Still at it: Rep. Eric Swalwell claims that the NRA arms school shooters

| August 21, 2019

Remember our pal Eric? My first experience with him was when he showed up on Fox just in time to be flayed alive by Tucker Carlson. He also stated something about nuking Americans over gun rights. Then he made a bold move, running as a one-trick Democrat candidate for the Presidency. His run sputtered on- the Second Amendment was the hill he chose to die on. And after a humiliating showing at a presser where a dozen or so curious people showed up, die it did.

But you can’t keep a good man and his fixation down.

Maybe “good” isn’t quite right, but fixated suits him well.

Posted at 6:01 pm on August 20, 2019 by Brett T.

Rep. Eric Swalwell will always have the distinction of being the very first 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to bail from the campaign, though by some miracle he did make it to the first debate, only to hassle Old Man Biden to “pass the torch” to his younger, white successor.

Swalwell also stuck pretty close to his original game plan; with Jay Inslee, it’s climate change; with Swalwell, it was gun control. And gun control lost.

The NRA is having plenty of trouble internally these days, but Swalwell thinks he might know why:

The NRA arms school shooters. Perhaps no one would want to be affiliated with that.

No one even believes the lie that the NRA sells firearms, so claiming that the NRA arms school shooters is a stretch even for Swalwell — not that he has anything left to lose but his seat in Congress; his pride’s long gone.

Genuine question: Why do you say stupid shit like this?

You have to know you’re going to get called out and ratioed into the next continent. Why do you do it?

Wait, where can I get my NRA issued weapon?

They have been a bit tardy with mine also.


I’m pro-gun, pro-life, anti-illegal immigration, pro-free market and I believe in limited government. Even I could get as much of the Democrat vote as Eric did.

There’s more at

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One would think a multimillion dollar libel suit against him personally would be a slam dunk.

The Stranger

I know we’ve done it before but this fucker pushes every one of my buttons. I respectfully request yet another deployment of the Hemisphere of Insults for this cocksucker.


The more buttons he pushes the more opportunity for him to go on CNN and sniff Don Lemon’s fingers.


Nah. He is just another wannabe “Impotent Rage! (The Liberal hero!)

That clown would lose to write-ins for Mickey Mouse.


I have several liberal friends who believe this tripe as well.

Of course, bring up ACTUAL murderers like Planned Parenthood and I’m a racist, misogynistic troglodyte.


Even *if* that were true, so…?
Mens rea is pretty hard to prove or disprove.


How does that song go?

Oh, yeah – something like this:

Still stupid after all this time.

Yeah, still stupid after all this time.

5th/77th FA

Dead Zone? That space between this fools ears.

Eternal Vigilance!


Progs always are saying stupid shit that is provably false. Swallowswell had a campaign event in VA where he was declaring war on the NRA; he had an audience of 18. The same day Trump had an event in Orlando with an audience of over 20,000.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That and we’ve yet to see President Trump appear someplace without standing room only along with thousands more still wanting to get in while none of the D-rat Candidates can draw enough people to even halfway fill a small school cafeteria or gym!

A Proud Infidel®™️

“…appear in a YUGE venue…”


Actually, one of his recent ones had empty seats. (Manchester?) The cameras were not strictly on him this time, oddly. They showed several “peanut gallery” sections with some empties.

They almost never do that, for some reason. Hmmm.


The empty seats in the balconies were due to some fire marshal stopping the entry of people at some point. There are photos of several thousand people outside watching big screen TV coverage of the rally.


Aha. I noted it at the time, thinking “That is odd. What occurred?”. And “hmm. The press is showing it. I wonder what occurred?”

Fire marshal limits crowd. Press shows “shrinking crowds and Trump is losing support!”

Perhaps to be repeated coincidently elsewhere?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure that the liberal mainstream mess media will make it their main talking point as soon as the DNC tells them to and they’ll parrot it like the propaganda trolls that they are.


Eric sucks donkey dick. I suspect he is a secret Folsom Street irregular.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I heard rumor that he’s a Platinum Customer at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the Rear).


A congressional cuck from caleefornya….


From the first time I saw this dickhead on TV, I categorized him as a guy millions of American men would love to punch right in that smug, smarmy mouth, even a few million Democrats, those few who have not yet been emasculated.

Told Miz Poe that very evening that he was one of those assholes you just have this inexplicable urge to smack in the mouth.

Ol’ Poe’s body may be withering but his bullshit artist antennae are still working quite well.


Backpfeifengesicht !


“The NRA is having plenty of trouble internally these days”

Most of it media invented bullshit.
The NRA is strong and not going anywhere soon.
If I thought they were I would change my will.

Be nice if someone were to purchase a membership for Eric.
Then he could be a voting member and work for change
within the organization.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Better yet, make a donation in his name.


Members get massive amounts of junk mail
from the NRA. I don’t mind because I leave
it on the Post Office table for all to see
and take home. Sort of “in your face”.
As a member Eric will be flooded with the
same “win guns” and other offers on a weekly basis.
Most members realize it is very effective
and others, once explained to, are ok with it.

I suspect Eric has already tried to cancel
multiple gift memberships to no avail.

The Other Whitey

I’d say that Douche-Nukem Swallowell can suck my dick, but he would take it as a literal invitation.


Remember the Hildabeast’s running mate? Yeah, me either but I do remember a couple weeks before the election and Mike Pence was pulling in crowds and that clown had about 30 in attendence somewhere. It was then I bet my boss a dollar that Trump would win. I still have that dollar, will see he he wants double or nothing in 2020!


“Remember the Hildabeast’s running mate?”

No. I had to look it up. Kaine.
Funny as hell that I had to look it up.
He must hiding under a rock somewhere.


Anyone remember the tiff when Bill was inaugurated and Ms. “Co-President” tried to occupy the Veep’s office? Gore had a cow and won the argument, but that was a big fat clue she would let no minor thing like the Constitution stop her destiny.

That fiasco in 2016 wasn’t Obama’s doing. It was Clinton. Her stock in trade is compromising law enforcement, and others, to be subservient to her Machine.

Bill was the political “brains”, but she has always been the “dirty tricks” enforcer.

The truth will be found, probably when folks no longer fear her wrath. And Trump, warts and all, will be Sainted for saving the Republic from that monster.

She would have been our Stalin. And some folks weep that they were denied serving a Stalin. Not the politics. Just the soul-crushing power-mad dictator.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I don’t doubt that at all, many Soviet Citizens blindly followed and adored Stalin while devouring and regurgitating every bit of propaganda they were fed, much like a UC Berzerkely critter that screeches here from time to time.


I remember him. He had that same smarmy smirk as Swallowswell.


I wish the NRA did arm school teachers.
That seems like a great idea to me!


One school district in Florida is recruiting guards who are ex-military and can provide their own semi-auto firearms.