North Korea launches missiles at Japan

| September 16, 2021

Perhaps sensing that we have a group of foreign policy cucks in charge here, North Korea yesterday launched two missiles at Japan. Both landed within the Japanese exclusive economic zone. Needless to say the Japanese are pissed.

Breitbart reports;

North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday, violating U.N. Security Council resolutions and drawing sharp condemnation from the Japanese government. The provocative launch suggested tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula again after a relatively peaceful interlude during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

North Korea launched its missiles from its eastern coast, sending them about 500 miles at a cruising altitude of 37 miles before splashdown inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

“This is an outrage that threatens our nation and regional peace and security,” Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide declared.

Suga said the launches were “completely inexcusable” violations of relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions that forbid North Korea from testing ballistic and nuclear missile technology.

“North Korea’s recent repeated launches of ballistic missiles and other projectiles are a serious problem for Japan and the international community as a whole,” the Japanese Defense Ministry said.

Kyodo News reported an emergency meeting between senior U.S. and Japanese diplomats was held in Tokyo on Wednesday to reaffirm support for the U.N. resolutions.

The U.S. State Department also condemned the missile launch and called on North Korea to “engage in dialogue” instead of provocations.

“Our commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea and Japan remains ironclad,” the State Department stressed.

The New York Times noted the launch “occurred a day after the special envoy from the United States urged North Korea to resume nuclear disarmament talks, saying that Washington had no ‘hostile’ intent toward Pyongyang.”

This leads me to believe that the North doesn’t think much of the thought of talking with Sleepy Joe or his incompetent Secretary of State. I’m sure the free world is feeling secure watching this unfold two weeks after the failures of Afghanistan. After all, “America is back” with Biden in charge.

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  1. Blaster says:

    Every day I watch the news and wonder if it can gat any more Fd up out there.

    I think our government sees it as a challenge!

    • Anonymous says:

      Like Brad Pitt said in Fury: “You think it can’t get worse? It can and it will.”

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, it’s gonna get worse, Blaster.

      We’re carrying a debt load right now of $28 TRILLION big ones and have no way to pay it down unless something happens to bring in real cash money, e.g., re-opening the Federal lands to get at those petroleum reserves and letting the Tribes do their thing with the same.

  2. Anonymous says:

    North Koreans gonna North Korea…

    • KoB says:

      Kim Cheese just doing what Xi tells him to do. Just like his puppet prezzy sniffy does.

      I may be wrong, but it seems as if, at one point in time, dropping ballistic missiles within the territory of another country could be construed as an act of war.

      “…the Japanese are pissed.” You think?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I’m not so sure it’s CHina and Xi telling him what to do, KoB. He’s pretty much a clod that fell off his old man’s pants legs, and his sister is much more of a bitch than Xi ever thought of being. Fatty Kim da T’ird hasn’t been seen a lot in public lately, so I’m (just guessing) guessing that Sis is running the show, and she is one helluva bitch on wheels, if reports about her are even close.

      But they’ve all been so quiet up there in the hinterlands across the border that it’s hard to tell right now what is going on.

  3. Hack Stone says:

    A purely defensive move on the part of North Korea. They just wanted to keep Godzilla out of their territorial waters.

    • Godzilla is still alive and well after all these years. Just go down the New Jersy TPKE and see all those high voltage transmission lines running all over the place like peanut butter.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Do atheists believe in Godzilla? Discipline in Japanese schools started to slip once they took Godzilla out of the classroom.

  4. ChipNASA says:

    Second time I’ve seen this photo used here.
    Still funny.
    I bet a 3rd time will also still be funny.
    Even funnier if Trump returns.

  5. Commissar says:

    North Korea was conducting missile tests throughout Trump’s presidency. At least 15 missile tests and one Nuclear test even after orange man claimed he had his love affair with Kim.

    Including eight tests that were “at” Japan; meaning they were fired toward Japan and landed in the Sea of Japan just like this most recent test.

    In fact the MAJORITY of all North Korea missile tests in the history of North Korea where conducted DURING the 4 year Trump administration.

    You all just weren’t paying attention because.

    So your spin and your meme is bullshit lying propaganda, as usual Mason.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Do you TRY TO be that big of an idiot or does it come to you naturally, Major Moonbat? Once again you prove me right when i say that you can’t even breathe twice without shitting your pants over Donald Trump. You’d best stock up on shit paper for 2024!

      • rgr769 says:

        The moonbat aka mendacious mollusk 🦑 was triggered by Mason’s reference to “foreign policy cucks.” Birds of a feather? Oh wait, “cuck” implies a female mate.

    • azrngr says:

      You define “propaganda” as anything you or your professors disagree with. You may want to check your compass there, major. You’re 180 degrees off azimuth with a serious recto-cranial inversion. And in case there was any doubt, still a fraud.

      [Edited to remove PII – Mason]

    • ninja says:

      Commissar, this is for you.

      Are you not only still suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, but now a Mason Derangement Syndrome?

      Just curious.


      From a 2020 Wall Street Journal article:

      “Still, the nice thing about Trump Derangement Syndrome is that to prevent catching or spreading it, you don’t have to wear a mask or always be washing your hands or practice social distancing. All you have to do is turn off your television set.”

      “The Next Pandemic: Trump Derangement Syndrome”

      • KoB says:

        ninja, I don’t think that the spapos suffers from his afflictions, I think he revels in them. He also revels in being a Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of S#!t.

        Oh…and btw…gabn/rtr/hbtd. A clean sweep and trifecta of victories on weekend past for all 3. A harbinger of what’s coming up. 😀 😉

        • ninja says:

          KoB commented:

          “Oh…and btw…gabn/rtr/hbtd. A clean sweep and trifecta of victories on weekend past for all 3. A harbinger of what’s coming up…”

          Yep, Yeppers and a BIG HECK YA!!!

          Our very own beloved AW1Ed LOVES this time of year…😊

          Guess you and the ninja family “suffer” from the “gabn/hbtd/rtr” syndrome…😉

          Have to give War Eagles a shout their last(??) game or before, the crowd was doing the F@$! Joe Biden Chant…😆

          Wonder Why? 😆

          Still have hope for Commissar (are you reading this, Commissar?) Look what happened with Leo Terrell..😉

          gabn/hbtd/rtr 🐘🐕🐎🐐

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Taylor, all you do is let EVERYONE HERE know what an ignoramus you are.

      North Korea’s missile testing antics go back – WAT BACK – to the post-Korean War era, when Daddy Kim repeatedly launched “test missiles” with LIVE payloads toward the south against the South Koreans. The “testing” continued AFTER Daddy Kim died and did NOT stop.

      In REALITY, which you do not embrace or accept, missile testing by North Korea NEVER STOPPED.

      North Korea is, IN FACT, responsible for the 1969 downing if a US reconnaissance aircraft, killing 31 people on board.

      And missile testing: That goes back to 1984, so here’s a starting list of those episodes.
      1976–81 North Korea commences its missile development program using Scud-B from the Soviet Union and a launchpad from Egypt.[8]
      1984 First Scud-B missile test firing.[8]
      1988 Operational deployment of Scud-B and Scud-C missiles.[8]
      1990 First Nodong missile test.[8][9]
      1993 1993 North Korean missile test – (May 29/30, 1993) – Nodong

      That was when DADDY KIM was annoying his neighbors, you imbecile and it had nothging to do with Trump.

      You are SO completely incorrect in what you said that you will never be able to take it back. How the bloody hell did you ever manage to get a clearance of any kind, even the lowest ‘dumbfuckery’ level, if you’re this abominably stupid?

    • Deckie says:

      Lars, just genuinely curious… what IS your job now? Aside from hiding behind the walls of academia like a coward and failure at life.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      I’ll bet you have never gotten laid.

      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        Major Moonbat couldn’t even get laid in a Women’s Prison with a $100 bill and an ounce of cocaine taped to his forehead.

      • Commissar says:

        “I bet you have never gotten laid” is something someone who thinks getting laid is difficult would say.

        You must be exceedingly undesirable. Thoughts and prayers.

        • Hack Stone says:

          Thoughts and prayers. Nice to see that you acknowledge a higher being. Don’t let your comrades in the collective know, they may have you shipped off to the gulag for a little re-education.

    • Commissar says:

      Everything I said is true.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Most, yes. Everything, no.

        And yes, Mason veers off to the far right at times.
        But YOU Trump ’em with your own TDS.
        (A syndrome of derangement about President Donald Trump.)

        The moment you stick “orange man” into your arguments,
        your credibility is shot (to shit).

        You can’t even bring yourself
        to type (or say) “President Donald Trump”.
        Make it “Former President Donald Trump”.
        As if saying 4 words makes it any easier than saying 3.

        Try it. You’ll sleep better.

      • 5JC says:

        Well, no, of course not. For example the tests were certainly noticed around here:

        So yeah, liar, liar pants on fire. Also while “landing in the Sea of Japan” is technically true, Japan doesn’t actually claim the SoJ as an EEZ. NK drops the missiles into the SOJ due to geography. Otherwise they would likely overfly Japan.

        Of course the rest lacks context. Mostly the NORKS were trying to intimidate Japan, SK and Australia away from the US.

        The 4th of July 2017 ICBM test that landed in the JEEZ was actually a politically motivated test shot for the US. The NORKS don’t really understand that the US is barbecuing on the 4th and doesn’t even turn the news on. This test was announced in January 2017, before Trump took office. It isn’t certain if it was a success or failure.

        For it’s 2017 activities there was a lot more than silence and hand wringing, to include by not limited to:

        – The UN gained agreement for all member nations to send home all NORK guest workers, a huge source of income
        – Various energy embargoes of oil and coal
        – Trump deployed THAAD early to the ROK
        – In April 2017 Trump said the U.S. was prepared to act alone to deal with the nuclear threat from North Korea. The liberal media literally shit their pants.

        Eventually all of this forced the NORKS to the bargaining table, where eventually in 2019 when the US left wing went out of their way to destroy the peace process. I must say one of their finer moments for displaying hypocrisy.

        The South Korean’s loved him for trying to end the war with pressure and peace talks;

        “President Trump is renowned for his bold decision-making and negotiation skills,” the South Korean speaker, who heads the liberal Minjoo party, said two days after the meeting with Pelosi at the Korea Society. “It would be no exaggeration to say it was President Trump’s decisiveness and leadership … that brought about this remarkable change.”

    • Mason says:

      You all just weren’t paying attention because.

      I’ll ignore your petty name calling. You can do better. Be better.

      Now, because you never tire of being wrong, here we are “paying attention”. These are blog posts from the Trump years in re: North Korea shootin’ missiles.

      16 April 2017 –

      4 July 2017 –

      9 August 2017 –

      29 August 2017 –

      31 July 2019 –

      10 September 2019 –

      3 March 2020 –

      7 September 2020 –

      Firing into a country’s territorial waters is pretty clearly firing at them, dude. That’s the whole point of the “test.”

      I’d appreciate if you’re going to be insulting that you at least be accurate in your accusations.

      • Commissar says:

        If you weren’t acting like a propagandist why did you put the anti-Biden spin?

        Why claim it was because of sleepy Joe and his “incompetent administration?”

        Don’t act like you are not a propagandist. Don’t act like you don’t spin and mislead to create a anti democrat narrative.

        Stop lying.

        • Mason says:

          Because I think that Biden is emboldening all our enemies through his bumbling ineptitude. Just like you still think everything is Trump’s fault.

          The Democrats don’t need my help to create and anti-Democrat narrative. They do just fine creating one themselves.

        • The Dead Man says:

          If anyone here should stop lying it’s yourself Herr Astroturf. It’s fun how easy it is to predict what threads you’ll be in and 10 times out of 10 predicting what failed attempt at rhetoric you’ll be aiming for.

        • SFC D says:

          It’s not spin if it’s true.

      • Commissar says:

        And, yes, the point is to threaten Japan…

        But there is a huge difference between firing a missile toward a country as a threat, and firing a missile at a country as an act of war.

        Saying someone fired at a country implies they intended to hit the country.

        I was clarifying the distinction in wording in my post.

        • 5JC says:

          More importantly the response from the Biden administration has been underwhelming. Where Trump went and built international consensus for sanctions Joe Biden has said he does not consider North Korea’s launch of short-range missiles – the first since he took office – a provocation.

          Trump had some of the best foreign policy of any US President in the last 60 years. Biden is a complete disaster.

  6. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    The North Korean response to failed rock star & wanna be politician Abe Blinkin:

    “Get outta here you half a sissy before I give you a slap”

    • MarineDad61 says:

      E4 Mafia 83-87,
      Can Fat Boy (or Skinny Sister) do the Joe Pesci accent??

    • Commissar says:

      There were more North Korean million tests under Trump than any other president.

      And more toward Japan than all other presidents combined,

      • Commissar says:

        *missile….not “million”.

      • Blaster says:

        Funny, I remember the Liberal Media trying to report everything that they could that would make President Trump look bad, even when it was blatant lies.

        I don’t remember there being MORE,, I remember LESS,,,

        But you be you dude!!!

        How are you blind to the fact that Biden is absolutely, 100%, Fing up everything? As well as the fact that everyone else, including our enemies, see’s this and are flexing muscle because they know he won’t do $h1+

        BTW, congratulations on Newsome. My hope is that you all continue to get all that you deserve! Unfortunately, California continues to look to the Federal Government to bail out their terrible decisions.

  7. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    US/UN to ND:tBF, “If you do that again, we shall send you another strongly worded memo.”

  8. Sapper3307 says:

    Winter is coming on the peninsula, gotta scare Japan for free fuel oil, food and medical supplies. Every year.

  9. Hatchet says:

    OK, so Kim’s still a full-on stunt-cunt. *shrug* Some people are simply incapable of change.. Inbreeding? Missile-envy? Both?
    Looks like he’s lost a bit of weight.