SecDef approves proposal to upgrade Alwyn Cashe’s Silver Star to the Medal of Honor

| August 29, 2020

I erred yesterday when I scheduled this article. It was supposed to go out this AM, but I set it for yesterday AM. It posted retroactively (who knew WordPress would do that?).

Despite the error, many of you saw it, but I want to make sure everyone gets a chance. If it looks familiar, it’s because I just bumped it up.

There are not many things I write to Congress about, but Alwyn Cashe is one of them. Now onto the original article.

SFC Alwyn Cashe

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has concurred with his subordinates that Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe should have received the Medal of Honor instead of the Silver Star for his actions in Iraq in 2005.

He completely and totally deserves this upgrade. He saved the lives of many of his men by repeatedly entering a burning vehicle while under enemy fire. His actions ultimately cost him his life.

“After giving the nomination careful consideration, I agree that SFC Cashe’s actions merit award of the Medal of Honor,” Esper said in a letter to Congress this week.

“Congress must waive this limit,” he continued. “Once legislation is enacted authorizing the President of the United States to award, if he so chooses, the Medal of Honor to SFC Cashe, I will provide my endorsement to the President.”

Esper’s letter of request was sent to the Committee on Armed Services in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, requesting their approval.

For those unfamiliar, I wrote about the absolutely astonishing personal bravery of Sergeant Cashe earlier this summer. My article can be found here (have a tissue or ten ready, it’ll hit you in the feels); Valor Friday – Alwyn Cashe

Cashe was a personal hero of our founder and departed platoon sergeant Jonn Lilyea. He wrote about the man several times over the years, links to those articles are in my Valor Friday post.

For those inclined to do so, members of the Armed Services Committee can be found here; Senate and House of Representatives.

Thanks to Sgt K for the tip off! I tried to look but can’t find any updated information about Alwyn’s son Andrew Cashe. He was scheduled to have graduated infantry OSUT a few weeks back.

Source; Fox News

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That man epitomizes the Non Commissioned Officer.


I emailed my Rep @CD-4, Nevada about this. I hope he does something, but he’s not on the Armed Services Committee.


Sent in to Rep Austin Scott 8th District of GA. He’s on the Armed Services Committee. Gave him the link to the post that AW1Ed made.

Damn the way they draw these lines. Track worse than a puppy on a leash.


Damn skippy

5th/77th FA

Again…Should have Awarded the MoH when he EARNED it.

“…no greater Love…”


The epitome of American Courage.


I wrote a piece at American Thinker for SFC Cashe back in 2014 that I believe Jonn also cross-posted here at TAH although it’s not listed in Mason’s Valor Friday links.

I also wrote my congressional representatives with Senator Cotton’s office assuring me they were on top of it. The wheels may grind slowly but with a little pressure they can be kept turning until they finally do yield some justice.

I just hope I live long enough to see justice done for this brave warrior.


Me, too.


Get er done, Congress. The man has deserved the Medal since the day of his actions.


Army being stupid
This is way past due


SFC Cashe’s actions that day exemplify Honor and placing others before ones’ self.
That brave and selfless man is deserving of this nation’s highest honor, a thousand times over.
May God bless this man’s sprit, family, friends and legacy, may He guide our institutions to finally do SFC Cashe justice for his heroic actions.
(It’s a bit dusty in here. Bless Sergeant First Class Cashe. Thank God for such men as him)


About damn time! RIP SFC Cashe

That such men have lived…


Wherever he is, I’m guessing Jonn was smiling after hearing this.

Robert d ret. 1Sg

OkayI can’t say that I met SFC Cashed but if anyone Deserve MOH is this Epitome of a Noncommission Officer. Okay Congress get off the pot!

[Edited to remove PII from your username. Welcome aboard, Top! -Mason]

Combat Historian

SFC Alwyn Cashe, a son of America and a Hero forever…


Back in 2014 when I wrote the American Thinker piece about SFC Cashe, I closed it out with this paragraph:

“’How are my boys?’ I have to tell you that this old former combat infantryman choked up on reading that account for the first time. Enduring unbelievable pain and suffering from a horribly burned body for three weeks, SFC Cashe’s first conscious words were of concern for his troops. I don’t know if that quote can be included in a Medal of Honor citation but it damned well should be. It should also be inscribed above the command entrance of every NCO academy in the United States Army.”

Going back and rereading that today, I believe that last sentence more than ever.






Dang it, Poe! You right but my beard is wet again.
It ain’t unmanly if you’re tearing up over SFC Cashe.
Thanks to you (and everyone else!) that worked to get the appropriate level of honors for this American hero.
The Platoon Daddies are up there smiling upon the legacy they laid.
Cheers right back at you, Gentlemen!




Don’t mind saying I teared up when I read the article (his quote)

Slow Joe

Sorry I was so late to post and support this.

Absolutely deserved.

“Where does America find such men”.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Long, long overdue.


October 17th, 2005…I was probably not far away in RAF Habbaniyah. Could not find the village/city of Daliaya on a map.

Bravo Zula SFC Cashe!


I read your Valor Friday blog post, Mason.

I cried reading it. Where does such courage and love come from?

If we could only restore him to life!

RIP SFC Cashe.


People should thank their God every day that men like him were created and live among us.


Can only affirm what others have written and thank the Cashe family for sharing this great American with us for a while.


Can someone help me understand the time limit part? Haven’t we been upgrading medals from past wars for awhile now?


[…] month we reported on the news that Defense Secretary Esper had recommended Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe’s […]