Ed Asner, actor and Army vet, dies aged 91

| August 29, 2021

Veteran film and television star, beloved by generations for his roles spanning seven decades, has passed away at the age of 91. Known best to older audiences as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and to younger audiences as the cantankerous protagonist of Pixar’s Up or as Santa Claus in Elf.

Like most men of his generation, Asner served his country. He was a veteran of the US Army Signal Corps, serving from 1950 to 1953. While in service, he honed his acting talents and was a part of stage productions in Europe to entertain the troops.

After his military service Asner would become a professional actor. From the 1950s straight through to today he had more than four hundred acting credits. He also spent four years, from 1981 to 1985, as the president of the Screen Actors Guild. Asner became an activist while in that role and for decades after. He lobbied in favor of single-payer health care in California and for the release of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. A supporter of Barack Obama’s election in 2008, Asner was also a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and it’s successor, the Democratic Socialists of America. He also was a celebrity face for the Autism Speaks organization, having a child and grandchild with autism.

Asner was twice divorced and is survived by four children and at least one grandchild. Over his career he earned five Golden Globes, seven Emmy Awards, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992.

Source; Fox News

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Mumia Abu-Jamal is a sore subject in Pennsylvania.
Depends on how one feels about cop killers.
Sad that a veteran like Ed Asner
sticks his 2 cents and big nose into freeing a cop killer.




Hope Mumia feels like sh*t for two weeks.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

As the son and grandson of retired police in neaby Delaware, I hope you rot in jail and rot in hell Wesley Cook.

I got to toss out some from Free Mumia flyers someone left in a common area at my old job in The City. Only company and/or Union material may be distrubuted at work, so a the pile went straight in the dumpster.

Old tanker

I can respect Asner’s service, even if it was just in entertainment.

His advocacy however means I do not mourn his passing in the least. I have zero compassion for those who advocate for cop killers.




Thank you for your service. I have nothing else pleasant to say, so I’ll say nothing else.


Maybe a quote from Mark Twain or Bette Davis would be in order here? If you don’t know the quotes I’m referring to, Google is your friend.

Rest in Pieces!


I enjoyed his acting, he was a veteran so I have respect there, but everything else was garbage. He supported the murder of our Marines and members of the Wang Corporation in El Salvador in the Zona Rosa Massacre. So, have some respect but a lot of loathing for the man’s politics.


Same here… never cared for his politics.


Always wondered if he and Mary had an act.

Prior Service

He gets three years of respect and a lifetime of disrespect from me.


Second that!


To his credit, in those days a four year hitch meant he volunteered rather than getting drafted. His politics… meh.


Him and Howard Zinn.

Green Thumb

Rest well.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

If you have nothing nice to say about a person, don’t say it so I won’t.


This page intentionally left blank.

Hack Stone

A communist sympathizer who talked a lot of shit about Mary Tyler Moore’s political leaning. If it wasn’t for her, no one would have ever heard of him. She not only gave him a job, she gave him his own show after she ended hers. And he thanked her by shitting all over her. Fuck him.

The Other Whitey

Also an ungrateful bastard, eh? Not much of a surprise. On the bright side, now that he’s finally become a good commie, he gets to hang out with his heroes (Stalin, Mao, Marx, Ho, Pol Pot, et al) in hell.

AW1 Rod

Happy trails, pus pocket.

I have nothing good to say about the man, other than at least he wasn’t Canadian.


Ol’ Poe long ago lost any positive feelings toward Ed Asner. Once he came out of the closet with his hard left politics, he became a harsh and vicious critic of anyone who opposed his views.

Ol’ Ed and his ilk would have no problem consigning ol’ Poe to a reeducation camp, or worse, so ol’ Poe won’t be mourning his passing with any crocodile tears.

The Other Whitey

Just goes to show that one can be a veteran and still be a complete piece of shit.


I’ve seen that movie.


Military service does not bestow character or virtue. Ol’ Poe has seen plenty of active duty personnel who were complete pieces of shit.

Who then become veterans and continue to be complete pieces of shit.

What military service does is provide insights on how to recognize and deal with them, as this website amply attests…


My late brother, a Vietnam vet, thought he had me when he “reminded” me that Jeremiah Wright had been a Sailor like me.

“Just cause you’re a vet doesn’t inoculate you from being an asshole” was my answer to that!

He was not happy.

Rest in peace, brother, but man, did I ever hate your politics!

FC2 (SW) Ron

Ed who? (yawn)


He earned my respect by his voluntary service to protect each of our rights to hold and express our views. At least he openly supported the causes with which so many of us disagree. For that I also can afford him respect. Other than that, not much to like about him.

His representation so frequently of late as characters at VFW bars set my teeth on edge. At least those had small teaching moments about veterans and respect for same even as he was advancing the negative stereotypes.

USMC Steve

No respect rated. Probably was drafted and just did his time. He was a leftist socialist, anti American, and based on a goodly bit of his actions, a thoroughly hateful and unlikeable man. Most of the causes he supported were because they actually affected him personally, or he would not most likely have cared.

He has every right to think and believe as he wants, but I also have every right to disrespect and disregard him. Now he is taking a dirt nap.


He butted heads frequently with the man he replaced at the SAG. Now THAT guy was the real deal. The last good president they had.