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| September 24, 2022


How unlucky must one be? Imagine: You’re driving down the road intent on pulling someone over, impersonating a police officer. Who knows why someone would do this, but let’s just say that’s a thought that popped into your mind. You see all those cars going down the road and finally decide, “That one! I want to pull over that guy!” And then, when you get that dude pulled over and walk up beside the vehicle in your half-assed uniform, you come to find that you pick what was probably the only vehicle within miles that happened to be driven by an off-duty cop. That’s some sh*tty luck.

And that was the luck of a man named Jose Flores Ortiz, who did this exact thing this past weekend in Brighton, Colorado. A Facebook post from the Brighton Police Department describes the entire thing in detail.

Dipweed was arrested and charged with a litany of crimes.

  • Impersonating a police officer
  • Prohibited use of a weapon
  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Use or possession of red or blue lights
  • Illegal possession or consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Oh, so he was drunk! Still not a good idea. The department is reaching out to the community, presumably to see if this guy has pulled his stunt on other motorists who weren’t off-duty police officers.

Would anyone actually believe this guy was a cop, though?

I don’t care what your badge looks like, I’m not going to believe you’re a cop if your lip is pierced while on duty. What a clown. And that’s not even taking into account the scorpion neck tattoo. Stick to safe, fun impersonations like Donald Trump, Brian Stelter, and Kamala Harris.

The moral of the story: Cops and robbers, much like Trix cereal, is just for kids. If you’re trying to play the adult version, you can expect to end up in jail.

Source; Louder with Crowder

Boater arrested after allegedly opening fire on Coast Guard helicopter

A boater was arrested after allegedly opening fire on a Coast Guard helicopter crew as it responded to a call for help near New Orleans, officials said over the weekend.

The Coast Guard had received a “distress signal early Thursday morning from an activated emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) belonging to a 40-foot sailing vessel” about 75 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana, the agency said in a statement.

As the Coast Guard crew approached the craft and tried to lower a radio down to it, a man on board opened fire, officials said.

“The aircrew heard objects striking the aircraft and immediately departed the scene due to aircraft and crew safety concerns,” according to the statement. “Upon returning to Air Station New Orleans, the aircrew observed impacts to the helicopter rotors consistent with projectiles from a firearm.”

A plane, cutter and 45-foot response boat were sent to the scene.

The alleged shooter was taken into custody without incident on Friday, according to the Coast Guard.

“Safety of life was our number one priority during this challenging incident,” said Lt. Phillip VanderWeit, a spokesman for the Eighth Coast Guard District.

“Through the professional and skillful work of our crews and interagency partners, we were able to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution. The Coast Guard will continue to work across multiple levels of government to thoroughly investigate this incident.”

Source; NBC News

Parents Sue Daughter They Abandoned as Toddler for Not Buying Her Brother an Apartment

A Chinese couple who abandoned their daughter when she was only a toddler, suddenly reappeared in her life decades later when they learned she was well off, to ask her for a home for her brother.

Zhang was only 2 years old when her parents decided they couldn’t raise her anymore and placed her in the care of her brother’s sister. They had little to no other interaction with her ever since, and the now 29-year-old woman always considered her aunt’s family her biological one. It was for this reason that she recently used part of her savings to help her cousin, who she considers her brother, buy an apartment. However, she never anticipated that her generosity would suddenly make her biological parents come knocking, asking her to buy an apartment for her biological brother as well…

The Shandong Business Daily reported that Zhang’s biological parents, who also live in Guangzhou, demanded that she take care of their son, whom they had kept, despite their financial difficulties. When the young woman refused, they filed a lawsuit with a local court asking for 500,000 yuan ($72,000) in “parental maintenance”.

The Chinese court recently issued a controversial verdict that sparked outrage on Chinese social media. It ruled that, while Zhang had no obligation to gift property to her adult biological brother or otherwise help him financially, she was legally required to support her parents.

Filial piety is a big deal in China, and the law clearly states that all adult children have a legal obligation to offer support to their biological parents, regardless of whether they fulfilled their duties as parents. Basically, if they gave you life, you need to support them when you grow up if their income does not cover the needs of daily life. In this particular case, the court ruled that Zhang needed to negotiate with her biological parents and settle on an amount to pay as maintenance…

The verdict sparked outrage online, with the vast majority of comments being critical to Zhang’s parents.

“Are they vampires? The father sucked up the blood of his sister, and now he and his wife want to drain the blood from their daughter,” one person wrote.

“It’s so lucky that Zhang didn’t grow up in her family of origin. Horrible!” someone else commented.

Source; Oddity Central

Michigan cops nab suspected robber accused of helping steal dozens of guns after he brags to friend

A suspected Michigan robber accused of helping steal dozens of firearms was nabbed by authorities after the man reportedly bragged about being on the news for the crimes and showed photos of guns to a friend who ultimately reported him to authorities.

Police arrested Keondrick Rayford earlier this month after a string of robberies in Dearborn Heights and Westland, Michigan. Rayford admitted to participating in two separate robberies at the same pawn shop, which together resulted in ??50 guns being stolen, according to Fox 2.

Four robberies were carried out across Sept. 11 and 12 in Westland and Dearborn Heights, Michigan, where suspects stole at least 76 firearms and multiple bottles of alcohol, Click on Detroit reported.

In one of the robberies on Sept. 11, the suspects drove a stolen Kia SUV through the front of Freedom Holster Gun Shop, and seven suspects ran into the store. They managed to steal at least 50 guns from the store in less than a minute, Click on Detroit reported.

About 30 minutes later, two suspects broke into a CVS and stole bottles of liquor. Authorities determined at least one of the men involved in the CVS robbery was also involved in the gun shop heist based on him wearing what appeared to be the same clothing in surveillance footage.

At roughly the same time as the CVS robbery, another stolen car – this time a Dodge Journey – smashed through the front of CC Coins Jewelry and Loan. Three suspects managed to get away with 22 guns in that incident. Authorities say at least one of the three suspects was also involved in the gun store robbery based on comparing surveillance footage and clothing the suspects were wearing.

The following day, at about 12:15 a.m., CC Coins Jewelry and Loan was again targeted. Another stolen car crashed through the store, and three men took “multiple firearms.” They left the establishment, only to return to take more guns.

An agent with the ATF investigated the string of robberies and determined that the same group of suspects carried out the heists, Click on Detroit reported. The agent noted that the robberies were carried out in similar fashion, some suspects were wearing the same clothing in the different incidents, and the stores were within miles of each other.

Surveillance footage of the incidents was soon posted by the Dearborn Heights Police Department, as well as shown on the news. Authorities also alerted the public that the ATF was offering an up to $20,000 reward for any tips on the suspects.

A friend of suspect Keondrick Rayford said he saw the footage of the robberies and could match his friend’s clothing to what he was wearing when he visited his home on the night of Sept. 11. He wanted to cooperate with police for reward money, Click on Detroit reported, citing authorities.

Keondrick Rayford reportedly shared a link to a news article about the heists with his friend and sent him a photo of a gun that matched the description of a gun stolen from the pawn shop. Police arrested Keondrick Rayford, as well as his brother Kendrick Rayford, on Sept. 13, according to Fox 2.

Keondrick Rayford confessed to the C&C robberies. His brother said he was not involved with the heists, but admitted to taking photos of the guns to help move them from his brother’s possession, Fox 2 reported, citing a federal court filing.

Brandon Carter, who is accused of acting as a getaway driver for the CC Coins Jewelry and Loan heist, was also arrested and admitted to being at both of the thefts at the pawn shop, according to the criminal complaint. His brother, Damond “Turk” Jordan Jr., was also arrested and accused of helping sell the stolen guns.

Authorities say there is probable cause to charge Keondrick Rayford and Carter for theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee and knowingly possessing stolen firearms. Officials said there is also probable cause to charge Kendrick Rayford and Jordan for knowingly possessing stolen firearms, Click on Detroit reported Tuesday.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Dearborn Heights Police Department on Tuesday inquiring if any of the other suspects in the cases have been arrested.

Dearborn Heights and Westland are located approximately 20 minutes from the city of Detroit.

Source; Fox News

La. state trooper arrested in South Dakota, allegedly tried paying for sex during work-related trip

A longtime trooper with Louisiana State Police was arrested in another state after he was caught trying to pay for sex during a work-related trip.

State Police said the trooper, 44-year-old Kirk Thibodeaux, was placed on leave after the agency got word he was booked in Rapid City, South Dakota. Pennington County law enforcement reported Thibobeaux committed the crime around 3 a.m. Tuesday at an area hotel.

Thibodeaux has been with the agency since 2002.

The criminal case has been handed over to Pennington County prosecutors and is ongoing.

Source; WBRZ

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Guns story reminds me of when some bright boys ran a stolen F250 through the front of our local gun/reloading store – and found every gun was locked up in one of two 6’x6′ MASSIVE gun safes. Anyone who had ever been in the store near closing could have seen that with their own eyes…great reconnaissance, fellas. They did take out a shelf full of boxes of bullets…employees were sorting for days.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Years ago in NYC, Their were steakout leos possibly from the safe/loft squad that used to stay behind one way mirrors in stores that were frequently held up and when the perp/perps entered the store and were armed, the PO’s fired shotguns through the mirrors at the perps. very succsefull but it was stopped I believe during the 1950′ for being TOO succsefull.


The concept was reprised in one of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movies.


Strong, teh stoopid is.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Meet Jose Flores Ortiz of Brighton, CO..

The Wannabe LEO.


A Proud Infidel®™

He looks like a real Rocket Surgeon!

Skivvy Stacker

Trooper Thibodeaux was doin’ what a good raised Cajun would do. He was goin’ outside his place o’ work for havin’ sex.
Leave the man go.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If he had kept his rocket in his pocket, he wouldn’t be in this pickle

Skivvy Stacker

I never realized how many slang words there are for a man’s Dick.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

That rocket in the pocket was used by NYC Guardian Angel head Curtis Sliwa when he and Lawyer Ron Cubey had a NYC radio show years ago.


Well Jeremy Dewitte is now out on full probation.
MSG Retired covered it nicely.


Should’a let the asshole drown.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please meet LT Kirk Thibodeaux, Louisiana State Police’s Finest, currently assigned to the agency’s Transportation Safety Services/Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section.

The LT was attending a work-related conference at the time of his arrest at the Hotel.

South Dakota officials say the charge of hiring for sexual activity is a class 1 misdemeanor in the state.

Now if that conference was held in Las Vegas….😉😎


That’s the 3rd LEO to go down in 3 weeks for attempted sex trafficking. Have these guys never heard of Tinder or is their game that weak?

The Stranger

Yes, it is that weak.


Technically, in Las Vegas (is that Clark County?) and Reno, prostitution is still illegal, I believe.



7773 (1).jpeg
John Seabee

Kinda like former Motocross champion James “Bubba” Stewart in Orlando, Fl in 2011. This case caused many a chuckle.


Shocked I was when he got booted for doping.

Here is my shocked face 😐

John Seabee

Dopers will dope. No surprise. Bubba wasn’t in the same league as Jeremy Charles DeWitte though.


Like most criminals he kept going to prison for his crimes and then became a better criminal.

After he got out last time DeWitte started his own police force. That is some next level stuff there.

He should be out again soon. I am willing to bet he goes Federal next. Tired of messing around with traffic stops and invents his own Federal Alphabet Agency.


“Coast Guard officials announced today the addition of door gunners to their rescue helicopters…”


“…along with laser designators and Hellfire missile launchers…”


Works for me! 👍


Well, you know those Blue State big cities…


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