General reportedly cancels Marines’ flight out of A-stan so they can ‘clean the base for the Taliban’ before leaving

| August 29, 2021

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I really hope this isn’t true, but with everything else happening the last two weeks, I fear it is. Poetrooper sends in an article from National File;

A viral Instagram post highlights a text message exchange in which a U.S. military servicemember states that the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit is being forced to clean a military base for the Taliban in Afghanistan. The report claims that a troop evacuation flight was cancelled by Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan so that Marines could sweep up trash in preparation for the Taliban takeover.

The RaidTeamCo Instagram account posted screenshots of the text message exchange on Sunday, accompanied by the caption “Meanwhile on the 24 MEU! ?s This was sent to us from one of the homies his wife is currently deployed and they are being told they have to clean before they can leave! WTF SHARE!”

In the messages, the claim is made that “We were supposed to leave last night,” “The general canceled our flight because the base was dirty.” After receiving the response, “What the f**k,” the Marine continues, “Yea I’m not joking,” “We had to clean the base for the Taliban.” The general being referred to is then identified as Brig. Gen. Farrell J. Sullivan of the Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

In another text exchange, a service member states, “Came from higher we had to police call the terminal where the civilians were processed. We didn’t even get rooms to stay in like a lot of the other units. We slept in a gym, then had to clean the gym. We picked up water bottles and mre trash and shit paper. Reflip vehicles to the upright positions.”

RaidTeamCo posted a photo of the trash pickup in question that was reportedly sent in by a Marine, accompanied by the caption, “Unfuhking real that our guys were told to clean this shyt up and nobody called the bullshit flag! Still notable threats and they told guys to pick up and leave the area clean for the fuhking terrorist that are responsible for this whole fuhking mess and not one person said FUHK NO because they were afraid of losing rank or a retirement?”

We wouldn’t want the Taliban to think we’re slobs now, would we? Afghanistan’s a shit hole that cannot be improved with a police call or GI party.

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And make sure all that brass is picked up!!!!


Don’t forget all those grenade pins– have to get at least 90%…


As long as they just want the -pins-, I can work with that.


Is Brig. Gen. Farrell J. Sullivan another PC flag Officer?


Hack Stone

The General wants it the airport to loom presentable when they have the ceremony of transferring the colors. This is the final nail in the coffin of The Unites States Military. We endured a lot of hardship over the last 246 years, but nothing can survive The Biden Administration.


Our Nation is too strong for Bitchden to bring it down. I mean, we survived Obummer, right? We’re a resilient Nation. Eisenhower told us that there is no challenge we cannot overcome as long as we band together in unity. Think about our history. We fought and won many wars. We survived pandemics, economic depressions, and incompetent Presidents. We’ve been targeted by many enemies, both foreign and domestic. We’re still here; we will still be… Read more »

Hack Stone

Is the General going to assign Marines to be the sponsors of the incoming Taliban? You know, shuttle them around base, help them secure base housing, and make sure their dependents get enrolled in madras.


Yeah, the Tallys have already been to the fucking armory and CIF.

Hack Stone

Those Taliban fighters need to schedule appointments to get dependent identification cards for their goats.



USMC Steve

To be fair though, Hack, we are absolutely hell on wheels on police calls. Nobody does them better.


Bag it up and bring it to East Capitol ST, NE & 1st ST, NE Washington DC were it belongs.
Make it feel more like home for these swamp-dwelling Oscar the Grouches, also know as ticks and leeches, better known as Congress-critters.

And when they protest just remind them they’re whores and proceed to pimp slap them back to the 1770s.


Wouldn’t it be funny if all the illegals were bused to DC, then let out on the steps? 180,000/mo living on Congress’ doorstep?, now, that might get them to pull their heads into the sunshine…then again…maybe not. Could just stick their heads in the sand. Sure wouldn’t bet on either outcome.


I put the odds at 100% they’ll ignore any problems until it directly effects them. Then the tanks will be called and eventually when they do act, any recompense will be done in intentionally devalued dollars. “Congress, with Democrats holding majorities in both houses, passed the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act in 1936, authorizing the immediate payment of the $2 billion in World War I bonuses” “Congress passed the Gold Reserve Act on 30… Read more »


I want to move some into Bernie’s three houses.

A Proud Infidel®™

Or any of the manifold properties owned by the Pelosis including an expensive resort spa and the Napa Valley Vineyard they own.


Maybe they’re afraid someone will leave behind some MREs with pork products and it will be an insult to Muslims. Too bad.


Please tell me this is from the Duffle Blog.


I’m hoping it is.


Here’s an ID on one Marine who was killed in that group that were slaughtered in the airport attack.


She was a legit boss. Her husband is also a Marine/Recon type. We passed timeframes and I had just retired when they got to Lejeune. A couple of my Marines knew them both and said they were both SOLID Marines.


Can’t say I’m surprised.


Hope the Marines left a few surprises for the Tallybums to find. You know, like some one way tickets to paradise. Or some beacons for the smart bombs to home in on. Or, as noted above, several cases of pork patty mres. Lets bomb the place with any and all leftover ham and muthers C Rats. I’m sure that there are cases of them rat holed in a warehouse, somewhere.



This 100% KOB


You know there just HAS to be epic graffiti and p3nis drawings everywhere…


Perhaps also some Pork ‘n Beans…. and bacon?




Well, someone in our unit in Saudi Arabia in 1991
called home (in Spanish language)
to tell his family that we were
“on the front lines with no ammo”….
and it made the regional news.
It didn’t end well for that knucklehead.


We had an E5 tell somebody from the press that “There’s nothing between me and the Iraqis but a thin strand of barbed wire”. He was outside of Dhahran. As a capper, a couple weeks later he got an Article 15 and reduced to E4 for drunk on duty. Drank two bottles of Listerine. That’s record-level dumbassery.


Way back when Rush Limbaugh was relatively new on radio someone evidently called in saying he was one of the troops going to Haiti in 1994 for Operation Uphold Democracy. He evidently complained that he was only issued 15 rounds of ammo. This grew into national news and a subject of some controversy. My guess is that some guy said that he was only issued one 15 round magazine for his M9 pistol, a perfectly… Read more »


This smacks of fake news. It’s just too spot on. That is, if you were trying to make up something to have this cluster fuck be as worse as possible, something like this would be it. (Like the Jussie Smollett story was spot on red meat for anti-Trumpers who weren’t trained to stop and say it didn’t smell right.) Mayhap it is BS and mayhap it ain’t, but this is F-ed up enough already if… Read more »


Video found.


Loved the train wrecks, made my morning 🙂


Last flight out should trail aluminum roofing nails.

Old tanker

The only cleaning I can see should be mandated is the type where you leave flaming ruin in your wake. This is utter insanity.



I have a sad picture in my minds eye of a PFC buffing a hangar floor with AK rounds popping outside.


Hopefully not, but Murphy’s Law being what it is…


BII layout on the MRAPs they’ll have to scuttle in-place.
Oh, and full PMCS and dispatch too.

Prove me wrong.


If had let them in, they would have disrupted the cleanup and they would have to start over.

comment image


I thought for sure this was a duffelblog post, but NOPE!


.” We slept in a gym, then had to clean the gym”

Oh, the horror!!

Just one of the many horrible things front-line troops have to cope with in a combat zone.


” We didn’t even get rooms to stay in like a lot of the other units.”

One of those other units has 13 vacancies in their rooms, maybe that will help 13 of you hard-core Marines sleep better.


It was the primary evacuation point for 120,000 people – yet YOU blame ONLY the Marines.

“police call the PAX terminal where the civilians were processed”

Consider therapy and or rehab. Perhaps adult remedial education classes.


Every once in a while I have to make an ass out of myself. On the bright side, it keeps me humble, which I hear is a good thing.


It was the primary evacuation point for 120,000 people. Reading is fundamental.

“police call the PAX terminal where the civilians were processed”


What a piece of shit coward this “general” is. I hope he dies a long, slow, painful death, friendless and alone, from an incurable disease.

Prior Service

I call BS. When I rolled into Baghdad in 03, we RIP’ed with 2nd ACR, who had just taken that spot from the Marines a couple days prior. They told me all the human deuces belonged to the Marines. (Ha, I typed feces and the phone turned it to deuces but it works…)


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