Local Nevada Governments Preparing for Area 51 Crowds

| August 21, 2019

Humor meme, Mark Zuckerberg sponsoring Area 51 run “to free his dad”. (r/The_Donald).

Area 51 comes up in some discussions related to UFOs. Some people have even tried to go to the base to see what is going on. Some ended up with stories to tell when they came back. From their accounts, security is good. Not long after getting close to the entrance, they notice security tracking them.

The secrecy is such that there is apparently a movement to move in on this base “en masse”. A nickname for this event is “Naruto Run”. The idea is to leverage their numbers to attempt to get on the base. If some of them get stopped, others would make it through and be able to look around.

The number of responses to this call is enough to cause local governments, and businesses, to focus on preparing for an influx of people… Beyond what they are normally able to handle.

From the Air Force Times:

County officials are concerned that a surge of visitors will crowd campsites, gas stations and public medical, internet and cellphone services. Officials count just 184 hotel rooms in the county nearly twice the size of the Connecticut.

“The cellphone system is going to go down,” Higbee said. “You get more than a couple of hundred people there, and it’s going to crash. Cell service won’t be available.”

The Little A’Le’Inn in the community of Rachel, population about 50, is scheduling a three-day music festival Sept. 20-22 dubbed Alienstock. Hotel co-owner Connie West has said she’s expecting 10,000 people.

The Alien Research Center souvenir shop in Hiko, a town of about 120 a 45-minute drive from Rachel, plans a Sept. 20-21 exposition.

This “Naruto Run” is supposed to take place at three in the morning. More information on this could be read here and over here.

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Yeah, I brought this up back in July, as soon as I saw it online.


A group of off-roaders said they were planning to attend the “festivities” from an elevated spot, to watch these people act as looney as possible.

Zuckerberg hadn’t stuck his oar into it at that time, so his showing up should attract more media attention.

One can only hope that the fencing around the base has been reinforced and possibly made “uncomfortable” so that the thundering herd will find themselves repelled by it.

No harm meant, of course.


It may be a spoof, but it’s a good one!!! Data (Spiner) is a whole lot smarter than Zuckie!!

Oh! Any meteor showers coming up at the same time? I’ll look it up on Sky & Telescope. Might find something useful to spook the crowds. 😛


The military should watch this info. Id there *is* a Meteor Shower, they should coordinate any “Shooting Star” sightings with a guy with a button in his hand connected to all the outside loudspeakers with an artillery round whistling noise when the meteoroids appear.

😀 😀


Chip, you bad boy, you!!!!

Why didn’t I think of that?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Hell, they could just throw a US Army Issue Artillery Simulator and have twice the fun with those snowflakes!

Huey Jock

I’m thinking a cloud of CS gas. You Ain’t never puked like that.


Oh yes I have! Used to throw CS at the rotating units at NTC …. never wore my mask because I stood up wind all the time.

Then one time the wind shifted!

Needless to say, I carried my mask thereafter.


i did one rotation at JRTC Fort Polk back in 97…

Fuck that place…I still smell CS gas on by woobie.


Here we go.

The meteor shower schedule for 2019 is at this link: https://lovethenightsky.com/2019-meteor-showers/

There are almost always shooting stars, so if they shut off vehicle lights, they might see some desert shooting stars. I’d go there just for that.


Perseids peaked a week some odd ago.

I keep wondering what the Air Force’s ability to bulk air-drop CS is. Bet it is impressive and would thin the thundering herd quickly.


Sounds like an opportunity for the military to test new non-lethal crowd control weapons.


If they get hit with some of those non lethal weapons, they’ll be gone real quick.


There gonna need a lot of shitters.


not if your non lethal weapons make them shit their pants first

Milo Mindbender

Point of Personal Privilege; That is a triggering ethnic slur against my Irish heritage.


If they sprayed them with water leftover from washing dishes in the chow hall, it would serve two purposes:

1 – refresh and water the desert plants

2 – reduce the smell of the unwashed in the crowd


This oughta work.



How do you stop 10,000 virgins from storming Area 51?


Male or female?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Post signs saying “Help Wanted, Now Accepting Applications”!


Free soap.


Now, now be nice to the stankass hippies, it’s tough to go through life allergic to soap and water.


Having served in areas with similar security, when the signs read, “USE OF DEALY FORCE AUTHORIZED”, they mean it.




The Chicago Way?


I wonder is Les “Brownstain” Brown is going to show up in his vest and do a chili feed for the crowd?


If we show up in uniform, do we get free aliens with our chili?
(Don’t suppose BBQ sauce comes with our aliens, just hopin’…)


Gotta have the vest… it’s all about the VEST!!!!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Dog and Harley sold separately.


No free aliens with chili. You have to go to New Mexico and pick up your aliens near the border. Its a BYOA event.


I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

Weight…is that rayciss?


I love to go off-roading in the desert, and I have been to the areas around the Nevada Test Site several times. My guess is that 95%+ of the people who are participating in this “movement” have never been there. This makes me LOL. Because I’m guessing that most of these ‘area 51 stormers’ probably live in cities or suburbs where the nearest hospital, police station or 7-11 is maybe 3/4 of a mile away at the farthest. You know, the Air Force didn’t choose this area by accident. The area to the East of Area 51, near where the town of Rachel is located (and “town” is a generous term for a very small collection of shacks and a restaurant/souvenier shop that is probably about double the size of a suburban living room) is EXTREMELY remote. Remote in a way most city-dweller’s couldn’t wrap their heads around. There is no gas in Rachel, the nearest gas is at Tonopah, 109 miles to the Northwest, or Ash Springs, 44 miles Southeast. With the exception of the Little Ale Inn, which as I said is a restaurant and souveneir shop, there are no public buildings, stores, or fresh water locations once you get past Ash Springs, 44 miles away. Camping? Sure, wherever you want. Most of the land is BLM land and there are no restrictions on camping up to 14 days. Pull off the road and camp where you want. But ZERO resources. Weather in September can be in the… Read more »


You make it sound like a picnic, Martinjmpr.

I’m waiting breathlessly to find out how many show up anywhere near Groom Lake, how many get lost and how many decide that without air conditioning, they should maybe go back where they came from.

You left out the part about snakes, scorpions and certain spiders the size of saucers. 🙂

Dis gonna be guuuddd.


PH: NOBODY is getting anywhere “near” Groom Lake unless your definition of “near” means “40 miles away as the crow flies, and on the other side of a 9,000’+ mountain range.”

To put it in terms that might be more meaningful to you, they might get “near” Groom Lake in the sense that Milwaukee Wisconsin is “near” Chicago. 😉


You make it sound like a picnic, Martinjmpr.

The desert lands of America can be beautiful and sublime but you have to take them as they are and you have to be prepared for the harshness they can present.

To those of us who appreciate it, the harshness is part of the beauty. It’s easy to love a mountain vista or a grassy meadow. Loving the desert requires a bit of effort – you have to adapt to the environment, because it damn sure won’t adapt to you.

“Mother Nature” may be a benevolent and loving goddess in the green pastures of the Eastern US, but in the deserts of Nevada she’s a heartless bitch who will leave your desiccated corpse on the barren rock for the vultures and the coyotes to pick over until you are nothing but bleached bones and ragged clothing.

Show respect (by being prepared) and you’ll make it just fine. Millions of people do every year.

But failing to take the desert seriously is a mistake. Sadly, for a few people each year, it’s the last mistake they ever made.


Brutal majesty.

I very much enjoyed Ft Irwin. Most of my associates thought I was nuts.


Stationed out in 29 Palms twice… some really dark and beautiful skies at night, and some of the area on the base had reminded me of pictures taken on the surface of the Moon or Mars.


Took a three week field stint at Ft. Bliss to make me a believer. Now some other areas, like the Valley of Fire, is downright scary if you know the desert – it is lethal.


Yup. Makes Baker look like a major metropolis.


Compared to Rachel, Baker is Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York City rolled into one.

The only thing you can buy in Rachel is mediocre food and tacky souveniers.


Baker isn’t much different, except for that Greek diner and the Alien Jerky store there.

And the thermometer. God knows I need to be reminded why my A/C won’t run without my car overheating (true story). Too bad there’s no flashing sign at the top that just says, “Hot as balls.”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Your post about “city dwellers” is spot on…I remember chaperoning a trip for a local middle school in Springfield Mass as a courtesy to a teacher friend some years back. She knew I was required to be CORI checked each year as a referee of youth sports so I would be able to assist without much paperwork on the part of the school.

These kids were from Springfield Mass and the not so great parts contained therein…they had so little idea about what the world was like when we were on the Mass Pike near Ludlow Mass a small community of about 22,000 people several of them remarked how amazing it was to be in a forest….they probably hadn’t seen more than six trees in their young lives and certainly not six trees all in one place….

That left an indelible impression on me…these children had no idea what the world outside their block was really like. Consequently they had no understanding of how their shitty neighborhoods were hardly representative of what life can be like these United States. Sad commentary indeed.

Comm Center Rat

VOV your post reminded me of when I directed a summer day camper program for children in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. Many of my youth campers had never before taken the 20 minute subway ride to Manhattan. Anything beyond a 10 block radius of their apartments was like going to a foreign country. Brooklyn was and is truly a city of neighborhoods.


This probably started out as a joke. But the folks who keep pushing it may well get a bunch of idiots killed, mainly at the unforgiving hands of the local environment.

What started as a lark, may turn into something much nastier.


I’d say that security has lots of tools in the toolbox that won’t kill you.

You’ll wish you were dead…


I think what 11b was alluding to (and that I agree with) was that any death that is dealt out will come from the environment, not from the security forces.


Point is, that bunch of dimwitted dweebitts have no idea what they are getting themselves into if they do go anywhere even the small spot in the road known as Rachel.

It’s not that I wish them any ill will. I don’t. It’s that they are all dumber than a box of stale potato chips about what they will get themselves into and where they will be. And we all know that it is not what you’d designate as a bicycle path through Central Park in NYC.

If you are unprepared for it, and they are, it will kill you. Nature is merciless in her approach to dimwitted behavior.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Way past time to cull the Idiocracy herd.


So maybe Darwin might win again a few times out there…
And that is bad… How ?????


OH, but they might just grow up all of a sudden, and wonder why their parents were so stupid, too!

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure that Darwin will succeed in a number of cases and I also wonder how many will end up being rescued thus cheating Darwin!

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder just how many will get themselves killed just by being stupid out in the desert and by that I mean things like getting lost, bringing inadequate food and water,… Most of them are also urban dwellers with no common sense or street smarts other than Sesame Street. Others have mentioned the extreme inadequacy of Sanitation and given how most of them have no brains at all in Field Sanitation makes me wonder how quickly the areas around there will be open field latrines like in Woodstock?


You left out salt pills. Without those, they’ll dehydrate quickly.


They will turn on each other….

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Dig up Long John Nebel and Art Bell from their graves and bring them back to life for the Area 51 invasion. Will leave the late Candy Jones out of this one.


Still remember the night that Art Bell had his infamous “Area 51 caller”…

A Proud Infidel®™️

Or the “Time Traveler” who talked about an invasion by “The Mims”…

5th/77th FA

Starting laughing my a$$ off when this was FIRST posted. Still laughing. All of the scenarios discussed above will happen.



Plenty on hand now.

charles w

I have popcorn futures I am gonna be rich.

Comm Center Rat

An Alien husband rushed home from work to tell his Alien wife of his new job promotion. She threw her arms around him and exclaimed “finally we can move to a new house in Area 52!”


One of the most dangerous aspects of traveling in this part of the country is the high likelihood of running out of fuel. Once you run out of fuel you are stranded and there is absolutely no source of fresh water anywhere but the town of Rachel. On the positive side, with only one major paved road in the area, it’s unlikely that anybody would be out there very long before another vehicle came by. The road is not “busy” like a major freeway but during daylight hours there is likely to be a vehicle coming along every 15 minutes or less. At night it’s pretty lonely though. What fools a lot of people is that road maps often show “towns” that either never WERE actual towns or that ceased to be towns decades ago. One example is the “town” of Warm Springs that shows up on most maps at the junction of NV 375 (the “Extraterrestrial highway” and US Highway 6 about 60 miles Northwest of Rachel. Anyone running on fumes might look at the map and think “oh, great, there’s a town ahead.” In reality, Warm Springs hasn’t been a “town” since probably the 1960’s, if then. It is now just an intersection and a collection of abandoned buildings. The nearest ACTUAL town is Tonopah, 50 miles to the West. More than one traveler has found themselves by the side of the road there because they “assumed” that the “town” up ahead would, of course, have a gas… Read more »

A Proud Infidel®™️

Another set of facts which make me certain that this so-called event will cull the herd of snowflakes that show up.


Martinjmpr having trained at the Nevada Test Site several times you are spot on. Nothing like getting issued a docimeter along with other required badges by DOE security when you inprocess at Mercury.


Badwater, Chloride City, the list goes on.

It still amazes me there are idiots who actually run ultra-marathons there. In freaking July.


For those that are into Arma 3 (video game):


You lost me at the tandem axle pickup.
Otherwise pretty cool.


The first time I went to Death Valley I noted the place names (Stovepipe Wells, Furnace Creek, Badwater, and of course Death Valley itself) and amused myself by coming up with new place names using the same theme:

Massacre Canyon
Mount Despair
Melancholy Wash
Bitter Creek
Dead Mule Gulch
Barren Meadow
Sorrow Valley
The Perdition Trail
Lost Hope Mine

Etc Etc.

Not only do those sound authentic, I’ll bet if I looked hard enough at a map of the area I’d be able to find most of them or at least something close.


Whoops I forgot the Funeral Mountains. No, that’s not one I made up.



I’d go there to find rocks to polish.


You would find a LOT. Rocks and wind are two things that part of Nevada has in abundance.

Chert/flint, quartz, sometimes potash. Also big pumice chunks and if you look hard enough, obsidian that was highly prized by the Paiute Indians for making arrow and spearheads. Obsidian is so sharp it is used today by surgeons doing eye surgery.

The whole region is dotted with both abandoned and active mines. The abandoned mines are usually small operations, the “active” mines are huge. There is a Lithium mine just Southwest of Tonopah that can be seen from space.

Most of Nevada is still “open to location” of minerals meaning that it is legal for anybody to go onto Federal lands and stake a mining claim.


Sounds like a good place to pick up fire opals and other oddball stuff like that.


Like spent brass after the “Naruto Run”


Looks like there’s an update:


Tickets are $51 each to the primary part of the event. There is supposed to be an “alien art” display – something like that – and so far, 20,000 people are supposed to show up. Originally, it was supposed to be 1.4 million +/- the real numbers.

Remember, it’s for September 20 and 21, three days ahead of 9/23, the first day of Autumn (the Equinox), which means that the weather may not be user-friendly out there.

Just sayin’. 😛 –> :~?


Remember, it’s for September 20 and 21, three days ahead of 9/23, the first day of Autumn (the Equinox), which means that the weather may not be user-friendly out there.

“Hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut” hot?


That, or drowning-level rain that doesn’t sink into those parched lands. Mostly rock, remember!

Maybe even early snow!!! Oooohh!!