Updates on Virginia Gun Issues

| January 11, 2020

The rather froggy behavior of Northam, the new governor of Virginia, is having an effect on the general populace. As indicated by their refusal to obey something that was foisted on them without a public debate, they are not happy campers. And Northam is claiming that the Virginia Capitol Police recommended making guns persona non grata in the capitol.  They, however, are bluntly rebutting this statement.


From the article: Public officials have expressed concerns about planned Jan. 20 rallies that are set to draw huge crowds of pro-gun and gun-control advocates. Gun advocates from around Virginia and even out of state have pledged to turn out in force to highlight their resistance to proposed gun-control measures.

Democrats initially indicated that the new ban had been recommended by law enforcement.

“I just have to say that this is something that’s been recommended by our Capitol Police. And I think there are times when we sort of have to trust what our law enforcement officers are telling us,” House Majority Leader Charniele Herring said.

But Capitol Police Col. Anthony Pike said after the vote that he made no recommendations on whether guns should be banned, only on how to implement the ban Democrats wanted. The new policy will require that everyone entering the Capitol, except for lawmakers, must go through a metal detector.

GOP lawmakers accused Democrats of rushing through an unnecessary policy and then trying to lay it at the feet of Capitol Police.

“That was a deliberate misrepresentation,” said GOP Del. Kirk Cox. “There’s just no way around that.” – article

This isn’t going away, so keep your eyes and ears open and your powder dry.  There are snakes everywhere, even if you can’t see them.

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The Other Whitey

I keep saying it over and over: if leftists are so morally and factually correct about everything, why do they always have to lie?


Exactly. It’s impossible to claim the moral high ground when your “righteous” indignation is based upon lies.

Just Lurkin

They wish the world were other than it is., but nature constantly reasserts itself They hate reality because it hurts their feelings and shows how their grand theories are just so much bafflegab. They turn to the lie for comfort, and having successfully lied to themselves they then try to lie to the rest of us.

And why shouldn’t they lie? They’re “smart” because they believe such complicated theories about the world. And if they believe the lie, being super smart and all, well the rest of us plods should totally fall in line. When we refuse to do so it drives them into a rage, which is where we are now.


There is, in their worldview, no Absolute Truth. “Truth” is whatever they say it is, therefore they cannot lie.

I wish that were hyperbole. Unfortunately it is not. And it explains a lot of their behavior.


Spot on, GB.

Slow Joe

Why do the Left lies?

Because they strongly believe the end justifies the means. It is one of their core values.

For example, they believe it is totally ok to lie about the urgency of climate change, exaggerating all temperature variations and hiding the grow in the artic ice shelf, because it is to save the planet.

It is a mistake to say the Left doesn’t have values. They do, and they certainly believe in them. It is just that their values are not our values, and in many cases, their values are the complete opposite of ours.


Eventually, the liberals/progressives are going to need to enforce their agenda at the point of a gun.

And they know it.

That is way whenever they gain power, their FIRST action is to restrict and ban firearms.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just look at the way they treat us now and imagine how they would rule a disarmed populace, likely just the same as they did in Nazi Germany and today in North Korea and Venezuela.

A Proud Infidel®™

Venezuelans once had freedom until they let themselves get conned into Socialism, a form of Government so wonderful that it needs to be kept upon a populace at gunpoint. You can vote your way into it, but you have to shoot your way out!

Slow Joe

The Venezuelan government before Chavez was socialist too, just a different shade of pink.

The had been flirting with socialism for decades before Chavez.

And that’s the problem. When socialism become part of the admissible political spectrum, you know it is just a matter of time until they scam enough votes to sneak into power and declare elections obsolete and unnecessary.

Then, once they are in power, the only option left is the hard one.


Senator Graham was prophetic when he stated at the Kavanaugh hearings what the Democrats would do when they gained power.

First there was the Impeachment farce. Now first thing out of the gate the Virginia government is enacting gun control.

Virginia will be a good example for the GOP for the 2020 elections on what DEMs do best, curtailing your God given rights.

5th/77th FA

With all due disrespect to his Mother, Northam is a back stabbing son of a bitch. He is a looter and a pillager. He is the worst enemy the State of Virginia. He will make Sheridan’s work in the Valley look like a Sunday Picnic if he is not stopped. He and his ilk have no problems disarming American Citizens and destroying American History. They just want to keep their true history and their agenda hidden until they turn Viginia into a model police state. This is a classic example of how taking control of a few critical areas can give you control over an entire state.

They brought in undercover antifa types for the Charlottesville Statues fiasco. Had a report the other day from another of my ninjas that there is a plan to have more antifa dressed in Confederate Uniforms to help “stir the pot.” More examples of why the liberal domestic enemies of our Country do not want history taught in school. Their agenda is coming to a state of yours…soon.

VOTE DAMN IT!!!! And make your friends, family, neighbors, and everybody else VOTE. These people WANT domestic unrest. That way they can declare a state of martial law and further erode the rights that we have.

Cameron Kingsley

Stir the pot eh? Well if they’re not careful, they might just burn themselves in the process. And they are not exactly on everyone’s good side right now. If I was that hated, I wouldn’t be drawing attention to myself. Especially when just over 90% of the state is pissed at me. I seem to remember the last time this happened (the Civil War), it did not end well. They better not cry when the very same tactics they use to take and hold power are used against them.

Cameron Kingsley

Their arrogance is what I was referring to. I do hope that he does get recalled which apparently is something he forgot about and I don’t think Northern Virginia is going to be enough to save him (my aunt lives in near Prince William County which voted to become a sanctuary). Heck, I wonder how many Republicans and Democrat moderates have warned them that this would fail but these fools refused to listen. In fact, I actually am enjoying it do a degree because their not digging their graves with shovels anymore, they’re tunneling their graves with explosives. They are stupidly burying themselves in mineshafts.🙂

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO they’re not only at the bottom of the proverbial hole, they’re still digging at full throttle as well and I’m sure there will be LOTS of schadenfreude for everyone to enjoy when the proverbial hole collapses on them, I bet it’ll be just as fun to watch as when all the liberal snowflakes melted the night President Trump got elected!

Cameron Kingsley

At that rate, they will most likely reach the earth’s core. They’ll probably end up digging all the way into China if they keep it up.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO they’re very busy hanging themselves, we just need to keep giving them the rope!


They’ve been arrogant a lot longer… For decades. One big difference between now and before is that they’re “letting it go” with regards to restraining that arrogance and other emotions.

Cameron Kingsley

Well, they’re about to find out the hard way on why they say pride comes before the fall.


In Old Testament terms, God will bring down the mountains and raise the valleys. In New Testament terms, God exalts the humble and humbles the proud.


President Trump has been paying out that rope, and the Democrats and their allies are grabbing as much of that rope as possible.

5th/77th FA

Damn, we missed another troll showing his azz? You must have snagged this one on moderation and never posted it. Good job.

Another problem I have with Northam is his stance on murdering innocent babies. May the souls of all of them torment him through out all eternity.


He goes by “Helpful Medal” as well. I’ve warned him before. Just cleared out of lot of his trash, and will be happy to do so again.

5th/77th FA

Tanks Matey! Figured as much. Had noticed a similar comment from you lately. And it was usually someone near either my or Ex’s post. I would consider the source and ignore it. Didn’t know if he hated women or better men than him…or both. He’s prolly out there like lily on other boards, making an azz of him/itself.


Ms. Filler Corn was born in New York. That does not necessarily mean all New Yorkers are flaming liberal socialist progressives, but, you know …

A Proud Infidel®™

Every move the D-rats make needs to be reported on the airwaves and the internet. The more people hear about their chickenshit stunts, the better the turnover will be in November.


*Ole Ralphie Boy embellished his Military Service during the Gulf War. He was a Child Neursurgeon who was stationed at Lanstuhl Hospital during that timeframe, but claimed he treated Soldiers with massive head wounds.

*Ole Ralphie Boy did not wear Eyeglasses when he went to Medical School. The individual wearing Black Face in his College Photo is wearing glasses. The guy in the KKK Robe is not. It does not take a Rocket Science to figure out what “costume” Ole Ralphie Boy is wearing.

Folks are STILL keeping quiet about the LT Governor and the Attorney General.

WORST Governor of Virginia EVER.


WORST Governor government of Virginia EVER. Added a small improvement, ninja.



You NAILED it!



Here is a story from the local fishwrap about what the WA state legislature (both houses controlled by Donks) is planning to do during their next 60 day session:



More unenforceable laws that will summarily be ignored by the majority of the population. Just like Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland…

5th/77th FA

“…a horse’s ass is probably smarter than he is…”



Actually the horse is smarter than he


I had a cousin in medical school with Northam.Both pediatricians,too.Northam was good at rote memorization,that’s how he got through.There isn’t an original thought in his pointy little head.Ever.


I love Texas. We carry firearms inside our Capitol. As it damn well should be.


These klownes have no idea what they are doing.
Keep poking the dragon, watch out, you will get burned…

A Proud Infidel®™

I honestly hope that they DO keep poking the dragon because I and I’m sure that many others are going to enjoy some 200 Proof Schadenfreude when they get burnt!

A Proud Infidel®™

Speaking as a former National Guardsman, if the members of the FA NG are anything like who I served with, the vast majority would NOT comply with orders to seize privately owned firearms en masse, Governor KKK and his minions not only continue to dig their own graves at full throttle but for their party’s future as well.

A Proud Infidel®™

Oops, VA NG.


So, you were anti “FA”? (Grin)


I read yesterday the legislature plans to convene as soon as Monday morning to start pushing and voting on some of the gun laws.

It seems the Dems made that last minute decision on Friday, perhaps hoping to make it happen under the radar.

No Jack london

Are any of these Democrat legislators in vulnerable districts?

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s hoping that there are plenty of them in that situation AND let’s not forget that Nanny Bloomers spent multiple MILLIONS of dollars to influence State Office Elections in Virginia!


So the liberals/Democrats oppose using/stationing troops on our southern border to stop illegal immigrants & drug trafficking (troops are not allowed to be armed either) but they believe it’s okay to send out National Guard troops to ARREST AMERICAN CITIZENS FOR OWNING LEGAL FIREARMS ALLOWED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION??

That’s just plain fucked up!

Molon Labe assholes.
My only suggestion to these rat bastards is to come take them yourselves, chickenshits.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s also not forget that the vast majority of said D-rat pols who want US to be disarmed are also protected by Armed Guards, 24K hypocrisy anyone?

Combat Historian

Three basic causes for Virginia’s current woes:

-The influx of a large white leftist technobureaucratic elite into a region of the state (northern VA) that it starts to wag the rest of a very large dog.

-unfettered movement of very large numbers of leftist third world illegal aliens and refugees into the state, shifting the demographic to more like commiefornia than the Virginia of even 20 years ago.

-the demonrats’ successful effort to automatically give the vote to over a quarter of a million convicted felons in the state.

These factors have seriously distorted the state’s voting demographics to what they are today. Unless conservatives learn to successfully defeat this kind of demographic distortions, this will happen again and again…


We’ve had him for two years now. Good thing that he’s not new, as we would have him for another four years.