Rich Johnson – Stolen Valor Double Dipper

| October 24, 2022

Richard Elmer Johnson


The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Richard Elmer Johson.  It seems that little Dickie here has been making a Richard of himself and should probably stick to playing with his Johnson in private. 

Johnson was featured in the November 12, 2020 issue of the magazine “The Flagship” as a nominee in a section that appeared to list candidates for “Military Retiree of the Year.” Johnson was featured on Page C8 as a nominee. In the profile, it appears that he was an E-5 in the Army and an E-6 in the U.S. Marines – if we are reading that correctly. It goes on to say that he had an 11-year military career and was a P.O.W. for 12 days during Operation Enduring Freedom until he escaped with his First Sergeant.  It also states that “while in the Marine Corps I made Staff NCO” and was “part of the 10th Battalion Rangers and attached with the 101st Airborne in the Army.”

I served with 10th Marines for years and “made” SNCO while I was there but,  I never knew it was a Ranger Battalion.  Oh… the derp with this idiot runs deep.   P.O.W ?  Really? YHGTBFWM 

A similar profile of Johnson also appeared in Military News, in May 2021 which appears to be a publication related to The Flagship.  It was essentially the same writeup.

It has been reported that for a Veteran’s Day event in 2021, Johnson wore medals on his jacket.  He wore the same jacket and medals later that evening at an American Legion meeting. The following photos were submitted as proof.The following photo was edited to highlight the awards. The one medal looks like a Purple Heart.  Another appears to be a GWOT (Global War on Terrorism), but it is hard to tell. Johnson is the commander of American Legion Post 280 in Chesapeake, VA.  One can see the “280” on his cap in most of these photos.

Richard Johnson – American Legion Post 280 Commander

. . . . .

SWIRLING SUSPICIONS The following assertions have been relayed to us via a 3rd party.  We cannot substantiate any of it, so please treat its value accordingly.
  • Many members of the American Legion have asked specifics on the POW claim as well as serving with the Rangers or 101st Airborne – they felt that he hasn’t provided an answer that was truthful in their view.
  • Allegedly Johnson has had family members state he never served much less had been a POW.
  • Johnson has claimed to be an NRA instructor but has asked members of the American Legion for help to pass the qualification.  As a Marine or soldier, the members of the Legion felt he would have known how to shoot so this struck some as very odd.
  • An individual had spoken to Johnson’s family, and a family member had said that Mr. Johnson was JROTC in high school and had always wanted to join the service. He went to boot camp/ basic training (the service branch was not mentioned, however) but did not graduate. There was no reason given as to why he allegedly did not graduate.


All of this doubt and speculation prompted people to contact Military Phony to see if we were could help to get to the bottom of Johnson’s claims.

. . . . .

ACTIONS CONDUCTED BY MILITARY PHONIES Richard Johnson’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  We had to file with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) to account for all claims. Just to help summarize – both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps pointed to the NPRC as the most likely organization to hold Johnson’s military records.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – HRC – Richard Johnson – Cover Letter pg1

FOIA Result – HRC – Richard Johnson – Cover Letter pg2

 . . . . .


FOIA Result – USMC – Richard Johnson – Cover Letter

. . . . .


We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for Richard Elmer Johnson.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Richard Johnson

This database was also searched for any other active duty to the present day. It did not show any other service dates, but sometimes the database is unreliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with all of Johnson’s FOIA responses, however.

. . . . .


FOIA Results – NPRC – Richard Johnson

NOTE: Richard Johnson has several prior addresses in Michigan, so the place of entry is not unreasonable.

Also, the cover letter from the NPRC made a statement about Army service.

So, the NPRC is saying there was no Army service identified after 1995.

. . . . .



There are discrepancies between Johnson’s claim of being in the Army for 5 years and then being in the Marine Corps for 6 years.  Giving it the benefit of the doubt, this may have been a bad interpretation of the profile sheet. (see below)

However, there is no mistake regarding a claim of 11 years in the military.  Since the NPRC results show 1994 and 1995, this would have been when Johnson was 18-19 years old.  This most probably represents his first connection with the military beyond a potential stint in JROTC.  Stated another way, it would have been hard to squeeze in an enlistment in the Marine Corps before the ages of 18-19, especially the years that he claimed.

The entire Army service is listed as ‘INACTIVE” which means he wasn’t even drilling weekends in the Army Reserve.  Basically, he was in the inactive reserves which essentially means he was on a list to be recalled if necessary. Then, the DoD Manpower / SCRA results seem to address 1996 which would have been a year later.  He was in the Marine Corps Reserve.  However, it was only for a few months – 39 days to be exact.  This does not appear to be enough time to complete basic training if this is what this active duty represents. However, there was little to no opportunity for him to have been in combat during this short period of active duty.


Johnson was discharged from the Army as a PV2 (E-2) vs. the SGT (E-5) claimed.  No indication of a Marine Corps rank.  The USMC could not locate records on him and pointed to the NPRC, which only came up with inactive Army reserve records.


There is no supportive documentation that shows Johnson attending or completing Airborne training.  He speaks of serving with the “10th Battalion Rangers and attached with the 101th Airborne” while in the Army.  Perhaps he meant in some support role and was not Airborne qualified.  The implication is strong, however.


His records do not support the claims that Johnson served in combat.  He would have had to serve in combat to be a recipient of the Purple Heart.  It is not in any of the FOIA results we obtained.


Johnson’s records show no award of the Purple Heart.  There is not even an NDSM listed so that further points to him not completing basic training.


Johnson is not listed in the obvious places – he is not accounted for under the DPAA database lists. Although one can split hairs over everything else, this is the most egregious of the claims.


If Richard Elmer Johnson has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

Well, well. It looks like little Dickie has some splainin’ to do. There seem to be a lot of people under the impression he did 11 years of military service but even if you use new math, it doesn’t add up.  P.O.W. claims ?  That kind of thing just turns my stomach.  Purple Heart ?  Why doesn’t the Marine Corps or Army seem to know anything about that?  

A member of the VFW is required to submit a copy of their DD214 to join a Post.  Did Richard Johnson submit a falsified version of an official government document to become a member of the VFW? 

Why,  somebody please explain why the VFW American Legion did not require an officer in the VFW  American Legion to have their records verified before being sworn in.  If these claims are indeed false and Richard Johnson can not prove otherwise,  I also hold the VFW American Legion responsible.  They will have damaged the reputation of Veterans everywhere and need to held accountable. 

I am a USCCA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Richard appears to have made claims about being a firearms instructor.  People like Richard Johnson never seem to be able to do the actual work required to accomplish those kinds of things in life.  I have lost count of how many fake and embellished beyond recognition service claims we have exposed in the firearms industry. 

Lance the festering ego of a bloviated blowhard and you are left with little more than a fart in the wind.     


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Google is forever
Enjoy your Fame


When Dick Johnson was in the 101th he did a lot of gay porn so much so that he can’t recall doing it. The scene where he and his “First Sergeant” were “Captured by the enemy” was epic. This explains the confusion.


Hey, yeah, was he in “Quad Desert Anal Fury”? (No, wait, that had a woman in it… )

Daisy Cutter

Dick Johnson is a two-fer.

Green Thumb

Was this film and All-Points Logistics production?

RGR 4-78

Elmer Double Dick.

SF Buffalo

WHOA! He’s in The American Legion, not the VFW.


He says both in his biopic.


Wondering how hard it could be to verify
Before ending up with a mess like this


It must be hard to go through life with a name like that.


Ask Jimmy Johnson.


Knew of a MAJ Woody and a CPT(P) Dick.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone went to school with an Asian kid who had a brother named Richard Wang.



Daisy Cutter

With the P.O.W. claim, he could be pulling a Trifecta, but he definitely is double-dipping.

Hack Stone

He is definitely All Points Logistics material.


The P.O.W. episode when he was behind the porn shop “doing his thing” and a line had formed but it started to rain. He decided to jump in the dumpster with his “current object of attention” to finish and invited those waiting for their turn to jump in also.

Somehow when he got through everybody in line and was on the last guy, the dumpster door got stuck closed with no way to open it from the inside. Both were freed when the porn shop closed and the worker went to dump the trashcan full of used paper towels from the video booths. They woke up when the wet paper towels landed on them.

Daisy Cutter

He was a member of the VFW, but he was also an American Legion Post Commander – Post 280 in Chesapeake, VA.


After taking a close look at those images with the medals both here at TAH and over at MilitaryPhony, in my opinion little Dickie’s bogus military medals appear to be (from left to right as you look at them):

  • POW Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart
  • Meritorious Service Medal

Is there any sign of a motorcycle, a leather vest covered in POSer bling, a camouflage doo-rag, a pair of dumbass-looking white-framed wrap-around mirror-lens sunglasses, a USMC Force Recon “Death Before Dishonor” tattoo, and a service dog for the dreaded PTS of the D anywhere in this steaming hot mess?

There’s just gotta be. It’ll be so very disappointing if there isn’t.


Here you go, Mick.

Picture taken around 18 October 2022 at the American Legion Post 280 Commander’s Dinner in Chesapeake. You may recognize a member of the January 6 Committee in the picture….😆😅🤣😂


Another one for our beloved Mick…

It’s him…



His name tag says Gunny Bill. This is a different man….

Green Thumb

Then dudes with those “Death Before Dishonor” tattoos are usually the first dudes out the bar room door in a fight….


Discretion is the better part of valor. 😂


Even a famous SEAL sniper said his Master Chief stressed it was a good idea to run like hell after you punch out someone at the start of a bar fight. That way, you are out of the AO when the SP’s or the police show up.


Exactly! My plan is to punch my intended target in the mouth, make sure he goes down and scoot before the law shows up. I don’t want to be in a barroom brawl, I just want to drop the mo fo that I don’t like. What happens afterwards really is no concern of mine.

Last edited 1 month ago by MustangCPT
Commissioner Wretched

That’s a Civil Air Patrol Meritorious Service award. I have one, but then I was a CAP member for quite some time.


That’s a new one on me. A phony wearing a CAP award? Former cadet here and that really pisses me off.

Dennis - not chevy

You should have been here when Heavy Chevy was telling his tales of glory. Amongst his other stories, he was a Lt Col in the CAP; and he flew compass call during Desert Storm.
I enjoyed it when one of his several ex-wives told her stories of how he ate her cheese and grapes.
His stories were like Macho Grande; one never gets over Macho Grande.


Uh, I was. Look at the threads, you’ll see me there. That was 2 ranks ago. Some of the hardest hitting and funniest comments were mine, if I do say so myself. 🤣

Dennis - not chevy

Well done. Please do pardon me as I am behind in my TAH reading. I sincerely wish some sock puppets would show up.


Rumor has it that Rich Johnson was behind the “sky penis.”

Last edited 1 month ago by tshe

More like in front of it, bent over, and grabbing his ankles.


Aaaaand once again, a VFW and AL poser. This is my shocked face:  🙄 


American Legion vs VFW —

There is nothing that shows that he is a VFW “officer”,
no less a VFW Post member.
He could in fact be only a “social member”,
a home association member of a VFW Post’s bar, or “canteen”.

Many of us also see town drunks and village idiots,
who join the “canteen” as a social member,
and then waltz around town using the phrase
“I’m a member of the VFW”.

So, the VFW appears to be off the hook on this turd.

That said, the American Legion is guilty here.
Even with the new relaxed eligibility requirements,
failing out of basic training at 39 days is NOT Legion eligible.
Worse, that Legion post voted him in as a post “officer”.

I sure hope it’s the American Legion Post
that strove to get to the truth
about their Phony Commander.


It wasn’t really clear if Johnson continues to hold the title of Post Commander American Legion Post 280. He held it a few years ago but could not find reference to him still being in that position.


Ladies Auxillary?


Johnson Investigations LLC in Chesapeake, VA became Inactive on 22 February 2022:

Hack Stone

He should merge with Prudential Associates. He can swap war stories with Jared Stern, and Jared can demonstrate how to urinate in a Gatorade bottle.




[Why, somebody please explain
why the VFW did not require an officer in the VFW
to have their records verified before being sworn in.]

Answer — The VFW delegates membership approval to the Post level.

VFW Posts are required to verify VFW eligibility for new applicants,
Post transfers, and “At Large” transfers.

Posts are NOT required to re-verify VFW eligibility
when Post members run for elected office at their own VFW Post.

Only when a VFW member runs for higher offices,
elected District or Department positions,
is DEPARTMENT (state HQ) required to re-verify VFW eligibility.

This system does not work well,
rife with dusty desk drawers at VFW Posts and Departments,
and plenty of beer buddy “Yeah, he’s good” vouching.

VFW Post Phony Hives
(like Elko, Nevada and others) are the result.

That said, there appears to be NO VFW issue here.


Can anyone detail the American Legion FAIL here???

Mustang Major

Unless alcohol sales numbers decline, there isn’t usually a problem.


I don’t understand these places. If someone is a liar, they have to suspect others are as well. Do they get together, drink beer and knowingly swap lies?


They try to out lie each other. Outliers.


I’m a member of both organizations and there has been a push on members providing DD214’s at the posts that I’m affiliated with. That being said, I would prefer that each member sign a SF180 and designate someone like the post adjutant to receive the information instead of relying on a DD214 provided by the member. We’ve all seen far too many cases of falsified documents on this site to trust that genuine paperwork is being provided.



Here at TAH, those places are known as “hives of POSers”.

The POSers that inhabit those “hives” find safety in numbers.

Please see Elko Nevada.


A hive with no queen? Or a bunch of queens?

Asking for a friend.

Green Thumb

And All-Points Logistics.


Public Information.

Two (2) Email addresses associated with him:



Damn, he still got an AOL address! He couldn’t get gmail?


My AOL backup email was Yahoo.
Over 20 years later, I still use the same Yahoo email.

I know of 1 person using AOL email as late at 2017.
But most of us cast it off 10 years before.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I still have and use a “hotmail” email addy.


‘topdetective’ @ AOL is irony defined.


The “marineranger101” is so funny…


Another Screaming Eagle wannabee…



Hey, he’s just carrying on the proud legacy of the “Recon Rangers” from the “Vietnam Times.” I wonder what ever became of that proud, Native American refrigerator repairman?


He is MIA. Wonder if his deposition was ever taken in Sandman’s lawsuits. I would have loved to have taken that one. There is nothing better as an attorney than taking the depo of someone when you know more about what they are supposed to know than they do.


Didn’t we just talk about Phonies that are American Indians…

Oh, wait a second..


A former Marine who happens to be American Indian who lied to the public about serving in the Viet of The Nam and painted himself a Victim.

He was born in February 1955, NOT 1954 or 1953.

Another Embellisher/Phony who tried to cover up his failed Military service.


Considering his probable level of competence in performing his assigned job, I would suggest “Chief Smoking Fridge.”

Hack Stone

Huffing that freon. We had a few Amtrack crew members get busted for huffing the cleaning solution they used for PM’ing the AAV’s way back in the day.


Robert or Richard?

Why does the headline (and URL) for MP say Robert Elmer Johnson?

The body of MP (and this VG article) say Richard.

2022 10 24 Johnson.jpg

Mistake. It should be ‘Richard’ and not ‘Robert.’


“Dick,” fittingly.


Bobbing for Dick.


Like his Mom!

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s obvious he was part of a wad that should have been spit out or swallowed.


Fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.


Public Information.


Well, coincidently, there is someone with the same name and DOB with a matching city in Virginia who was arrested in 2009 for trespassing and sentenced to 90 days in jail with the sentence suspended and put on unspervised probation for 2 years. He finally paid his fine in 2012.

Same dude was charged in 2010 with a felon for grand larceny. It was downgraded to a misdemenor for petit larceny.


That’s him.




Prisoner. Courtesy of 2 cities in Virginia.

Of War? Well, his arrests happened in 2009 and 2010 in areas where the US Military is strong…and in the timeframe of what we did in the Middle East…

So, yeah. He was a POW..(sarc)

As shared, Embellishers and Liars are always covering up something, i.e. a not so good Discharge, a Demotion, a Bar To Reenlistment, etc.

They hide behind “elite” Military units, such as the 101st, the 82nd…or skills/training such as SEALs, RANGERs, Airborne, Air Assault, Snipers..

Somewhere in the Road Of Life, they failed. Instead of admitting to their failures, they stay in denial and create an alternate reality version of themselves.

We have seen it too many times with Military Embellishers and Liars featured on TAH.

Eventually, they get caught…and called out….

Sadly, some will go to their graves never admitting their military lies and embellishments.


There are common themes that bring the motives into focus.

Dean A. Hoffman

So true.


POW does not mean in county jail here, dummy needs to know.


So, he is a thief, thief in addition to being a valor thief.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was able to join the VFW at a time when they were looking for members and since I wasn’t a WW2, Korean War and Viet-Nam Vet, Op Power Pack Vets (not a declared war) were accepted which was listed on my DD-214 which I mailed in and was accepted as a member. The DD-214 had the AFEM listed and had (Dominican Republic area) in paretheses)


At the risk of helping ol’ Richie out here, there are no Marine Corps records that came back from the NPRC, but they should have picked up his Marine Corps service even if it was 39 full days.

No Army service after 1995 so it would have been hard to squeeze in 5 years of Army enlistment time before the age of 20.

*Maybe* and I stress *maybe*, he could have had a longer career in the Marine Corps Reserve, been activated for OEF which was off the books in terms of SCRA picking it up.

Then, it crosses over into the bizarre…

*Maybe* he had been captured by the enemy, escaped, and DPAA failed to account for it.
*Maybe* he was awarded a Purple Heart in some super secret ceremony because he was behind enemy lines in a place that the Pentagon won’t acknowledge.
*Maybe* he got one of those US Marine Corps field promotions to Staff NCO.

I jest – but perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for all of this. It is incumbent upon him to explain the inconsistency.


Super-secret time travel mission and his records got destroyed in the ’73 fire?


I keep thinking “signed up but never showed up””


World’s longest Delayed Entry Program participant?


Oh the irony is rich with this one: a dickhead named Richard (Dick) chooses to be a private investigator, a profession whose followers are commonly known as private dicks.

What is another word for dick? | Dick Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus

And now, Dicky Boy has firmly inserted his very own dick in the proverbial wringer… 😜 


They left out “Gumshoe”



Check this out.

Guy’s name is Michael Dick. As in Dr. Dick.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…😉😎

“Alabama ‘Dr Dick’ Is Convicted Of Three Counts Of Harassment As 10 Women Sue Him For sexual Misconduct”


Wow! A professional dick… 😜 

Mustang Major

In the early ’70s at Ft. Wainwright, our First Sergeant was 1SG Dick. Good man. I don’t recall calling people “a dick” was a thing back then.


I shared this link with another picture with Mick.

Taken in October 2022.

Trying to figure out if the guy on the far right is him.


Another picture.

Is that him standing next to that Female Snake In The Grass, the one who went to the Richest Private School in Alabama (born and bred with Old Money in Mountain Hills, Alabama with a 4 year college degree courtesy of US Taxpayers, i.e. Navy) who sits on the January 6 committee and loves and worships Nancy Pelosi…

Please Vote In November.


Don’t have to tell me twice ’bout that.


Can I please do a “Beetlejuice” and tell you for the 3rd time??


What a great movie. Just for fun, we watched it again recently. That movie never gets old.

The character Otho was played by Glen Shadix. Born in Bessamer, Alabama. Sadly passed away in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama:,in%20The%20Nightmare%20Before%20Christmas.


Mountain Brook, not Mountain Hills.

Old Money.

Suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.


No that is not the same guy


I can hear the Chief’s girdle screaming in that picture.

Those buttons are ’bout to wound som’body…


Hmmm, a Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer (E9) with only five (20 years) hash marks?

Despite his obvious girth, he must have been a fast mover. /s


That is quite a set of child bearing hips on the left.



Wearing black, trying to cover the obvious.

We feel sorry for her husband and daughter. They are frequently used in her TV Commercials.

After seeing those commercials, we know who wears the pants in her family.

Old Southern Money Every Cotton Pickin Time.


No NDSM on his FOIA records…



Once again, The Brotherhood has dodged a bullet!


The Brother (and Sister) Hood can rest easy. As I’ve stated many a time, there is nothing more Despicable than a lying POS that stands on the bodies and in the blood of Warriors who have a legitimate Purple Heart in their record. And I’m sure that the only Vertical Envelopment assault this tool made was on the Buffet Bar at Golden Corral. The AL Post should be ashamed of themselves that they did not vet this CO@KSUCKER before making him an ossifer.

Can’t believe that I am to be the FIRST (ht 2 Tox), after 42 comments, to call for the Deployment of the Vaunted TAH As(s)teroid of Insults on the lying POS Valor Thief, Richard “dickie” (little d insultingly intentional) Elmer (Fuddy Duddy) (limp) Johnson.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?


Point of Odor (sic)!

When/if the FOIA gets back with a complete picture of his malfeasance do we issue it twice?





It would be fitting if his malfeasance were to generate a
new insult or two. If nothing else he can at least claim
that as legimate fame.


How about…
More useless than a Recon Ranger Refrigerator Repairman in Antarctica.

Say that 10 times fast.🤣

Hack Stone

He brings shame to the private investigator/security industry that Jared Stern and Thomas Bolling have worked so hard to set the standard for.

Green Thumb


With Turd Bolling patrolling, anything can be a going….

Or better yet, when Turd Bolling goes on patrol, you better cover up your manhole…


Don’t forget about the greatest of them all… Dr. Dennis Howard “Hollywood” Chevalier. Founder and CEO of The Centre!

A Proud Infidel®™

Oh, you mean “Old Blobfish”?


Of course! It seems this post has turned into a stroll down memory lane. 🤣

Green Thumb

My understanding is that he repairs office refrigerators at All-Points Logistics.


So THAT’S why there’s never any cold sodas or bottled water!🤣


Monitoring this thread now and adding some things to the AoI for hopefully, soon, deployment.
More useless than a Recon Ranger Refrigerator Repairman in Antarctica.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Holy moly, it’s been a long time since a stolen Valor KnuckleHead came in on a Monday morning


How could he not know there is a place like this where guys
like him eventually end up?
I’m waiting for the “cherry” on top to appear.
Or maybe even a sock puppet to start the week.


I miss the chew toys, cuz -Dog gonna dog.

Maybe Richard Elmer Johnson, “”hero”” of the ’10th Ranger Battalion’, needs some google fame?


I think the current American Legion Post 280 Commander is Scott Richey.

post commander.jpg
Daisy Cutter

He’s got big shoes to fill.

Green Thumb

Philo’s long, lost son.

All-Points Logistic is in this tool’s future.

Daisy Cutter

I don’t know Dick.


I’m waiting for Professor JACK SHIT to enlighten us on this fine individual.


Rich Johnson does not know me.


The great man himself has spoken! Good to see you ‘round these parts!🤣




You Be The Judge…


We all know this one…


That pose looks familiar.

starbux copy.jpg

TNX, I was seeing it as a toilet seat for years.

Mustang Major

I am sitting in a Starbucks at the moment. Just checked my cup. Yup.

Daisy Cutter

If only he had claimed he had been in the Air Force as well, he could have been stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB and that would have completed a full circle for me.


Never Mess With A Marine Who Wears A Pink Bathrobe.


Talk About Deadly…



The Truth just came out.

Elmer wanted to be just like those phony Marines who claimed to have been there, done that in Beirut on 23 October 1983, i.e. looking for survivors.


The Commander In Chief Of These Rats.

Hide Yo Kids, Hide You Wives..

“One Hug And One Selfie At A time, Biden’s Mission To Connect”

“One handshake, one hug and one selfie at a time. If President Joe Biden could greet every American this way, longtime allies say, his approval ratings would soar.”

“He outlasts us,” White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon told The Associated Press of Biden’s penchant for spending 30 minutes, an hour, sometimes longer shaking hands.”


Ole Joey Boy really said this.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. He really asked if he is slowing up.

I think he was asking a rhectorical question, yet…


“I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine,” says Biden.”

“Watch me. You know, am I slowing up? Am I don’t have the same pace?…I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow.”


My old man was assigned to the 10th Marine Regiment in the early ’60s. His favorite was the 106mm recoilless rifle mounted on a motorized mule. The 10th is artillery, right?

Hack Stone

The fucked up part about his being a POW for 12 days is that every morning the 1st Sergeant would make him police call the POW compound for cigarette butts.

Daisy Cutter

He was able to escape when the First Sergeant grabbed the keys while Richie gave the guard a “head noogie.”


I’m pretty sure he found a few butts to his liking.


When someone claims they will get enough sleep when they are dead, the probability is 1, not approaching 1, but 1, that person is a lazy motherfucker.


The American Legion failed to fact check when they included a Phony in one of their magazine articles:

“Barbara Wright’s late husband believed he was exposed to Agent Orange in Korea in 1962 and 1963. However, VA only recognizes claims from servicemembers who can establish they were at the DMZ between April 1968 and August 1971. Joe Dunagan was part of a clandestine Army special ops unit whose records remain classified, so he was never able to prove he’d served overseas, Wright says.”

TAH fact checked Barbara’s claim with her late husband’s records. There is a 24 minute audio video in the link as well. She claims to be an expert about the military:

Barbara wrote this about her late husband:

He NEVER served in Korea.


We believe Barbara’s late husband was called up for Active Duty with this unit:

Research indicates he may have hurt his back while unloading equipment at Fort Lewis. Probably why he was relieved from active duty.

He may have heard Cold War exercise scenarios and somehow blended that information into his real life, i.e. lied and embellished about his service, an alternate reality world.

Barbara said she knows alot about the military because she said both of her parents served during WW2. Well, she stretched that one. Her Mother joined the Navy during WW2, but her service did not last long. Research indicates her Mother may have never completed Navy Boot Camp.

Same with her biological father and her stepfather.

Her Mother tried to get SS and VA Disibility and was denied. The same with her husband, Joseph, who was also denied. Barbara was his 4th wife.

After research, we think she may not be all there in the brain department.


Lots of folk served during WWII and many couldn’t cut it even so. Just the way it happened.



She used her parents by embellishing her parent’s military service during WW2.

She made it sound as if both parents went off to War, i.e. boots on the ground in the Pacific and Europe when in reality, one of them lasted less than 2 weeks and the other about 4 weeks while Stateside.

She claims she knows all about Military records because her parents served during WW2. See where we are going with this? There is a pattern here, i.e. her Mother filing for SS and VA Disability, which were denied and then her late husband.

She also embellished her education that she listed in the above article.

In the 24 minute video in the TAH post, she tries to come across that she knows EVERYTHING. That she is smarter than the average Bear. That she is an expert.

She is none of the 3. Somewhere along the Road of Life, a few screws in her brain as well as marbles disappeared.


We did ALOT of research on the 32nd. We have their yearbook when they were called up to go to Lewis in the early 1960s.

Barbara’s new claim is that her late husband since secret skiing missions while in Korea.

He never served in Korea. Never.

After researching the 32nd and their mission, we believe her late husband took the Exercise Training scenarios the 32nd went thru to include skiing in areas surrounding Lewis and made them into a “real” story to impress Barbara and everyone else. Once a person tells a lie, they either can’t stop or their lies get bigger to cover those other lies. Please read the TAH posting and listen to her 24 minute rant.

If she was really an expert on Military records, she would have realized that hubby was taking her for a ride.

It is so sad.


Joe’s records are published on TAH. Barbara is in denial about that.

The reality was Joe was a National Guard Soldier who was called up to Active Duty with the 32nd to Lewis, hurt his back while unloading equipment from a truck at Lewis (well, that is what HE said, but there are no records to prove it) and was released from Active Duty.

Barbara keeps saying she knows other Veterans that served with Joe in Korea during that “spooky operation”, yet refuses to give names because she may get those people in trouble.

Yeah. Right.

So Sad.


It can be VERY sad when it comes to lonely, vulnerable women who get cruelly deceived by POSers.

I’ve known a couple of women who refused to accept that they’d been duped, even when they were presented with irrefutable evidence that they’d been lied to, sometimes for years on end.


She is a Democrat from Oregon.

She wrote this in October 2020:

“As you all know I lost my husband Joe to cancer in March of 2018. We had been fighting since 2001 to get the benefits that he was promised when he joined the military and was denied due to lack of records and now I have been put in a position where I need to retain legal counsel to force the CIA and DOD into writing the letter necessary to get my husbands claims through. I am told I need a JAG Attorney, someone who know how to speak their language and I have one who is willing to do it but needs a retainer. I have sat up an account at Community Bank Pendleton for his retainer and if you can I could use some additions to that account. The Account name is Black Ops Vet w/Cancer needs help C/O Community Bank Pendleton 157 S. Main, Pendleton, Oregon 97801.”


JAG Attorney needing a retainer?????



“Black Ops Vet w/Cancer”



Black Ops = Shadow Warrior

You’d never even know they were there. You can even say that they weren’t there.


Her husband never went to Korea.

The story she told on that 24 minute audio at the TAH posting is one of those “OMG” stories…

He lied. She fell for his lies.

The story us truly unbelievable, especially after one researches her late husband’s past along with the units on his FOIA.

Barbara said because he was trained as an MP at Fort Gordon, that he was an expert in Black Ops…

What???? Really? Seriously??


Hack Stone

Did the Army train Military Police at Fort Gordon GA? Hack was under the impression that Fort Gordon was where the Army sent their Comm Rats for schooling, as Hack attended a Joint Services class there in the mid 1990’s.

And thought that all Services Military Police students went to Fort Leonard Wood.


Was scratching our heads on that one, because when we were at Gordon, my Father was Signal Corps.

Still looking at her husband’s records via the TAH posting:

And what Barbara posted:


What Barbara wrote in 2015 pretending to be her husband:

“JOE AKA SKINNY DUNAGAN wrote on January 2, 2015”

Pendleton OR

“I was a member of the origional Ghost Walkers unit that was
formed in 1962 and would like to find others who were in the
unit. We wore no shoulder patches nor did we carry ID cards
or have our dog tags. I would also like to hear from anyone
who knows about the unit like who we belonged to etc.
Somebody is playing games with our
records and is refusing to
provide them to the VA. We gotta prove we were there.”


“We wore no shoulder patches nor did we carry ID cards
or have our dog tags.”

Yeah, that kind of bullshit happens all the time.

No ID cards and no dog tags. Sure thing.

Makes me want to barf whenever I hear that kind of garbage.

Hack Stone

Made it a real pain in the ass when it was his turn to run down to the Seven Day Store and pick up a 6 pack of brewskies and some smokes. Since he had no unit affiliation, the clerk would only sell him generic beer and cigarettes.


The struggle is real!


NSN: 8965-00-841-7870


Yes, the struggle is real!


NSN: 8975-01-175-1382


Thanks, supply daddy. I’m back! But I never really left. I can’t believe most folks here didn’t pick up the “Strange” vibes I was putting down. You did, however, and I thank you for that.


MP schools were at Gordon in the 60s as were us signal pukes. Don’t know when the cops left


The MP School was at Gordon from 1948 to 1974. Then it moved to McClellan till 1999, and then moved to its present location at Leonard Wood.


So yeah, the one real thing in this whole story is that there was an MP school at Ft. Gordon in the ’50s and ’60s. By the time I became a proud inhabitant of Brems Barracks in the ’80s, it was all Signal Corps.

Army-Air Force Guy

Brems was still standing in late ’88 when I went through 31C AIT but by that time all trainees were in Brick City on the other side of Barton Field.


Signal washouts were often reclassed MP.


Signal geniuses were sent to Ft Monmouth.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Fort Lost-in-the-Woods” became home to the MP Corps after Fort McLellan AL was deactivated, prior to that the “Mud-Pups” did basic & AIT there.


In 1959 MP school was at Ft Gordon.

In 1965 When young Poe went to CBR School there, the MP school was at Fort McClellan.

It then moved to Fort Gordon and was there for many years before it moved to Fort Leonard Wood.


Correction: MP School was still at Gordon when Poe was at McClellan.

It was at McClellan in the 70’s and 80’s when Poe called there as a civilian,

Old Fart’s Disease strikes again. 🙄 


The only thing he was likely expert at was writing speeding tickets.


Mick, you NAILED it, SPOT ON, when you addressed the women that were duped…and in denial.

Her situation is so sad…yet, we wonder if she is trying to dupe the VA.

Thank You for sharing your personal experiences with guilluble women. Appreciate the feedback.

It did not help that the American Legion and others to include the media enabled her beliefs.

CIA and DoD? Well, let’s see if Ole Joey Boy helps her. After all, she is a Democrat from Oregon…


It’s similar to Daniel Wall. The various government agencies are trying to shut him up because he knows too much.

Who knew that the security secrets of our entire nation rest with an obese bed-ridden man in New Hampshire?

Last edited 1 month ago by tshe


This is what Barbara’s husband MAY have participated in during the Berlin Crisis with the 32nd:


From a 32nd Division Soldier seeking info while serving during the Berlin crisis (NOT Barbara’s husband):

“Guerilla Training at Ft. Lewis during Berlin Crisis”

“While serving with 3-127TH Inf. at Ft. Lewis, Washington, during the Berlin Crisis, I was part of a group of 200 volunteers to learn Guerilla Tactics during summer of 1962. We spent one month in the forest of MT. Rainier, 2 weeks training and two weeks defending against 2,000 troops trying to flush us out. We were trained by Special Forces from Delta Company Detachment D-7, I believe. Upon a successful completion of the exercise, we were presented with certificates, and a unit crest acknowledging that we were Honorary Members of Detachment D-7. However, all of my mementos from this and my year at Ft. Lewis were destroyed. Can anyone remember this exercise and can you forward a copy of the certificate to me.”


Barbara posted this:

“Joseph W. Dunagan
Hq. Troop, 2D Recon. Squad, 105 Armor Cav.
32D Division
Berlin Crisis
(posted 3 Aug. 04; updated 4 Oct. 05)

We are looking for anyone who was called to active duty in 1961 and went to Ft. Lewis, Washington to train and was “Erronously recalled” and sent home in February of 1962, only to be called up a month or so later and sent to Korea. Joseph Wayne Dunagan was one of those and we think there may be more. Also looking for a roster of the unit from that time period.”


I doubt there ever was a SF ODA denominated “D-7” They all had different numbered ODA’s even back in the 60’s. This is because there were several groups, and you couldn’t have duplicate numbered oda’s. Also, back then, the company leverlunits were called B-detachments. There were no units designated as companies.


Was that true in the early days? The whole.history of how SF units were designated over time fascinates me. I don’t know when they started designating SF companies, but at least since the ’80s, the B-Team is the company HQ component of an SF company. So, for example, A Co / 3rd Bn / 20th SFG(A) would be composed of 6 ODAs and an ODB (the Co HQ). At one point, the ODB was 2070, and the ODAs were 2071-2076. (1st Bn companies were 2010-2030,. 2nd Bn were 2040-2060, and 3rd Bn were 2070-2090. Later A/3/20th would have been 2310.


Sometime in the latter half of the B-teams became companies and the C-teams became the three battalions of each Special Forces Group. When I joined SF and went to SFOC in 1970, that organization was in effect, but many of the old timers still referred to the companies as B-teams. The ODA’s all had three digit numbers, the first of which was an indication of which SF battalion the detachment was under. I commanded ODA’s 224 and 325, IIRC during my 2.5 years with the 10th Group.


…latter half of the 1960’s,….


Is he still in the land of the living? It’s been a while since the last update on that nut job.

Hack Stone

Black Ops Vet w/Cancer Lives Matter!


We all need to remember that whenever there is any government program handing out money or any other benefit, the phonies and the fraudsters come out of the woodwork. They make their fraudulent claims; and likely at least a third of them are successful because of government employee incompetence or lethargy.

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics.

Green Thumb

Barbara was his 4th wife, huh?

Good chance this dude could be the False Commander and Pretendian “Phony” Phil Monkress’ (CEO of All-Points Logistics) long, lost father.

Turds rarely fall far from the ass.




(Picking this up here, where there’s more space.)

Ghost Walker?

Is this now sounding way too much like
featuring that idiot Phony Green Beret Martin Blank
(Martin LeBlanc)
with the book written by his
Phony Enabler mistress Janet Salian?

comment image?ssl=1


Martin LeBlanc –
Real Supply Clerk,
Fake POW,
Fake Purple Hearts,
Fake Secret Operator

IAS | March 12, 2020

Last edited 1 month ago by MarineDad61

Phony as a three dollar bill. His Love Me box has the SF patch upside down, and the way he wears his beret is a huge tell.


Real Green Berets show up at the book tour,
to question the Phony Green Beret,
and confront his Phony Enabler book writer mistress.

Daisy Cutter

Rich, surely you jest.

REJ: It’s Dick… and don’t call me Shirley.

Hack Stone

So when Dick Clark does the annual Stolen Valor Countdown, will Richard Elmer Johnson be listed as a phony Marine or a lying dogfaced pony Soldier?


He is already posted to the FY23 Valor Vultures Tote Board as a half and half.

Green Thumb

Coming at you live from All-Points Logistics with your special host, Phil Monkress…..

Hack Stone

The banquet menu will include imitation crab, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and mock apple pie. Entertainment will be a Milli Vanilli tribute band.


What about those Beyond Meat Burgers and Tofurkey Deli Slices?

Last edited 1 month ago by tshe

Don’t forget the Cheez Whiz!


Speaking of Cheez Whiz, I would like Hack Stone’s opinion on a matter of great importance seeing as he’s from the Philadelphia area…what is the proper way to make a cheesesteak? Provolone or Cheez Whiz?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Shit-lickin’ dickless wonder!

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Fuck this guy, and fuck the VFW and VFW.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

…and the Legion…


As a Life Member, I AGREE!

The anti-American rot seems to be working into that group too.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A true Elmer………Fudd. hehehehehehehehe

Hack Stone

He should head over to Ohio’s 9th Congressional District and help JR Majewski with his campaign. Anyone know how JR is currently standing in the polls?


Hack Stone,
Kaptur +5 over Majewski.

Then again, 10 days out, it was
Clinton +10 over Trump in PA in 2016,
and we know how that turned out.

So, it’s a toss.
May the worst turd lose.


193 – The drive toward 200.
Stretching “The Dick” out to the 200 finish line. Make it happen!

Hack Stone

Much like JR Majewski’s claim of combat deployment has an asterisk, the 200 comment milestone on this thread for Dickless Johnson will have an asterisk, as the post has brought up a lot of reminiscing of the glory days of posers, when posers knew how to pose, with faake autobiographies, sock puppets and the Tammy Wynette’s are standing by their men.

Speaking of standing by their men, is William Derek Church still in marital bliss with his lovely bride Kiaya?


I was just thinkin 200 a few hours ago.
And all in one day. May he make the grade.
Something earned legitmately at last!


Dick Johnson deserves to be made very uncomfortable with a (R)anger bat(t).


Going back to Barbara Wright Dunagan and Joseph “Skinny”Wayne Dunagan:

Barbara said that Joe told her that the leader of the “Ghostwalkers” was “Injun”.

Now she is looking for “Injun”.

This is what she posted on Fakebook (OMG). She even posted a picture (OMG):

“Good morning. I need some help desperately to find the name of the man the military called Injin. He was a Marine Major and he was the commanding officer of a Spec. Ops group known as Ghost Walkers. J also was told that he was the grandson of Geronimo and that he had a blood sister named Naomi Two Feathers. I need his name that we white eyes would have called him so that my attorney’s can see what the government put in his military records as to where he was in 62,63 Can you help me?”


UPDATE (submitted by an anonymous source):

As an update to your post on Richard Johnson. The veterans organization he was part of had removed him from his position prior to this publication. He was found to be quite a con man. The organization is currently looking into missing funds that appear to have been stolen. While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it seems likely dick lied about being a vet, I order to steal money from vets.


We now return you to your regular programming.


He stole $$$ in 2010 and got caught. His felony charge of grand larceny was reduced to a misdemeanor charge of petit larceny. He pled guilty to the charge.


Maybe he used that stolen money to fund an orphanage in Bangladesh? Or to fund a trip as a missionary to Timbuktu? The benefits of the doubt are endless.


How did he end up in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area from Michigan?



Not sure. He bounced between VA (Hampton Roads area) and Michigan for about 20 years. Appears to have moved at least 7-8 times over the past 20 years and back and forth every few years.


Been on the run from the horrors of Macho Grande


No, he used that money to go on a trip to Manchu Pichu with Homer Simpson and Barney Gumble!



Where’s my Buddy, LC…

LC and Commissar: What do you both think?

In all sincerity, not trying to start a fight or bashing and definitedly no name calling (Please). Really would like your feedback on this. We respect other folks thoughts.

Thank You!

“New York Supreme Court Reinstates All Employees Fired For Being Unvaccinated, Orders Backpay. State Supreme Court Found That Being Vaccinated ‘Does Not’ Stop The Spread Of COVID-19”

9740 (1).jpeg

The New York Supreme Court got it right.

So sad and not right that folks got FIRED from their jobs because they were not vaccinated. Most of them were Firefighters and Police Officers, people we NEED.

Was disgusted that our tax dollars paid for others to sit in their basements to play video games instead of going out and getting a job AFTER the lockdown was slowly lifted. They got the vaccine, but figured they were making MORE money by staying home and not working.

Additionally, some thought they were just too good to even work at any Fast Food Establishment to earn wages.

Spoiled, pampered brats.

Hope They Reap What They Sow.


Washington State Ferry System did the same thing firing the unvaxed and many routes went from 2 boats (1 coming and1 going) to 1 boat and multiple hour wait for a spot on a boat. Sucks if you live on one of 13 inhabited islands without a bridge and work on the mainland.

Was traveling from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend (30 minute trip) and had a choice of a 3 hour wait or a 5+ hour drive via bridges.



Wow with the Washington State Ferry System..

So sad.


“So sad and not right that folks got FIRED from their jobs because they were not vaccinated.”

Even sadder, ninja, is that the Defense Department is doubling down on its intention to harass and coerce several thousand troops for refusing the jab:

Army penalizing soldiers seeking religious accommodation to vax mandate: ‘Technique of coercion’ | Fox News

That affirmative action hire,  💩 Lloyd Austin 💩 , is an effin’ traitor to the American military forces he’s supposed to be looking out for… 😡 

Last edited 1 month ago by Poetrooper


Now we have to deal with THIS again…

We are SICK of it.

“Biden warns most COVID-related deaths this year will be result of people not being updated on their vaccines”.

A Proud Infidel®™

SHIT ON HIM, the bloodline that spawned him and his ilk.


You know, if I were of Irish descent, I’d be ashamed of him. I will say this as a VERY lapsed Catholic…this country better never elect another Irish Catholic to the Presidency. The 2 we’ve had have been complete and utter shitbags.

Daisy Cutter

Tricky Dicky, you sillwee wabbit. Tricks are for kids.

You don’t have to pose as a veteran to swindle veterans, but I guess it helps.


It happens, DC.

It happens… Ran into these type of folks all the time…😉😎

“Actual Douche Promoted To Major”

“FORT HOOD, Texas — The Army confirmed today that CPT Court Massengill has become the first actual douchebag to be promoted to Major.”


What are the odds that this is a true story…. 🙄 


Am sure all of us have encountered some types of Douchebags while serving…😆🤣

Heck…We were probably thought of as Douchebags by others…😉😎

That article was hilarious…


Sooo, we finally got a picture of the seagull in uniform?




Who? Me? Why, I nevah would call anyone names…that aren’t fitting. *grin*



“Why , I nevah would call anyone names…that aren’t fitting..”


No War Chickens???




Sadly, once someone turns to the dark side, they fall further and further into the abyss. The Dawgs already plucked that chicken and the Tide will tame that tiger. Cow College will find out that they are a cooked goose, and will have to put any thoughts of victory on ice, man. They may as well go ahead and camp out in the Ladies Room so they can get their 2nd place trophy. Good news for Auburn is the grounds keepers have replaced the artificial turf with real grass so the Auburn Cheerleaders will have a place to graze on between downs.

gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd 😜


Preparing for the upcoming Army/Air Force Game on 5 November. Will be thinking of Mason and The Chipster that day…🎶.”Here We Go, Into The Wild Blue Yonder…”🎶

Perhaps we should take a break and quit harassing our beloved AW1Ed and Mick and start picking on Mason and The Chipster?

Nah. Ed and Mick are fun to mess with…😆😅🤣😂

Have confidence The Tide will beat The War Chickens. Saying alot of prayers for the Army/Navy Game.

And as usual, hbtd/rtr games are ALWAYS Nailbiters.



It’s “Off we go” gosh darn it. Prior Air Force here. And remember, the original ending to the first verse is…
We live in fame
Or go down in flames
Hey, nothing’ll stop the Army Air Force



Thank You!

Again, learn something new!


Yep. Army Air Corps. Army Air Force.

Jimmy Stewart. Clark Gable. George Gobel. Glenn Miller.


Have to cut Mason (married with children, one a baby) and Chippy (single Dad mooning over never making OAM his) some slack. They have it rough enough, Bless Their Hearts. Loading up on chicken wings and other consumables.




(Standing At Attention):

Yes, Sir for Mason and The Chipster..!




At Ease and Carry on! Ya doing a fine J.O.B! ps tossed out all the mustard I could find. The Dawgs will avenge the Tide…bigly!



I’m conflicted. Then again, I don’t care for “Ring Knockers”. Can they both lose?

Daisy Cutter

A Proud Infidel®™

“War Chickens”? I prefer “Peace Pigeons”. Heere Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!



“National Guard Soldier Killed In Cargo Vehicle Crash At Pennsylvania Training Center; 3 Others Hurt”

“A crash involving a pair of cargo vehicles during a training exercise near the headquarters of the Pennsylvania National Guard left one soldier dead and three others injured.”

“The accident occurred Saturday at Fort Indiantown Gap in southeastern Pennsylvania. The installation, about 25 miles northeast of Harrisburg, is a National Guard training center and serves as the headquarters of the Pennsylvania National Guard.”

“The troops were aboard two cargo trucks, known as Light Medium Tactical Vehicles, as they conducted a supply mission exercise between ranges in a remote part of the training area.”

* Continue*


“SPC Mackenzie L. Shay, 20, was killed in the crash. Shay was an Army petroleum supply specialist assigned to the 28th Infantry Division’s G Company in the 128th Brigade Support Battalion.”


RIP Specialist. I did my National Guard Accelerated OCS phases 2 and 3 there. Nice facility. Damn shame that this happened during routine training.

Wayne Sarapata

Johnson also claims to have been a police officer with the Newport News, Va PD. I very much doubt that also