Fred Emmart – Fake Combat Veteran, SeaBee, BM, and Special Boat Operator. Sock Puppet Whitney Chimes In.

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The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Frederick Porter Emmart II.  Emmart lives in Keyser, West Virginia. Emmart is 44 years old as of February 2020 – the time of this writing.

No case is complete without the obligatory bathroom selfie so let’s just get that out of the way…

On Emmart’s Facebook profile, it says he was an Operations Specialist (OS) and retired from the Navy. It also says he is a Disabled Veteran, former Boat-swain [sic], Culinary Specialist and Petty Officer First Class (E-6).

It says he is an Operations Specialist under the Facebook ‘About’ section.

Emmart has photos and comments posted that gives the implication that there is a strong connection with himself and the US Navy SEAL community.

And even states he was serving with them at the time.

In fact, Emmart was asked about this…

Emmart claimed to have many jobs while in the Navy…

Emmart even said he was with the SeaBees…

Emmart was asked about being with the Marines…

Emmart had a posting on his page about bombs going off…

Emmart was asked about his rank and if he was in combat. He said he received a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) for Operation Desert Shield. Besides ODS/S being before he enlisted in 1993, the “combat” part of that operation was called “Storm” and not “Shield.” He was honest about his rank and said E-5 vs. E-6 but felt he was so close to E-6. Recall it is claimed as PO1 (E-6) on his Facebook profile.

There were many other claims about deployments and time frames. They were somewhat off (i.e. Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital from 2009-2013) but it may get hard to follow this case to post all of them.

Because Emmart claimed he got out in 2013, the Department of the Navy would hold his records so they were asked to shed some light on all of this.


The above DD-214 and all assignments can be seen by clicking on the following button.


The records show that Fred Emmart served in the US Navy from 1993 to 2013. He was discharged as a Culinary Specialist Second Class (E-5).

He did just over 20 years in the Navy and retired. There was no discrepancy there.


His records show no other training or rating other than the CS rating.

He was not a Boatswain’s Mate (BM) or Operations Specialist (OS).

Emmart’s records do not support a claim of being a Special Boats Operator or Navy SeaBee.


There is no Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) listed in Emmart’s military records that would designate him as being in combat.

If a combat veteran is someone that was aboard a ship in the waters supporting a combat action, and either fired missiles or launched planes in direct support of that mission, the ship is usually given a Combat Action Ribbon but it is not an individual award. It may be a truthful claim of the sailors on board to claim they were a combat veteran.


Emmart may have a service connected disability but since he did the full twenty years for retirement, it does not appear to be a Navy career cut short by a medical retirement but we don’t know. If there was a disability, it would most likely be an injury vs. being combat wounded or he would have a Purple Heart medal and a Combat Action Ribbon.


So, Freddie Emmart had a good career and crapped all over it by being a Goofy Bastard.  Freddie served when most wouldn’t.  There is nothing wrong with being proud of your service,  but someone should try to teach Emmart not to leave a shit stain everywhere he goes.  He served during the time when Osama bin Laden assumed room temperature, I guess he could say that he served ‘with’ the people that got him.  It’s just that civilians might get the wrong idea about those kinds of embellishments and they just make you look like a Goofy Bastard to the rest of us.

Knock it off Freddie.


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  1. NHSparky says:

    Can’t get to Navy awards database (no CAC card) and can’t find a unit award list or database. Any links would be appreciated.

  2. Justsumguy556 says:

    Let me chime in. When I was home on leave around 1994-1995 time frame I ran into Freddy at a bar in town. He was telling everyone in the bar he was a seal and was going to war. I remember his exact words. “I’m going to war boys”. Now I was in the Army at the time but I couldn’t for the life of me think of any war or action going on at the time. I knew there was a natural disaster in Haiti and the Army was sending troops down there. Maybe that was what he was referring to? We knew he was bullshit on claiming to be a seal. I was starting to wonder was there anyone who served in the Navy not a seal? I can produce several witnesses in need be. He has bragged of his seal status or association since the beginning.

    • A Terminal Lance Coolie says:

      So he started shitbagging early. I’m not exactly shocked, actually. I had two guys who I served with who tried pulling stunts like that when I was in. One got burned so bad it makes what goes on here look tame. Granted, that might be because I was one of the scared as fuck boots watching one of our sergeants who was known for never raising his voice literally scream at the moron in question…

      Funny how he was going to war when there wasn’t a war on then, but hey, posers don’t need real wars if they’re all sekrit squirrels.

      By all means, we’ll take every story from every witness willing to come in here and speak. It all helps shed light on how long these cockroaches stories are and where they’re hiding these days.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Justsumguy556 –
      Thank you for the comment.
      So, it’s not 7 years of Navy retiree online phony phuckery,
      but ……
      25 years of Navy SEAL shitbaggery?

      Wow. This just upped the ante on his whole BS poke-her game.

      By all means, have your witnesses chime in here,
      or better yet,
      have them send email(s) to this website.

      Thanks for (sharing) the memories.

  3. Skippy says:

    I’ve been missing a lot this week
    All because of a dame doctors visit
    In Arizona


  4. Scotty says:

    Jonn would have had fun busting this ass-clown. Fred Emmart Jr lives just down the road from Jonn’s AO in Ft. Ashby

  5. Troy Newsom says:

    Fred used to work for me! Was an awesome night baker

    • marinedad61 says:

      Troy – Thank you for the comment.
      No one here questions his actual service.
      He has plenty to be proud of.
      There was never a reason for him to BS his hometown for 25 years,
      or BS women online for 7.

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