MN National Guard pays $77k to LGBTQ mag for recruiting efforts

| July 27, 2022

This guy proved it takes a real man to break the 4-star gender barrier

Minnesota’s National Guard has a plan for recruiting problems. They’ve wasted invested $77,000 in recruiting advertising with a Minneapolis-based LGBTQ magazine. According to Wikipedia, the magazine has a bi-weekly circulation of only 33,000. That might even be generous.

Red State has the story;

Over the past few months, the Senate Armed Services Committee has listened to the moribund news that recruitment for the military is at an all-time low. Despite this grim forecast, the Command Sergeant Major for Minnesota National Guard Recruitment told CBS News that he was still confident that he could find recruits:

>“The more people that we can show what we do and what we’re about, the more people are going to take interest,” Command Sgt. Maj. Shawn Kor, of the Minnesota National Guard’s Recruitment and Retention Battalion, explained to WCCO. “Minnesota is a great state and Minnesotans are proud people and we offer them a way to give back to Minnesota and their country.”

Yeah, about that showing “what we do and what we’re about” part. The Washington Free Beacon discovered what the real recruitment goals are for the Minnesota National Guard:

The Minnesota Army National Guard paid tens of thousands of dollars to advertise in an LGBT publication that has promoted transgenderism and “queer” identities among children.

The National Guard, which operates through the Department of Defense, between 2019 and 2022 awarded $76,951 to Minneapolis-based Lavender magazine, paying for advertising campaigns in an effort to “reach the LGBTQ community” and “lend credibility to the National Guard.” Between May 2021 and May 2022 alone, it paid $22,224 to the LGBT magazine, according to a federal government contract disclosure. The advertising campaign appears to be related to the Minnesota National Guard’s “LGBT Special Emphasis Council.”

That’s a lot of money dumped into advertisement to one specific group. They may as well have lit it on fire, because frankly, it’s already failed on the credibility front. While the LGBTQ Plus, Plus, Plus community might feel that the Minnesota National Guard has more credence, among the caliber of people who the military would normally attract, it is clear the National Guard — and the entire military apparatus — has already lost credibility. Otherwise, why would they be having recruitment problems?

More at the source. Thanks to Poetrooper for sending this one in.

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I look at that photo and instantly hear the “Looney Tunes” theme.


That photo and the other one with the gay nuke thing, I hear Dr. Hooks, “Freakin at the Freakers Ball” and thought this .Gov would use this theme song.

I thought that song was funny in 1972, but it was a joke, right?


“lend credibility to the National Guard.”

Here is your daily reminder, the Militia never lost ‘credibility’, as it is of the People.

Stay armed and well regulated as f**k, my friends.


The unfettered commercial success of this media blitz should easily offset the 60,000 unvaxxed Guard troops awaiting the ax.


Why the hell would anyone with any options join our shit show of a military. Sad but I don’t think this country has leadership that is competent enough to allow me to ever recommend military service to anyone. One of my boys always planned on joining, but after hearing from his friends who are serving and counting the days he has changed plans. As one kid said “ the mission hasn’t taken a back seat to woke BS it now is woke BS.” I’ve read many articles about the recruiting situation being so bad, but none ever mention the Afghanistan debacle or handing Iraq to the Iranian fold of influence.
None of these articles talk about the gender and woke indoctrination being forced on members or the lack of confidence in leadership. I know I’m ranting but seriously we are fucked. Veterans can’t in good conscience encourage the next generation to serve and no one will address why.


As a former DS, after I throwing up a little in my mouth when I see that freak in uniform, I start the popcorn maker and wait to see what happens next.


This administration and all their top positions have become like a popularity contest in high schools. The overriding factor is to elect or appoint someone perceived as an underdog. This, as opposed to pure job qualifications. Now, this mentality is affecting the military. *sigh*

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And the destruction of the American Military continues. Anybody here surprised? Yeah, didn’t think so. “…fundamentally change the face of America.”

Looks like the defense of our Republic will be in the hands of the 70 some odd millions of Armed Patriots.


Levine’s so ugly I could stick his face in some dough and make gorilla cookies.

Credit to Fred G Sanford.

Sanford and Son – Gorilla Cookies! – YouTube

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone was on Recruiting Duty in the Midwest 30 plus years ago. Undergoing Recruiting Training in San Diego, one of the instructors (a civilian) mentioned targeted audiences Paraphrasing what he said, you would not want to buy commercial time running commercials on The Lawrence Welk Show, because the people you want to reach don’t watch Lawrence Welk. He had a brain cramp trying to thing of the correct word, and Hack tossed home a lifeline by saying “Demographics.” He asked Hack if he was in Public Affairs, and Hack replied that he was just a Comm Puke.

So, of the 33,000 individuals who pick up a free copy of this bi-weekly (Hack just wrote Bi), how many would be in the pool of qualified candidates (mentally, morally, and physically qualified)? Would any readers of this periodical be allowed to bring their toy poodle with them when they ship to Basic Training, because they don’t go anywhere without their baby.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The Lawrence Welk show on TV back in the day was great. If it was on today, what are the odds that it would be renamed the Lawrence Woke show.


“thank a ya boysza, thank a ya boysz”


It’s where I learned to Polka! And now, ’til we meet again, Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn.



Hack Stone

You think the current rap wars are bad? During the Polka Wars of the mid 1950’s, you took your life in your hands going to an Oktoberfest festival in Wisconsin. Hack remembers his Grandfather recalling firsthand seeing a man impaled with a clarinet. Every VFW hall had a memorial consisting of ceramic beer steins and kielbasa in front of their establishments for those fell victim to the carnage. Those were dark days.


How much of that $77K got kicked back to whoever approved it at the MN NG? My nephew ‘s last assignment before retiring from AGR was auditing NG recruiting expenditures. He found a metric shit-ton of shady shit and outright fraud.

Green Thumb

Being gay increases pay. Transgender, more so.

If you are either, automatic E-3 or E-4.


Wow! Soon, those weekend drills are really going to be a freak show.


Some people will pay extra for that, I’m told.


Is the Army motto changing from “Be All That You Can Be” to
“Be What Gender You Want To Be”? 😷 

Hack Stone

Why are they spending any money to reach out to the transgender community? We have been told that they are all eager to serve in the Armed Forces. Admiral Rachel Levine is eager to lead them into combat.

E-4 Mafia For Life

I saw an image of Rachel Levine Admiral in the rear entrance with an Uncle Fester looking being at some shindig in France.
The things’ title is Nuclear Energy Secretary Sam Brinton.
Articles refer to Brinton as, “they.”
I wonder how Latin countries are coping with the masculine and feminine forms of verbs and nouns… or maybe Latin countries have not been infected yet…


That worked real well in East Germany before the wall came down. You had to have connections to purchase and own a car. You had vehicle options also! Four different models: Trabant 500, Trabant 600, Trabant 601, and the Trabant 1.1.  Think a tiny low, low, low budget Fiat. 😷 


OOps, Wrong topic.


“According to Wikipedia, the magazine has a bi-weekly circulation of only 33,000.

I see what you did there.  😂