Texas Man Indicted on Stolen Valor

| January 21, 2022

Derek Hamm

Several news outlets are reporting that Tyler Texas resident Derek Hamm is being indicted on fraud schemes that involve stolen valor – specifically Hamm claimed that he had been awarded a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for his service.

Several articles are listed below:

Tyler Man Indicted for Stolen Valor act used to Defraud Investors

Derek Robert Hamm, 38, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Tyler and charged with wire fraud, money laundering, violations of the Stolen Valor Act, using a fraudulent military discharge certificate and being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

Tyler man indicted for pretending to have Purple Heart, other honors, using stolen valor to defraud investors

Tyler Man Indicted for Using Stolen Valor to Defraud Investors


If you were to believe him, he stuffed an awful lot of soldiering into just over a year of active duty.


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“…Hamm faces up to twenty years in federal prison.”



Check out Derek Robert Hamm on this YouTube video posted 2 years ago.

He said he lost his Father.

Someone made a comment 8 months ago that his Father is still alive.

Greed. Money. Attention Seeker.

You Be The Judge.



Ughhh. That video is hard to watch. The ball sack pubic hair beard, all the necklaces, and the “veteran” tattoo look.


Holy Bling!!
Holy bling.

Let’s see if youtube linky expands, when youtu.be linky does not.


Someone dun make that linky private…Methinks someone is monitoring the googlez and TAH ? 🙂 ?


MarineDad61 and ChipNASA:

Well, well, well…How interesting…

Which means someone is hiding something…or the owner of that YouTube site is embarrassed…

Same thing happened a couple of years ago with that phony Vietnam POW Baby Killer Killam and the 1st SEAC. The video where Killam talked about his “POW” experience went *POOF!!!* right after it showed up on TAH.

How convienant…*sarc*



The 1st SEAC also went *POOF*


ChipNASA & ninja,
The F U of Google is strong with this church(‘s YouTube channel).
Another church that cites god & everything else of goodness,
while squashing the truth, the association with a turd,
and turning into holy phony defender.
More than holy bling.
Now holy shit.


He said he was a SGT in the US Army and spent 7 months in Iraq:



Here is the full false statement (come after me linkedoff!):


United States Army

Jan 2001 – Aug 2008 7 years 8 months

I spent 22 months and 18 days in Iraq and several other countries in the middle east. I was apart of 3 Major operations in theater and several Special Operations. I served my country proudly and am looking to serve a great company proudly as well!

edit: link removed. Also, adding observation: This Hamm samitch done rottened.

From CBS19:

In 2005, [Hamm] was also convicted for assault of a family member, a domestic violence misdemeanor under state law. According to federal law, he is also prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition due to his domestic violence conviction.

Last edited 2 years ago by Roh-Dog

ninja & Roh-Dog,
Further.. Army National Guard part time is NOT US Army.
Also, his mid 2000s criminal history would certainly bar NG reenlistment,
if not a much sooner BOOT.

So, he could be like many National Guard veterans,
with 1 call up, possibly overseas too (possible Germany like Les Brown),
and then dick it all up afterwards.
And then lie and embellish after that.

Hamm Turd

This is his “active” linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/d-wayne-h-54673b59/


I see he claims to be an NRA certified weapons instructor since 2011. I’d like to know how he pulls that off since he is barred from possessing or handling firearms by virtue of his criminal conviction for domestic assault and battery.

A Proud Infidel®™

Meh, his last name is Hamm, I bet between his hams are going to get porked by Bubba & Thor come shower time!

Daisy Cutter

Shower time will now be known as “The Hamm Sammich.”


Now with extra man-yonnaise!

Last edited 2 years ago by Roh-Dog
Name withheld by request


jeff LPH 3 63-66

How come his pic looks like it should be on a Smith Brothers cough medicine bottle.


He can stop with the talibeard any time now.

Daisy Cutter

Would Hamm’s beard be considered an operator’s beard?

The Stranger

Yeah, a ballsack operator.


Is he from The Land of Sky Blue Waters?


I see what you did there…

A Proud Infidel®™
Green Thumb

I think the guy works out of the All-Points Logistics Houston office.

I wonder if Phildo has received the blotter report yet this morning?

Might want to think about getting Lori Benton spun up soon….


Rather Ham Handed fellow…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Rather Punny Rim Shot 26Lima


This hamm done got deviled.


Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Hamm.


I do know a guy who joined in early 1989, did IET and ABS, went to his unit, jumped into Panama, was wounded and discharged all in just over a year.

That ain’t him though.

Daisy Cutter




Stiffy 9

He was in national guard for 1 year. He is from my home town in Indiana. He has major fucking issues he told people he owned oil wells and 12 helicopters just absolutely no truth left his mouth.

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s apparently more full of shit than the Dallas, OKC, Kansas City, Amarillo and Chicago Stock yards all put together!

Pineywoods NCO

30 miles to my west and if there was not any issues to deal with family in the hospital….be thankful, Hamm…be thankful I don’t have the time to give you an earful.

Nomination for the Wall of Insults, please



Slow Joe

What a shitbag.


Derek Hamm has the mental state of a stoned watermelon.

Derek Hamm parents change the subject when he is brought up.

If Derek Hamm was drowning, I would not lift my foot off his head.

Derek Hamm is dumber than the gum on my shoe from 4th grade.

Derek Hamm has less brain cells than dog shit left on a dying lawn.

Derek Hamm is the kind of guy to wave goodbye with two hands.

Derek Hamm’s life is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Derek Hamm has the intelligence of a sexually violated jar of mayonnaise that has been left in the sun for a month.

Derek Hamm looks like the bad guy in a Lifetime Network movie.

With a little makeup, Derek Hamm could look like the My Little Pony version of the Joker.

Derek Hamm looks like a dog that barks when you knock on the door but runs away when you come in.

Derek Hamm needs to carry around a potted plant to help replace all the oxygen he’s wasted.


What about his wife? How is it that didn’t know?

Stiffy 9

She is brain washed


[…] posted about Derek Hamm just the other day.  We were reporting on a news story and did not do any investigation other than […]

Stiffy 9

Changed name for fb

Green Thumb

That’s a Phildo move.