.







So, you are saying we need a ribbon bridge?

Green Thumb


Someone’s fault.

Daisy Cutter

As I mentioned above… For the record – I didn’t read this as General Milley was being accused of Stolen Valor. Folks seemed to be just wondering about the reason for the inconsistencies in medals across the various photos, but then again, I can only speak for myself. Legitimate questions.


What if this is a secret squirrel op by the E4 mafia to discredit Milley?. So they hit him where it hurts, his unit awards and OLCs on his ARCOMS. That will piss off the CSMs and eventually lead to a revolution in the ranks!


Do You All Remember CSM Rick Cayton and his phony claim of being a Vietnam POW until he was exposed?

“Hunt Is On For Phony POWs”

rgr769 remembers.


Bet he went to his grave with his lies.



When a mistake has been made and HAS been corrected, why keep harping about it?

None of us has ever made a mistake and corrected it?

Christian believe that those Born Again are not perfect. Just Forgiven.

What is the point/value of pursuing an error/mistake that has been coirrected that did not hurt anyone?

So different than those Dudes who went to their Graves with their lies/embellishments of their Military service.

Or lies from those who never serve.

The Milley situation is kinda grasping for straws.

You asked. We are providing our feedback.

Please Let It Go.


Milley at West Point Graduation last year, May 2022.

Mistake on ARCOM has been corrected.

Milley has had more than one Aide De Camp. He also had Enlisted Aides.

He also most likely has more than one ribbon rack for all his different uniforms.

It IS possible that someone besides himself took made his ribbon rack…and then another person corrected it.

Anyone here on TAH been a FULL TIME General Officer or worked 24/7 with a GO?

GOs have alot on their plate. That is why they have assistance.

A mistake was made and has been corrected.

Time To Move On. Worry and focus more on where our Country is heading versus a GO’s ARCOMs.

We care more about our Freedom and our Constitional Rights than Milley’s ARCOMs.

P.S. How did that verse go…”He Without Sin, Let Him Cast The First Stone”…

Let It Go. Move On.

Daisy Cutter

OK, so your theory as far as the ARCOMs go is that he may have thought – IF he had 4 awards, that it is the medal and 4 OLCs vs. the medal being one award and he should correctly have 3 OLCs?

I can buy that. Embarrassing for a high-ranking officer but I have often found myself at the Base Exchange / PX / Canteen store wondering about the correct display of awards. They even had a faded display, and the purple looked blue so I got the wrong medal. Days later, some guy kept looking at me out on the smoke deck and finally said “You know, I doubt that you rate that medal” then pointed out it was for the Antarctic Expedition from 1928 to 1941 to which I quickly replied “Yes, and I don’t look a day over 92, do I?” I did apologize and explained how it looked like another medal I was trying to buy.

I guess technically I’m guilty of Stolen Valor, but I didn’t gain anything of value except bumming a smoke from someone, but I don’t think the Antarctic medal influenced them.

As George Costanza would say: “Was that wrong?”


Just remember, in the Army, it’s not who you know, it’s who you blow !!!
I’m thinking with the actions he’s gone for of late, that statement rings true…


Lost track of his ARCOMs.