News From the Land of ISIS

| February 3, 2022

It appears that some US SpecForce guys did a number on the ISIS leader known as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi .

This is fine with me. Nice to see my tax dollars at work on a “special project” and getting results. I do wonder if those marones are still building truck bombs and blowing themselves and each other up, but that kind of entertainment is not showing up anywhere these days. I guess it’s just too boring.

But here’s the gist of the event for you:

From the article:  ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in a “successful” U.S. Special Operations counterterrorism mission in northwest Syria Thursday, President Biden and the Pentagon said.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said there were no U.S. casualties. Al-Qurayshi was wearing a suicide vest that detonated during the raid, sources told Fox News.

“Last night at my direction, U.S. military forces in northwest Syria successfully undertook a counterterrorism operation to protect the American people and our Allies, and make the world a safer place,” Biden said. “Thanks to the skill and bravery of our Armed Forces, we have taken off the battlefield Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi—the leader of ISIS. All Americans have returned safely from the operation.” – article

Well, of course, being the President, Biteme has to try to puff himself off as The Guy who directed the whole thing. However, since we all know that his mind isn’t just slipping, but went astray some time ago, the Pentagon spokesperson is more likely a source of accuracy.

Oh, in case you were wondering if more stimulus checks are forthcoming? Sure: when Hell freezes over and Polar Bears compete in the Chinese Olympics.

Have a nice day, and don’t neglect those who are precious to you. Here’s a speed skating video for you all to enjoy.

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Rot in hell


Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi killed himself with explosives and killed innocent woman and children.

History repeating itself. 2019. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi did the same thing, i.e. killed himself as well as innocent children:

And in the meantime, Ole Plugs Biden STILL has our borders open (who is to say ISIS is not gonna come into the US) as well as deploying Troops to Europe to protect the Ukranian border.


Its the new 401K


“All [borders] are equal, but some [borders] are more equal than others” -Joey ‘Clap for that, you dumb bastards’ Xiden

Can’t stop progress


So, the guy who opposed killing Bin Laden finally found a pair and gave the go-ahead on this raid? Must be his poll numbers are tanking.


Oddly, Reichmarschall John ‘Father of ISIS’ McStain couldn’t be reached for comment.


Biden said:

“Last night at my direction, U.S. military forces in the northwest Syria successfully undertook a counterterrorism operation to
protect the American people and our Allies, and make the world a safer place.”

What a joke. “Protect the American People”. Yeah. Right. It is obvious he is CLUELESS with the crime spree occurring in the US. CLUELESS about illegal drugs coming into the US because of his open Border policy. CLUELESS about the folks he left behind in Afghanistan.

A desperate move on his Administration and the DemoRats because they know what is gonna happen this year when it comes to the House and Senate.

Bet over half of the population in the US don’t even care this happened.

AW1 Rod

Yup. When your poll numbers are lower than the winter OAT, it’s time to Wag The Dog.


Rest in Pieces, Mofo!


Not good to hear that we once again had to destroy one of our own helicopters in the objective area.

From the Fox News article linked above:

“U.S. officials told Fox News that one of the helicopters in the raid suffered a maintenance issue and had to be blown up on the ground.” 


Insh’allah, bitch.


Died of or from many covid holes, damn virus gets around.


Anyone wanna take bets that the next move Biden and Company makes before the November election is announcing his Administration has “defeated” COVID, i.e. no more masks mandates, vaccine mandates, etc etc?? 😉😎


I’d say that’s a foregone conclusion…


Which begs a followup question: What next will The They break to retain the reins?

My money is on more convenient infrastructure failures for a BBB push.


There was that bridge collapse near Philly hours before his Handles allowed him to speak there.

stupid q.png

The odds of that happening has more commas than the national debt.
I’d like to add, that bridge wasn’t being tracked by Butt-a-chug’s Flying Circus for additional funds.

Iirc, PA has excise tax of .50c/gal on gas and .64c/gal on diesel and 13M citizens, the average American drive 30k mile/year….? It adds up.

Where it go?!?!

Last edited 2 years ago by Roh-Dog


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I wonder if you could get that as a real, adhesive backed, “postage stamp”? I’d love to put some on my mail (along with the real postage, natch)

I saw a place where a few years, you could print your own legal US postage stamps with postage and a photo of your own choosing. I can’t find it now.
There is this now.
Vista Print. ( )


Yeah, I found an article, you *used* to be able to buy and put your own image on there.


Biden probably saw this Raid on the Morning news and had to ask what it was about…

Skivvy Stacker

“Thanks to the skill and bravery of our Armed Forces, we have taken off the battlefield Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraysh”

Okay, I’m callin’ bullshit. There’s no fuckin’ way that Biden was actually able to say this. He can’t even say his own V.P.s name for crying out loud…