Alwyn Cashe’s Medal of Honor moves one step closer to reality

| September 18, 2020

SFC Alwyn Cashe

Last month we reported on the news that Defense Secretary Esper had recommended Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe’s Silver Star be upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Around these parts we have believed the platoon sergeant’s heroism in combat needs to be properly honored. Our first mention of Cashe dates back to 2011 and numerous times since then.

Military Times reports that legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives to authorize the award. Current law requires the Medal of Honor to be awarded within five years of the date of action, so Congressional action is necessary.

New legislation introduced in the House on Wednesday would allow Iraq War hero Alwyn Cashe to receive the Medal of Honor, a move that already has the backing of top Pentagon officials.

Wednesday’s bill is an answer to Esper’s request. Reps. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., Dan Crenshaw, R-Tex., and Michael Waltz, R-Fla., had already included similar language in drafts of the annual defense authorization bill, but introduced the new measure as a stand-alone action which Congress could fast track in coming weeks.

“For well over a decade, there has been a painstaking effort by Cashe’s family, friends, and former comrades to have his Silver Star upgraded to the Medal of Honor, which is clearly justified by the facts of this case,” Murphy said in a statement. “With (this bill) today, my colleagues and I are working together to remove the one remaining technical obstacle that stands in the way of this incredible soldier receiving the recognition he earned.”

A timeline for passage of the legislation remains unclear. The defense authorization bill is not expected to be finalized before November. The House and Senate are scheduled to break for most of October in anticipation of the looming elections, and approval from both the House and Senate before then appears unlikely.

The wheels are moving. Slowly, but they’re moving in the right direction.

Source; Military Times

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  1. OWB says:

    Good. Not only is this well deserved, it absolutely should be in a stand alone piece of legislation.

    Get it done, swamp dwellers.

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Good news- thanks Mason.

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Thanks for the update

  4. Roh-Dog says:

    I appreciate y’all following this.

    SFC Cashe’s actions that day can never be honored enough.

    It’s time for Congress to right the scale.

    God bless you Sergeant.

  5. Sapper3307 says:

    Lead by example.

  6. 5th/77th FA says:

    SFC Cashe should have been awarded the MoH when he EARNED it. They have drug this out far too long. And now we have a literal, “takes an Act of Congress” to fix this.

    So OK, Kongress Kritters, let’s Act. Get your Act together. Act now, not later. SFC Cashe was not putting on an Act, by his ACTion. Act like you’re going to do the job you are paid to do. Don’t Act the fool, or we may Act up.

  7. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    Yes, SFC Cashe eanred the MOH.

  8. NHSparky says:

    And yet the SJWs got their panties in a bunch when Alex Villanueva chose to honor him over some kid who was stupid enough to get involved in gang-banging and end up shot for it.

    Let’s hope for the sake of SFC Cashe’s the final steps are smooth and swift. They’ve waited far too long as it is.