UPDATE: Maggie DeSanti – Media Darling or Stolen Valor Con Artist?

| October 28, 2019

We thought that it was time for an update on significant events surrounding Margaret C. DeSanti.

We wrote about Margaret in 2014 here: https://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=57300

Then, the recent 2019 follow-up with Margaret here: https://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=92064

FoxNews carried the story here:

FoxNews did not respond to emails asking for a correction.

Background Research

There was a lot of background research done by some of the research ninjas on This Ain’t Hell / Valor Guardians and we’d like to summarize the high points.

Also, quite a few people embarked on an “Awareness Campaign” made trendy by none other than Les Brown of Elko, NV.  In this effort, people alerted media that carried the original story as well as the organizations that sponsored the event.

Media Interest – or Non-Interest

It was disappointing because many had no interest in carrying the followup story of Maggie’s military records being non-existent.  Seems they’ve already got a feel-good story and were not interested in the actual facts surrounding Maggie.  Most employed the tactic of ignoring and not responding, and others at least were honest and stated they had no interest.

That did not deter some in this community and they persisted.  Then some hope to get the story correct…

ABC15 Phoenix has expressed a desire to do a followup.

Then, Inside Edition is set to air a story about Maggie Monday night (tonight) – check local listings.

The Printed Word

As far as print, Russ Vaughn of American Thinker did an excellent article on how Maggie faked out the media.  The comments by readers are fascinating.  If you go read them, you are in for a treat.  Very provocative discussion.

The folks at Military.com also did a article, although it was a little softer by saying that Maggie’s service was being called into question.  It seemed careful not to take sides, so the “question” was the story.

What’s Unique about Maggie?

What is it about Maggie that makes people so fearful to call her out?  At the very least, she should be asked a few questions if not have her produce military records that support her claims.  After all, the National Personnel Records Center could find nothing on her.  If records exist, people would like to know where they are and what happened to them?

Why does Maggie get a pass?  Is it her age?  Is it because she is female?

What are the rules?  If someone is past a certain age they are entitled to their lies?  They are entitled to self-identify with whatever they want?  If so, at what age is that?

Conversely, what about the very young?

What about the poor?  What about the rich?  What about minorities?  What about political party affiliation?

What about someone that lost a limb?  What about a paraplegic or a quadriplegic?

What if someone has died?  What if someone is about to die?  What if someone has attempted suicide?

What if someone has mental health issues?  Do we ignore it and give them a pass, enabling their behavior because in our non-professional health care provider view they are not a danger to anyone?

What criteria does the media use when they give someone a pass?  There are obviously some rules, we just want to know what they are.

Lying about one’s military service is an equal opportunity sport.

So what is so unique about Maggie?

The “Fire”

The “fire” at NPRC refers to the 1973 fire at that consumed many records.  This excuse has been tossed around to sow a little doubt, but it carries no weight.  It primarily affected the following records:

  • Army Personnel discharged November 1, 1912 to January 1, 1960 (80%)
  • Air Force Personnel discharged September 25, 1947 to January 1, 1964
    (with names alphabetically after Hubbard, James E.) 75%

Since it primarily affected Army records up to 1960, Maggie claims to have served long after that so it would not apply.

From personel experience, I can tell you that I have done FOIA requests on many military service individuals that had records affected by the fire.  In every single one of those cases, every single one, I was able to obtain records obtained by alternate sources.  This means pay records that were kept somewhere else and not affected by the fire.  The results were meager, but at least showed date of discharge, overseas duty, rank… but most importantly, that the individual did serve.

Most all military historians doing research have had similar experiences.  Doug Sterner, a well-known military historian and author of a book on Stolen Valor, attested to this same fact in a recent military.com article about DeSanti.

While that does not conclusively indicate DeSanti never served — famously, a 1973 fire burned millions of military personnel records — it casts grave doubt on the fact.

“There’s gotta be pay records, but there was absolutely nothing on her in there,” Doug Sterner, the military valor historian who created the database Hall of Valor, told Military.com. “The odds are 999 out of 1,000 that that’s totally accurate.”

So, let’s please put that age-old myth about the fire out of its misery.  Sure, records affected by the 1973 Fire may not be able to confirm/deny military medals, all duty assignments or other subtleties, but the FOIA results from alternate records can most certainly confirm that someone served or not.

As stated above, the issue of the 1973 Fire doesn’t even apply to DeSanti anyway but the importance is it provides those that want to grasp at straws and ignore the truth about Maggie to toss this out on the table and hide behind it – feeling noble citing the need to give it the benefit of the doubt.  It is a risk-free, politicaly safe position.

Malarky!  Make no mistake about it, these people are simply cowards.

Driving the Truth

At this point, there are two things that will have this whole thing swing in the direction of getting to the truth.

1) An old newspaper article or articles establish Maggie at a time and place inconsistent with her claims


2) The media asks her some hard questions and Maggie either answers those questions to everyone’s satisfaction or she goes into avoidance behavior, either claiming she is being picked on, is in poor health and the questions are making her worse.  This would be ironic because the story a few days ago was how healthy and vibrant she was as she took the Honor Flight Arizona to DC.

Due Diligence

Since we are reliant on others in the media to move forward with option #2 above after they were already alerted, the only thing we could affect was research Maggie’s background to perhaps find something that would offer a clue. This was option #1 above.

So, in order to dig more into Maggie’s background one of the research ninja’s came up with the following to establish a timeline.


Maggie’s maiden name was “Macalino” but there were a few variations on the spelling.  This was based on birth records, census records and marriage certificates.  Her father, now deceased was an immigrant from the Philippines. Although Maggie claims to be 84 years old and was born in 1935, the 1940 census has her listed at 3 y/o which would have her born in 1937.


If 3 y/o in 1940, she would have been only 16 y/o in 1954 – the year she got a social security number and got married.  For some reason it listed her as over 18 and born in 1935.  It is plausible that she could not get married at 16 in New York, so an alternate date of birth was established so she could legally get married.  This is just a theory, but it is highly plausible.

She married a Samuel F. De Santi in 1954 in New York.  Note the space in the last name.

Alternate Names

Over the years, alternate names were assigned to her including ‘DeSantis’ ‘De Santi’ ‘Donnelly.’  These names were accounted for on the latest FOIA that was filed on her.

In addition, the space in the last name was also accounted for.  The senior archive technician at NPRC explained that  the way their system is set up, it doesn’t recognize spaces or special characters in the name field, so it wouldn’t matter if there was a space or an apostrophe or hyphen (ie. O’Hare or Garcia-Hernandez) since it only recognizes the letters all together.

Some of this is a moot point since she was married at 16 or 18, depending on what you believe happened.  She would have served under DeSanti but more importantly the social security number is tied to her since official records state that she established it in 1952-1954.

In the below photo, the name tag says ‘DESANTI’ so there is not too much wiggle room.

Regardless of the date of birth and alternate names, the DoD Manpower Data Center uses the SSN to override the DoB.  There were no results for Margaret under a variation of names and dates of service.  Nada.


There is some doubt to whether Maggie holds or even held a nursing license – LPN or RN.  The military is big on professional credentialing so it puzzles us as to why it is so difficult to find record of Maggie having a nursing license or working as a nurse.

Military Family

What may be pertinent in regard to Maggie is that her husband was a career military man and her brothers also served.  Perhaps when 9-11 hit and she was still in New York City, she felt with her family’s background she had a pertinent voice?   Perhaps it represented too many degrees of separation and it provided more impact to say directly that she served.

She was running a veteran’s organization at the time in New York.  She was Vice Commander of United Veterans of America and she identified herself as a Captain.  Perhaps this started out as one of those assigned ranks in a veteran-sounding organization much like the Les Brown fiasco?  Maybe at some point it became more efficient to let people’s imagination fill in the gaps and they assumed she served – then perhaps she stopped correcting them.

In any case, the rank of Captain (0-3) changed to Lieutenant Colonel (0-5) in a matter of years – impossible to do if one is retired.

Move to Arizona

Maggie’s husband died in the 1980’s, there were some Federal Tax Liens piling up, 9-11 hit and perhaps she did not feel relevant or people started to question her past… it’s all speculation… but whatever the reason Maggie moved to Arizona and gave her the opportunity to reboot her life and perhaps even reinvent herself.

Age of the Internet

Well, we live in the digital age and Arizona is not that far from New York.  Maggie has a “digital footprint” that she can’t escape.  The only footprint she doesn’t seem to have is official military records.

The Truth

We applaud those that are willing to do the “hard” news and bring light to this story.  At This Ain’t Hell / Valor Guardians we will highlight any effort that attempts to question Maggie and her claims.

They say that sunshine is the best disinfectant and perhaps Maggie will finally be relieved she no longer has to tell stories.  It is easier to tell the truth.

Stolen Valor

However, she has some explaining to do as far as the Silver Star claim and wearing an officer’s uniform when it appears that she never served in the military.

The “Story”

This story is uncomfortable to many people so to a certain degree we understand the news media’s avoidance of it.  However, journalists signed up to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth is.

Journalists love to capture a feel-good story and inspire people or illustrate some great life’s lesson.  People want to be inspired and sometimes journalists get to to that.

However, journalists are not fictional story tellers – at least they are not supposed to be.  That’s a role for Hollywood.  Sometimes they get confused what their profession is all about, or the temptation to cross over is too great.

Please – let’s get this story right.


[ Many thanks to the silent research ninja that stayed on this story when it seemed that nobody in the media cared to carry it. You know who you are. ]

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Combat Historian

Journalists love feel-good stories, and really don’t care whether it is real or fake. If story is true: WONDERFUL!!! If story is false: Oh Well…Sweep it under the rug and move on…

There are some journalists who do care about the truth, but they are in a really really small minority…

Just Lurkin

Yes-people love stories that give them the good feelz and if you point out that such stories are horse manure they take out their disappointment on you. I remember when a friend I deployed with in an Armored Cavalry Regiment circulated a story on Facebook about the “first dog to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor”. Now this was a guy who obviously should have known better, but when it was pointed out to him that this was nonsense he doubled down because the story about the dog had made him feel good and now not only was he disappointed that it was false, but he also looked like an idiot. That’s almost certainly what’s driving a lot of the opposition that those of us who have exposed dear sweet old Maggie are experiencing, because everyone likes the story about the heroic kickass old lady who challenges TSA agents to push up contests.

Just Lurkin

For context was the post my friend put on Facebook-https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/brutus/


I was at FORSCOM with a REAL old granny with a MACV combat patch (LTC with prior enlisted time reaching max age) who could outdo younger folk on the PT test. She worked out and ran. Unlike Maggie.


I think you hit on the real reason the media won’t correct the story: they, like most people, don’t like looking like idiots, especially when truth and accuracy are (supposedly) part of their jobs.


Today’s ethic: Doesn’t matter what folk do as do as long as it sounds cool.

Combat Historian

As for Maggoty Maggie, she is a Media Darling AND a Stolen Valor Con Artist…


One of Ole Margaret’s Enabler had made a comment on Honor Flight Arizona’s Facebook that he had seen “BOTH” of her DD214s.

Mysteriously, those comments went *POOF* from their Facebook. The comments are no longer there.

I wonder why?

The Commentator is a Member of The Missing In America Project:


“The Missing in America Veterans Recovery Program (MIAP) (EIN: 20-8408832) is a Federal recognized Non-Profit Veterans Organization for the identification, location, verification, and movement of Veterans and their Dependents”.

“The purpose of the MIA Project is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremated remains of American veterans through the joint efforts of private, state and federal organizations. To provide honor and respect to those who have served this country by securing a final resting place for these forgotten heroes.”

I have my suspicions as to why his comments were deleted.


General Anger?

Ole Margaret and her Enabler are grasping straws.

How convenient that “General Anger” has passed away.


“One of her defenders was willing to have a civil Facebook conversation with me. To summarize her explanation for her Silver Star: In 2014 Maggie encountered a general officer with the last name Anger. Unknown if Anger was retired or active duty. According to De Santi, Gen. Anger told her he was submitting her for a Silver Star and advised she could start wearing it immediately. He later told her he made a mistake and he should not have advised her to start wearing it. Unfortunately, Gen. Anger has since died and can’t authenticate her story.”


Another trait of a Pathological Liar.

Ole Margaret told her Enabler that in 2014, she encountered a General Officer who said he was going to submit her for a Silver Star and advised her to wear it IMMEDIATELY.

Really? Well, in 2013, she was wearing the Silver Star.

Check out Picture Number 6 in this link:


If I had been nominated for a Silver Star, I would have remembered the Year. After all, this only happened 5-6 years ago.

As shared, when folks get older, they tend to remember more of their past memory versus remembering what they did 5 minutes ago “Now where did I put my glasses?”


Not to mention his aide, Captain Constipation, who coordinated all that…

A Proud Infidel®™

From what I hear, Captain Constipation is still stopped up and unable for release…


Been kept away from “regular” business too long, of course…

Combat Historian

Sounds like this “General Anger” is a rip-off of General Monger from the 2009 sci-fi animation movie “Monsters vs. Aliens”. Maggoty Maggie may have remembered the General Monger character from the 2009 movie and turned it into the “General Anger” who awarded her the SS out of the blue…


Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Would that be General Fear Monger?

Keepin' It Real

Who is General Error? And why does he keep reading my hard disk?


If memory serves, the US Army General Officer Management Office at one time had an alphabetical list of retired GOs by precedence (e.g., in rank order). If anyone out there has access to that site and list, perhaps we can confirm if there ever actually was an Army GO with the last name “Anger”. So far I haven’t found any references to such an individual on Google.

Hack Stone

General Anger also directed that Maggie drop behind enemy lines and rob The Bank Of Hanoi. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as planned, and all involved were caught and convicted by court martial, with the exception of Captain Margaret DeSanti, who had more pressing duties the day of the court martial, that being checking troops for hernias, so she was excused. Unfortunately for the others, they were convicted and sentenced to military prison, where they promptly escaped. Today, they survive as mercenaries on the Internet defending phony heroes. If you can find them sober, you can hire them, The Dutch Gang.

Cue the theme music.


However, his aide, Major Fuckup, is still alive.


Posts here occasionally, I believe.


How about General Nusiance and Major Malfunction?

Comm Center Rat

And Major Hazard too!


Not to mention MAJs Asshole and Dick…

Bubble Soldier

Wasn’t Major Dick associated with G.I. Jane?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Don’t forget Major Woody as well, he can be a real DICK sometimes!


Thanks for re-posting this Ninja. I think the person I was talking to is the same person with the vanishing Facebook posts.


Average NCO,

THANK YOU for interacting with one of Ole Margaret’s Enablers and sharing with them the TRUTH.

The same THANK YOU goes out to some of our TAH Commentators: marinedad61, Carolyn Bowman, Caroline Davidson, PoeTrooper, Charles, Carbine Ferrari and others (if I missed your name, please accept my apology.)

Please continue spreading the word about Ole Margaret. She needs to be STOPPED before she cons other folks or organizations.


Also, the KoB had Kinfolk that also contributed comments on Facebook about Ole Margaret.

Thank You KoB. And Welcome Back!


An interesting comment that was posted on 25 October 2019:


“I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting Ms. Desanti based on a called received from a retired Col. In Long Island New York. This person told me to help her when she arrived in Arizona I was not surprised to receive a call tonight about such actions. She stayed at my home free rent I took her to MVD, local VFW, connected her with a realtor, helped her with picking up furniture and house maintenance. A family member of hers hit my friends truck Desanti was present at the accident and later denied she hit the truck. That was the last time I saw her. She is a character. She was arrested once and spent time in lock up. My mistake was I helped her for 2 reason elderly and a veteran. God knew I did her right. I hope this media shame will change her heart. God loves us all I hope she is connected to God to help her.”

A Proud Infidel®™

And it’s obvious that Maggie SeSanti has NO regret about what she does to people, a sign of Sociopathy.

Mustang Major

I wonder if this incident occurred in Leisure World, a Mesa AZ, retirement community. My mother lived there for a few years. It is a tight community with helpful residents. Also residing there is an active group of retired and former military. Desanti would have to lay low not to be exposed by them- assuming this occurred in the Leisure World community.


All nurses are officers. This old broad is wearing an Army Good Conduct ribbon with clasp. And a GWOTSM ribbon. AND Kuwaiti Liberation ribbons from BOTH Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I thought if you were legitimately entitled to both you could only wear one. These phonies need to wire their shit a little tighter if they insist on rocking a fat-ass lie.



With all due respect, US Army Officers who were Prior Enlisted before their Commission are entitled to wear the Good Conduct Medal (GCM) if it was awarded to them.

Course, in Ole Margaret’s case, she earned ZERO GCM.

Not giving her or her Enablers any ideas, but who knows: The GCM might have belonged to her deceased Husband, Samuel.


I know that – but this old poser never claimed enlisted service.

Comm Center Rat

I think Maggie wears the GCM only to honor her deceased husband’s enlisted military service /sarcasm/ LMAO


Negative on the Kuwaiti and Saudi KLMs being “either-or”. If you qualifiied for both (the Saudi version has a much shorter qualification period) and were awarded both, you are entitled to wear both.


LPNs are Nurses..MOS used to be 91C..it has since changed the nomenclature…but those were/are enlisted Nurses. Briefly 2 year Nurses were being made Warrants.

Nursing can be a confusing world.


…2 year nurses were also allowed to serve as commissioned Nurse Corps officers with a caveat that they would earn their BSN w/i a certain timetable. This has been another useless fact. 🙂


Interesting. Never knew we had enlisted nurses. Or warranted nurses for that matter.


Most LPN’s in the Army are enlisted. My wife’s ward NCO at Cutler Army Hospital was an E-6 and a LPN.


My brother was a 91C. When he worked in the hospital (Ward Master) he wore Spec6 stripes. When he was a Platoon Sergeant in a Battlefield Clearing Company. he wore SSG stripes.

Of course, he obtained the 91C MOS after graduating from the Army’s 54 week long course at Fitzsimmons AMC in Aurora/Denver, CO.

I don’t think Maggie has ever been to Denver./s


“I don’t think Maggie has ever been to Denver./s”

She can’t do awesome pushups at altitude.
No story there.


Can we get a gofundme together to throw her off the 250’ or 34’ tower at Benning?
I’m sure she’d love to ‘do it again’!


But Roh-Dog, she can do “Push-Ups”!

Some of her Enablers are coming up with excuses that she is not in good health and has been ill for the past 10 years with a Brain Tumor and stroke.

Yet she somehow seems to be able to do “pushups”.


A Proud Infidel®™

Meh, one of my Siblings had to deal with a brain tumor, thus I call BULLSHIT on the con games of Margaret C. DeSanti!


I sure Depends would sponsor it. 😉


Jeez, could she at least get her ribbons/uniform right and crib stuff from Lynda Van Devanter’s book about drinking and screwing around overseas? Just sayin’.

A Proud Infidel®™

Margaret C. DeSanti and her tales are now ALL out in the open Sunshine for all to see. Now that it has happened and Margaret C. DeSanti is getting more attention than she was really seeking, MY BET is that she’s suddenly going to play the Victim Card®™ ASAP. First she’ll play the “OH Poor me!” game braying that she’s JUST an “innocent” Little Old Lady who suddenly couldn’t tell truth from reality due to her age and BLAME the Stolen Valor Hunters for making her embark on her con games. Suddenly top that off with some turbo-spinster of an Ambulance-chasing lawer in front of some Judge up for reelection and *POOF*, she gets away with her con games to do it again until Saint Peter holds her accountable when her time comes. I WANT to be wrong about this hoping that Margaret C. DeSanti genuinely gets held accountable for what she’s done, especially for bumping some Legitimate Veteran off of that Honor Flight with her cheapshit con games!


Had she been held accountable the first time she was exposed as a liar and a fraud we would not AGAIN be going down this road. It’s not as if the truth wasn’t out there to be found by anyone taking the very few minutes it took to check her out.

So, no, her history of conning folks into believing her lies suggests that she will not stop with her valor thievery any time soon.

Comm Center Rat

Substitute your lies for fact
I can see right through your plastic mac

And now you dare to look me in the eye
Those crocodile tears are what you cry
It’s a genuine problem, you won’t try
To work it out at all you just pass it by, pass it by

~ Substitute by THE WHO (1966)

My grandmother lived to age 100. Her first husband was KIA in WW II and the man she married after the war had been WIA (PH). Her son-in-law retired from the Air Force (VN vet) and her grandson retired from the Army (OEF/OIF vet). But Grandma never cobbled lies together to weave false tales of having herself worn a military uniform. I have little sympathy and absolutely no respect for Maggie DeSanti. Just because you’re old and in declining health you don’t have a green light to engage in Stolen Valor.


Maggie should just stick watching China Beach…


“stick to”… well, maybe she should just “stick” it (hasn’t been healthy for her so far).


Are military records put into the NPRC before you/we earn our DD-214 or after?


After….sometimes years after. I needed a copy of my DD214 years after retirement and they still weren’t there…I had to get them from the Navy.


So her post fire records where not burned during the time travel.


When one leaves active duty, anyway back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when Maggie claims she was on active duty, the DD-214 was typed by a personnel clerk when the individual out processed. The info was take from the unit’s personnel file on the individual. Then it was presented to the soldier for review and corrections. Finally, one had an interview with the facility personnel officer who signed it. In my case, I picked up my 201 file and carried it and my discharge orders to the post AG section, the clerk took most of my info from the Form 66 in my 201 file. Not sure how they are done now. So, back in those days, the records would not go to NPRC until after the DD-214 was prepared and given to the individual.


Mine was typed up in front of me at
Ft Lewis upon DEROS. I just signed it and
went home. Lucky for me it was correct.

They gave me a laminated copy for my
wallet that lasted about twenty years.
Might have cost a couple bucks.
I think the guys name was Frank…


Couple of points for the few around here who may not be aware.

“The Fire” damaged but did not destroy almost all of those records. Maybe even none at all. Water and smoke damage, some singing around the edges, etc was all that happened to most if not all the records. Family members who retired from the Army in the 50’s were among those who were asked to supply their personal copies of records to fill in and/or replace official records which didn’t look good but for which there was enough left to verify that what the individuals provided was indeed the real thing.

Not certain when it ended, but married women were not allowed to join the military until fairly recent history. The point has already been made that had she become pregnant, she would most definitely have been separated. Was the Army even allowing married women to join when Maggie claims she did?


Oneminor comment on the fire: my father’s records were lost in the fore and he did not retire from the Resrrves till the late ’60s. He wound up taking every scrap of paper he haf in for copying so he could get his retirement. Luckily as an engineer and a pack rat, he HAD almost every form, letter, LES etc. he had ever received, so it went well. But the fire did hit some later records.


Would guess that he had active service earlier, hence his active duty records were stored with the rest of those from that time period.


True, and I expected that response – it seems the active duty discharge prior to 1960 seems to have more bearing on whether it was likely to have gotten hit in the fire. Still have his 201 and associated papers, in a bureaucratic kind of way makes for some interesting reading. For


Some of my dads records were reconstructed.
Some had visible smoke and singe around the
edges but what I got from NPRC was far beyond
anything I expected from WW2.
Lots of detail especially flight training.

And every bit of it just like he told me.
How do you embellish B-17 Gunner?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure that Bomber Crews got shot at more than many Grunts when you take into account that they faced off against AA Artillery as well as enemy planes almost every time they flew a mission!

The Stranger

Hey! My comment from earlier seems to have disappeared. I thought I hit “Post Comment” but maybe I didn’t.

The Stranger

My bad. I posted it on the other thread. It’s all starting to run together! Phonies, phonies everywhere!

Daisy Cutter

It’s like a bingo ball machine, all those ping pong balls are flying around tumbling frantically in the air until the one you need to focus on gets sucked up the tube.


Public Information.

One does not need Ancestry.com to view this:


This is Ole Margaret’s Family in the 1940 Census.

As stated, her Father was from the Philippines (Manila).

This is Ole Margaret on the same page. Please note her Birth Age is 3:


Please note the only 5 year old listed on the 1940 Census was her Brother. He was born in 1934.

As stated above and before, 1935 NY Birth Records for Brooklyn NY has a “FEMALE” Macalino born on the same day that Ole Margaret has for her Birthdate.

Yet, the 1937 NY Birth Records have a “Margaret Macalino born in June 1937.

The 1935 Birth Certificate and the 1937 Birth Certificate each had different Birth Certificate Numbers.

Ole Margaret is claiming to be 84 years old.

Am wondering if she started collecting SSN Benefits 2 years BEFORE she legally qualified to draw those SSN Checks.

Only Ole Margaret can answer that question.


Hmm. Assuming a benefit start two years earlier than actually eligible (e.g., at age 60 58 while claiming to be age 62 60), I wonder what repaying 2 years of illicit Social Security spousal benefits would come to – after 22 24 years of compounded interest on the outstanding amount is added?



Her Husband, Samuel, passed away in 1985 at the age of 55.

What if he was not collecting any Social Security Benefits?

Is Ole Margaret allowed to collect SSN Benefits?


Short answer: yes.

If her spouse had worked long enough (40 calendar quarters is the minimum required) in jobs covered by Social Security to qualify for Social Security benefits based on his earning record, she’d be eligible to receive survivor benefits based on her late husband’s earning history. Those benefits would begin at age 60 if she were not disabled; as early as age 50 if she was disabled and the disability started before or within 7 years of her spouse’s death; or at any age, if she was caring for any of her spouse’s minor or disabled children.


She’d of course be eligible to receive benefits based on her own work record at age 62 (or earlier, if disabled) – provided of course she had enough earnings/deductions under Social Security to be eligible to receive any benefits at all based solely on her own work history (remember: a minimum of 40 calendar quarters of work credit is required to be eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits). But unless she had a relatively good job and worked at it for 2 or 3 decades, I’d guess that spousal survivor benefits based on her late spouse’s work record would probably have been considerably higher.


Yanno what pisses me the fukk off? Everything!

No kidding aside. I am fukking disappointed that the recruiting and various military and veteran sites are deleting legit posts from veterans with evidence of Maggie’s assholery. Her shit is still up there and they are polishing her pruny labes lie she’s actually a gaddammmed hero.

FFS…at least pull down the article from your site until you verify the assholery or legitimacy in question which has been suggested. I am flummoxed..why are organizations that should know better keeping her shit up like it’s sacred?


Human nature, IDC. By pulling the article – even temporarily – they’re admitting they didn’t use proper due dilligence and might have been conned.

No one likes to admit they might have fallen for a con artist. So they won’t until they have no other choice.


The article on another Stolen Valor asshole was pulled in Texas years ago but they never did a update and the citizens still celebrate the shitstain because nobody but a few in town know the truth but are afraid to confront him…
Even the Sheriff didn’t give a shit after I sent everything to his office..


“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend” wishful thinking on their part. A sugar coated turd is still just a turd coated with sugar.

5th/77th FA

SARC, yeah me too man.

Hondo, yep you are right as rain.

Friend, very similar situation near my AO with a lying phony baloney. Saw one of his former Sister in Laws on weekend past and even the POS’s daughter now knows he’s a phony as passes his sh^tbaggery off as old age. And he ain’t old per se, but he has been a lying, embellishing sh^tbird for many a year. Put the word out on weekend past to a whole gang of his fake book buddies that he was NOT a green sniper force beret, recon, door seal, gunner ranger, airborne forces, special sundae with a rancid cherry on top. He WAS a moto grader operator in the NG for awhile, til they kicked his azz out.

Anonymous “…print the legend.” ^THIS^ Even no less a “hero” than Wild Bill” (James Butler) Hickok started his legendary self out with getting away with his FIRST murder. A friend Judge wouldn’t allow the 12 year old survivor to testify at the trial that what “Bill” had done was not self defense, but was bushwhacking of unarmed men.

Hey Mangy Maggoty Maggie, how’s that Google Fame working out for you? Lying Bitch! I still gots to take time to catch up on what was posted about your skanky azz this weekend past.


Don’t be surprised if someone claims this offensive and obfuscating octogenarian has dementia and is just confused.


I’m sure that claim has already been made, and we’re all just a bunch of meanie poopy-heads for picking on the old broad. However, it takes a pretty spectacular case of Army stolen valor douchebaggery to get the attention of that Shipley guy. DVD at the cantina is already set to record tonight’s Inside Edition.



This is STILL Disturbing to know: For the first time, Honor Flight Arizona flew Vietnam Veterans. Guess who was on that first flight. You can see Ole Margaret in this Video. Wearing her Bogus “LOOK AT ME!” “Military” Uniform while everyone else was wearing the Yellow T-Shirts and Ball Caps. https://www.12news.com/article/news/national/military-news/honor-flight-arizona-flies-vietnam-vets-to-dc/75-65eb3f5a-88a5-4cd1-abd5-1871e17ef067 Not only has she stolen valor for wearing the Silver, she willingly took an airplane seat, hotel room and meals that could have been given to a REAL Vietnam Veteran since there is a waiting list. Here are some FAQs from the Honor Flight Arizona that might pertain to Ole Margaret in case she has other Enablers who will come up with MORE excuses for her Pathological Lying: https://honorflightaz.org/ https://honorflightaz.org/veterans/faqs/ Q: I am the widow of a Veteran, can I go? A: Sadly, the answer is “no.” Again, we simply do not have the resources or seating available to transport all the Veterans who are presently on our Arizona waiting list. Q: How much money does it cost? How much cash do I need to bring? A: The cost is FREE for all WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans. You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs. Q: I am a Vietnam War Veteran. Can I go to on this trip as a Veteran? A: We start flying Vietnam War Veterans on October 15, 2019, selected from the longest on our Vietnam War waiting list. Each Honor Flight will likely be a mix of Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans, with some WWII Veterans on occasion, for the near future. Flight priority from our waiting lists starts with the oldest war (WWII), then Korean War, then Vietnam War to address the age/oldest of our Veterans. Honor Flight Arizona also STILL has Ole Margaret’s picture in her “I LOVE ME” Outfit on this site (there are 2 of them). For the life of me, since they have already acknowledge that there may be a problem with her, why they have NOT deleted her photos: https://honorflightarizona.smugmug.com/Fall-2019/October-15-17-2019/ Once again, ninja, you have exceeded the filter’s… Read more »


Hmm. Taking free round-trip airline transportation, hotel accomodations, and meals certainly sounds like obtaining “something of value” to me – and if she never served in Vietnam, it appears to qualify as doing so “under false pretenses”. But given the relatively small amount of $$$ involved and the sympathetic “little old lady” figure she is, I’m not optimistic regarding finding any prosecutor (state or Federal) willing to prosecute any possible crimes.


Check out the 18 October 2019 CBS Morning Video on Ole Margaret.

They fell for her story as well.



Mustang Major

Fake News!


Our own TAH’s Hack Stone commented on this Guy’s Website on the story of Ole Margaret:


The guy’s comment?

“That’s interesting.”


“I haven’t seen a definitive link,” he excusifies after being pressed.

November Bravo

Maggie also told all of us she was Joni James the singer. Said she sang with Frank Sinatra.

Hack Stone

Maggie won the Grammy for Best New Artist In 1967, won a Gold Medal for Team USA for gymnastics in 1980 and invented the rotary engine.


If Maggie dearest had invented the rotary engine, it would be called the Wanker instead of the Wankel.

Hack Stone

Hack used that Rotary Engine on a thread about the dearly departed Non-Honorary Chief Petty Officer.

For those wondering where Hack was inspired, it was swiped from one of Steve Martin’s lesser known films.


She wrote the original Mazda (Rotary) TV commercial theme song?

(Lyrics) –
The others go boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing,
But the Mazda goes Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Perry Gaskill

I wouldn’t be surprised if a news media follow-up to the De Santi story backfires on the veteran community. If there’s one thing the news media hates, it’s being shown as gullible fools. And they won’t blame De Santi. To maintain the women’s empowerment narrative, she’ll be presented as a harmless eccentric who “allegedly” might have engaged in a very minor “victimless” crime. Maybe.

And never mind that she’s a demonstrable sociopath who’s been pulling the same flim-flam for years. It won’t matter because the news media’s attention span tends to be short, and a heart-warming tale about bad-ass ol’ Maggie challenging a TSA agent to push-ups doesn’t warrant the effort to dig too deep into her backstory.

The TV crew didn’t just show up at the airport gate on the off-chance Maggie would be performing for the cameras. Somebody let them know about a possible photo op, and that person is the first one some irate TV line producer is likely to call with the question of why the a seemingly reputable NGO let De Santi get away with her scam.

If the De Santi story gets any further air time at all, it won’t be about Maggie’s shenanigans. It will more likely be a sanctimonious cautionary piece about how you just can’t trust charities these days. Not even ones purporting to help veterans.


Today’s Inside Edition for my area was shown at 1430 MDT. I watched all of it. Nothing about Maggie or veteran charities was featured.



What? I’ve spread the word, to tune in.


Is it possible that you saw a previous day’s episode?

The episode for Mon Oct 28 is advertised as Felicity Huffman.


Could be. Hell, I’m retired and it’s cold outside, so I’ll watch tomorrow’s show also.

It probably was an old show, seeing as how even sunlight has to be shipped in to my AO by 20 Mule Train./s


It wasn’t an older show. This episode covered the self-murder of Bagdadi and the booing of Trump at the World Series.


Well no Story on Inside Edition


Is it possible that you saw a previous day’s episode?

The episode for Mon Oct 28 is advertised as Felicity Huffman.
The Maggie DeSanti story should be on the same episode as Huffman.


I don’t know I went to there web page
Half of the program was about the isis turd
And trump being booed at a base ball game
And Ben aflack being drunk off his ass


That’s the episode that aired here where I am.

The next showing is at 0200 tomorrow morning, but I’m not staying up for that./s


Yep, same here.
NOTHING about Maggie DeSanti.
Even Huffman (and Bill Macy) were relegated to a 1 minute bit,
for ISIS and World Series.
Hopefully, someone tapes Inside Edition daily
until the Maggie DeSanti feature airs.
How disappointing.



I will watching it tomorrow unless Claw & Skippy can give us heads up.

Still appreciate you giving everyone a warning order on the show. Thank You for being a great Messenger for the Truth.


I think they bumped it because of the isis duds
Getting whacked
I have the whole week DVRd


I’m thinking, fresh episodes only kick in after 6:30 pm (EST) or so….
.. and that anything mid day is a previous day’s episode.
I don’t know.
I’ll find out in 1 hour (7:30pm EST).


It aired here 3 pm MST
I think it got cut because of the isis turd



Inside Edition is currently playing right now in our AO.

It looks as if the story on Ole Margaret may not be airing tonite.

What is playing right now are the same stories that Claw and Skippy shared.

Am speculating the death of that ISIS Dirtbag bumped the story as well as the story about the California fires.

Maybe it will be on tomorrow? Hope so.

Thank You for telling others to watch Inside Edition. Keeping fingers crossed.




Hope Inside Edition has not gone PC.

It is so obvious the various News Media are avoiding the truth. What is sad and disappointment is that Fox News is staying silent as well on Ole Margaret.

Will try again tomorrow to watch Inside Edition despite having to sit thru commercials about Democrats running for Office in my AO. Their campaigns on TV are pathetic. They all are focused on one theme: That Republicans don’t care for folks with Pre-Existing conditions and are prohibiting folks access to proper Medical care in my State.

In other words, those Republicans voted against Obamacare and now the concept of Medicare For All.

Hope the Astros beat the Nationals. If a Conservative Group had Booed at Obama at a Baseball game, the Liberal news media would carry that story for a week and paint Conservatives as being Un-American and Un-Patriotic.

IMHO, the Drudge Report has gone downhill.


Drudge has gone Progda.


I’ve removed Drudge from my morning surf. I gather he lives off clicks. He hasn’t had any from me for a week, not that he cares….unless lots of others dont click,


Anybody seen this?


The fraud allegedly found A WARTIME PHOTO OF HERSELF ON D.C.! Too bad the website doesn’t let me blow up that picture…looks like this old dusty broad is determined to rock this lie all the way to the grave!



Yes. Comments about that article and that picture were featured on the other Maggie Post.

The picture can be found on the Women’s Memorial Website. In color.

Ole Margaret printed it off the Internet and made the mistake of using regular computer paper with Black ink.

She keeps making mistake after mistake after mistake.

Ole Margaret: What A Loser.


BTW, according to the Womens Memorial, that was a picture of Army Nurse Officers taken during their Training/Schooling, possibly at Fort Sam Houston, Texas or another CONUS Army Post.


In the 1960s.


Welp, I just watched the Inside Edition episode I recorded. There was nada about Marvelous Maggie story. They likely like the fraudulent fable better than the reality.


I don’t know if someone has shared this link yet, but here’s another site highlighting that Maggie is fibbing:



Don Shipley had mentioned again in his Sunday video that the story was scheduled to air on Monday. So, it appears that Inside Edition bumped it. I will say this – Senior Chief Shipley does expound even more about her and why she needs to be prosecuted, starting at the 36:49 mark. It’s pretty sweet.


WO BobbyB1966 ret

Ahhhhhhh Grass-hopper …..

Yea scumlords of media content will never correct this story, and let me explain why.
The only income a commercial entity has is selling advertising space. To sell advertising space, you need to impress other companies (the potential advertisers) on just how many people have your station turned on (same rules apply to newsprint).
People turn on their tv’s to watch sensationalism and editorials disguised as news.
To the stations, this is viewer gold, the more sensational the better. If it is syndicated, Holy Mother of Christ – jack pot.
There is no room for truth in a 24 hour news cycle, truth isn’t sexy and truth does not sell air time.
Old Maggie the mutt is getting her 15 minutes of fame (probably get a speaking gig out of it too) and the media luvvies are dining in on it.
The retraction and correction will occur a little bit down the track. Perhaps during a slow news day, but with your elections coming up, that might take a little while because of all the “Orange man bad” imbo’s and him keeping them all employed.
I can’t recall the Judges name(s) that basically put in place the current Stolen Valor Act after Alvarez, but their summation is the only way to fight bitches/farquits like her who lie, is to tell the truth.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I don’t know if the media isn’t pursuing this story because of embarrassment that it’s fake or that they think it will just go away if it’s ignored altogether. After all, in some safe space world’s, calling people out for the truth or saying (or writing something truthful) is considered hate speech.

In short, anything truthful is hate speech, and disagreeing with people who lie is also hateful.

Something like that…


FB just censored me for calling Baghdadi, that deceased terrorist that murdered countless people including his own kids, a goat humper…violated their community guidelines on hate speech. What kinda demented little fart bubbles do these assholes live within?

A Proud Infidel®™

Likely something like UC Berzerkely where they demand that YOU don’t even think of saying anything that might even remotely “offend” them while you’re supposed to take everything they say for the gospel truth and accept it as such.


Disagreement is “hurtful” to the little wussies.


They need this:

A Proud Infidel®™

I don’t care who you are, that’s some CLASSIC R. Lee Ermey there!


Been there done that
I’ve been awarded
All of the FB ribbons
I can think of
Wish I could post a
Meme I have of them

RGR 4-78

FaceBook of the damned.

Did you say the words correctly?

Well yea, kinda, I guess.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Funny how that works: Censoring people for having an opinion that’s different.

(A couple of years ago, I posted a comment on DU which was immediately moderated and my e-mail address was banned from ever posting again. I think NHSparky had a similar experience.)

“American Thinker” has some interesting articles about “hate speech” and the snowflakes that subscribe to that way of thinking.


I need a vest…


I haven’t been banninated from Book of Face yet. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.


All 6 times I’ve been punished
Damn 4 of the 6 time were for reasons
I couldn’t understand why


Three times I did deserve it but giving a thumbs up on someone else’s comment….so we added six more fake pages..


Just finished watching today’s Inside Edition episode.

Once again, Maggie was a No Show/No Go at this station.

Hack Stone

They had more pressing news to cover, like the lady trapped in the garage. There’s always tomorrow.


Not to mention Lady GaGa’s dress. That was hot news, there./s


Thank You, Claw for the warning order.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that Ole Margaret will be featured tomorrow unless Inside Edition went chicken or PC.

BTW, in the video of Ole Margaret doing “pushups”: She is wearing the 8th Medical Brigade Patch on the RIGHT Shoulder of her “uniform”. There are NO Patches on her Left Shoulder.

Those of us who are in the Army or have served in the Army, especially in a Theater of Combat Operations, know the meaning of a “Combat Patch”.

Ole Margaret lacks a Combat Patch. Interesting for someone who claims she was in Viet of the Name and Desert Storm. No REAL US Army Soldier would forget to wear their Combat Patch.

The patch on her right shoulder is the 8th Medical Brigade, a US Army Reserve Unit. They were formed in 1976 at Fort Hamilton, NY (Brooklyn) and are now located at Fort Wardsworth, NY.

This is their Facebook Page in case anyone wants to share with the 8th Medical Brigade that Ole Margaret DeSanti, a former Resident of Brooklyn, NY, is wearing the 8th Medical Brigade Patch on her right Shoulder Class A Uniform (the OLD US Army Class A Uniform which she is wearing a WHITE Shirt instead of the Light Green shirt-she is out of uniform, even though the uniform is obsolete. White Shirts were only wore with Army Blues. “LTC” my Be-Hind).


I also challenge Ole Margaret’s Enabler to ask her what a Banana Suit is. Also ask her what a Towed-Jumper is as well as a PLF. Also ask her what a 550 Cord is used for and what is a gore.

Ole Margaret. WHAT.A.LOSER.


And for those who know about the Banana Suit, Towed-Jumper, PLF, 550 Cords and gore:

Sshhhhh! Don’t give it away unless you do it in Army Secret Code Talk. Don’t want Ole Margaret or her Enablers to read what they are.

Want HER or her Enablers to share.


I went through all the pics on the 8th Med Bde, and there are zero pics of Marvelous Maggie. Maybe someone who has a FakeBook account could contact them and ask for verification of Ol’ Maggie’s service in their unit, since she has been wearing their patch for many years. Dollar to a doughnut they never heard of her before the pushup stunt.


I hope her deceptive ploy backfires on her.

It is now backfiring on the Washington Post about that other phony who also claimed Vietnam Service:


Have this feeling that the media to include Inside Edition are going to let this story die and that Ole Margaret will continue with her lies and deception.

Thank You for the feedback, rgr769.



Oh, I also checked the history of the 8th Med. Bde. It has never been deployed, and under “campaigns,” it says “none.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Speakin’ O’ phonies, I just came across this from The Hair®™ Himself. I know it’s kinda off-topic, but it sticks with POSer idiocy:


There is a Trend going on with Ole Margaret as well as Bob Glaves and Les Brown.

All of their Enablers have gone Silent.

The News Media minus the Penisula Daily News in Washington State have gone Silent.

All Three have gone Silent.

All Three took advantage of Non-Profit Organizations that received donations from Folks to benefit them.

Two embellished their Military Service. One never served in the Military Service let alone have a Nursing License.

All Three lied about being in a Combat Theater of Operations.

All Three have yet to produce a DD214 to authenticate their Claims.

All Three had their Enablers portray them as Innocent Victims. Two used the Cancer excuse.

All Three are Pathological Liars.

All Three will probably go to their Graves never admitting their lies and shortcomings and most likely will continue with their Facade.


Additionally, Two lied about their Age/Birth Year.

All Three claim Awards/Decorations and Qualification Badges/Tabs they never earned.

Yep, there is definitely a Trend with Military Phonies.

They all need to seek Mental Counseling for their Lies before they con other Organizations or destroy those Organizations Reputations (and all Three most likely do not care because it is all about Them).

Hack Stone

Another day of Inside Edition, another case of no Maggie story. Yet again, her story was bumped for more newsworthy events, such as a good cart tumbling down an escalator.


But but that cart could’ve been someone’s mom..


Thank You, Hack, for checking and updating us on this.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that Inside Edition will do the right thing and air the episode.

Hack Stone

Tomorrow is Halloween, so you can expect Inside Edition running segments on Kim Kardishian dressing her kids up for trick or treating.



Oh, dear Lord, spare me.

They should subsitute that segment with Ole Margaret wearing her Trick or Treat outfit.

BTW, Ole Margaret and Hanoi Jane were born the same year. 1937.

At least Hanoi Jane went to Viet of the Nam.

*sarc on*

A Proud Infidel®™

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda and Daniel Bernath EACH have more time in Vietnam than Maggie DeSanti does, let’s not forget that the latter DID visit Vietnam during a vacation!


And the former did, as a TRAITOR!


I sent a Facebook PM to AZCentral (Arizona Republic newspaper).

azcentral 9:57 PM

(Me) Good evening. You posted this video on October 17.
(Link to Facebook video post.)
Are you going to print the followup story about Maggie DeSanti?

(AzCentral) Thank you for messaging azcentral.com!
If we don’t respond right away, it’s because we are handling a breaking news situation or working on getting the next story to you. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your readership.

(AzCentral) Hi, this video is from USA TODAY, one of our sister publications — we don’t have a story about this in The Republic, but it could possibly be published under USA TODAY.
It doesn’t look like they’ve published a follow-up story about her though. Hope that clears things up. Thanks for reaching out! — AM

(Me) Good evening. Your LOCAL story (Mesa, Arizona)…
is that Maggie DeSanti is now outed nationally for Stolen Valor, AGAIN.
She was previously outed in 2014 for Stolen Valor with a phony Silver Star.
Now, she took an Honor Flight, deceiving a local charity.
(Link to Google search for “Maggie DeSanti”)

(AzCentral) Thanks for passing that along to us. I’ll forward this information over to our news department. — AM

(Me) Thank you.
For veterans around the USA, Stolen Valor is a dear issue.


Let’s see if greater Phoenix, Arizona
gets to read the expose’ about Maggie DeSanti
in the local news…

5th/77th FA

Thanks for the update marinedad61. You and ninja have done a fine job keeping us in the know. Sister’s fake book posts on the different pages were getting bumped before the ink got dry. The emails I sent to Fox5 and ABC15 and a few others were never answered.


Keep sticking it to ABC15… and Maggie DeSanti.



This is the sad state of 1st Amendment in action.
Mesa’s Maggie DeSanti
(remember the airport TSA Push Ups video?)
can lie and pretend to be an Army LTC Vietnam Veteran Nurse….
but she can NOT go around wearing a Silver Star,
or accept financial benefit
(a FREE Honor Flight from AZ to D.C.)
which are violations of the federal Stolen Valor Act.
Ugh. (Link to here.)


.. and again, on a MESA PD Chief story.

Mesa PD could arrest and charge Maggie DeSanti
(remember the airport TSA Push Ups video??)
under the federal Stolen Valor Act,
for (1) wearing the Silver Star,
and (2) lying for financial gain
(a FREE Honor Flight from AZ to D.C.)
(link to here)




2 weeks after Maggie DeSanti is exposed (again),
now my hometown TV station puts the video up on FakeBook.

(CBS 21 Harrisburg (PA)) – [Lt Colonel Maggie DeSanti rappelled from helicopters to treat wounded soldiers as a US Army nurse during the Vietnam War.
Now, at 84 years old, she’s challenging TSA agents to keep up with her exercise regimen.]

I called the news director at CBS21 Harrisburg,
and gave him the details, and directions here.
I would sure like to see 1 major news outlet run the TRUTH on Maggie DeSanti.



It doesn’t help one bit that Maggie self-identifies as the nurse looking up to the sky (in hopes of a Jungle Penetrator Medevac?) in the rendition of the Vietnam Nurses Memorial.

It was only after that Memorial came into existence that people like Maggie, Jan Spann and MSG/1SG/SGM Tammy McPherson started up with their malarkey about Army Flight Nurses.

What’s really sad is between all three of them, they have a grand total of zero days spent in uniform.


Thank You,Claw, for sharing.

Don’t know if you or others caught what I commented about a Kathryn Gates-Skipper of Florida, Marine Corps Reserves, on the Counterfeit Veterans Thread.

Boy, talk about telling a WHOPPER of a story.

Embellishment to the Max.


Claw, are you saying there was no such thing as a U.S. Army flight nurse after 1947 when the Army Air Force ceased to exist? And are you implying we didn’t have any Army “combat flight nurses” in the Viet of the Nam? Color me shocked. I thought, like every other cretin that never served in combat, there were so many Army Nurses around and they were of so little use in hospitals, that a beautiful one would be there to cradle you in her arms in the bush and save you from dying as the Dustoff flew you back to the Evac Hospital. Surely, even now there must be an Army MOS for “combat flight nurse” or “Chief Combat Flight Nurse.”/sarc



THANK YOU for contacting CBS21 in Harrisburg, PA.

Yes, this has been very frustrating considering it looks as if Ole Margaret is ONCE AGAIN getting away with her lies.

As shared in another post about Elderly Folks, it seems there are those who don’t want to address the issue that Elderly Folks have the capacity of lying. Most of them have rocked the lies for YEARS, so am NOT buying the “Dementia” excuse.

What happened to all of Ole Margaret’s Defenders or Enablers? They seem to have disappeared, rode off in the Sunset, just as Ole Margaret.

Since she is REALLY 82 years old versus 84 years old, am betting she will continue with her charade. Who knows what other monetary benefits she has reaped. Perhaps collecting VA Benefits based on a Bogus DD214?

Thank You again, marinedad61. IMHO, Karma may oneday catch up with Ole Margaret.

5th/77th FA

Claw, did you mean to say that Mangy Maggotty Maggie was hoping to be penetrated in the jungle by a medic on vacation?

marinedad61, Thanks for keeping up the fires!

ninja, I read your comment on that slimey scrunt, Kathryn Gates-Skipper the phony from Floriduh. Made my blood pressure shoot up another 30 points. Good news is the doc increased my Lisinopril by 20 mg and I’m rocking it at 117/69 now.


5th AKA KoB:

What wonderful news you shared, i.e. your Blood Pressure.

That is a GREAT Reading. Congrats!

Unbelievable about Gates-Skipper. Good thing I was NOT drinking coffee while reading the news articles on her. Might have ruined my PC.


It would be nice to see TAH do a REPEAT on her story, considering the recent honor Florida bestowed on her.

Her story STILL cracks me up. What in the world was the News Media thinking when they heard her story about being “FIRST”?

Better yet, what was SHE thinking? She must not have been aware that she had been exposed before on TAH.

Similar to Ole Margaret. As stated, if these folks keep getting away with their lies, then they will continue with that behavior.



5th/77th FA

ninja… Tanks Troopette! BP had rocked aplong for decades 130/72 no problems til 29 Mar 18. Spiked that morning at 211/107. FIRST trip to the hospital since 1953. TIA was diagnosed. Second trip was 5 May 18 Hardly no BP and heart rate below 20 BPM. Medic was sure they lost me for awhile on that ride. The prayers of an entire regiment brought me back to continue being a burr under some saddles. Since then it averaged in the high 170/85s. Cardio doc was pleased with these latest #s. It was he that changed the meds around and added to the dosages. Had these latest #s for 2 weeks as of today.

These phonies… 😡 🙄 😡

you and what you do… 😉 😀 😉

TIDE gonna ROLL over LSU and Missorry the Show Me State…Dem Dawgs gonna Show Them….and as always… GO ARMY BEAT NAVY.


Maggie DeSanti (on FakeBook) posted photos of angels and an American flag in the past few days (Veterans Day).

Not only does she get some “Likes”, but she gets comments like
“Thank you for your service” and “God Bless.”

Some out there still believe her.
That “Vietnam witness” guy really needs to be outed.