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| December 3, 2019

In the latest news from Norkiland::

North Korea tests its largest (so far) rocket launcher. Fatty Kim da T’ird is pleased. Everyone gets an extra two grains of rice for dinner next week.

From the August article:  SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Sunday (8/25) that leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test-firing of a “newly developed super-large multiple rocket launcher,” another demonstration of the North’s expanding weapons arsenal apparently aimed at increasing its leverage ahead of a possible resumption of nuclear talks with the U.S.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency, or KCNA, said that Saturday’s weapons test was successful and cited Kim as saying the rocket launcher is “indeed a great weapon.”

Kim underscored the need to “continue to step up the development of Korean-style strategic and tactical weapons for resolutely frustrating the ever-mounting military threats and pressure offensive of the hostile forces,” according to KCNA.

The “hostile forces” likely referred to the United States and South Korea, whose recently ended regular military drills infuriated North Korea. The North has called the drills an invasion rehearsal and conducted a slew of missile and rocket tests in response. – article

However, the most recent release from north of the DMZ is that the Norks are continuing with testing an that big old rocket launcher, as follows:

From the article:  SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Friday the latest test-firing of its “super-large” multiple rocket launcher was a final review of the weapon’s combat application, a suggestion that the country is preparing to deploy the new weapons system soon.

South Korea’s military earlier said North Korea fired two projectiles, likely from the same “super-large” rocket launcher, on Thursday. It expressed “strong regret” over the launches and urged North Korea to stop escalating tensions.

On Friday, the North’s Korean Central News Agency confirmed the launches were made with the presence of leader Kim Jong Un and other top officials.

“The volley test-fire aimed to finally examine the combat application of the super-large multiple launch rocket system proved the military and technical superiority of the weapon system and its firm reliability,” KCNA said.

It said Kim expressed “great satisfaction” over the results of the test-firing. – article

Now, remember, this is to let the South and the US of A know that he’s ready for a pissing match, no matter what. His engineers are doing an impressive job of developing rocketry. You’d think that he might want to launch a satellite to broadcast Nork News At Nine, but that doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind.  He’s spending all his cash on rocketry, while the rest of his world goes hungry.

I think we should keep our troops there for the duration. Nobody lives forever, you know.

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5th/77th FA

Maybe we should demonstrate some real rocket science by sending him a Minute Man III with his name on it. Delivery time from Minot what, 10 minutes or so?


Good News: That’d put ND:tBF out of work real fast.

Bad News: The whole region becomes unstable af even faster. Both the PRC and ROK get a refugee crisis from Hell. Who’d pay to clean THAT up? Also, what happens to that arsenal the Norks have?


Minuteman III:
Delivery within 30 minutes or your next one is free!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

60 Minute Man- Billie Ward & his Dominoes 1951 on Federal