Derek Hamm – The Rest of the Story

| January 23, 2022

Derek Hamm

We posted about Derek Hamm just the other day.  We were reporting on a news story and did not do any investigation other than pull up his military service dates using SCRA.

It turns out that the Guardians of the Green Beret have been looking into Hamm since 2017.  They obtained his military records because the request was made pre-COVID-19.

Sometimes cases are put on hold until a stronger case is built – mostly the gathering of evidence that the individual is making claims.  However, when a news organization runs with it, and TAH merely “reports on the report” we are not subject to investigative scrutiny and can be quicker on our feet by merely offering pointers.

So, the media was all over this – too many articles to list – and the Guardians of the Green Beret published this case to put frosting on the proverbial cake.

TAH was not aware of the Green Beret claims since the media did not mention them.

Here is Hamm’s NPRC Summary Sheet obtained from the Guardians of the Green Beret.

NPRC FOIA Results – Derek Robert Hamm

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So this dingle berry was court martialed out of the N.G…???

Green Thumb



People should just be happy with what they’ve accomplished, even if it didn’t involve military.

Derek Hamm as clown.jpg

Can’t find any data on 76th in OIF other than this:

Late 2002 the 76th BDE was called on to provide a Separate Infantry Battalion to provide support for an escalating campaign in the Middle East. The 1st Battalion, 293rd Infantry Regiment was mobilized to camp Arifjan Kuwait on 2 January 2003. The “Nightfighters” set up security for the newly constructed support base. On D+5 the 1st Battalion, 293rd Infantry Regiment was called on to move north to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.” -Wiki

I’ll suspend my offer of CIB/@n@l insertion, but that window is closing.

58 Driver

I might question the late 2002 to provide support above… I am pretty sure that arifjan was almost untouched in early 2003– as we cruised through udairi– camp wolf was a biggie the schwabia port had some guards running around and the head shed was still at camp doha. I vaguely remember camp pennsylvania and new york as the mini overflows for the udairi airfield,– but guards at arifjan?? that one is really burning some memory cells in the attempt to recall




It’s always the hope that SV websites kick out articles on these phony turds that
PREVENT the crime that often follows.

Unfortunately, there will always be some organizations and businesses
(example – Arizona Honor Flights)
that FAIL to do the most basic deployment of the Fu of Google
(on Phony Silver Star Phony Vietnam helo combat nurse Maggie DeSanti),
causing the charity organization or business unnecessary and easily avoidable losses.

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And, embarrassment for not doing the most basic checks of actual military service.
Shame on MSM…… and Arizona Honor Flights. –


C’mon man, everytime I climbed into a Huey in the Viet of the Nam I had to push a female Army nurse out of the way. The last time I even tripped on her rappelling rope.


VG #3
[UPDATE: Maggie DeSanti – Media Darling or Stolen Valor Con Artist?Steve Balm / October 28, 2019]

Green Thumb

Old Maggoty DeSanti.

What a clown. Guess she has been off the radar a while.


ChippyNASA, while I have a semi signal here, a reminder that we had a MOTION…SECOND…and an AYE for a Deployment of the TAH As(s)teriod of Insults for the embellishing POS, such a Hamm, I hope he gets BONED, Derek (no oil) Robert (a robber of Valor) Hamm, on the previous thread, you are cleared HOT…FIRE MISSION…FIRE MISSION…FIRE MISSION…Expend all ordnance on a Time on Target. Standing by for BDA.


I do believe you are correct I will have to go back and look at that Thread and this and if you ladies and gentlemen would be so kind as to be patient until tomorrow on Tuesday I will be able to build the file that is the AOI to edit it for phony SPAM Bone 🍖 here .


You were probably thinking of the other guy who’s thread was pulled. I can’t remember who it was (Found it…) It was Hugh Jonson and that thread is comment closed for the time being, awaiting an update and new post SO, yes Hugh Jonson should get a new deployment of the The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ when we have a new thread. That being said, not that Derek (no oil) Robert (a robber of Valor) Hamm isn’t worth of The As(s)teroid of Insults®™, but we haven’t been thought he motions as yet SO, that being the case and since KoB has brought it up, Do we have a SECOND for the request for the The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ for Derek Hamm?🙂


BTW….. Phony UPDATE –
Kudos to VG’s “reports on the report” about San Clemente, CA
Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James.
Coming soon… a new biting story from the San Clemente Times
(the same source for VG articles #1 & #2),
exposing his photos WEARING the Legion of Merit in 2016 & 2019,
which implode all of Phony Gene’s 2019 lies, excuses, & scapegoating,
as well as revealing NEW December 2021 LIES…… and MORE.

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VG #2
[Politician accused of stolen valor wins mayoral seat
/ Mason / December 10, 2021]

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Right now I’m saddened that he was awarded the NDSM which is also an insult to the awarded medal which yours truly was also awarded.


The brotherhood weeps.

Daisy Cutter

Everyone is wearing their NDSM upside down today to grieve the occasion of a brother gone astray.

A Proud Infidel®™

I heard rumor that when Hamm was in grade school he’d rummage through other kids’ desks and eat all their crayons every time Teacher made him stay in for recess!


Google is forever

A Proud Infidel®™

Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Robert Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm Derek Hamm , say hello to the Google® Hits™!


England’s Walter Mitty Hunters Club
busted a phony medal wearing Ex Mayor.

Much like San Clemente, CA’s sitting Mayor,
subject of 2 VG articles.

Multiple posts and news links on the public WMHC page
on the Book of the Fake. 🙂

Stiffy 9

Even changed his name for fb


He used 6 different names on LinkedIn.


Stiffy 9,
Is that Hamm’s pet with a vest / Fake Service Dog?
Hard to tell, but it looks like a black & white POW*MIA patch.
On the camo vest.
Like phonies do.
Unfair to the dog, but at least now the dog no longer heels to Hamm.

Derek Hamm Wayne Hamm FB 1.jpg
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