Unrest in the PDR of Canada

| August 28, 2021

Many in our northern neighbor have reached gorge limit with their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. It’s certainly easy to see why. Draconian gun laws aside, people are fed up with mandatory vaccines and lock downs.

So much so that a campaign event for the Prime Minister was canceled over security concerns after angry protesters rallied against the liberal leader.

“It’s been a tough year for the Canadian people,” Trudeau told reporters after the event was cancelled. “And it’s been a tough year for these protesters as well. … I know and I feel anger, frustration, maybe even fear.”

“But we must deal with that anger with compassion.”

Odd my idea of compassion does not involve cutting and running in the face of push-back from constituents. Or reporter’s questions.*cough*

Furious crowd forces Justin Trudeau to cancel campaign event: ‘Need freedom’

Canada’s federal election will be held Sept. 20

Emma Colton

A campaign event for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was canceled over safety concerns after angry coronavirus protesters rallied against the liberal leader.

“I need freedom,” read one sign held by a protester in Bolton, Ontario, on Friday. While others repeatedly screamed, “F*** Trudeau!,” and people were seen waving their middle fingers at the prime minister.

The event was first postponed by two hours on Friday, and was eventually canceled over security concerns due to the rowdy crowd.

Much of the anger was in response to the Canadian government’s strict approach to vaccines and repeated lockdowns in the country.

Earlier this month, Trudeau said that people would be banned from boarding any plane, train or cruise ship in Canada unless they are fully vaccinated. All government employees are also required to get the vaccine, along with airlines and railways employees. He also announced on Friday that if he’s reelected, a $1 billion program would be established to assist provinces in developing vaccination passport programs.

His doubling-down on strict coronavirus policies comes ahead of the Sept. 20 federal election in the country, but not all Canadians appear satisfied with his approach.

How many scary firearms do you suppose the Canadians have turned in since their ban went into effect? Likely, proportionately about the same as US citizens in New York, New Jersey, etc. Not many, in other words.

Now he’s wielding the vax hammer, and people have had enough.

Fox News.com

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Do Canadian snipers yell



It’s written on the bullet.



Interesting factoid, there is real archaeological evidence of ancient warriors writing messages to the enemy on their sling bullets.

One Roman example was recovered with the engraving (or molding, perhaps – memory blurs) of “DEXA” or “Take that!”


I have actually never met a Navy Aviation Ordinanceman.

I prefer girls.

But, should I ever meet one, I’ll buy him a beer.

FC2 (SW) Ron

Ermahgerd! Flashbacks to the 80’s Gap Band song “You dropped a bomb on me” being played in the E club in Millington (NAS Memphis). Jeez those guys loved that song. That and chants of Aaaaaa Oooooo! when they had a few beers in them. If you were there you’d also remember beer in vending machines, a P3 Squadron no where near water, and Navy Lake…


If You Are Ordnance Your ASVAB Sucks.

Thank God I was never on a carrier. Two years on a tender was bad enough.


Vote from a rooftop?


If the wheels come off in Canada, it will get ugly, quick.

We share 5000 miles of border. There will be migration, and much, much smuggling.


And that border has yet to open…..


Prohibition may have been the happiest time in our nation’s existence. That porous border was a big reason why.


Anybody else think that the whole world is steadily moving back to that pre 1776 time frame when just about the whole world was under the heel of a bunch of despotic overlords?

The Tree is getting very thirsty my friends.


Progressives’ manner of rule is “Let them eat cake!” that’s for sure.


Let’s see how their elections go. Could give lots of insight and intel.

AW1 Rod

Canada is only slightly less totalitarian than Australia, where the people are calling for the Taliban to liberate them from their own government in favor of one marginally less tyrannical.


New Zealand is worse. Total lockdown NOW, 2nd time, anyone caught outside gets jailed.


I’m sure it’s coincidental that they’re both run by leftists…

Mustang Major

Thank God my ancestors had the sense to migrate from New Brunswick Canada to Maine in the 1890s.


At the rate tyranny is rising in the western world that relief may end soon.

Mustang Major

Good point.


Heh, same here Major.
Found work in the textile Mills of Lewiston.


Watch him get re-elected. He won (albeit narrowly) at the last election even after it came out that he repeatedly wore blackface as a college educated man. He’s young enough that it’s never been “OK” to be in blackface. He was doing this in the 90s and 00s. Still voted back in. I lost a lot of faith in Canada when that happened.


It’s okay when left/liberals do anything, you know…

Bill R

They were stupid enough to hire a second Trudeau. I have little sympathy for them. Same as us for hiring another Obama Administration.


Please, Canuckistan, thank you!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I wonder what Mountie SGT. Preston of the Yukon and his dog King has to say about this.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Reads like a poor Chinese to English translation.

You are right! I should have read the damn thing myself before linking it.
Apologies to the SGT and his Dog.


Justin Trudeau is a compliant little bitch boy for the global left who inherited all of his father’s arrogance without inheriting any of his intelligence.

The Other Whitey

I watched the video of Turdeau running out of a nice-looking residential neighborhood, tail tucked right up his ass, as pissed-off Canadians let him know what they really think. I wore the smile it put on my face for the rest of the day.

By the way, anybody hear about how his brother was arrested last week for molesting a child in Montreal, and was found with child porn and crystal meth in his possession?

I pray that we will reclaim our country, and I pray our northern neighbors reclaim theirs as well.


Seems they all have a close relative problem involving sex and drugs.
Must be a liberal thing.


As we teeter on the edge of civility, the road ahead looks rather “bumpy”….