Independence Day Open Thread

| July 4, 2021

Photo from Veterans Canteen Service message.

Happy Independence Day! The Declaration of Independence is worth the read, in its entirety. Thirteen British colonial provinces made a joint statement declaring themselves free and independent states on equal footing to the state of Great Britain. July 4 subsequently became the birthday of the United States. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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my,my, my


My, My, My

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day 2011!

My, My, My

Date fat finger 2021.



Oh, don’t sweat it. Here’s a US Navy 2011 Independence Day tribute.

A Proud Infidel®™️

A Happy just another day to the British, and to the anti-guns crowd I say GET BACK TO WORK because today marks the anniversary of when Real Men gave the middle finger to those who were stepping on them and not only said “UP YOURS, this is it!”, they took up arms, laid it all on the line, engaged in a fight that many said was impossible to win and gave birth to this Nation.


^THIS^ They pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor. And many of them gave up 2 out of 3.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Who hear had to dress in colonial grab in Bicentennial in 1976? Growing up outside of Phildelphia, my elementary school was all in with the clothes, the tri-cornered hats and eveything. You think the schools now wpould celebrate America like that? Yeah, me neither.


Toby Keith ain’t thrilled about that “woke”-ness today:


This just in, on July 4th no less, Twitter takes down critic of Red China. Guess who Twitter is loyal to? It’s ain’t America.


You know, I have this gut feeling and I swear that Karma will be paying a visit to a lot of these idiots in the very near future.
Not sure what is going to happen, but it will be a good thing, one way or another, it will be a good thing !!!
God Bless America, Our Flag and all the good things she stands for.


It’s coming.

Wait patiently for what times brings, as does the farmer with the fruit.


Same here E-4.. which county outside Philly did you grow up in? That was my old stomping grounds as well.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone grew up in the Deep South. That would be South Jersey. Burlington County, to be specific.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I grew up just over the state line in Delaware. We did all the early American historic sites for field trips: Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, ect… My high school named after the battle and the river, Brandywine.

My Dad even told me that Mike Schmidt hit a home run that cracked the Liberty Bell they had in the outfield of Vet’s Stadium (It was a replica).

Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to thank President Joe Biden for allowing us to celebrate this Independence Day Open Thread. And that $0.18 that Hack Stone will be saving on his 2021 Independence Day Barbecue that kid to the Biden Administration policies will go a long way to filling Hack’s gas tank. That 8 ounces of gasoline will certain go a long way. Thank you Joe Biden for being so generous to your subservients.


Don’t get too excited. Gropey and his ho’s are saying you are saving 16 cents on some generic Fourth BBQ meal. Of course, they likely came up with this by using free gov’t cheese for the nachos and the cheese burgers to get the cost of the hypothetical meal down $0.16.

Sea Dragon

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Happy 4th to every TAHer out there and if it weren’t a winnable 4th for the colonists, we would all be saying call blimey love a duck, spot of tea, take the lift to floor 2, got a fag to light up, get the plumber to the loo etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.


A very Happy July 4th to every TAHer here. Cheers an Beers from Canukistan


I know someone who has read the Declaration of Independence.


The Thing? Awright!

Hack Stone

We hold these truths to be self evident, yadda yadda yadda.


Plugs needs to refer to note cards to answer basic question about Russia. Pathetic. The world laughs.


Happy 4th of July to all.

In church this morning they showed a video of three folks, a lady from Iraq(?), a man from Uganda, and another from Chad(?) – all talking about what they experienced in their home countries, and what they endured to come to the USA, where they are free to worship God as they choose (the lady was under a death threat for sharing Jesus with another lady) and can savor the freedom God has blessed us with for all these years.

It was a wee bit dusty in the sanctuary, too. Had trouble singing “Be Thou My Vision” afterwards.

God bless you all, and may He continue to bless the USA – not because we deserve it, but out of His grace and mercy.


Left/libtards don’t appreciate any of that. They just dislike how “unequal” it all is because they have to work for what they want and suck at it.




Happy Fourth of July Brothers and Sisters.


Back at ya, Sparks. My wish for everyone, too.


Happy Birthday America, From North Carolina!…


Plus by Captain Kirk:


What’s up turd and turdettes it’s I’ve been playing sniper elite three all day and running the kids all over the place. My wonderful neighbors will be blowing a bunch of stuff up tonight and I may throw a couple of things out the front door but I’ll be doing the bulk of my explosions tomorrow when the kids come back I figured 5 July is just as good as the Fourth of July and it’s a federal holiday so there.
I didn’t even know we were going to have An ID(i)OT, around here today but, hey, what do I know?


Oh, boy.
Remember Fred Emmart II,
the 20 year (honorable) Navy cook
turned hometown 20 year long Phony Navy SEAL Combat Rambo?

Remember the beautiful (?) wedding photos on his Book of the Fake?

Well, his (2017) new wife is now in JAIL.
Google Fu her name for the mugshots (multiple),
she was arrested before.

Added Bonus – All of a sudden, Fred II,
following in his old man’s footsteps,
is now also “retired/disabled”.
What disabled the youngish Fred II?
Drugs? Or VA freebies?

[5. ACCUSED: Angel Lynn Emmart of Keyser, WV
•Crime: “Possession of CDS w/Intent to Deliver – Heroin”, felony,
•Crime: “Possession of CDS w/Intent to Deliver – Methamphetamine”, felony,
•Crime: “Possession of CDS w/Intent to Deliver – Marijuana”, felony,
•Crime: “Conspiracy”, felony]


[Fred Emmart –
Fake Combat Veteran, SeaBee, BM, and Special Boat Operator.
Sock Puppet Whitney Chimes In.
| February 6, 2020]


A belated, but nonetheless meant Happy Independence Day to my great American family, especially to y’all here at TAH(bycsifh)!
To say I’ve been busy…let’s just say there’s no official record of that. So don’t ask questions.

Here’s about the most inspirational thing (that ain’t too heavy) that I could find: Stripes(1981), “We’re mutants” speech.

Thanks for keeping me around.