Comments Section testing UPDATE 2

| January 15, 2022

Working on the comments section.  It’s a work in progress,  I just need some testing done.  I will switch it back to the old way after I find what bugs there may be lurking around.  If you have registered an avatar it should appear next to your name if you use the correct email to post.  If not:

Or just leave it blank.

UPDATE: I will try to make it so avatars are kept on our secure server so users do not have to register them.  Having some issue with that code development but I shall Endeavor to Persevere.

For security reasons, we need to keep all the actual code on our server without using third-party services.  That way only we have access and control over comments and they are not sitting out there on some “cloud” we do not have control over.

In short,  at the moment everything except the avatar is on our secure server.  If you have privacy concerns just leave it blank for the time being.







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Since my ‘browser is unsupported’ I’ll be going without a CIB avatar. (Too lazy to fire up the Mac). It’s looking good, a little slow on iOS (safari old.hieroglyph.romannumeral) but it’s functional. If you need me to tickle anything you lemme know. 😉 Off to the dark side of the net to look for death fotos of that douche nozzle terrorist SoB in Texas.


Ew. Auto emojicons. 😛 🙁 :’( 😐 :$ ://) ://3 (testing which ones work. This is embarrassing)


o7 (•)(•) How about <3


I like the (.) (.) best. As you can see, my attempt at it makes them look older.


Ok, test


Ran test comments on Weekend Open Thread.
BIUS functions working, check.
GIF (fixed) & JPG graphics upload and display, check.
URL link works as a live click link, check,
YouTube URL link does NOT blow up for viewing here. check


“INPUT IS TOO LONG” red box error message
on the original comment above.
Deleted some words.
Max length of comment that went through shown above.
Hope these help. 🙂


Saw that. I’m on phone so can’t mess with it. Also just noticed a character counter in the text box. Neat.
The auto play was kind of annoying so embedded players are eh.


My view of expanded / embedded YouTube here
never went into auto play.
I got the freeze view, needing to click > to play.
I believe that’s a setting on our own YouTube accounts.
Upper right countdown here now at 25.


On iPhone the embed YT vids will play with a single, glancing touch. Sometime if you even look at it funny.
Edit: I’m not familiar with CSS or how to do the code-ing on this wordpress thing.

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YouTube itself is now doing that on YouTube search results pages.
And the Book of the Fake is doing it on the scrolling public home wall, too.
Hate the hover play.

I’ve never been here on VG with a cellphone, only PC.


PC view screenshot
of my beta test comments on Weekend Open Thread.

2022 01 16 1245 VG Beta Testing Screenshot 1.jpg

Dave Hardin.
Take your time.
12:25am User beta testing free o’ charge. 🙂


First attempt dropping a photo…
Ok I can’t attach a saved photo but let’s see what else. (OK it seems it will take a photo from my phone file but it won’t take it from my phone photo library? And linky) (OOH *LOVE* Edit)

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Frankie Cee

BLACK text on gray works pretty well. Gray on gray is really difficult to read on my laptop screen. I have to adjust the room lighting to see it well enough to absorb it.


Text wrapping on?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Still trying to figure out what TVI means. 😆
I too am on the phone so I get all the emojis and crap and stuff but I’ll have to see what things look like on the laptop tomorrow.
Smoochy bitches!! 🖕😛




You talking about me again?


Text is gray against the tan/khaki background – contrast is insufficient for reading on small screen. Yes, I can see it, but the size combined with low contrast makes reading difficult. I recommend setting text color to black, regardless of background.


I was looking at an older page on phony Vietnam veteran Royal Eugene Lovejoy when I saw the comment style suddenly change. It will take some getting used to, but I do like the new notification function so now I know when someone replies to my comment. The new edit function is a great addition too.

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Cameron, Holy Crap!!!
I deployed the Fu of Google on Lovejoy (Jr.), thanks to your comment.
#1 – MP
#2 – Find A Grave… for Lovejoy Sr. (his FATHER).
Lovejoy Sr. FAG lists Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, & 2 Bronze Stars.
I checked several internet lists of Medal of Honor recipients,
Also, tombstone has PH, but NO MoH.
Then I found VG/TAH, too.
>> Good catch, kudos to Claw, on VG in 2017. 🙂


Good news on the Lovejoy front…
He appears to be living under a rock since 2017,
and he appears to now be DIVORCED.
Safe guess, that the hubby and wifey startup for veterans’ psych services went nowhere,
after MP and VG took him down for Stolen Valor.
[Royal Eugene Lovejoy; phony Vietnam veteran Jonn Lilyea | June 14, 2017]

A Proud Infidel®™️

Okay here’s my test comment!


Hello Test One Two Three Fower Fife Six Seven Eight Niner Zero OUT


Lets try a photo

Frankie Cee

We can now drop photos? Lemme try with this one:

Karma Jan 15 2022.jpg

Comment comment comment
I think Ex-PH2’s weather is in my yard, drunk.
Glad to see the rag-head is dead, but the synagogue folks are OK.
Tried to attach a an avatar – but must be doing something wrong.


The picture says it all.


Stealing this


That is priceless…


I’d like more font/background color contrast please.

Joe Adage

Like it. Kinda hard to read at points.

Joe Adage

Man did it get that name wrong. I though it might be my fat fingers but then I realized it auto-fills.

Nope. Protecting your PII with a name change.

Eugene Melvin Fudmunker

Okay, does it work?

Frankie Cee

<b>BETA TEST This, Bitches:</b>

Airborne better than Air Assault.jpg

Old tanker

I prefer not to register with yet another internet company for the sole purpose of having some picture posted next to my name here. I got along fine without one before and I can get along without putting my email info out to yet another internet business.




Nice. However, my pessimistic prediction is that there will be meme/photo abusers – you know who you are. 😉 I put forth that there needs to be some gentle(wo)man agreed upon rule so this doesn’t get out of hand – i.e. one or two per post, etc.


Test of YouTube video.


Seems to have lost the YouTube preview. Must click on the link.


Opps, spoke too soon. Now I see it.


Yep, on a PC, I see expanded view, in freeze view,
and it plays here, when I click > to play.
Working 100% now.

2022 01 16 1155 VG Beta Testing Screenshot 2.jpg
Green Thumb

My dog just dropped a huge steaming pile of Phil Monkress in my neighbor’s yard.

So, is this the new look?


Green Thumb,
Comment text is now back in black,
after being gray late last night.

AC/DC. 811 million views. 🙂


Noticeable change here on my PC.
Long acceptable length comments get clipped on initial display,
with a click link to Read more >>,
that expands the whole comment,
and (after) displays the added new features as well.

Screenshot of before and after views.

2022 01 16 1202 VG Beta Testing Screenshot 3.jpg

Thumbs down and negative red number working. Check

VG 2022 01 16 1425 Screenshot 4.jpg
UPDATE:" Read more »

Should we include our FBI/NSA/CIA/DIA handlers’ contact info and/or our tracking number in the avatar? I’m sure they’d appreciate it for social credit/internment considerations.
(aka this is a mic check)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Reading all this PC tech stuff by the commenters has my head spinning again. ATT cancelled their tech support for people like me since I have been paying 15 bucks for their tech support since around 2009 and ended on Dec 6th 2021 EXCEPT for business owners. I can put together RJ 45, RJ 11, RG 6 plugs, mike and other plugs do soldering and other mechanical things with my hands but this PC tech stuff the commenters are mentioning is beyond my PC knowledge.


jeff LPH 3 63-66,
You’re good.
As well as a fellow electronics technician,
I’m a PC nerd since the late 80s,
with IBM XT/AT clones and MS-DOS 3.3.
But I am (intentionally) out of the loop with advances in cellphones,
use cellphone apps at a minimum (rock concert tickets with TicketMaster),
and rely on the Windows10 PC at home,
and the Ubuntu Linux laptop when traveling. 🙂






Hmm, somehow I missed this thread, so please disregard my related comment on a different one.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well for long winded assholes like me a 500 character max reply count seems a bit restrictive….

Other than that I like the interface!!


The HOI is going to be a PITA to drop.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

hahahah. Thanks Dave! I’ll try not to abuse it too much!


Seems it doesn’t like two-character names, Dave. No biggie; I can switch things up, but in case it’s something you wish to be aware of, there ya go. I added an underscore to get around it this time.


As far as contrast goes, there is a legal standard for it.

If you aren’t aware, sites like this one can test the colors for contrasts for you.

Secondly, I have suggested this before, but it was not implemented for any number of reasons. (Just noting it, not complaining.)

There are simple WordPress plugins that will allow the commenter x amount of minutes to edit their comment.

We use 5 minutes on our site and have never had a issue. (The edit from the commenter has to come from the same IP and all that. It is secure.)


Certainly 15 minutes is your call, but that is a long time. Most people notice their mistake right after they hit “post comment.” 😉

(That’s how it works for me, at least.)

On a serious note, most people don’t realize the angst of changing the inner workings of a site – hoping and praying that each plugin or setting doesn’t crash the whole thing leaving you screaming into the cold dark night.

Hope you know that your work is appreciated.

A Proud Infidel®™️

This might be good…


New glitch on VG.

Right mouse click now INOP.

Nothing happens.

I noticed this while wanting to SAVE BOOKMARK (star) on repeat phony Hugh.

My right mouse click works on MP and all other webpages,

but no longer on VG.

I checked my laptop also. Same as PC.

— Windows10 PC

— Ubuntu Linux Laptop.

Screenshot of Windows10 right mouse click at MP.


VG 2022 01 18 1151 Screenshot 5 Right Click.jpg

2nd screenshot, in open field (not on a link).

VG 2022 01 18 1151 Screenshot 6 Right Click.jpg
Old tanker

I tried to do the avatar thing using this “system”. All it did was take me to pages I did not want to go to and request / require me to join pages I did not want. When I did select and post an “avatar” it did not work. If this is supposed to be secure it must be so because it is so convoluted and obscure it simply wears you down trying to perform what in other pages is a childishly simply process. An example of professional obfuscation in action.