Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again

| July 30, 2022

biden no get virus.jpg

This is not a delayed article detailing his previously reported case of COVID-19. Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again in what is described as a “rebound” case. Even though he does not need to restart treatment, Joe Biden plans to isolate himself. He says that he is still at work and he plans to be back on the road again.

From Fox News:

“Folks, today I tested positive for COVID again. This happens with a small minority of folks. I’ve got no symptoms but I am going to isolate for the safety of everyone around me. I’m still at work, and will be back on the road soon,” Biden said.

Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday after contracting the virus last week, prior to the announcement on Saturday afternoon.

He was previously seen at several White House events without a mask since testing negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday, including at a roundtable discussing the economy on Thursday.

Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News medical analyst and professor of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center said it’s not a good look for President Biden.

“Not a good look for a president who talks about mandates. He has played too loose with this,” Siegel said.

Siegel said that Biden should have stayed in isolation longer, stating that he still had mild symptoms.

“Paxlovid rebound for Biden is not a surprise. I was surprised when he ended quarantine after 5 days even with two negative tests because he still clearly had mild symptoms including nasal congestion,” Siegel said. “What I think happens is that the Paxlovid stops the virus from reproducing but when it wears off there may still be some particles left and they then start to reproduce again and the test turns positive.”

Fox News has more on the story here.

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A parasitic virus can be living inside a parasitic virus? Who knew? I’ll bet that prezzy sniffy creepy will be glad when we get past the 2 weeks to flatten the curve stage.


Maybe he really never recovered from the first one. The media wants to show a strong(cough cough) virile (double gag) man. I really meant viral.


False negative test.


Mrs AW1 noticed Dopey Joe quite a while ago. I never doubted her judgment.

eyes 1

eyes 2


Fucker didn’t blink once in that little speech. Creeped me out big time.


Yeah the cut edits are ridiculous. Shit for brains can’t string together two sentences so extensive video trickery is needed. What a joke. The laughingstock of the world.


Is it me or is his hair parted differently in each picture.


Looks like one has been reversed.


The flags fall the same way and the knot in his tie is the same direction.


Also there is a video of the top picture that shows the lapel pin on the same side.


And so it begins. Long, deep recurring covid. Shame it had to end his presidency so early. Terrible disease.


Just in time for ’em to rename Monkeypox…
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

He should try the “Horse Past”.


And we have changed the definition of “definition” this week.


There once was a grifter named Biden
Who needed to go into hidin’
He faked a disease
made by Commie Chinese;
from his basement he kept up his whinin’

RGR 4-78

The Isolater in Chief.


MASK UP, SERFS!!! Protect your leaders from TEH COVID!!! GET JABBED LIKE I DID FOR THE 14th TIME!!!


Old tanker

AFAIAC this is just another exercise in keeping president dementia out of the public eye before the midterms in hopes that folks forget just how bad his mental state is. Same damn thing they did during the election. That allows the power behind the empty facade to do the speaking points via press releases and no one sees the emperor has no clothes and no mind.


This is like the worst plan ever to keep him out of office. the only ones who will believe it are the ones who want them in office.