Fort Belvoir, cruiser Antietam under consideration for renaming by DoD commission

| May 22, 2021

USS Antietam (CG-54) – Possibly a racist

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this Military Times piece. Apparently, going after things named for Confederates wasn’t enough for the Ministry of Truth. They’re “taking a broad look.”

From Military Times;

The Pentagon’s Confederate renaming commission is taking a look outside places and things named after individual Confederates, its chair told reporters Friday, to include anything named to honor the Confederacy.

Fort Belvoir and the guided missile destroyer Antietam have not before come up in the Confederate renaming discussion, but retired Adm. Michelle Howard said that the commission is taking a broad look.

Belvoir, originally the name of a plantation on which the post now sits, was dubbed Fort A.A. Humphreys when it became an Army installation in 1917. In 1935, it went back to Belvoir, at the request of a Virginia congressman who wanted to recognize the historical Belvoir plantation.

“We want to get to Fort Belvoir and dig more deeply into the historical context,” Howard said.

Similarly, she added, the guided missile cruiser Antietam is also under consideration, because it’s named after a Civil War battle.

“… it depends on whether or not you see Antietam as a Union victory,” Howard said, of the battle that ended in a sort of truce, with Confederate troops withdrawing, though the Union took more casualties.

Similarly, the cruiser Chancellorsville, named after what is considered Gen. Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory, is already on the list, as is the oceanographic survey ship Maury, named for a Confederate sailor.

Each of the military departments will be responsible for doing the research to put together their own lists

There’s more at the source.

As the article notes, the name of Fort Belvoir comes from the plantation that preceded the fort on that land. In fact, the plantation predates the Confederacy by twelve decades and was destroyed in the War of 1812, nearly half a century before the Confederacy.

USS Antietam is the third ship to bear the name. The first was commissioned during the Civil War. It’s hardly a monument to the Confederacy and clearly was a monument to the Union lives lost (12,000 or so) at the Battle of Antietam. Antietam wasn’t a conclusive victory for either side (the Confederates also lost ~12k men). It was a strategic victory for the Union and gave President Lincoln the confidence to make the Emancipation Proclamation just a few days later.

The second USS Antietam was a World War II Essex-class aircraft carrier. While headed to the South Pacific in August 1945 to join the war, Japan surrendered. She was the first aircraft carrier to have an angled flight deck added and saw service in the Korean War.

The current USS Antietam has been in service since 1983, took part in Operation Desert Shield (receiving a Navy Unit Commendation), and has received nine Battle “E” awards. It’s arguable that she is named for the previous two USS Antietams.

Let’s just erase all heritage and history from everything. As is the tradition in socialist countries, all ships will be known solely by hull/pennant number. The NFL has already started this with the “Washington Football Team.”

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Just Lurkin

Trying to explain context is irrelevant. The woke don’t care about context, they care about power. They’re just flexing now, showing the rest of us just how much institutional power they actually have.


Da, comrade, is always whole plan!


The end game will be that the lies will get bigger and more frequent, but we will not protest that we are being fed lies. We will praise the lies to avoid being squashed like a bug. Welcome to the new Soviet Union. Lenin would be proud.

just lurkin

Vaclev Havel’s story about the green grocer seems appropriate.


There was a destroyer named USS Maury that participated in the Battle of Tassafronronda (under Burke). DANFS says Maury “was appointed Superintendent of the Department of Charts and Instruments in 1842, and upon the establishment of the Naval Observatory in 1844 became its first superintendent, holding that position until his resignation in April 1861.” Thereafter he joined the Confederate navy (being a Virginian).

It seems the ship was named after the important hydrographer, not the Confederate commodore. They just happen to be the same person.


Just waiting for the DOD mandated two minutes of hate after every mornings’ guard mount/quarters.


Trying real hard not to let this kinda crap get to me. My BP meds can only do so much to keep it down within tolerable levels. I get weekly reports on what we historians consider “Heritage Violations.” Another article tied to this subject made mention that the Commision on re-naming is visiting West Point to look at all the names used there, particularly things named for Bobby Lee.

Sadly, politicians are making the same mistakes now that were being made leading up to that tragic time in our History. Learn from your History and DO NOT repeat the same mistakes.

I now fully expect to see the blasting off of the carvings of the faces of Stone Mountain and Mount Rushmore in my lifetime. And I don’t have much lifetime left.


what is the first thing the left does? Rewrites history.

“Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

G Orwell, 1984.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

Orwell was less a philosopher, more a prophet. As a man of the left, he saw the infinite lies it rests upon and in the end had to write his critique.

There is no point in having the modern moron read it. It would merely provide a method of procedure for those shrunken, stunted, evil minds.

just lurkin

I shit you not-a few years ago I saw a local high school girl interviewed who had been assigned “Animal Farm” for a class. Her main take away was that it made her more committed to animal rights.




Progressive left/libtards’ whole idea in a nutshell.

“We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” –Joe Stalin


You can lead a child to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.


Hopefully she was in favor of turning the pigs in to bacon over their rights violations.


Lancaster, PA is now renaming James Buchanan Elementary School,
named after PA’s only US President, a Lancaster native.
“Recent evidence” is the reason.
The school will be named after a local black female college professor.


Irony of the decade,
Teachers and administrators at various schools,
named after JFK and Clinton,
crying pussy grabber in 2016.


Gee, the first Angela Davis High School? What’s next, Mao Middle School, Stalin High?

A Proud Infidel®™

More like Da’von Quintara Elementary, Shameepa Tyreese Middle School, George Floyd High School,…


USS George Floyd.
Prove me wrong….

The Other Whitey

How is this not a slippery slope?


It’s not Fascism when left/libtards do it or something…

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I would tell The Left to read a history book about the battle from The American Battlefield Trust

“Antietam, the deadliest one-day battle in American military history, showed that the Union could stand against the Confederate army in the Eastern theater. It also gave President Abraham Lincoln the confidence to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation at a moment of strength rather than desperation.”

However, facts mean nothing to people too stupid to understand. I guess anything named Normandy/Normandie is under suspicion. I guess the whole Virginia Class SSN’s are up for renaming the class and any boat named after a state that left the union. It will never end.


“It will never end.”

It will if we put an end to it…


Democrats will insist RethugliKKKans fired on Fort Sumter (and that Lincoln and MLK, Jr. were Democrats) next…





The Confederacy typically referred to battles by the name of the nearest town, which in this case was Sharpsburg, MD. In the Confederacy, and in much of the postwar South, the battle was generally referred to as the “Battle of Sharpsburg”.

In contrast, Federal forces often referred to battles by the name of the nearest prominent terrain feature – in this case, Antietam Creek, which was a major terrain feature of the battlefield. “Battle of Antietam” is the Federal (Union) name for the same battle.


Union tended to name batles for nearby creeks or rivers, the South for nearby towns. I suppose tey could have some tortuously-determined point if the ship was named the Battle of Sharpstown, but it was named for Antietam Creek.


Antietam, the deadliest one-day battle in American military history, showed that the Union could stand against the Confederate army in the Eastern theater. It also gave President Abraham Lincoln the confidence to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation at a moment of strength rather than desperation.

So are they going to rename it Sharpsburg?

The deadliest two day battle was Chickamauga and three day was Gettysburg.


The largest US amphibious assault prior to the Normandy Invasion on D Day was in January 1865 when a combined force of US Army, USN,and USMC attacked Fort Fisher North Carolina,which protected Wilmington, the last open Confederate port. My point is soon we will see this important milestone of the Civil War erased from our history too. I just can’t fathom how this “unites” us.

Just Lurkin

BTW, I recommend the Fort Fisher state park just south of Wilmington to anyone interested in the Civil War. There is one of those military resorts located within walking distance where you can get a room for a reduced rate (proof of service required) and the peninsula also has a fine aquarium. The beach is close (Kure beach) and the “land face” of the fort is still mostly intact and there are artillery emplacements maintained by the state park system and a pretty good visitor center.

Just Lurkin