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| August 29, 2021

Kel Tec PLR16

CHP K9 sniffs out $300K and enough Fentanyl to kill 1M people

MERCED, Calif. – (KSEE) – One CHP K9 is having a very busy two weeks, sniffing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and enough Fentanyl to kill one million people.

“So he really has been busy buy you know, Beny, has been pretty active since we got him in 2018,” said CHP Merced’s Erik Zuniga.

On Aug. 17th, Benny sniffed out $300,000 in cash inside a gym bag after detecting the odor of burned marijuana. The driver denied knowing where the cash came from.

Five days later, Beny hit on the smell of narcotics after his handler pulled over a vehicle tailgating. The officer discovered an aftermarket compartment built into the driver and passenger seats. Around 6.5 lbs of Fentanyl were recovered from the driver seat compartment, enough to kill one million people.

“We know that this drug is more than 100 times more potent than heroin,” said Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama. “That is dangerous.”

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Who’s a good boy! T-bones and belly rubs.

Police in North Portland shooting identified, including cop shot in hip while serving warrant
Police said the suspect fired at least one shot and two officers returned fire. The suspect died.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) said the officer shot in the hip while assisting with a federal warrant at an apartment on North Willis Avenue Friday morning has left the hospital and is recovering at home. The suspect who fired at least one shot is dead, police said two officers returned fire.

On Saturday PPB identified the officers who fired their weapons as officer Joshua Howery, a 20-year veteran on the force, and officer Jake Ramsey, a 4-year veteran with the police department.

Both of the officers involved who returned fire will be interviewed within 48 hours, PPB said.

It’s not clear yet whether it was the officers’ bullets that killed the suspect, police said they’re still investigating.

According to PPB, around 6:30 a.m. officers assisted the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) serving a warrant at an apartment building in the 1600 block of North Willis Avenue.

During the incident, officers learned an armed suspect threatened to shoot federal agents. Officers began evacuating nearby apartment units and PPB’s Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and Crisis Negotiation Team responded.

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Appreciate the picture (not the PLR16).


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]


Calling dibs on the QT with the black top!


Beny IS a Good Boy! Make sure you click on the linky, gives pics of that Good Boy and some more info on his other busts. $9 MILLION in cash, 600 lbs of meth 600 lbs of coke (Hunter the Painter weeps) and nearly 150K pills. T Bones and belly rubs indeed.

North Portland PD are good to go at this station for range time. Nice job on taking out the trash. A prayer lifted up for the quick recovery of the wounded officer. Surprised hizz diss-honor the mayor didn’t fire all involved.

Gunz pr0n? Mating of an AR and an AK? Does it need a blue or yella bullet to make it swell up to full size? The reviewer danced all around the only practical purpose of that piece.

Speaking of swelling up to full size…Lawd halp them Miss Thangs would be double your please, double your fun…and prolly double the trouble…and cost you a double mint. Not normally a big fan of Sisters Golden Hair Surprises, but there are exceptions. Daisy Duke britches…*sigh*


Definitely T-Bones, major belly rubs, and long runs in the park for Beny! Great Job, Trooper!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Hate to be the turd floating in the punch bowl, but this cynical Crusty Curmudgeon thinks it’s time to withdraw the dogs and let the drugs go through. Most of the people taking fent et al are the low life bottom feeding scum sucking welfare lifers. If they partake, and die, extreme measures (Narcan, emergency room, etc) should not be used to revive. And those pushing & selling said drugs should be tried, convicted, then taken behind the barn and shot – which is more merciful then the hell they inflict on their users.
Way past time for a major cleaning of the gene pool.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Nice job Benny and I hope you get some nice Benny’s from this


Great Lord above! Thank Him greatly for all His fine creations. Amen.