Vindman returns

| February 3, 2022

Poe sends in word that LTC Alexander Vindman, the guy who thought he knew better how to handle US foreign policy than the President of the United States himself, is back in the news. He’s suing Trump and his associates for violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. No joke.


Former President Trump is not named in the lawsuit, but his son DJT Jr. is. The Daily Caller report (and thus my reporting here) had it wrong. See ninja’s research and additional links to news articles below in the comments.

Daily Caller reports;

Former Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the whistleblower who kicked off former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, sued Trump Wednesday for waging a “targeted campaign” against him following his original complaint.

Vindman was the first to file a complaint regarding a call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which Trump appeared to withhold military support to Ukraine unless Zelensky agreed to investigate President Joe Biden’s dealings there. Vindman remained a key witness throughout the impeachment proceedings and then resigned from his post in July 2020. Vindman filed a lawsuit against Trump and his associates Wednesday.

“The targeted campaign against Lt. Col. Vindman violated federal civil rights laws that have long protected federal officials from intimidation and retaliation,” the lawsuit said. “President Trump and his aides and other close associates, including Defendants, waged a targeted campaign against Lt. Col. Vindman for upholding his oath of office and telling the truth.”

“This campaign of intimidation and retaliation has had severe and deeply personal ramifications for Lt. Col. Vindman. It also left a stain on our democracy,” the lawsuit continued.

In addition to Trump, the lawsuit names former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as former White House director of social media Daniel Scavino and deputy communications director Julia Hahn.

The lawsuit alleges that Scavino drafted some of Trump’s tweets and had input on the content of others, while Hahn coordinated attacks against Vindman in the media.

Vindman’s lawsuit alleges that Trump and the other defendants sought to intimidate and threaten him to prevent him from testifying against Trump. Trump himself tweeted numerous times about Vindman, saying he had mischaracterized the phone call with Zelensky and that there would be consequences for “SPYING” on the president, according to USA Today.

Specifically, Vindman’s lawsuit alleges that Trump and his three associates violated the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871, which prevents the intimidation or threatening of government officials who are carrying out their constitutional duty.

Neither Trump nor any of the associates named in the lawsuit have made a public response.

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Vindman can take his version of ‘our democracy’ and shove it so far up his ass that he’ll never be able to wear a cover correctly.

More grifting because that job opening in Ukraine seems to have been filled.

Punk turd of a half-man, I got your ‘damages’ right here.


Yup, this (she’s even fat like him too):


She(?) should be terrified,… of cardiac ramifications of her(?) lifestyle. She(?) should listen…to her(?) doctor about a weight loss program, maybe anger management classes?

This is the type of twatterazzi that jumps up and down… ok, maybe not her(?), screams about Ukraine, the failings of orangeman vis-a-vie Russia and why its necessary for us to send our sons to be thrown thru the meat grinder.

Fk her(?) and everything she(?) uncomfortably stands for.

Next war, my vote is to send every PoS like this to go get themselves some:
No kids? BOOTS!
Librarian? BOOTS!
Hillary sticker on the prius? BOOOOOOTS!!!


When I first saw her video I thought she looked like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Apparently, others in the comments thought the exact same thing, even going as far as actually calling her Ursula. Funny enough, my new profile picture for here is of me standing next to Ariel, so this video fits perfectly.


YOU, my friend just bought yourself a, probably unintended, entry into the infamous  The As(s)teroid of Insults®™
(I”ll edit something in the front so it will fit nicely…)
“Someone should take your fake shit and shove it so far up your ass that you’ll never be able to wear a cover correctly. “
There…I like it!!


Is a member of the military considered a government official?


Narcissistic assclown.


Too bad there has never been, and probably never will be, a true investigation into Xiden’s dealings in the Ukraine. The swamp is still deep…and world wide. Surprised that sleazy, sniffy, gropey, prezzy joey hasn’t made sure that Vindman was promoted to flag rank or given a cushy job with a pipeline /gas company by now. Or maybe an Ambassador gig somewhere.



Vindman was just a useful idiot, To be thrown away after use.


Word! Wireman611. Forgot to stick my /s/ tag after the 2nd paragraph.

MI Ranger

I heard someone say we need to stop calling it a swamp, because those can be beautiful and diverse ecosystems. We need to call Washington, D.C. what it is:
A sewer full of rats!! It smells, is full of caustic excrement, and the inhabitants will eat you if you don’t intimidate them back.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Daily Caller made an error.

President Trump is NOT listed as a Defendant on Vindman’s lawsuit:

“A retired Army lieutenant colonel who was a pivotal witness in the first impeachment case against Donald Trump has sued the oldest son of the former president and other Trump allies, accusing them of participating in an “intentional, concerted campaign of unlawful intimidation and retaliation” over his decision to testify.”

“The suit names as defendants Donald Trump Jr.; Rudy Giuliani, a longtime Trump adviser who has served as Trump’s lawyer; and former White House communications officials Dan Scavino and Julia Hahn.”

“Lawyers for Trump Jr., Scavino and Giuliani did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Hahn also did not return an email seeking comment.”

“Trump Son, Allies Sued by Lt. Col. Vindman, a Witness from 1st Impeachment Case”


Here is the lawsuit.

Again, President Donald Trump is NOT named as a Defendant.

His son, Donald Trump, Jr. IS named as a Defendant:

Daisy Cutter

Good point. I guess *technically* they are correct by saying he is suing Trump, but they should make the distinction between Trump and Trump Jr. A reasonable person would assume the POTUS.


There are alot of us who have grown kids with the name “Jr” after their names.

We guess we are those folks who are not a “reasonable person” because we did not assume Vindman’s lawsuit was against President Trump. Something in the story did not sound right, thus the research, the “Rest of The Story”.

Recommend the post be changed to Donald Trump, Jr with another source of information. After all, TAH readers pointed out that News Medias, to include “The Five/Fox News” got it wrong on the Maggie Desanti story.

Thank You.


Daisy Cutter,

Daily Caller LIED.
Poetrooper fell for it.
Mason fell for it.
Now VG has ANOTHER false article,
until it’s edited.

There is NO GRAY AREA for bullshit sources,
their intentional fooling of their fans,
and of course (it goes without saying, but I will),
the fans who like being fooled, music to their ears.



In fairness to Poetrooper, Mason and Daisy Cutter, journalist and reporters do sometimes get the story wrong.

We personally don’t think the Daily Caller lied. It could be that their reporters got a tip but failed to research the lawsuit and wanted to put a story out there.

We are big fans of “The Five” on Fox. If you recalled, The Five did the story on Maggie DeSanti and never followed up with correction. Mistakes happen. We make them all the time.

You are your own person, MarineDad61. We enjoy exchanging information with you on TAH just as we enjoy doing the same with Poetrooper, Mason and Daisy Cutter. Mason does ALOT of research on the Friday Valor Stories. Also as Admin, he passes on stories shared by other TAH Members. Being Admin is a LOT of hard work.

Poetrooper has admitted to errors on TAH. Daisy Cutter provided alot of input on the Les Brown case. YOU did ALOT of work on the Les Brown case.

Please, let’s stay united. Please.


No. Not for the bullshit that Poetrooper and a few others seem to like to put me through.
All for my 1 minute or less of Google Fu due diligence, past and present.

I am always united on the phonies.

But when it comes to partisan politics here,
it is THEM, who turn into fuxtix,
attacking my party affiliation, credibility,
and pretty much everything else.

So, pass your kind words onto THEM today as well.
They need to hear it.
From you.
And others.

Thank you.


Roh Dog,
Article still links Daily Caller,
and gives Kudo to Poe.
Until both are wiped,
NO, not happy.

Happy now??


It has been edited. Can you unknot your undergarments now?


I’ll sit back now,
and watch the others roll in today with their versions of Ralph Kramden “Homina Homina Homina”.



Ooh, burn!



Please don’t hijack yet another thread with this perpetual argument about references/sources.

We’ve got it. We all know your position on references/sources. We’ve covered all of this many times already.

Continuing to argue your point(s) adds nothing to the discussions here at TAH.



I’ll sit back now, and watch the others roll in today with their versions of Ralph Kramden “Homina Homina Homina”.

Oh, and watch the badge of honor red minuses stack up.



Your continued use of the word “fuxtix” toward people who disagree with you is gaining you no favor.


Few others… includes Roh-Dog.


Keep this unfounded and unnecessary kvetching up and Professor Doctor Jack Shit just might show.

Seriously, it must hurt being as perfect as you.


I just said I’ll sit back,
but you go ahead and keep it up.

Must suck to be fooled, again.
And called out for it, again.

Tell your buds to DO THEIR GOOGLE.


My accountability ends at my nose.

Who was fooled? TDC? It almost ends with them and their observably incorrect, presumed-innocent misreport.

Should the source and data been confirmed? YES!

Hey, fckstick. We agree on that.

This moral crusade is pathetic and offensive to the fine folks that inhabit this blog. Since you’d like to be The Keeper of Moral Truth and Vetter of All Links why don’t you start your own blog?

I’m absolutely done with your criticisms.

USMC Steve

Dude, seriously, give it a fucking break. You are also way slow on the uptake here. It was mentioned that they got the name wrong way back there, and every other fact is just that, fact. Did you wake up with a hard on or something?



We provided the link to the lawsuit with the Defendants names, to include Donald Trump, Jr, NOT President Donald Trump (See below).

Mistakes happen all the time with jounalism/reporting. Looks what happened with Maggie DeSanti.

Still wondering why Vindman did NOT include President Trump.

Have this feeling that his lawsuit will become Dust In The Wind.


For this to happen HERE at VG is inexplicable.
All PoeTripper or MasonJar had to do
was deploy the Fu of Google.
It took me 30 seconds.
WTF is the problem?

Last edited 2 years ago by MarineDad61


I cannot speak for Poetrooper or Mason, but I do know that being Admin on a Blog is alot of work.

Poetrooper has provided alot of great stories to TAH for comments. Mason does alot of extensive research on Valor Friday.

As shared, we even make mistakes on TAH that is caught by other TAH readers. We are thankful that our mistakes were pointed out. We all learn from one another.

No, you are not the problem. You have shared with us alot of information and input on Military Phonies, especially Les Brown. Please give yourself a pat on the back, ok?

Hopefully, we can move on to focus on this post? We still are trying to understand why Vindman did not sue POTUS and what his true intentions are.

We shall see because We Reap What We Sow.


I’ll sit back now, and watch the others roll in today with their versions of Ralph Kramden “Homina Homina Homina”.

Oh, and watch the badge of honor red minuses stack up.



Thank You, MarineDad61.

So…Do you wonder as we do why Vindman did not name POTUS in his lawsuit?

Vindman has had his 15 minutes of fame. That is his choice on what he chooses to do, i.e. the lawsuit.Am speculating that alot of US Citizens don’t care about this story and some may even say “Who?”

We shall see.


Being declared not guilty by the presumptively most deliberative body of legislators on God’s green earth kinda erodes a case of retaliation?


Not to mention Vindman voluntarily declined his already-approved promotion to O-6.

Green Thumb

I imagine Maggie DeSanti is cooking and serving chow at All-Points Logistics Merritt Island facility as we speak.

Thursday lunch special: A Phildoburger and a a side of lies.


It’s ok. It’s not the Gateway Pundit and the error is therefore excused

AW1 Rod

These fucktards will do ANYTHING to prevent Trump from running again in 2024.

This whining little turd is no better than that slag, Letitia James.


Mikey Weinstein kicks self, wonders why he didn’t think up this one.
He is taking notes, of course.


I bet when you are a smarmy, lying weasel and people tell the truth about you it probably feels a lot like being attacked.


From the post:

“He’s suing Trump and his associates for violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. No joke.”

Recommend the post be updated since President Trump is NOT being sued.

Donald Trump, Jr. is the one being sued.

*Please See My Other Links*

Which makes me wonder WHY Vindman did NOT include President Trump in the lawsuit.



It’s all about how much cash he thinks he can squeeze out of the Trump conglomerate, and not much else. Mostly, he’s just grasping at straws. Keep an eye out and enjoy the show.


Ex-PH2 commented:

“Mostly, he’s just grasping at straws. Keep an eye out and enjoy the show.”

Yep. You NAILED it, Ex! 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍


But few here want to hear from me about SOURCES ?
Especially from POETROOPER ?
Mason, haven’t you learned by now ?

Now scroll up to NINJA…
And the replies.
For the TRUTH.

Slow Joe

Oh, shut the fuck up.
I am getting fuckin tired of your stupid shit.


Ditto. He uses up more bandwidth than anyone else. He is getting more tiresome than Squidward aka the Commie Cuttlefish used to be.


Exactly. I hardly ever visit this blog anymore because of this one person posting 600 times per thread. I don’t believe I am the only one who has this opinion. Jonn is rolling over in his grave.



The posts has been edited. Mistakes happen.

Perhaps we can now focus on the Vindman’s lawsuit story?

BTW, thank you for your diligance on exposing Military Phonies. Sadly, there will always be those who will take their lies/embellishments to the Grave…at the expense of their Families and Friends.


For crying out loud, get some new material, change your tampon or whatever you need to do and get over yourself. ENOUGH, my two year old granddaughter throws shorter tantrums and she has an excuse.


Late to the party due to weather related issues, but reading through the comments, you claimed to be sitting back and watching the red thumbs down roll in.

Usually sitting back and observing means watching and not commenting.

And, Google is a search engine, and not a news source.

Green Thumb

An LTC with no MSM or BSM.

Yeah. Not.


Hi, Green Thumb!

We tried to attach a photo of Vindman in uniform, but the file was too big.

Vindman was awarded the MSM. He also was awarded the DMSM.

During OEF and OIF, my Chain of Command and I recommended some of our Soldiers for the DMSM instead of the BSM. We had our reasons. It happens.

We do not agree with what Vindman did in the past and we are skeptical of his lawsuit. At the end of the day, that is his choice, his money, his time.

Green Thumb

Right on.

I must have seen an older pic.


Green Thumb:

Vindman IS still potential All Points Logistics material…😉😎

Still can’t believe that after all these years, Ole Phildo is still getting away with his lies/embellishments.

But then again, so are others. Or so they think they are. We shall see. Time has a way of catching up to folks.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“The targeted campaign against Lt. Col. Vindman violated federal civil rights laws that have long protected federal officials from intimidation and retaliation,””

Best be careful there, Vind-coot. That “intimidation and retaliation” street travels both directions. It could be argued (and hence counter-sued) that YOU, by filing false reports and publishing make-believe, attempted to intimidate and retaliate against PDJT.
You sure you want to go that direction? OF COURSE you do! What would a useful idiot be without his convictions and beliefs?

based on the email that surfaced today, if I was Vindyloo, I’d keep my mouth shut. The email demonstrates that the State Dept was conducting illegal collection targeting US citizens during and after the whole Ukraine saga.

This lawsuit obviously hit before that email surfaced, but discovery could likely paint him and others as accessories by receiving information or analysis from said collection effort.

Some people are in big trouble. Including some “journalists” who seem to have received “leaks” of the data.




We are laughing our hiney’s off at Vindman’s explanation on his lawsuit. What a hypocrite. And of course, Fox News is to be blamed for his demise. Vindman brought his own miseries. Projection. Refusal to take respinsibility for his own actions. Can’t look at himself in the mirror as well as the political party he endorses. Am speculating that others, NOT HIM, are paying for his Attorney’s fees. Can I say SORUS? 😉😎




So, this rat bastard is back along with his smarmy lawers. At least Avenatti is not representing him. CPL is busy defending himself. Well, the rat is not going to like having his depo taken. Maybe we will find out who were the other traitorous bastards in his conspiracy.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO the only lawer who would even think of representing CPL would be a Bernath.


What a fucking putz. I mean what else can you say?

He’s suing people who aren’t even in the government. According to this douche’s logic, anybody who criticizes a government employee is guilty of violating this statute.

As I said, what a fucking putz.


Gee Whiz. Do you think we should feel sorry for him? *sarc* Some folks did not care that Rand Paul was PHYSICALLY attacked, that Ole Maxine Walters preached that others should verbally abuse Trump supporters…do I need to continue?

“The coordinated retaliation campaign also led to a barrage of personal attacks on social media directed at Lt. Col Vindman, according to the complaint. He and his wife also received threatening email and social-media messages from other members of the military, according to the lawsuit.”

“The defendants and White House officials also derailed Lt. Col Vindman’s promotion to full Colonel in the Army, and it became clear to him that he could no longer work in the fields of national security or foreign
affairs due to the political retaliation coming from the White House, the lawsuit said.”


“The targeted campaign against Lt. Col. Vindman violated federal civil rights laws that have long protected federal officials from intimidation and retaliation,” the lawsuit said

My non-lawyer mind says Vindman was not a “Federal Official”, he was an active duty Army officer filling a slot.


MD61 hijacks another thread with his holier-than-thou protestations of the horrible offense by others of referencing a source that makes an all-too-common journalistic mistake.

MD61 holds himself above those of us here who try to help the admins by submitting links to articles we think will have appeal for TAH followers, because he is research perfection personified–well, to hear him tell it, he is.

Yet with all his perfection, MD61, has a weakness that he puts on full display with these silly thread hijackings: He’s thin-skinned and can’t tolerate even humorous criticism as revealed with his response to Ninja, who was taking a more reasoned and adult position on the Daily Caller error.

MD61 replied: “No. Not for the bullshit that Poetrooper and a few others seem to like to put me through.”

Sounds like ol’ Poe and some others here are living rent-free in MD61’s head doesn’t it?

And that, folks, is all ol’ Poe is going to say on the matter.

No mas


I asked. I counseled. I defined parameters. I was ignored. Welcome to Moderation Jail, MD61, you are now officially a pain in my ass.





Commandant Pink Robe:

Posting General Order #1- Don’t be a Dickweed 
Posting General Order #2- Don’t make others have to point out that you are being a Dickweed.

‘Mistakes’ were made?



Any idea why the video changed from what I posted? Did I violate a policy?


I got the “failure to communicate” scene from Cool Hand Luke.
What did you intend? What’re you seeing?
Would you like a massage?


Last night it was a Gary Sinise video. And now it’s Cool Hand Luke again. We’re very confused. Now, as far as the massage… that would depend on just who is doing the massaging.


There seems to be a coding issue that videos will sometimes to default to that Sinise video. If you close the window and reload sometimes it distapears.

I was offering, but there was a substantive amount of vodka involved (nOtiCe tHe NAmE AlTErAtiOn) so with that condition being metabolized the offer is withdrawn. Try again tonite…probably.


Ahhhhhh….Please don’t put MarineDad61 in Moderation Jail. Being serious. Not sarcastic. He has added value to TAH with his never ending mission to snuff out phony Wannabees. Heck, he was even going to pay for a sign to be displayed in Elko, exposing Les Brown! Please give him another chance. I can’t stop the “name calling” or the hijacking of threads…Heck, myself and others on TAH do that as well. All of this may become a learning curve for all of us. And Poetrooper, please do not stop sending articles for discussion to TAH. We always look forward on what you provide us.


Mod jail means I have to screen all his comments prior to posting, hence the PITA comment. I appreciate his good works, but he hit my limit switch with his harping on minutia.


Yes, Sir.


I hear “Sir” and I look around to see who walked into the room.





Fat guy in a little coat!

The Stranger

Damn…dude literally fought from one end of Eurasia to the other. Very unlucky guy…or very lucky depending on how you look at it. Once he got captured by the Americans, he probably went to that POW camp with a smile on his face.


Back in 1961, young Poe’s 327th Airborne Battle Group jumped into Turkey with elements of the Greek and Turkish Airborne and ran an operation up to the Bulgarian border in a show-of-strength response to the Soviet’s capture of Francis Gary Powers. After the ground ops ended they cut us loose in Istanbul in our Class A’s. Couple of older guys sitting in a sidewalk cafe got very excited when they saw our 101st shoulder patches. It was the first time they’d seen that Screaming Eagle since WWII, after which they’d fled to Turkey.

Turned out they were former Wehrmacht grunts who were captured by 101st troopers at the Battle of the Bulge. They spent the rest of the afternoon buying us beer with raki chasers and telling us repeatedly how much better they’d been treated by the American paratroopers, as POW’s, than by the German army, especially after the battle concluded: much better chow, warmer clothes and better shelter from the elements.

The Stranger

Never mind. I think I see what you’re doing. Well played, my good man, well played. 🧐

Slow Joe

I didn’t get it.
What was his point?


Hey I saw Vineman on CNN
You see him tell him thanks for blabbing that that a Specific US Cav Unit from Germany is redeploying to Poland.
This nitwit loves to blab !!

A Proud Infidel®™

People like him nearly always fucketh themselves by only doing what satisfies their ego.


Doing a quick commo check. My last comment to AW1Ed is waiting for approval.

Dave Hardin


Daisy Cutter

Daisy Cutter


get along.jpg
Daisy Cutter

Nothing that a bunch of dog and cat memes won’t fix. That’s what I prescribe.


Having been a moderator on other forums, not here, I’ve found that putting people in moderation is a form of protecting them from themselves. It is natural for people to become emotionally involved but when posts (not here, but in general) get to a point of tossing insults at friends, they will probably wish later that they would have pulled back. Often, they claim months down the line that they can’t even remember what they were arguing about but whatever it was, it was not worth losing a friend over. Then, they thanked me for putting them in moderation. Others say they didn’t like it but understood my role in doing so. That was a large percentage of the time. Other times they simply gave me the finger.


If you aren’t modded, do your words ever have impact?
text?! That was supposed to read “TAH MODs”.

Time for a drink.

Last edited 2 years ago by Roh-Dog
The Stranger

So who’s the drunken uncle?🤣🍺🥃




I’m your Mr Boston’s Huckleberry-inspired favor brandy with an awkward and loooong hug of a chaser.

Also, how much Tito’s must one drink before they feel too drunk to operate a chain saw? A pint seems excessive.


Man, a few days late and a dollar short to the thread….




See? now doesn’t everyone feel all better.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮


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