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| July 30, 2022

Drunk B.C. RCMP officer who passed out in drive-thru keeps job

A B.C. Mountie who fell asleep while drunk in his unmarked cop car at a Burger King drive-thru has lost a month’s pay and will lose 15 days annual leave.

The details are laid out in a recently published April 8 RCMP Notice of Conduct decision.

After a day of drinking at several RCMP colleagues’ houses, Const. Blaise Picketts hopped in his unmarked police car with his RCMP service dog in the back and drove 25 kilometres to Maple Ridge.

On the way, he scraped the police vehicle on a concrete barrier while crossing the Golden Ears Bridge before arriving at the Burger King drive-thru.

He then fell asleep behind the wheel with his credit card in his hand and the engine running in the line-up.

Staff at the fast-food restaurant attempted to wake him up but after trying for 20 minutes called the police.

When the police arrived Const. Picketts told them to “fuck off” and wouldn’t cooperate with being breathalyzed. He then bit the straw of the breathalyzer and wouldn’t blow hard enough.

The officers then tried to arrest Const. Picketts.

The drunken cop attempted to knee one of the officers in the groin and grabbed the handcuffs they were trying to put on him.

The officers called for backup as they weren’t sure they were dealing with an RCMP officer or someone that had just stolen a police car.

It took several officers to get him into a police cruiser as Const. Picketts used his legs on the side of the vehicle to prevent himself from being pushed in.

Once in the police car, he was taken to the Maple Ridge detachment but his attitude didn’t change.

While being photographed he gave the middle finger to the camera.

He then needed to be handcuffed again and physically forced into the cell.

Unsurprisingly, Const. Picketts admitted he had little recollection of the events due to how drunk he was but agreed the incident took place on April 9, 2020.

The RCMP Conduct Board decision said Const. Picketts was later charged with resisting arrest and refusing a breathalyzer test.

In June 2021, he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and was put on probation for three months and was issued a $1,000 fine. Crown prosecutors stayed the charge of refusing to provide a breathalyzer sample.

There is no explanation given for why the officer wasn’t charged with drunk driving.

The decision said as an RCMP dog handler Const. Picketts was allowed to take his unmarked police vehicle home, and on his day off arranged to meet other dog handlers to train with their dogs.

Afterwards Const. Picketts drove to another RCMP member’s home in Langley and stopped to pick up some alcohol.

Over the course of the afternoon Const. Picketts drove to several RCMP members’ homes often stopping to buy booze on the way.

There is no mention in the decision that any of the other police officers attempted to prevent Const. Picketts from driving although they knew he’d been drinking.

At 2 a.m. he left an RCMP officer’s home in Langley and drove to the Burger King in Maple Ridge where he was later arrested.

Const. Picketts service dog was in the police car when he was arrested along with a police dog drug kit, mobile workstation, and his firearm and ammunition.

“Constable Picketts engaged in very serious misconduct. His actions were reckless and put his and other people’s safety at risk, as well as that of his police service dog,” the RCMP Conduct Board ruled. “His behaviour was disrespectful, uncooperative and combative while resisting arrest. His actions caused (a) minor injury to two arresting officers.”

The Board said Const. Picketts is a senior member with 13 years of service and “should have known better.”

The decision said the officer had repaid the $7,000 of damage he caused to the vehicle when he hit the bridge and was genuinely remorseful for his actions.

“He has taken concrete and extensive steps to address his medical conditions and to maintain his sobriety,” the decision read.

The Board said if it wasn’t for Const. Picketts “significant efforts” to rehabilitate himself, he may have been dismissed from the force.

However, the Board instead fined him 30 days wages – although the amount is not disclosed – and docked him 15 days of vacation.

The officer was removed from the dog handling team and won’t be able to get a promotion for three years.

He will also have to make a direct apology to the officers that arrested him at the Burger King.

Source; Infotel

2 men sentenced for scheme to straw purchase 97 firearms

Not sure who is more stupid here, the people buying dozens of firearms every month or the prosecutors who drop all charges except for one and pat themselves on the back (while most weapons remain unrecovered).

Two men have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a straw purchasing scheme that put close to 100 guns in the hands of people who can’t legally have them.

According to a news release from the Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office, Geryiell Lamont Walker II and Jeffrey Paul Jackson received sentences of five and four years in prison, respectively. Walker’s sentencing took place Wednesday, and Jackson was sentenced in April.

Walker had originally pleaded not guilty to all four of the counts against him, but in March he changed his plea to guilty on one count of making false statements during the purchase of firearms in exchange for having the other three charges dropped.

Jackson and another co-defendant, Sarah Jean Elwood, pleaded guilty in December to one count each of aiding and abetting false statements in connection with the purchase of firearms. As part of the plea agreement, four other charges against them were dropped.

Elwood is set to be sentenced on Sept. 14.

A federal indictment states the trio had conspired to buy a total of 97 firearms — including 62 in May 2021 alone — on behalf of others, misrepresenting their intentions to federally licensed firearms dealers. They charged a $100 fee on top of the retail price for each gun and bypassed the federal background check system on behalf of people who are barred from having guns.

So far, investigators have recovered just 18 of these weapons, either at crime scenes or in the possession of felons restricted from owning a firearm.

Source; KSTP

Florida man drives to Space Force base to ‘warn the government’ about ‘US aliens fighting with Chinese dragons’

He’s not the hero we need, but he’s the hero we deserve.

A Florida man has been arrested for attempting to break into the Patrick Space Force Base using a stolen truck to warn the U.S. government of a war between aliens and Chinese dragons.

Corey Johnson, 29, of Ocala, Florida, was arrested on Friday. His arrest affidavit noted that he stole a 2013 Ford F-150 three days before driving to the Patrick Space Force Base located in Brevard County.

Johnson reportedly admitted to Brevard County deputies that he stole the vehicle while at Riviera Beach and did not know who the owner was.

According to his arrest affidavit, Johnson said he was ordered by President Biden in his head to steal the truck and drive it to the Space Force base to “warn the government’ about “U.S. aliens fighting with Chinese dragons.”

The Florida man, who has been booked into Brevard County Jail, was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle. His bond was reportedly set at $3,000.

Source; Yahoo!

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I thought that the RCMP officer Pickett would go out in a Blaise after the charge. Wouldn’t that have been something if Alaska Bob was with him.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I meant to say in the above that Blaise would go out in a Blaise after Picketts Charge


Where I worked this guy’s ass would have been fired in a heartbeat and rightfully so, IMHO. What a friggin’ idiot!!


Sorry…to be clear, I’m referring to the RCMP cop in my comment above.

Old tanker

Yup he would have been fired AND prosecuted to the max at my Dept as well. There is no excuse for allowing him to keep his job

Amateur Historian

Cops south of the border in the US would lose their job for less.

Amateur Historian


“According to his arrest affidavit, Johnson said he was ordered by President Biden in his head to steal the truck and drive it to the Space Force base to “warn the government’ about “U.S. aliens fighting with Chinese dragons.”

Sounds legit. 👽🐉


They used to say, LSD consumes 47 percent in excess reality, check his reality for what’s left.

The Stranger

Florida Man strikes again! Now that’s what I call dedication. By the way, Patrick SPACE Force Base? What in the ever loving fuck?


Patrick SFB supports Kennedy/ Canaveral launch complex. Hosts 45th Space Launch Delta. Patrick launched small rockets back in the early days. Astronauts fly their trainer jets there.

I have a challenge coin from the 45th when it was a “wing”.

The Stranger

I know all that. I just remember it being Patrick AIR Force Base.


Mountie shoulda took the dog sled and let the pup drive.


Nutjob! No wonder traffic thru Ocala is always bogged down.


After looking at the mugshots of the 3 firearms buyers, I’m still trying to figure out who the brains of this venture might have been. Pretty sure it wasn’t any of them.


PINO Joey has reportedly been infected w/ the coof, again. Being called a ‘rebound effect’, Dummy wears a mask on a beach w/ no one around, and then goes maskless in a crowded restaurant or event. Nothing makes sense.

A Proud Infidel®™

That boy trying to break into Patrick Space(?) Force Base must have been on some GOOD SHIT!


Interesting how Canadians view liability. An officer with a DUI in a police vehicle would simply be fired in the US. He is half a step away from running over some kid.


I thought everyone knew about the great Alien / Dragon war. It’s been going on for centuries.