North Korea may be prepping submarine-launched ballistic missile test

| September 7, 2020

Sept 4 photo of North Korean port

Could be an interesting week.

U.S. weapons experts say they believe North Korea may be preparing to test a new strategic weapon system that would vastly expand Kim Jong Un’s arsenal and defy President Donald Trump’s threshold requirements for continued engagement with the U.S.

The experts, led by Dr. Victor Cha of the Center for Strategic and International Studies “Beyond Parallel” website, have posted new and unusually clear satellite images taken Friday that show North Korea may be preparing its first submarine-launched ballistic missile test, potentially a major new development for the North.

The experts believe the earliest North Korea would be ready to launch would be Sept. 8 in the U.S., or Sept. 9 in North Korea. That is North Korea’s Foundation Day, honoring the establishment of the state.

In the past, Kim has liked to test new weapons on his country’s holidays, as well as holidays in the U.S., to get maximum attention. Launching the test only months before the U.S. election would raise a major political challenge to Trump’s claim of progress with the North as one of his diplomatic achievements.

Source; NBC News

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5th/77th FA

Ya know, if the USA was the war mongering threat to world peace and RAAAAAYYYYYCCIIIIIS Country we are accused of being, that sub and it’s payload would be…underwater. I thought that Trump was supposed to be colluding with Fatty da KimCheese? You gotta wonder what they are doing we don’t know about, if they are being so open with this supposed upcoming launch.

Slow Joe

Some times I wish we were.
There are a bunch of assholes out there that need a wup ass.


Like any third world shit hole, North Korea does not have a good poker face when it comes to BLUFFING.


But they do inspire morbid curiosity. Did the test work? Did blow up and sink the sub? Did some idiot leave the hatch open? (Enquiring minds want to know… )


Well, gee, why not just send him a “glad you’re feeling better” card? And maybe some hot pockets or something?

A Proud Infidel®™

Aren’t there still rumors going around about fatty ‘lil Kim-Cheese being either comatose or dead while his Sister is running everything? I’d hat to think of the purge taking place with her taking the reins of power, I bet she’d purge the Party worse than her Brother did when he took the helm in that tinpot commie dictatorship!

RGR 4-78

A “mostly peaceful” coup d’état.

AW1 Rod

Cool. Some potential P-8A TORPEX targets.


More winning…..


Mostly peaceful mushroom cloud with and without masks…

Slow Joe

I just finished watching “Away” on Netflix.
If you only watch one TV show this year, watch this one.
The best rebuke of communist China I have seen.
And Soviet Russia.
10 episodes only, so easy to watch.


Dear North Korea, I have just the perfect coordinates for you to fire at.

39.040468 N, 125.739782 E


So have they given up on trying to make a successful 2 stage nuke? IIRC the yield of their most recent test was something on the order of 30 – 35KT which would put it in single-stage (i.e. atom bomb not H-bomb) territory.

And of course, even though they might be able to make a nuclear “device” that doesn’t necessarily mean they can make one that is small enough to fit into a warhead, much less one that is reliable enough to go ‘bang’ when it is supposed to.

So it seems their tactic now is to try and scare the world with the treat of SLBMs.


^^^ Whoops. “Threat” not “treat.”

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