Back To Normal

| July 4, 2021

It appears that the Sturgis Ride is back in business now, as it should be.

The ad for Sturgis this year is at the link below.

Me: I’d take along a couple of cameras, drive a solid and very stately SUV with room for a pony and a large dog, and tell them I’m there for the food.

I doubt the ecohippies and other misinformed souls will show up this time, but you never know, right? If you decide to go, please send us pictures.


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Sgt K

It was held last year also. SD gov Noem didn’t shut down her state. It was gonna be a super spreader of apocalyptic proportions but not surprisingly, the experts were wrong, again.


Don’t forget those left/libtards now like being oppressed worse than a cuck at his wife’s biker gangbang.
comment image


No offense to any bikers out there– I just went for the most manly folk around for liberal cucks’ money.


The entertainment will be if some Antifa Soy-non-binary dorks show up.


A Proud Infidel®™️

Yeah, the spineless little pisspants soy-sipping booger-chompers who ate the paste and glue in grade school screech against LE and then hide behind them as soon as they get the wrong crowd pissed off at them!


“I doubt the ecohippies and other misinformed souls will show up this time, but you never know, right?”

OOOH PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE let Antifa, BLM and any other leftist fools show up at Sturgis, and let there be plenty of video of the resulting amusement!



Hack Stone

Things have always been “normal” in Chicago. As of 10:00 PM last night, five people were killed with an additional ten shot. We still have two more days of this long holiday weekend to get those numbers up. Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot continues to hold press conferences saying that Chicago is safer than ever, while simultaneously belittling any reporter who dares contradict her “facts”.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Wasn’t she trying to blame Donald Trump for the violence in Chicongo not long ago?


Is a Ford Flex solid and very stately enough? Seats 7 and if you lay the seats down in the back, you can just about put a 4X8 sheet of plywood in there. Do I need to swing up north and pick up OAM on the way? She’s got a dog.

Kristi for Prez!

Only Army Mom

All we’ll need then is a blinged-our leather vests.


APB for “Alaska Bob” Glaves…. Has anyone seen Alaska Bob?
But seriously, did his Harley survive 2 Alaska winters?
Did his DD-214 with “SE Asia records restricted” somehow get un-f’d?

Enquiring minds want to know.

And don’t get me started
on his Pennies for Quarters sponsor / riding mate Kelly.


Holy Crap,
Alaska Bob is now hiding out 500 miles from (his previous) home,
just across the highway from Eielson Air Force Base,
near Fairbanks. He updated his USDOT info 3/21.


To be fair to Pennies for Quarters (a worthy charity),
they unloaded Kelly Canyon faster than an
Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
whore trick in Vegas,
or the nearby tail cabin whorehouse in Carlin, Nevada.


You bet.
No, the moment I hear the word Sturgis,
I no longer think of the band Jackyl (who I am seeing soon),
I immediately think of Alaska Bob Glaves
and his aborted DC trip,
which just happened to abort and detour to Sturgis.

I hope MSGRetired (below) runs into Alaska Bob Glaves.
As we all know, Alaska Bob is easy to spot,
and sticks out like a sore ass.
And since he just reupped his USDOT for hauling stumps around Alaska,
I don’t believe cancer will interfere with gettin’ to Sturgis.
On 2 wheels.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Alaska Bob?? He didn’t make it in Yet with Sgt Preston of the Yukon and his dog King riding on the dog sled? Could they still be stuck in a snow drift??, waylayed by gold smugglers, made the wrong turn or still stuck at a malfunctioning traffic signal? I watched the Sturgis video when it came out last year. Imagine if there were no LEO’s there at the time. Will see what happens this August in Sturgis.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’d like to see what happens to them if they bother to infest Bike Week in Daytona!


Sturgis is not Sturgis without Les Brown.


After 400,000 attended, less than 100 infections reported. And those 100 included primary, secondary, and tertiary friend-of-a- friend exposures. What is that, .00025?


I will be there for the week. I will have a lot of videos on my YouTube Channel MSGRetired !