Formerly Free Canada hits new low

| October 24, 2022

For those who say “all we want to do with guns is X” you can just point north.

Regulations prohibiting the sale, purchase or transfer of handguns within Canada took effect on Friday, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the measure builds on earlier efforts banning handgun imports.

But Tyler Shandro, Alberta’s Minister of Justice, said the move unfairly penalized law-abiding firearms owners.

“The federal government’s real goal is to scapegoat handgun owners and use wedge politics to appeal to a narrow base of voters who wish to see legal firearm ownership in this country eliminated entirely,” Shandro said in a statement.

Canada has stricter gun laws than the United States, but Canadians can own firearms with a license. Some firearms must also be registered.

Canada’s gun homicide rate is a fraction of the United States’ rate, 2020 data showed, but is still higher than other wealthy countries and has been rising, with handguns the main weapon used in the majority of firearm-related violent crimes between 2009 and 2020.

Reuters via Yahoo

Why, it’s almost like criminals don’t obey laws or something.

They started with registrations, then targeted bans (banning AK-47 variants the civilians used, not banning Mini-14 variants used by the government in 1991) to pre-sale licensing and now a flat ban on sales of any handguns at all. This is what it means to be ruled, folks. The rulers decide what citizens are allowed, and that’s all there is to it.   Remember when  Canada used to be a free country?



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Well, deer season opens in Maine a week from today up here on the border. The “other” border. The one the 9/11 terrorists came through.
Canadian handgun hunters can only bring box cutters now.



Stop it.


Not how it works, -beans. Tim Samples vids next.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WOW great video. Like a sore pecker it can’t be beat. Loved it,,, AYE


Good luck with that,, BUDDY!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I have a feeling a lot of guns will still be traded, sold, and bought…….but totally off the books, cash only, unregistered, and away from the cities.

They already are.


It isn’t so much that Trudeau banned HG sales.

The problem is that he is allowed to. Kind of makes one wonder what else he is allowed to do.

USMC Steve

Not surprising given their system of government. They aren’t citizens, they are subjects. Thus they have no rights, only priviledges that may be stripped or granted at a whim of their political masters. A follow on from being a vassal state of Great Britain no doubt.


Banning evil handguns for “social just” or something, comrade– is only tyranny when Capitalists do it!


> Tyler Shandro, Alberta’s Minister of Justice, said the move unfairly penalized law-abiding firearms owners.

I figured if any province were going to object to this, it would be Alberta. I hope Alberta raises all kinds of hell about this.


Two Canadian provinces already said they will not enforce this law


Looks like three now. Saskatchewan and Manitoba have followed Alberta’s lead.

Unfortunately for the rest of Canada, Ontarians eat crayons, Quebecers have their heads up their ass, and British Columbia likes to be the Tim Hortons version of California.


Welp, looks like all that Fidel’s alleged Baby Boy needs now is a Che’ Buddy and a few baseball bats and we’ll have a Cuba to the North of us. What say ye, RCAF Chairborne and Hatchet?


I weep for our Brothers and Sisters of the North Coast.

May God guide His children to find a common cause in Liberty and give the C’nadians strength to lift not the shovel to bury Arms, but to lift them in defiance!

All across the world, without an unlighted corner: Resist…Rebel…Revolt!!!


Kanuckistan is in a sad state thanks to Comrades Turd-eau and Jackmeat.
Im glad we have resistance in Western Canada to this nonsense.
I agree with ND, most urban Ontarians are feeble minded sheep who believe Turd-eau’s bullshit will actually make them safer .
I don’t know who is more embarrassing, Queen Justine or Sniffy Joe.

Last edited 1 year ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE

Well, at least yours isn’t senile. The only skill Gropey Joe has is the ability to read large teleprompter script out loud.


He doesn’t even do that well…


You can add “navigating the Rose Garden” to things he does poorly.


Oh well, that’s what they voted for.


Canuckistan has Cowboy Action Shooting clubs. Since that hobby/sport requires the use of two single action pistols, this gun banning will put an end to that shooting sport in the great notrhland of progdom.

Mustanng Major

Trudeau and his deceased father long admired the control the Chinese leadership had over the Chinese people. (Documented in many books and reports.)


Quick dick mcdick on YouTube is pretty entertaining to listen to. A farmer from Saskatchewan who occasionally rags on Trudeau. A Canadian conservative if you will.

Will try to attach a link. Probably be faster if you look up yourself.