Politician accused of stolen valor wins mayoral seat

| December 10, 2021

Gene James, a Republican in San Clemente, California, attracted our attention back in 2020. Steve posted about accusations of stolen valor levied against James, then a candidate for the city’s council. In that advert, which you can see below, it shows prominently the Legion of Merit and lists that award as part of his accomplishments.

My favorite part of the flyer is in yellow. It proclaims that “Democrats stole the 2018 election by harvesting ballots.” Then implores the reader to allow them (the Republicans) instead to harvest their ballots “safely.” That’s politics. It’s bad when they do it, but it’s ok if we do it. Around this site we tend to believe ballot harvesting is bad, no matter who does it.

James’ defense at the time was that the mailer was sent out by the county party apparatus, and that he had no foreknowledge of the claims being made. The San Clemente Times reported at the time;

James, who wrote in the email that he’s “embarrassed beyond words,” added that he’s aware of being recommended for the Meritorious Service Medal, as well as the Legion of Merit, but he retired from the military without knowing for certain whether he received it.

“I actually retired not knowing if I received a MSM or LOM, nor did either award ever follow me,” he wrote. “I remember it was an award requiring SECARMY approval, so there would have been significant lag time. What I can say is I was recommended for the LOM by a colonel and a three-star general.”

Mr. James is well aware, as are all veterans, that if it’s not listed on your DD-214 or other discharge paperwork, then you never got it. Anyone at anytime can be “recommended” or have a package submitted for any of these awards. That doesn’t mean you’ve gotten it. If it was an award “requiring SECARMY approval”, then that would have been a Distinguished Service Medal. Legions of Merit (properly abbreviated as “LM”) can be approved by a two-star and Meritorious Service Medals by a one-star. For details, see AR 600–8–22.

Anywho, since that election in 2019 it seems that Mr. James has been busy. He was stopped by the Sheriff’s Department on June 25th this year for allegedly failing to stop for a red light. During the stop, which was audio recorded and publicly released, Mr. James is a bit testy with the deputy. James even suggested that the cop was stopping him, not for committing a dangerous traffic offense by running a red light, but on orders of his “*(expletive) boss”, the then-San Clemente Police Chief Manhart (who isn’t the boss of anyone within the Sheriff’s Office).

Now, on December 7, Mr. James cast the deciding vote to make himself Mayor of San Clemente. In a 3-2 vote, he was elevated from Mayor Pro Tem to the big seat. We sincerely wish His Honor luck as he undertakes his new role.

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58 Driver

not sure about the everything on your DD214 comment– when i graduated from OCS ole girl in tennis shoes missed one of my MOS’s 45B weapons repair– then when i punched out in 09 my retirement award was mailed to me 6 months after i was off terminal leave–DD 214 was cut and dry. I had a board of corrections construct a supplement to the 214 for the MOS, but let the retirement award go–


I never added my retirement award either. Still not all that concerned about it. Ran out of fucks to give about awards about 30 seconds after I took my uniform off for the last time.

Green Thumb



Just give me the cool trophy, boot mounted on a plaque or whatever, dudes.


My retirement check every month is awarding enough.


I probably need to get off my dead ass and get an update to my DD214 (a DD215??) A little over a year after I had retired over the span of about 6 weeks I had three medals that had been submitted during two deployments leading up to my retirement approved at CENTAF.

By then I was working as a contractor on the Base I’d retired from so the personnel troop looked me up in the Global and sent me an e-mail and I stopped by at lunch time and picked them up

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I had a similar thing happen to me, as I passed the MM3 test before leaving the ship which wasn’t on my DD 214 but was on the paperwork that I did pass the test so when I went to inactive reserve, the test was verified by the reserve. Since it wasn’t on my DD 214 from serving onboard the OKIE 3 but was worn on my blues and whites when I did two years with the reserves, I never wore the crow on my USS Okinawa ball caps until I got on TAH and I waited quite awhile before emailing the original test result over to Ed and getting back an email from Ed saying the crow on the cap was ok and Ed pinned the crow on me via email. THANK YOU Ed. I only have the crow on the LPH 3 and USS Haynsworth DD 700 cap (Reserve Ship)


Frocking Selectees is just another service we provide to our deserving Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes.


OK; so when is Jeff’s TAH Wetting Down, dammit!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone rotated from III MEF in June 2000. He was told that he would be receiving a Navy Commendation Medal for his 3 1/2 years. Checked the mailbox yesterday, it still has not arrived. Hack is starting to think that it just might not be coming. Hack will give it another five years, and if it is not awarded, it will be time to raise a ruckus.


Aw hell, let’s just go ahead and award this POS the Phil Monkress Sh^tbaggery Medal and call it a day.

This is just more proof that lying, embellishing, grifting politicians can come from all walks of life, either and/or all parties, with a variety of gender, race, background, up to and including the LSMFT Alphabet crowd.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

LSMFT? Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco?

Caught that, huh? You wins the inherwebz for today. *giggle*


Leaky stripper means fat tummy.


And her name is Reality Winner.


Beats MAJ Dick.


…. and Connecticut US Senator Dick.

[(2010) Contrary to His Claims,
Conn. A.G. Blumenthal Never Served in Vietnam: Report]


Bingo… NEW(ly named) page for
“Mayor Gene James” on the Book of the Fake.
Must be a FakeBook account name change…
His photos go back to 2019.
Haven’t seen the recent comments (yet), but about to.
Looking for juicy tidbits from angry locals,
unless (of course) Gene Gene the Dancing Machine
could be deleting comments (and blocking the local commenters),
you know, as honest politicians do (sarc).


A poem.
Note – I just made it up. And, it’s reusable!

The choices of groups & pages are a-plente
on the notorious Book of the Fake,
to educate the citizens of San Clemente
about their elected official(s) and the Stolen Valor claims they make.


Veritas Omnia Vincit

What a clown, and still elected…not sure what that says about the folks in the community other than perhaps Mencken was right….


Veritas Omnia Vincit,
We shall see.
It’s beginning… again.
New comment here, on the city’s page on the Book of the Fake
(on the car maintenance post).

[National attention, well deserved. (link to VG)]

Green Thumb


Succinct, descriptive and to the point.

I like it.


I updated my DD-214 while on terminal (my buddy was the PersO at IPAC, it was easy) to include my retirement award just because I didn’t want to get 10-15-20 years down the road and have someone screaming bullshit at me for seeing an E-7 wearing an MSM (ive worn my uniform TWICE in retirement……).

I still don’t know how these SV fucks do it….these medals aint cheap and cost a shit ton to get mounted….


Funny how everyone jumps to conclusions based off of media “reports” and the unreliable people that feed them information. From what I’ve seen happening in San Clemente, this man has done a lot for the city. He has faced much opposition from the Democratic party and also from the GOP because he didn’t fall into line with them. Of course hit mailers and lies will be spread. It’s politics. Anyone that wants to believe this about someone who served their country honorably needs to re-examine their own self.

Green Thumb

Kinda cool when you can vote for yourself as a tiebreaker…


(blaring at maximum volume over the TAH HQ 1MC)


All hands on Team TAH face outboard and stand by to repel sock puppets!



Missed a word, most likely the F bomb word.
[“Your (expletive) boss, (Edward) Manhart,” James said,
referring to San Clemente’s then-chief of police services.]

When I read the traffic stop article about Gene Gene the Dancing Machine,
I immediately heard the voice of The Jerky Boys.


… and saw the fancy footwork of The Gong Show’s
Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

(April 25, 1932 – March 9, 2015)


The trouble begins when anyone (especially politicians)
wants to reinvent themselves as a hero.
Serving honorably is one thing. Most of us have.
Claiming to be Rambo with never earned medals is another.

It’s always worse when political friends, allies, and voters get involved.
This includes phony enablers
(who knew the truth all along)
and phony defenders
(who were lied to and fooled, yet blindly stand up to defend),
who, instead of understanding the truth and
accepting that they were lied to and fooled,
will instead try to save their lying friend, boss, husband, or candidate,
often incriminating themselves as well.

Perhaps you should now see what this website is about.
Over a decade of getting it right… about phonies and liars.

Below is the link to a list of past outed and exposed
military phonies and Stolen Valor criminals.

MOST actually served honorably in some sort.
But that does NOT entitle them to pin on or claim unearned medals & ribbons
or additional rank, badges, and pins
(Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, you name it, we’ve seen it),
in order to gain with getting jobs or promotions, winning elections,
or scoring with women… based on their lies,
over other honorable AND HONEST veterans.

Based on past news, it’s time for your Mayor Gene to come clean, fully,
and apologize to everyone he has lied to and fooled.



This dork is definitely up to some sock puppetry. With as many Marines in town you’d figure there would be a little bit more of an uproar. What a douche! Grew up in the area.


An uproar begins tomorrow, January 3.
The new Tube of You videos at the bottom
have been circulating all New Years weekend
around San Clemente and San Diego
on the Book of the Fake, plus other social media.

2022 will not go well for
Stolen Valor Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James.

A Proud Infidel®™

So far no lawer threats or sockpuppets, hold steady….


A Proud Infidel@,
For new visitors to this website….
the original sockpuppets (and followers (children))….
singing the song that doesn’t end.

(10 hour marathon on the Tube of You.)


VG UPDATE — Good news…. Good VG news.

This VG article about new Mayor Gene Gene the Dancing Machine
is gaining real traction in San Clemente.
Party members, voters, and past candidates are aware,
and this VG article & topic is now the buzz of San Clemente.

ALSO aware, but no public comment (yet)… is
Retired O-5 Navy Commander Aaron Washington,
who ran against Gene in a large field of candidates,
and finished THIRD in the 2020 election for City Council, in which 2
(Chris Duncan & Phony Legion of Merit Gene James) were elected to City Council.

[Election results 2020]
Chris Duncan 9,494 19.2%
Gene James 9,212 18.6%

Aaron Washington 8,210 16.6% (< Retired O-5 Navy Commander)
Bill Hart 6,888 13.9%
Charlie Smith 5,959 12.0%
Thor Johnson 2,547 5.1%
Jeff Provance Jr 2,084 4.2%
Jeff Wellman 1,993 4.0%
Joseph Kenney 1,730 3.5%
Patrick Minnehan 1,383 2.8%


So was Hizz Honor’s call sign in the Army “Rump Rider”?

Fucking cocksucking ass clown = Gene James


Kudos to the San Clemente Times
for publishing a whole series of news articles
about then candidate Gene James (2019),
then City Councilman Gene James (2020-2021),
and now Mayor Gene James.

Link to San Clemente Times search results for “Gene James” + legion
showing a total of 9 articles.


Wow. Just wow.
If you have 11 minutes to throw away (and never get back)….

June 25, 2021.
Phony Legion of Merit Councilman (now Mayor) Gene James
getting pulled over, and not liking it.

Kudos to the San Clemente Times (YouTube channel).

[Police Recording of Traffic Stop
Reveals ‘Confrontational’ Interaction Between Gene James, Deputy


Good news and bad news.

Good news – This humorous 2019 page on the Book of the Fake,
linked in Steve Balm’s July 2020 VG article, is STILL UP.

Bad news – Barely seen. No clicks. No comments.

[Gene “Pinocchio” James
Gene James lied about getting the Legion of Merit medal.
He should resign from the race for City Council]


So the FOIA request from the original story never came back?



Good question.
Hope it’s seen by someone with the answer.


Calm before the storm.


QUESTION – For the senior enlisted and senior enlisted retirees:

What is the probability of an Army Senior NCO receiving
three (3) Meritorious Service Medals?
Common, rare, unlikely?

Asking for someone, who knows someone,
who already has a Legion of Merit problem.



I’d say common, I managed to get two and I was hardly a fire-breathing, door-kicking, pipe-hitting example of a senior NCO. There was supposed to be a third, but I have this habit of throwing bullshit flags during deployments. Did not endear me to my sidesaddle 1SG and others up the chain, resulting in a downgrade. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do it exactly the same way.


2022 will not go well, or end well, for
Phony Legion of Merit San Clemente Mayor Gene James.


Google is your friend… unless…

Deploying the FU of Google:
1A – San Clemente Times
[OCGOP Mailers Falsely Claim James Received Military Medal]
1B – San Clemente Times
[DA’s Office Reviewing Claim of ‘Stolen Valor’ Against James]
2 – San Clemente Times – Twitter
3A – VG 2020
[Yet Another Political Race with Stolen Valor Accusations]
3B – VG 2021 (this article)
[Politician accused of stolen valor wins mayoral seat]


Do any VG fans know (or know someone who knows) either
General Frederick Franks, or
Major General (then Colonel) John G. Meyer??

Mayor Gene James is using these names as his vouch
for being “put in” for the Legion of Merit.

Memories fade, and paper trails are non existent for put ins….
but if anyone can get a reply from either of them,
such as “No” or “Never heard of him”,
it would be a classic slam dunk on the phony claims
of a caught and exposed Phony Legion of Merit.





Just a hunch,
since many other phonies have done this.

Did Gene James pull the vouch name COL John G. Meyer out of his ass
because of a BOOK???

Company Command: The Bottom Line
1st print 1990
Subsequent prints added “COLONEL”


IF I remember correctly,
didn’t Gene James BOTH deny having the Legion of Merit,
and then also deny wearing the Legion of Merit??

Well, this solves it. (Part 1 of 2)

Gene James WORE the Legion of Merit at least TWICE…
Back in 2016,
at the USO San Diego 75th Annual Gala,
and AGAIN in 2019,
at the USO San Diego 78th Annual Gala.

Gene James POSED for photos
that were then published in the local
GB / Giving Back (San Diego) magazine.

[San Clemente, CA Mayor Gene James CAUGHT TWICE
wearing an unearned Legion of Merit. STOLEN VALOR]


Smile!!! You’re on Candid Camera.

Well, this solves it. (Part 2 of 2)

Here, Gene James is caught on LIVE TV,
a segment about the 78th USO San Diego Gala in 2019,
WEARING the Legion of Merit while he mingles.

2022 will not go well for
Stolen Valor Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James.
He’s going to have a tough day at work tomorrow.
Happy New Year!!!


Follow the new action on the Book of the Fake.
Visible to everyone.
FakeBook membership not required.

[Residents of San Clemente & Beach Cities]


Also, plenty new going on here as well,
in this public group on the Book of the Fake.

Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James
now finds himself in a huge pickle in 2022.

Again….. Visible to everyone.
FakeBook membership not required.

[San Clemente Living]


I put up these 2 Book of the Fake public group links,
mostly because both
real and phony sockpuppet PHONY DEFENDERS keep turning up.